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Our ministry to preschoolers begins laying the foundation for understanding what it means to have a relationship with Jesus Christ. Come join us!

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Yancy's Songs of Thanks (Thanksgiving Playlist for kids & families) 11/18/2021

Yancy's Songs of Thanks (Thanksgiving Playlist for kids & families)

Yancy's Songs of Thanks (Thanksgiving Playlist for kids & families) Go to Yancy's Songs of Thanks (Thanksgiving Playlist for kids & families).


We're so excited to celebrate Easter with you! Kids and parents, check out this fun video!

Timeline Photos 03/11/2021

Don't forget to spring forward 1 hour!

Time Change this Sunday - Spring Forward 1 hour!


Desert Streams


First Baptist Church of Midland (FBCM)

Check out the heart behind our preschool ministry at FBC!

Wednesday Night Bible Study at FBC Midland


First Baptist Church of Midland (FBCM)


Inside The Pastors Wife

Its ok if they grow restless.
It’s ok if they try to escape out of the pew.
It’s ok if you need to walk to the nursery, ten times.
It’s ok if they whine.

Don’t ever feel embarrassed or intimidated for your child being a child. Without children, the church will never continue to grow.

Just as much as your children need church, that’s exactly just how much the church needs your children.


Wednesday Evening Bible Study

The Christ in Me Loves the Christ in You 07/16/2020

Captain America Surprises 6-Yr-Old Hero Who Saved Sister From Dog Attack

This story has captivated me. God designed men (and boys) to be protectors. The story of the 6-year-old hero who saved his sister from a dog attack has captivated the nation. Bridger Walker put himself in front of a charging dog to protect his little sister and suffered nu… 07/03/2020

FBC at Home | FBC Midland

Hey families! Our media team has put all of these awesome resources for you together in one place. Check out the link below and utilize some of these this weekend! We are glad you are visiting our website and would love for you and your family to connect to our ministries at any time.


First Baptist Church of Midland (FBCM)

Join us tomorrow for WORSHIP!


First Baptist Church of Midland (FBCM)

Easter Greeting from FBC Family


FBC Easter Jam Family Worship 2020

Hey guys! Easter Jam is ON!!! Families, gather the crew and let's do this!

Easter Jam Family Worship is for the whole family to participate and enjoy.


FBC Midland Family Ministry

Hey guys! We will have an awesome 'Easter Jam' Family Worship Experience THIS SUNDAY! The video will be posted at 9:00 am Sunday morning, but you can do it anytime that day that you'd like. Before Sunday, you need to gather:

2 Peeps (or large marshmallows)
2 Toothpicks
Microwaveable plate
Marker/Sharpie (optional)
10-20 pair of socks
Laundry basket

You won't want to miss this! It'll be fun for the WHOLE family!


D6 Family

Let's encourage our kids! ❤️


Nick Jr.

Okay, preschool families...this is pretty great! (And I’m sorry for getting the song stuck in your head now!)

Wash your hands doo doo doo 👏🧼 #KidsTogether #BabyShark #Pinkfong Pinkfong Baby Shark


FBC families, have we got something cool for you! Beginning tomorrow at 4:00pm, we'll be posting a new challenge...something that you and your family can complete together. You have 24 hours to complete the challenge and post a photo of your family completing it. (You can add your photo as a comment under that specific challenge!) Be sure to check out how other families have tackled the task, and be watching for the next challenge the following day at 4:00pm.

*All challenges will be posted on the FBC Midland Family Ministry page, so if you haven't 'liked' that page, do that now so you don't miss out!


First Baptist Church Midland

Hey there, guys! Bored at home yet? Kids bouncing off the walls? Check out RightNow Media, an online video streaming service that provides you with on-demand biblical content to share with their members. With First Baptist Church's subscription to RightNow Media, we are able to provide you with free access to over 20,000 biblical videos...including tons of kids' videos, Bible and topical studies, and more.

If you want us to email you a link to set up your free account, click the link, complete the form, then be watching for a 'RightNow Media' email to set up your account. Give us about 24 hours to get those sent out once you've responded, please!


D6 Family

Download the app today to access all of these FREE resources for at-home discipleship. Read a portion taken from our recent blog below.

Can you imagine a house quarantine for weeks? One unnamed individual from China shared their family’s quarantined situation, not for having the virus but to prevent its spread. The government confined the families to their homes.

The Randall House and D6 Family Ministry team created a unique cloud-based folder filled with daily discipleship tools for all ages of the family. Contents included daily devotions, fun family questions, articles, and more. How people pass time in close quarters can determine their outlook and personal growth. D6 Family Ministry is part of Randall House, a Christian resource provider who publishes books, Bible studies, curriculum, and hosts conferences.

D6 is short for Deuteronomy 6, where God calls parents and grandparents to be a significant part of the spiritual development of their kids and grandkids. D6 teaches and provides tools for the church and home to work together with age-specific resources. People most often identify Randall House with the D6 Conference.

The family ministry conference occurs annually in the United States, Singapore, Malaysia, France, and South Korea. In light of these relationships, Randall House felt the need to help Christ-followers in the hardest hit Asian countries.

CEO Dr. Ron Hunter said, “Difficult circumstances often offer opportunities to change cultural habits. We cannot quarantine the gospel. During and after COVID-19, the coronavirus, maybe families will continue with these easy ways to initiate conversations that are both fun and lead to faith development.“

Now with the virus rapidly spreading in the U.S. and other countries, similar help is being offered in the D6 app, available for both Apple and Android users.


FBC families, we are saddened to not meet with you in person tomorrow, but want to help equip you to continue discipling your kids at home!

LifeWay Kids at Home Digital Pass experience is a temporary resource to supplement Sunday School from home. There will be a video session with a downloadable Activity Page and One Conversation Sheet. These lessons are geared for grades 1-6, but are the same stories that our preschoolers have been studying, too. These should be great for all ages...just adjust your conversation based on your children's ages. To get the Digital Pass and access LifeWay Kids at Home, please follow the steps below:

Step 1: Go to
Step 2: Register if you are a new user or log in if you already have an account (most of you are likely a new user!)
Step 3: Enter this redemption code: VZMD4SSQ38
Step 4: Click "ACCESS" (if prompted to sign in again, sign in) and then click "MY DASHBOARD," and go to "LIFEWAY KIDS AT HOME."
Step 5: Download your Activity Page and One Conversation Sheet to use as you watch the video session (including a video lesson, mission video, and Gospel presentation)!

These resources are free and available for anyone to use, as our first concern is for the health and safety of families, both physically and spiritually. We hope that these sessions and downloads are impactful for you and your family. 03/13/2020

Thoughts on the Coronavirus Outbreak | Jim Daly

Some wise words on how to talk to your kids about the current situation! The new and rapidly escalating COVID-19 outbreak has left families with far more questions than answers. As developments unfold hour by hour, it’s


I'm reminded today of how thankful I am for all of our incredible Preschool volunteers! These folks love on little ones and their families and constantly point them to Jesus. These photos are from our recent 'Night of Celebration' where we had a chance to honor the teachers, greeters, and gatekeepers who serve our young families. If you are looking for a place to serve at FBC, I happen to think that this team is truly the best! Come join us!

[02/05/20]   FBC Midland will be closed today and tonight.
Stay warm. 02/01/2020

To Those Who Bring Small Children to Church There you are at church. Your baby or toddler is restless. Perhaps even a little boisterous. You try to silence them, and nothing. You try to pacify them with food or toys, and nothing. Eventually,


These “saints” are critical!


Too funny...and sadly, many feel this way!

(If you aren’t one of them, we’d love to visit with you about serving as a Preschool volunteer! We have an incredible team!)


First Baptist Church of Midland (FBCM)

Dr. D. encouraged us to be in God's Word daily in 2020. Download the plan by clicking on "My Bible reading schedule" here - 12/19/2019

The Wonder of Christmas - Setting the Stage for Preschoolers - Parent Cue A community created to help parents do family better. We create helpful blog content, a weekly podcast, and a library of free resources.


Parent Pep Talk

We have seen all the first day of school pics. We love them! Parents, be honest, these big transitions for your kids are hard on us as parents. We know. You are doing a great job! We are praying for you.


If you haven’t seen our new Preschool space yet, be sure to check it out! Come join us for worship and Bible study this morning!

Imagination Atmospheres did a beautiful job!

©2019 Imagination Atmospheres


Homeword Center for Youth and Family

“Let us never forget that we’re sinners, then we marry a sinner and then we have sinnerlings.”-Jim Burns #intentionalparenting #grace


First Baptist Church of Midland (FBCM)

Welcome to the FBC Midland Good Friday Talk


First Baptist Church of Midland (FBCM)

Join us on Facebook Live this Friday, April 19 at 7pm for a Good Friday Talk by Dr. Darin Wood

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Wednesday Evening Bible Study
Parent Pep Talk
Happy Easter!!! Here is one of the songs we sang in JAM time this morning.
Jesus You're My SUPERHERO!!
Discover, Decide, Defend!  "Always be ready to TELL what you know about Jesus." 1 Peter 3:15
Give Me a J
Jesus Loves Me!!
Three year old choir did great tonight!!




2104 W Louisiana Ave
Midland, TX
Other Religious Organizations in Midland (show all)
Midland Soup Kitchen Ministry Midland Soup Kitchen Ministry
1401 Orchard Ln
Midland, 79701

Midland Soup Kitchen Ministry provides a free, hot home-cooked meal to anyone God sends through our doors! Monday - Friday 11:30am-1:00pm. Mission Statement: Feed the hungry physically & Spiritually through preaching The Word of God! John 21:17

Holy Cross Lutheran Church, Midland, Texas Holy Cross Lutheran Church, Midland, Texas
5110 N Garfield St
Midland, 79705

LCMS Lutheran Church in Midland, TX

Iglesia de Dios de la profecia.                            Midland TX Iglesia de Dios de la profecia. Midland TX
5301 Thomason Dr
Midland, 79703

Somos un ministerio comprometido con la verdad de la palabra de Dios. Juan 8:32 conocereis la verdad y la verdad os hara libres. Dios te bendiga!!!

Angel wings Angel wings
Midland, 79706

Somos Una coneccion entre Los vasos de oro usados por Dios y las diferentes Iglesias,misiones y ministerios que El Señor Esta levantando en estos tiempos.

Northwestern Baptist Church Northwestern Baptist Church
3901 Mockingbird Ln
Midland, 79707

We are a Baptist church, affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention and Texas Baptists. We are Bible believing, Bible preaching, seeking to present the message of Jesus Christ to the community where we live, our state, nation and the world.

Solid Rock Fellowship Out West Solid Rock Fellowship Out West
4601 W Interstate 20
Midland, 79706

Pastor Eddy Elliott Music Pastor Malcom Campbell Assoc. Pastor Charla Stuart Assoc. Pastor Curtis Green Assoc. Pastor Al Hedges Youth Pastor Jennifer Starr Online Giving

Cornerstone Adult Bible Class - Kelview Heights Baptist Church Cornerstone Adult Bible Class - Kelview Heights Baptist Church
402 W Scharbauer Dr
Midland, 79705

This page is designed to help Kelview Heights Baptist Church Cornerstone Class stay in touch and to create an awareness of upcoming studies and fellowships

FBC Midland Family Ministry FBC Midland Family Ministry
2104 W Louisiana
Midland, 79701

Do you desire to strengthen your family's faith? Are you looking for someone to walk alongside you and equip you as you strive to grow a healthy marriage and raise children who seek after Christ? FBC Midland's Family Ministry is here to help.

Midland Christian Fellowship Midland Christian Fellowship
200 Baldwin St
Midland, 79701

The Joyful Church!

Fairmont Park Church of Christ's Children's Ministry Fairmont Park Church of Christ's Children's Ministry
3813 N Midland Dr
Midland, 79707

A place for parents to keep up with announcements, events and everything going on with the Children's Ministry at Fairmont Park Church of Christ!

Midland First Midland First
100 W Wadley Ave
Midland, 79705

To accept and recieve the promise of our father; To build and empower the church with His spirit, that the works of the devil be destroyed

St. Ann's Youth Ministry St. Ann's Youth Ministry
1906 W Texas Ave
Midland, 79701

Welcome to the St. Ann's Youth Ministry page! Our mission is to form disciples who are rooted in Christ and community. This is where you can keep up on all the different events and announcements that are going around!