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5 Tips for Leading Well at Work as a Follower of Jesus

As followers of Jesus in positions of leadership, we are full of passion. That passion generates a drive, and that drive is what sets us apart. In light of the diversity all around us, we must learn to speak volumes with our lives at work often without saying a word. How do we do it?

21 Verses to Hold On to When the Pain Won't Stop

No one likes pain. And for some, it feels unending. The Bible is a love letter for instruction and reflection. God did not leave us comfortless in our pain—He left us his Word. Here are 21 verses you can hold onto when you feel like the pain won’t stop.

5 Important Reasons We Give Praise

"Thanking God for my blessings takes my mind off of the daily worries that can easily sneak up on me." The word “praise” appears many, many times in the bible. It is fitting to praise our God and sing for joy to Him (Psalm 33:1). For the Lord is great and deserving of much praise (Psalm 48:1). So, my response should be to sing and praise Him for as...

3 Ways to Heal from Past Wounds and Be a Parent at the Same Time

Here are three places to start. Choosing to walk a path of healing creates deeper connection and resilience both for you and your children. Here's how.

7 Beautiful Prayers for Strength for a Friend

If your friend needs strength, pray for them to receive spiritual strength and comfort from God. If your friend needs strength, pray for them to receive spiritual strength and comfort from God. May these prayers for a friend help to express your gratitude and support for those close to you needing strength.Prayer is the way we communicate wit...

4 Hopeful Prayers for Our World this New Year

Every New Year offers opportunities for us to move forward in our lives. As you renew your perspective and hope this year—for yourself, loved ones, and the world—here are four suggested prayers.

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10 Ways to Pray Bigger Prayers in the New Year

Prayer is powerful. God is all heart, and He knows ours fully. Prayer is powerful. God is all heart, and He knows ours fully. Prayer is an intimate connection with our Creator, who hears us and loves us. Jesus sacrificed His life to forever open up the lines of communication between us and our great and holy ...

10 Bible Verses to Pray over Your Children

There is nothing more powerful that you can do in the life of your child than pray for them. We all want to know that what we are doing for our children makes an impact on their lives. There is nothing more powerful that you can do in the life of your child than pray for them. You can train them and teach them every trade you know. You...

36 Morning Prayers to Use Daily & Start Each Day with God

He promises to provide strength, comfort and peace for your daily needs. Saying a morning prayer is a great way to focus your minds attention on God as the first priority of your day! Use these suggested morning prayers as you seek God's plan for your day and ask Him to guide your thoughts and actions.

10 Ways God Speaks to Us Today

When we seek to understand the character of our Creator, our lives will begin to reveal His protective hand. Though we aren’t likely to hear the audible voice of God through a burning bush as Moses did, or in the midst of a dream as Joseph experienced, the One who spoke the earth and the heavens into existence still speaks to us today. When we seek to un...

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How Can We Keep Jesus at the Center of Christmas?

How can Christians keep our focus on Christ through all the holiday fun? We're all busy this time of year it seems, and the closer we get to the 25th, the busier things get. But our whole reason for celebrating is the birth of the Christ! That simple and crucial fact can be so easy for us to forget amidst the business....

10 Inspiring Quotes to Get You in the Christmas Spirit

10 Inspiring Quotes to Get You in the Christmas Spirit: Depression peaks during December. Christmastime is known for causing extreme anxiety and worry, which is a physical symptom I feel creeping up on me even now. My dining room table is a wrapping station. Dirty dishes lay in the sink from a recent...

What Do We Really Know about the Wise Men Who Visited Jesus?

“Where is he who has been born king of the Jews? For we saw his star when it rose and have come to worship him.” Matthew 2:2 NIV The story of the wise men pulls specifically at our hearts because He came not just for God’s chosen people, but for all of us. Even those who turn their backs and do not believe in Him, He chose to die for. In some ways, the nativity scene repres...

How to Give Loved Ones Gifts That Keep on Giving

Six ways to give gifts that keep on giving to our families: Christmas is a very big deal to our family! We’re the kind who play Christmas music by the end of October, put up the tree and ceramic village at Thanksgiving, and aim for a bigger, better outdoor light display every year. We could watch ...

What Does the Bible Say about Christmas Trees?

“Out of the stump of David's family will grow a shoot—yes, a new Branch bearing fruit from the old root.” Traditional Nativity scenes typically include camels, lambs, a bed made of hay for Baby Jesus, but how do Christmas trees come into the picture? Could it be that like candy canes, there is a deeper metaphorical connection to Jesus’s birth and life...

15 Popular Christmas Carols Everyone Should Know

Which Christmas carol is your family's favorite? Music is the perfect antidote to the busyness of the season. It also keeps the reason for the season in focus, our savior Jesus Christ. Here is a list of Christmas carols every Christian should know.

What Is the Meaning of the Word Noel?

'Tis the season! Noel is a term commonly synonymous with Christmas. From carols to greeting cards, it fits snuggly into Christmas vocabulary, but what does Noel really mean?

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A Prayer for When Thanksgiving Seems Impossible

When we know loss or pain or unfulfilled hopes, thanksgiving feels impossible. When we know loss or pain or unfulfilled hopes, thanksgiving feels impossible. And when we stand on the cusp of the holiday seasons all kinds of remembering happens. It feels like the Thanksgiving season seems to highlight our losses along with...

7 Prayers for Christmas Dinner to Renew the Hearts of Everyone Present

7 prayers for your Christmas dinner to renew the hearts of everyone present: We get so wrapped up in the holiday stuff we forget why we’re celebrating. Instead of growing closer to Jesus, we can find ourselves farther away. How can we renew our hearts this time of year? Here are 7 prayers:

Is There a Right or Wrong Way to Give Thanks?

Thank God for who He is, not what you want. Wondering if your prayers of thanksgiving are from a heart of faith? Here are 3 dos and don'ts of thankfulness.

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5 Courageous Women from the Bible You May Have Forgotten

Have courage! Be bold! Live brave! You may have forgotten these women of the Bible (or perhaps you’ve never heard of them before now), but putting yourself in their sandals will allow you to walk through the hardest days with the courage you need to lead, to love, to trust, and to ...

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How Do I ‘Take Up My Cross?’

Our cross is his cross. Dear Roger, I’ve always wondered what Jesus meant in the Gospel of Luke about taking up our cross and following him. Just what is this cross and how do we pick it up?

10 Family Discussion Starters about Halloween

Whether you love it or hate it, Halloween is a great time for Christians to do more than stock up on candy: Whether you love it or hate it, Halloween is a great time for Christians to do more than stock up on candy: it’s a time to talk to our kids about how to bring light into a dark world. You’ll notice that these topics aren’t firmly in either the “f...

How Do I Honor God with My Money?

Of Jesus’ 38 parables, 16 focus on how to handle money and possessions. Dear Roger, Dealing with finances is so confusing to me. I’m trying hard to minimize my spending, but I always seem to spend everything I make. My credit card debts are increasing. I’d like to have money to give to people in need and to support mi...

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Greater Ideal Baptist Church

Tree lighting December 1st at 6:30pm!!

God has blessed us to serve those in need with 250 Thanksgiving baskets.

[10/04/18]   This Sunday, October 7th we are going to one service at 10am!!

About Us

Our History: Since 1949

The Ideal Baptist Church was organized on October 8, 1949, under the leadership of Reverend I. M. Woodard, while he was pastor of Mt. Gilead Baptist Church in Lubbock, Texas. The church was organized with 13 charter members whose letters came from the Macedonia Baptist Church, where Reverend H.F. Doyle was pastor. The thirteen (13) members and officers when organized were: A. C. Sanders, Superintendent of Sunday School; Deressa Sanders, Directress of Choirs, Junior Church, and the Church Clerk; James Roberson, Chairman of the Deacon Board; Hattie Roberson, Chairlady of the Deaconess, and Usher Board; Melvina Moreland, Directress of WMS; Andrew Moreland; Alice Armstead, Directress of BTA; Sara Clemmons; Nora Wallace; Reva Brunson; Beatrice McGowan; M. Faye Blakemore; and Laverne Sanders was the musician. The church was organized in the "Old Antioch Baptist Church", located on the corner of Lamesa Road and Louisiana Street. Reverend J.D. Polk was the pastor. After organization, 6 additional members were added the same night. They were Fred and Mary Bass, Clint Montgomery, John H. Blakemore, Bud Emory, and Marie Schrock. The members then continued to meet from house-to-house. Brother A.C. Sanders suggested the name "Ideal" and it was accepted by the church body. Within three months, the membership had increased to 80. Five to six months later, God gave a vision to the people to build. Brother Jim Roberson donated a lot on the corner of Tyler and Washington Street. A 30' x 30' frame was erected on this lot. The first sermon preached in the building was by Elder Amos Taylor of Midland, Texas. The first convert was Brother Jim Whims. Several months later, while serving as pastor at both Mt. Gilead in Lubbock, Reverend Woodard was called to Ideal. He began to pastor the first Sunday in May of 1950. That same year the church was chartered by Reverend I. M. Woodard. In 1962-63 the name Ideal was changed to Greater Ideal Baptist Church. The Articles of Incorporation was filed with the State of Texas in Austin in 1963. The church was blessed with 17 working auxiliaries, 4 choirs and an assistant pastor, Reverend Rase Gowans, Jr. The second Sunday in October is designated the Church Anniversary date. Under the leadership of Reverend Woodard, Ideal became the first African American church to broadcast over the air by radio in the city of Midland from 1952 - 1964. During 1976, Ideal came under the leadership of Reverend Rase Gowans, Jr. On Sunday, December 17, 1978, the church was honored in a Mortgage Burning service. During 1991-92, the church was under the leadership of Reverend L. L. Polk, Sr. From August 1992 to June 1994 the church was without a leader. In May of 1994, Reverend Terry Walker was called to pastor Greater Ideal. Under his leadership several new ministries were incorporated. In January 1999, Pastor George A. Bell was called to Greater Ideal. The church was expanded to include a Family Life Center. Through the fivefold ministry (Magnify, Mission, Membership, Maturity, and Ministry) the church has reached out beyond its doors and into the community. During Greater Ideal's history, it has been under the leadership of 7 ministers: I. M. Woodard (1950 - 1976), Rase Gowans, Jr. (1976 - 1985), O. L. Taylor (1985 - 1987), Norris Harris (1987 - 1989), L. L. Polk, Sr. (1990 - 1992), Terry Walker (1994 - 1998), and Pastor George A. Bell (January 1999 - present).


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411 S Tyler St
Midland, TX
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