Unitarian Universalist Church of Midland TX

Unitarian Universalist Church of Midland TX


From Beyond Religion by The Dali Lama:
“in todays world, religion alone is no longer adequate as a basis for ethics...many people in th the world no longer follow any particular religion. As the peoples of the world become ever more closely interconnected in an age of globalization and in multicultural societies, ethics based on any one religion would only appeal to some of us; it would not be meaningful for all. In the past, when peoples lived in relative isolation from each other, the fact that groups pursued their own religiously based approaches to ethics posed no difficulties. Today, however, any religion-based answer to the problem of our neglect of inner values can never be universal, and so will be inadequate. What we need today is an approach to ethics which makes no recourse to religion and can be equally acceptable to those with faith and those without."
" I follow no Jesus, Mohammed, or Buddha but when I consider the idea that
the Mystery which I call the Tao somehow brought into being what I call the universe; which managed to evolve what I call consciousness, is what I call amazing! To be amazed each day is quite enough religion to fill me with awe and reverence. To see it all with gratitude and wonder is quite enough prayer to move mountains. To walk in beauty is quite enough worship to satisfy the most demanding of deities."- William Martin
"As the sun causes every plant to grow, the one unnameable Spirit causes all forms of belief to enter the world. And just as we need all plants to have a vital expression of nature, we need all forms of belief to have a vital expression of humanity. This acceptance of the many ways we can journey into meaning and grace is essential to our survival."--Mark Nepo
“While our heart can hold all of humanity in its deepest chambers, in daily life, one person can’t care for everyone at once. Simply and humbly, with a love of humanity in our heart, the love that borrows us moves through each of us, one person at a time, each to another. Love manifests in us and through us as we thoroughly give who we are, one touch at a time, one care at a time.”—Mark Nepo, from The Endless Practice
Dear Unitarian Universalist Church of Midland Congregants,

Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Garland Hancock -- the Texas' coordinator for the U.S.-State-Department-sponsored Academic Year in America (AYA), a nonprofit dedicated to finding Host Families for foreign-exchange students from all over the world.

With the school year to begin in about 6 weeks, we still have about 100 students – ages 16 & 17 -- in need of Host Families. Even though these wonderful kids have passed their English proficiency exams, been cleared by the U.S. Consulate and have obtained J-1 VISAs, they remain in limbo. By law, a foreign-exchange student cannot arrive on American soil until he or she is placed with a Host Family.

Unfortunately, some families who initially agree to host ultimately renege on their commitment. In other cases, there are unanticipated Red-Tape snags. Either way, some of the program's brightest and most personable students find themselves back to square one at the 11th-hour. And that is where we are right now and why I am writing you today.

Also a top priority are our 13 “grant” students. They have most deservedly qualified for scholarship dollars via the Kennedy-Lugar Youth Exchange and Study (YES) Program, an initiative sponsored by the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs.

Established in response to the 9-11 attacks, the YES program rewards students from predominately Muslim regions. The goal is to build “bridges of understanding” between the U.S. and participant countries. Students engage in activities designed to maximize cultural exchange (i.e. they acclimate to a value-based American society, and we gain insight into global regions currently shrouded in misconception).

If you have ever thought about hosting or are just a wee bit intrigued by this letter, please give me a call TODAY or ASAP. My number is (254) 216-0460.

Of course, time is of the essence. Most campuses limit the number of foreign-exchange students they accept to five. And that means slots are, in many cases, becoming scarce at this time of year. In other words, the sooner I find families, the more likely these kids will be able to enroll here this fall.

So please do not worry about the time of day when calling. Finding Host Families for international students is not my regular job, but it is my passion! I will enthusiastically take your calls 24/7! Seriously! And please feel free to give out my contact info to anyone nationwide who you feel might be even tangentially interested. Or, you might be intrigued with becoming a coordinator like me. I can fill you in on that as well so please call.

Some hesitate to pick up the phone because they are worried about finances, so allow me to address that here. AYA's sponsor – i.e. the federal government – requires all foreign-exchange students to arrive fully insured and responsible for covering most all expenses while in America. The one exception is meals within the home. The Host Family cannot charge for a home-prepared meal. But when a student accompanies his or her Host Family to a restaurant or dines at a school cafeteria, that is considered outside the home, and the student is required to pay.

After 18 years' service, my involvement in cultural sharing remains the most rewarding thing I have ever done. And there really is no comparison. The resultant relationships alone provide much more than I could ever repay. But beyond that, I truly believe – as does the State Department – that America's foreign-exchange program plays an integral role in improving diplomatic relations and establishing a more close-knit global community.

And is that not, after all, what we all want?

Everlasting peace,
Garland Hancock
Texas Coordinator, Academic Year in America
www.academicyear.org / (254) 216-0460
I've never felt more at home than right here!

We are the Unitarian Universalist Church of Midland, TX: People on diverse spiritual paths living out their faithfulness in the world. The UU Church of Midland is a place where people on a variety of spiritual paths come together to grow in religious depth and embody their faithfulness in the world.

The heart of the various covenants that have bound Unitarian and Universalist congregations together for over 400 years rests on these great ideals: freedom, reason, and tolerance.

Operating as usual

uua.org 04/05/2021

Love Brings Us Back to Life

Ready to be transformed?

uua.org Easter is a holiday of miracles.

sojo.net 04/05/2021

An Interview With the Man Who Wrote King's Most Dangerous Speech

The man behind the speech

sojo.net Vincent G. Harding wrote the speech Martin Luther King Jr. delivered exactly one year before King was assassinated.

commondreams.org 04/04/2021

'Don't Need to Wait Another Minute': Biden Calls on Congress to Pass Assault Weapons Ban

commondreams.org "Our nation is being held hostage by the gun industry, and until the industry is held fully accountable for the direct role it plays in these massacres, communities across the nation will continue to live in fear of the next horrendous attack."


Check Your Privilege

This one might hurt some feelings but it serves as a reminder that it’s so important to look to BIPOC educators (and pay them) for their insight based on their lived experience.

When a yt person positions themselves as an expert on race, danger tends to follow. But it is especially problematic for a yt person to make money off of antiracism education because there is a clear conflict of interest.

We and other educators seem to get this question fairly often, so here’s a few reasons (of many) not to go pick up “White Fragility.”

Donate to our Venmo today. All collected today will be sent to Rowhouse Publishing (@rowhousepub) and Young Black and Lit (@youngblacklit).

Rowhouse Publishing does things differently with their equitable, transparent model, and Young Black and Lit sources and distributes new children’s books featuring Black main characters to youth at no cost to the youth or their families. Swipe up in our stories to visit youngblackandlit.org.

#Antiracism #AntiracismEducation #BecomingAntiracist #ActivelyAntiracist

pbs.org 04/04/2021

Easter Egg Wreath and Egg-ducational Jar | Crafts for Kids | PBS KIDS for Parents

What to do with those eggs?

pbs.org Put those recyclable Easter eggs to good use with this easy and colorful egg wreath and educational egg jar!


Either way... can we all come out of our pandemic tomb, yet?
Aka: Are we there yet, Papa Smurf?


Easter can be a difficult holiday for some.


Happy Easter!


UUA General Assembly & Conference Services

Submit your congregation's banner for the banner parade! The banner parade is a GA institution, and this year we are excited to bring this tradition into a virtual format. We invite you to submit a high-resolution photo of your congregation’s banner in portrait-style (vertical). Banners will be shown as a slideshow video, accompanied with music and some introductions from our regional leaders. Submitted photos will also be uploaded to the GA app. We can’t wait to see your banners online and celebrate our congregations far and wide! #UUAGA #UUConnect #UUA


nytimes.com 04/04/2021

Brighten Up Easter With Naturally Dyed Eggs

nytimes.com Using ingredients straight from your kitchen, these dyed Easter eggs make a fun and festive way to celebrate.


Tomorrow, we will rejoice!

bostonglobe.com 04/03/2021

The exhaustion of being a Black teacher in a school when you’re one of too few educators of color - The Boston Globe

Teachers are exhausted but not in the same ways

bostonglobe.com As well-intentioned schools with mostly white staffs scramble to respond to a reckoning on racism, an “invisible tax” of work falls on too few teachers and administrators like Malcolm Cawthorne in Brookline.

mailchi.mp 04/03/2021

April Newsletter

April Newsletter - https://mailchi.mp/f4814eb7a613/zoatr00id2-10134964

mailchi.mp Read more the learn about what is happening all month in the newsletter.

npr.org 04/02/2021

CDC: COVID-19 Was 3rd-Leading Cause Of Death In 2020, People Of Color Hit Hardest

We remember them

npr.org A pair of reports published by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Wednesday sheds new light on the approximately 375,000 deaths attributed to COVID-19 in the U.S. last year.

thenation.com 04/02/2021

The Media Must Stop Demonizing Immigrants

thenation.com Before someone else “having a really bad day” decides to pick up a gun in response to their lies.



uusc.org 04/02/2021

“If Women Lowered Our Hands, Even the Sky Would Fall”: Celebrating Women’s History Month - Unitarian Universalist Service Committee

uusc.org In observance of International Women’s Day, Women’s History Month, and in solidarity with women’s struggles around the globe, UUSC shares the perspectives and activities of a few of our Migrant Justice partners.

faithify.org 04/01/2021

UBarU Camp and Retreat Center Youth Summer Camp Scholarships 2021

faithify.org Crowdfunding Unitarian Universalism

calendar.eji.org 04/01/2021

Mar. 29, 1964 | Black and White Worshipers Arrested for Entering Segregated Churches in MS

calendar.eji.org Learn more about our history of racial injustice.

tdor.co 04/01/2021


tdor.co Visit the post for more.

uua.org 04/01/2021

UUA Condemns Attacks on Democracy, Recommits to Protecting Voting Rights

uua.org Unitarian Universalist values hold that all people should have a voice and a vote in choosing their leaders.

uua874.activehosted.com 04/01/2021

Activist Reads for Kids! 📚

uua874.activehosted.com Having trouble viewing this...

faithify.org 04/01/2021


faithify.org Crowdfunding Unitarian Universalism

them.us 04/01/2021

This Trans Woman Opened Pakistan’s First Islamic School for Trans Students

them.us The trans-only madrasa follows the establishment of several secular public schools for trans people in Pakistan.


Rev. Susan Frederick-Gray

On this #TransDayofVisibility, may all Unitarian Universalists declare our unapologetic support for trans people. As a parent and a faith leader, I know that #translivesaredivine. At the UUA, we emphatically denounce the vicious attacks happening in state legislatures around the country against trans people and their lives, well-being, rights and access to healthcare.

To dehumanize another is distort and damage one’s own humanity. This country is in dire need of more humanity, more compassion, more love and more justice for all.

Image text reads: "Unitarian Universalists unapologetically proclaim that trans lives are divine. On this #TransDayofVisibility and every day, we uplift and support all of the trans and nonbinary people in our lives, our congregations and communities."


LGBTQ Nation

smithsonianmag.com 04/01/2021

These Are the Winners of Smithsonian Magazine's 18th Annual Photo Contest

We all need more beauty in our lives especially after the 3rd mass shootong in 3 weeks.

smithsonianmag.com From India to Antarctica, these pictures capture the passion, solitude and surprise of a year unlike any other


Being visible & transgender on TOVD...
meet Rev. Theresa Inés Soto (Teresita). I love when I get to use one of Theresa’s readings in a worship service- a true blessing to our UU world. Also, celebrating Rev. Sunshine Wolfe & Rev. Otto O’Connor making our world a better place while serving our shared faith. There are more and aren’t we all lucky to be part of a faith tradition that celebrates Trans leaders.

centerpost.rowecenter.org 04/01/2021

Gregg Levoy: What’s Your New Normal Going to Look Like?

Aren’t you a little curious? What’s your new normal going to look like? This online class will help you rediscover yourself after the pandemic. Check it out & plan ahead for the new normal that is coming.

centerpost.rowecenter.org Check out the upcoming free Introduction. What has this year of pandemic been calling-for from you—creatively, professionally, interpersonally, or spiritually? Now that the reach of the virus is receding, how do you want to live your life? This 4-part online course will show you how to use the cha...

uuworld.org 04/01/2021

Poem for Transgender Day of Visibility: Your stories belong to you

Your story belongs to you!

uuworld.org no one can rename you Other, it can’t stick, as you offer the gift of being and saying who you are.

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