Short Round Ministries, Midland, TX Video April 16, 2020, 6:07pm

Videos by Short Round Ministries in Midland. Reaching the Livestock World For Jesus! Ray and Tricia Perryman of Midland, Texas share the Good Word to cowboys and cowgirls across the nation.

God believed in us before we believed in Him#faith

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God believed in us before we believed in Him#faith

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What Jesus did for us on that cross and out of that grave!#faith

Tonight at 6 pm Texas time Bronc Fleming and I will be doing a live feed on this page and stockshowing for Christ page. Bronc and I felt it was very important to reach out to our stockshowing peeps and have a time of encouragement and prayer with all of you. Don’t miss this at 6. All of you that know Bronc and I know that this deal could get western in a Holy spirit way!! Gods got this

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