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This is a group for Midland, TX folks who are interested in Christian yoga practice.

Holly Reynolds is a Registered Holy Yoga Therapist, with a Kids Holy Yoga Certification, who practices in the Permian Basin. In June 2015, Holly will complete the 500 hour Holy Yoga Masters program. Weekly Adult Class Schedule: Monday 10:00am at Stonegate (Stretch Connection) Building E. All ladies welcome. Free childcare. Monday 1:00-1:45 at Art & Soul Thursday 6:30pm Stonegate Building E (Stonegate fitness classes are just $4 and there is free childcare!) Weekly Kids' Holy Yoga Classes at Art & Soul: Wednesday 10 am Preschoolers Fridays 12:45 for participants of Learning Tree Fun Fridays

Mission: Holy Yoga is an experiential worship created to deepen people's connection to Christ. Our sole purpose is to facilitate a Christ honoring experience that offers an opportunity to believers and non-believers alike to authentically connect to God through His Word, worship, and wellness.

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"For who has despised the day of small things?" 4:10 (NKJV)
Many of us may feel overwhelmed with all that is going on in the world. Whether you're staying home or continuing to work, how can you take time today to appreciate the small things?
Read a story to your child, take your dog for a walk, chat on the phone with a friend or family member!
Watch the new 𝘚𝘮𝘢𝘭𝘭 𝘛𝘩𝘪𝘯𝘨𝘴 Meditation on HYTV (don't forget about the free 30 day trial waiting for you!). www.holyyoga.net/holy-yoga-tv/

Midland Yoga Works

Yoga for REAL Beginners ... 4 week-session ... March 16. Click to register https://clients.mindbodyonline.com/classic/ws?studioid=19488&stype=-101&sView=day&sLoc=0&date=03/16/20

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If it doesn't scare you, it's not big enough.


10 Sleep-Promoting Yoga Poses You Can Do Right in Bed


blog.paleohacks.com Stop counting sheep and settle down with this sleepy yoga routine instead.

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Dancer pose is one which requires strength, flexibility, and balance – definitely one to work up to! It tones and strengthens the leg muscles, stretches and opens the shoulders and chest, improves balance, and focuses the mind.

1. From mountain, shift your weight onto the balancing foot (right) and bend the opposite knee (left).
2. Reach your left arm back and take hold of top the top of your left foot.
3. Inhale: reach your right arm high and press the top of your left foot into your left hand.
4. Exhale: hinge forward at the hips, reaching your right hand long, let your left knee move up and back in-line with your left hip.
5. Continue to breathe: gaze forward, pressing your right foot into the mat, micro-bend the right knee, keeping your left knee behind your left hip.
6. Inhale: return to vertical, exhale: release into mountain
7. Repeat on other side.

For a full post-breakdown, check out our HYTV tutorial! https://holyyoga.net/flow/dancer/

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"Being your true self is the most effective formula for success there is."

-Danielle LaPorte

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Bridge pose is a great pose to modify to fit your needs – make it rejuvenating or restorative with a few easy tweaks.

To modify the pose, slide a block or bolster under your sacrum and rest the pelvis on this support. This is great if you have difficulty supporting your pelvis!

To deepen the pose, lift your heels off the floor and push your tailbone up. Then from the lift of the tail, stretch the heels back to the floor again.

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"Having purified your souls by your obedience to the truth for a sincere brotherly love, love one another earnestly from a pure heart, since you have been born again, not of perishable seed but of imperishable, through the living and abiding word of God."
1 Peter 1:22-23 (ESV)

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"I’m Anna, a daughter the King of Kings and I am currently in recovery from clinical depression and PTSD from childhood abuse and alcoholism and am finding victory in Christ over codependency. Through Holy Yoga, my soul finds rest in the palpable presence of the God of all the Universe. He’s in every cell of my body; He’s in every breath.

When my Grammy died in 2014, I buried my grief by digging into a yoga teacher training. In retrospect, God was obviously helping my heart heal and preparing me. On the days when spiritual attacks come; when the depression, suicidal thoughts and isolation suffocate me, I’ll do yoga on the floor of my therapist’s office, letting the healing tears flow. I used to hate crying, when I lived in deep denial with my worldly coping mechanisms. My Heavenly Father’s given me a safe place to rest my tired soul, - my Holy Yoga practice.

I soak in the Truth that I am his Beloved Daughter; He renews my soul; and He reminds me to love myself as much as He loves me. Meditation and having scripture read over me are what my Lord knows my soul really needs. As much as the enemy of this world does no want to be on this earth, God needs me alive to share what he’s done in my life and Glorify Him.

The Holy Spirit, my best friend, inspires me to always sing to my students in Savasana when I teach traditional Yin and Vinyasa classes. I get to share Christ’s victories in my life, as I worship, praise, testify, preach, teach, hug, and pray God’s Holy Yoga at churches, studios, recovery meetings, and rehab centers in Las Vegas!” -Anna

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Cow pose is typically done in conjunction with cat pose, while focusing on breath work. Cow post is done on the inhale, while cat pose is done on the exhale.

Both poses are great for:
•Relieving stress and back pain
•Improving posture
•Increasing flexibility of the neck, shoulders, and spine
•Stretching the hips, back, abs, chest, and lungs

Keep moving

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We want to know what your go-to pose has been this week! Our's has been crescent lunge – a dynamic standing yoga pose that utilizes and integrates the muscles in your entire body. It stretches and strengthens the lower and upper body, while creating stability and balance.

Comment below with yours! 👇

Bonus points if you give us a pic!

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We want to personally invite you to the 200/100 hour training. If you cannot get this out of your mind, it is because it is for YOU! It's not a matter of if but when. Holy Yoga is world-class yoga but it's not about the yoga - it's about intimacy with Christ, being transformed into His likeness in order that we bring God all of the glory.

Don't wait! Training starts January 7th!

Click here to get started today - https://holyyoga.net/primary-trainings/


Instructor Training Tip: How To Develop A Home Practice - Holy Yoga


holyyoga.net Instructor Training Tip: How To Develop A Home PracticeDec 30, 2019 | Blog, Instructor Tips | 0 commentsWe often get the request for information for tips on starting a home yoga practice. This is such a great question and one that has many layers. Today, we’ll start with four specific things that ...

Pastor Rick Warren

The Bible tells us to “pray all the time.”

One way to do this is to use “breath prayers” throughout the day, as many Christians have done for centuries.

You choose a brief sentence or a simple phrase that can be repeated to Jesus in one breath: “You are with me.” “I receive your grace.” “I’m depending on you.”

Learn More - http://purposedriven.com #PurposeDrivenLife

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Wrist pain is common when you first begin practicing yoga.
Follow these tips, while practicing Downward Facing Dog.
With practice and patience you will gain strength and keep your wrists pain free.
#yogatips #beginneryoga

Note to self...

Today’s memory was a post from 2011. Still an important daily practice.

Starting my day worshipping with Holy Yoga. "Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your mind and with all your soul and with all your strength ". Mark 12:30

My husband has been gone all week, so I have lived in this space as I’ve prepared to share Holy Yoga at a Ladies’ conference this weekend. It’s seen my tea cup and cozy flannel shirt, my pajamas and my yoga pants. Most importantly, it’s been the site of a great big pile of books.

My topic? Using yoga to calm yourself down so you can meditate.

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We want to walk alongside you in your journey of transformation.
This free monthly resource is brought to you from the @holyyogafoundation and includes spiritual practices, devotions, yoga flows, and more.
All to help you along in your journey of spiritual development.
Sign up now and begin receiving this as a gift to you from the heart of the Holy Yoga Foundation.
Visit https://mailchi.mp/holyyogafoundation/encounter to sign up for this FREE, transformational resource!


‎Revelation Wellness- Healthy & Whole: #379 Be Still & Be Loved: The Body Scan on Apple Podcasts


podcasts.apple.com ‎Show Revelation Wellness- Healthy & Whole, Ep #379 Be Still & Be Loved: The Body Scan - Jul 15, 2019

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Join us all week, LIVE from Immersion ✨✨ ✨ @holyyogaofficial & @holyyogafoundation will be live-streaming Bible Studies and yoga flows on alternate days! Stay tuned each day for the following day’s schedule ✨✨ ✨ note...LIVE on Instagram only.

Christina Mroz

Comparing the natural shape your feet to your shoes can be really eye opening. Your shoes may be the reason for your feet issue.

I would love to hear what some of you found when you compared your feet and shoes.


Check out Jacob Gries - Voyage Dallas Magazine | Dallas City Guide

voyagedallas.com Today we’d like to introduce you to Jacob Gries. Jacob, we’d love to hear your story and how you got to where you are today both personally and as an artist. My yoga practice began almost ten years ago. Back then, I wanted to challenge myself physically, but I did not enjoy sports or rigorous [....


HYF: Growth, a playlist by holyyogaofficial on Spotify

Enjoying the new Growth themed Spotify playlist this morning from The Holy Yoga Foundation. How about you? What music is soothing your soul?

open.spotify.com A playlist featuring Jinsang, William Fitzsimmons, Ben Platt, and others

The Daily Goalcast


Here's what you say to those who can't handle your light.

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“My student's life changed.
She came with the goal of putting on her shoes. Now she’s painting her own toe nails.” Lori M., HY Chair Instructor ✨✨✨ Sometimes it’s the little things that become great things. Imagine facilitating a class to promote well-being and mobility for those of us that need as much as anyone does ✨✨✨And for the record...baby boomers are our largest population. Become a wellness advocate✨ holyyoga.net/chair✨✨ #holyyoga #chairyoga

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holyyogafoundationHeart opening flow. ❤️

Modified crescent:
inhale open cactus arms, exhale close and round

Half splits

Modified crescent with Baby backbend

Three leg down dog

Wild thing

Repeat on other leg


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The day has finally come! No matter where you are in the world, you can participate in our first Breathe. Love. Give. Online Auction!
We’ve got a little something for everyone: homestays in a charming Spanish town, yoga retreats in dream locations and homemade natural beauty products made in Australia just to name a few!
The auction is a fundraiser for the Foundation, which exists to support the Holy Yoga community as you become Kingdom catalysts for change.
Whether you donate, bid, or share this event with others, you help The Foundation continue to build out the resource and create the space needed to do our part to see the spiritual climates shift in our communities. Our job is to back all of you as you pursue your God-given dreams.
Our Soul Care and Outreach programs invest in the continued spiritual growth of our community while the micro- grant program financially invests in the dreams they have to serve those longing for transformational healing in their community through Holy Yoga.
Click the link in our bio to see all the items we have to offer! Everyone who donates/places a bid TODAY gets entered into a drawing to win a beautiful yoga bag handmade by the young women at Compass 31; an organization in Southeast Asia dedicated to equipping women who have been in human trafficking with the necessary skills, counseling, and resources to lead healthy, thriving and functional lives.
Want to know more about who we are? Visit holyyoga.net/foundation Don't see anything you like? Consider giving a tax-deductible donation or simply share this auction on your social media to help us bring awareness by using the hashtags #breathelovegive #holyyogafoundation

I’m writing a workbook about healing practices for increasing happiness. I am looking for a few people who are willing to receive an email weekly for the next 6 weeks. The emails will have a few Yoga, scripture, and journaling prompts for you to do. Then, you just email me back with your thoughts & experiences.

You can let me know you’d like to participate here, via Facebook Messenger, or email me [email protected]

Live yoga class via Instagram tonight! @holyyogafoundation 7:45-9 pm Central

In case you didn’t know...you’re in great hands this week! @yesyoucan1234 @beatalovesyoga WE LOVE YOU TWO! 🖤🖤 #hyimmersionfall18 #dreamteam

🖤🖤🖤 For those of us that aren’t at Immersion... don’t forgot to practice yoga with @brooke_boon and pray with @oilpraylove from 7:45-9pm CST 🖤 We will be live-streaming from the @holyyogafoundation instagram page. 🖤

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You’re not alone. 😄😆#wearefamily

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Yoga. Always yoga. ⭐️ And Jesus. Always Jesus. ⭐️ #happyfriday #jesuslovesyou

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Matthew 7:1-5 🦋 #alignment #godfirst 🦋


Armor of God and Chakras - Holy Yoga


Holy Yoga has a new online Bible study coming up Oct. 9-30. The live Zoom sessions will happen on Tuesdays 12-2 Central. The sessions will be recorded so you can watch later. Cost is $75, and the study is open to anyone.


In this 4 week series, The Armor of God and the Chakras, Holy Yoga's Casey Anderson will discuss each piece of our spiritual armor in depth while also exploring the specific areas of the body that the armor covers and why it’s important.

We invite you to come learn with us and discover how we as believers can partner with God and fight against the attacks of the enemy with the tools he has already given to us to be victorious.

To register, click the link above.


[09/14/18]   Yup.

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Meet your teachers, ask some questions, or have a little reunion time! Everyone is welcome! Download the Zoom App to your computer or mobile device and type in: https://zoom.us/j/802998511 ✨ meeting starts 6pm central time ✨

Great Big YES

Mountain pose. 🏔Repeat after me...I am strong. I am balanced. I am rooted. I am centered. I am on solid footing. I will not be shaken. ⚡️✨
“He set the earth on its foundations; it can never be moved. You covered it with the watery depths as with a garment; the waters stood above the mountains. But at your rebuke the waters fled, at the sound of your thunder they took to flight; they flowed over the mountains, they went down into the valleys, to the place you assigned for them. You set a boundary they cannot cross; never again will they cover the earth.”-Psalm 104:5-9
🌟#rootdowntoriseup #yogachallenge #mountainpose #greatbigyes #holyyoga #holyyogaministries #alignment #scripture #strong #faithandfitness #bodymindsoul

Great Big YES

If you don’t know what to do, get down on your knees. Get into child’s pose. Tell your ego to stand down. Tell your false self-full of pride and self righteousness and self consciousness- to get out of the way. Go low. Release. Unfurl your brow and unclench your fists. It will be uncomfortable and you will not like it at first. Who cares? You are not meant to be comfortable all the time. I can hear your “buts” now- but I’m busy, but I’m too old, but I’m too heavy, but I don’t need that, but that’s for other people...stop. Just do it. Get out of your head and into your body. Listen to your body, your breath, your heartbeat. Stay there. Breathe. When you want to get out, stay. When your mind says, “this is dumb”, stay. When you start to feel, stay. If you start to cry, stay. If you feel relief or fear, stay. If you feel fidgety or anxious, breathe and stay. This is the beginning. ✨
#greatbigyes #holyyoga #yoga #childspose #asana #stay #goodmorning #posture #surrender #trust #begin #starttoday #newbeginning #story #awareness #ytt #journey #wellness #mindbodysoul


“Healing the Brains Limbic System”


paulhaider.wordpress.com “What We Think Does Change Our Body” Every time we have a negative thought there are parts of our brain that react to bring about certain chemical changes which change our body completely. We have …

Holy Beautiful

When I Don’t Know How to Pray

“When the upright need help and cry to the Eternal, He hears their cries
and rescues them from all of their troubles.
When someone is hurting or brokenhearted, the Eternal moves in close
and revives him in his pain.
Hard times may well be the plight of the righteous—
they may often seem overwhelmed—
but the Eternal rescues the righteous from what oppresses them.
He will protect all of their bones;
not even one bone will be broken.”
—Psalm 34:17-20 (VOICE)

An unexpected phone call, a piece of mail, a conversation at work or at home...there are certain moments in life when I become so overwhelmed that I honestly don’t know how to pray. I don’t know the words, or how to even begin expressing what I feel—probably because I don’t even know how I feel.

The Bible promises us that God is always with us. Always. During every uncomfortable conversation, throughout every painful season of life, in every impossible moment of our days. He is always with us.

Years ago I shared with a friend that I sometimes get so overwhelmed or emotionally confused that I don’t know how to pray, and she told me I needed “Tiger prayers.”

I guess that made me smile because it sounded silly. So I asked her to explain.

She told me that when we pray during normal circumstances, we fall back on learned prayers or common phrases we feel comfortable with. If you grew up in a more formal worship style, you may use a more formal language when you pray. Or you may find yourself praying the way you heard your pastor or parent pray. You may even sprinkle in some “Thee” and “Thine” and “If Thou Wouldst help me” (can I get an Amen from my sisters who love the poetic sounds of KJV!)

She went on to say that when we feel overwhelmed or confused or in an emergency mindset, our “learned” patterns of prayer disappear. We draw a blank. We have no words to pray.

“What would you do if a hungry, roaring tiger leapt through the open window toward you right now, and you could not run?” my friend asked me.

“I would scream!” I shuddered at the thought.

“Yes, you would probably scream and yell out to God,” she said. “That’s what I call a Tiger prayer. If a tiger jumps through my window, I will not remember my King James language prayers; I will scream out, ‘Help me, Lord!’”

I have reflected on that conversation many times over the years (I’ve been Tiger praying for over 30 years now) and I still find it to be a powerful way to pray when my mind and spirit are speechless.

The Bible tells us in Romans 8 that when we have no words, the Holy Spirit cries out for us, in expressions that go beyond human language. Think about that, sisters. The Holy Spirit is praying on our behalf, always for our good, even when we are silent.

If you find yourself overwhelmed or distraught or hopeless, or simply without the words to articulate your pain and what’s going on in your heart, cry out in a “Tiger prayer” and let the Holy Spirit intercede for you.

I am grateful every day for the presence of the Holy Spirit to pray for me when I am simply unable. Do not despair, friends. The Lord knows our limitations. The Spirit prays for us beyond our limitations, in a voice that soars straight to the throne of the King. Amen!

“And the Holy Spirit helps us in our weakness.
For example, we don’t know what God wants us to pray for. But the Holy Spirit prays for us with groanings that cannot be expressed in words.
And the Father who knows all hearts knows what the Spirit is saying, for the Spirit pleads for us believers in harmony with God’s own will.
And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them.”
—Romans 8: 26-28 (NLT)

Praying Tiger prayers for a very special friend today,
Shari Finkler

#HolyBeautiful #BeHolyBeautiful #HolyBeautifulLife

pc: Riccardo Mion @unsplash

Our Story

Holly Reynolds is a Registered Holy Yoga Therapist, with a Kids Holy Yoga Certification, who practices in the Permian Basin. In June 2015, Holly will complete the 500 hour Holy Yoga Masters program. Weekly Adult Class Schedule: Monday 9:45am Midland Yoga Works Tuesday 7:00pm Midland YMCA

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