Solid Rock Fellowship Out West

Solid Rock Fellowship Out West


Hey church family if anyone is in need of a warm place to stay we have electricity but we don't have water but we do have drinking water.
Don't forget!!!
Young Adult's Christmas bible study starts tonight!
We're meeting in the youth building at 7!
Gracious heavenly Father,

Today I come to You in awe as I usually do at just how amazing You are!!!

Father, this morning as my thoughts seemed to be as mixed as a kaleidoscope as it changes with every turn.....


Can turn this into a teaching lesson for me ...

That as I live in a body with more broken bones than most people even know they have ....

That THAT is what gives the kaleidoscope that amazing beauty when we peer into it ...

When we look deeper it's the broken pieces of glass when exposed to THE LIGHT... that is where the beauty is awe inspiring itself!!!!

Father use my broken thoughts to be as amazing ..

That II Corinthians 10:5 says to cast down imaginations and strongholds

Philippians 4:8-10 days to think on these things that are true and just and lovely....

II Corinthians 4 says the I am pressed not crushed that I am shaken not shattered ....

And as my thoughts were written by what others have said.....
Take the shaken letters of my scrabbled letters of thinking and write on my heart what is pleasing to You that I would have a good out come that brings You glory ...

That it is Your word that is yes and amen (so be it)

That YOU are they way the TRUTH and the life....

That i am to have a life more abundantly and not merely scraping ...

That what i have learned through YOU be a testimony out of my mouth that wins souls to Your kingdom that YOU are a G-d of love and mercy and enduring kindness ....

That i dont always KNOW why..

But I KNOW the WHO that has seen me through and never left me nor forsaken me!!!

Father, as with me and many others ...

Allow those broken pieces of our lives be a testimony when looked into deeper as it is put to YOUR LIGHT
Proof that YOU are G-d on the throne and YOU ARE SOVEREIGN!!!

That ONLY A G-D as amazing as YOU can taken broken pieces and re-write Your story on it and make us all beautifully broken in Your amazing grace...

IN Jesus Yeshua's name so be it
Bible study kicks off Dec. 1st at 7pm!
Young Adults 18 to 30(ish) come hang out with Cody and I!
The Study Guide is $7.50.
If you want to purchase the actual book to read it is $5.
Nursery will be avaliable and there are some scholarships avaliable for the Study Guide.

There is a sign up sheet at the church or you can let one of us know!
UTPB Thermal Plant
Waitin n watchin!
Look how wonderful this looks!!! Updating the Fellowship Hall!! New tables and chairs coming!!! Getting it done this week!!!
We are gearing up alright!!! VBS!!! God loves us and made us for a reason!!! Let’s learn about this with some friends, have a little food, and fun!!! Come join us and bring a friend!!! See ya there!!!
Hey guys, there will not be bible study tonight!!! See ya next week!
The music was wonderful, and the band is awesome!!!
Young and not as young had a wonderful time yesterday at May Day!!!
Lots of fun yesterday at May Day!!! Look out next year!!! We are already making plans!!!

Pastor Eddy Elliott
Music Pastor Malcom Campbell
Assoc. Pastor Charla Stuart
Youth Pastor Jennifer Starr
Online Giving

Operating as usual


Evening Edition 03/28/2021


Now What Ya Gonna Do With It

John 7:37-38
John 21:15-17
Matt 25:14-30 03/28/2021

Great turn out today blessed to be part of such an amazing body of Christ!
-Char A Fish Fry and Bike Rodeo was held on Saturday to help Quentin and Courtney raise funds to complete the adoption process.


K-LOVE Morning Show


Evening Edition 3/14/21

Find Your Joys in Jesus
Matt 28:5-6
John 15:9-16
Hebrews 12:1-3

[03/20/21]   Hey y'all don't forget playground work tommorow at 8:30.....hope to see y'all there!


Evening Edition 3/14/21


Adapt, Improvise, Overcame

Gal 6:9-10

Isaiah 26:1-4


A little something different for Church lunch!!! Follow me for more great food ideas!!!😅😂🤣


Evening Edition 03/07/2021

Mark 12: 29-31


Fight Fire with Fire... God's Fire That Is!

Matt 11: 12
Matt 16: 18-19
Eph 6:13 @ Home Study


Evening Edition 02/28/2021


Take Captive Every Thought

II Cor 10:5
Romans 8:5-8
Mark 12:30

[02/27/21]   Hey y'all we need lots of help tomorrow (Saturday) on the playground @ 8:30. Please come out and pitch in!


Evening Edition 02/21/2021


We Shall Persevere

1 Kings 17: 2-14
1 Kings 18 : 22-40
II Cor 4 : 1-12
II Cor 4 : 14-18

[02/19/21]   This is your friendly reminder that the youth hosted valentine's dinner is tomorrow at 6 pm. It's going to be a night filled with food, fun, mystery. You don't want to miss it!


The church now has power and water! Please check in so that we know y'all are safe. If you have a need please send us a message and we will try to see to it! Please pray for our utility workers and 1st responders today!

[02/17/21]   Winter weather no bible study tonight! If you need to get warm call Char!

[02/14/21]   Winter storm advisory: no service tonight! In case y'all were wondering that white stuff is snow not cotton!


"Who Are You"

John 1:12-13Psalms 139:1-16


"Who Are You"

John 1:12-13Psalms 139:1-16

[02/13/21]   Sunday Service Update: We want to encourage y'all to stay safe and warm. Bro. Eddy says he will still be on the pulpit broadcasting the word of God via Facebook and the doors will be open (for the hardheads🤠) but expects no one to be out in this weather! You are loved and prayed for!

[02/11/21]   Update: Postponed
Hey y'all just wanted to remind you of the Valentine's stuff going on this weekend....the murder mystery dinner on Saturday and Bro. Eddy and Tina are doing a Q&A Sunday night at 6:00. You don't want to miss it!

[02/10/21]   No bible study tonight....y'all stay safe!


Evening Edition 02/07/21

Psalm 121:5-7


Be Still

Psalm 46:10-11
Matt 6:27
Matt 6:31-34
Phill 4:6-7
Matt 26:36-42
Psalm 46:1-11


Western Valentine Murder

[02/03/21]   No youth group tonight...Mrs. Whitney is not feeling well!


How true is this!


Evening Edition 01/31/2021


Freed By Christ

Romans 6:16-18
Galations 5:1
Romans 8:5-15

[01/24/21]   Hi-Sky Emmaus community gathering Tuesday January 26 @7pm 5110 W Illinois Ave, Midland, TX 79703


God's Church

HEB 10:23-25
MATT 8:28-32
PSALM 23:4-6


Evening Edition 01/17/2021

Daniel 3:13-

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Evening Edition 03/28/2021
Now What Ya Gonna Do With It
Evening Edition 3/14/21
Evening Edition 3/14/21
Adapt, Improvise, Overcame
Evening Edition 03/07/2021
Fight Fire with Fire... God's Fire That Is!
Evening Edition 02/28/2021
Take Captive Every Thought
Evening Edition 02/21/2021
We Shall Persevere
"Who Are You"




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