Midland Baptist Crisis Center

The Midland Baptist CRISIS Center is a 501 (c) (3) in Midland, Texas. Our mission is to meet the basic needs of families and individuals, in Jesus' name.

The Midland Baptist CRISIS Center is a non-profit Christian ministry located in Midland, Texas. We are supported by the generous gifts of individuals and churches. We assist families in need with food, clothes, and financial assistance (utility bills, etc.).

We want to thank Natalie and the Consignors at Rhea Lana for their large donation of clothing. We also want to express our gratitude to Bellview Baptist Church and the Permian Basin Mission Center for providing a trailer and huge truck with drivers to transport the clothing. Last, but most important, is the gratitude I have for all the people that volunteered. No amount of money can hire the kind of volunteers we encounter at the CRISIS Center. A special thanks to Kathy Hester for keeping it all together. You are the backbone of our clothing ministry. Thank you for all the work you do at the CRISIS Center!

[02/16/20]   We need 20 people to help us for a couple of hours on Thursday, February 20 at 4:00 pm. Please call or text me at 432-254-1229.

[02/12/20]   Please keep our homeless community in your prayers! One of the men passed away at the hospital Sunday night. Also, pray for the people that minister to them. It's hard losing someone! :(

[02/05/20]   We follow MISD in closing the CRISIS Center due to harsh weather. We know your needs do not stop with the weather and we will be opened as soon as it's safe for all our volunteers to come and serve you. We are praying for all our clients to stay warm and safe during this weather.

[02/01/20]   Thank you AL'S WATER
for maintaining our
RO units for FREE!
You are a blessing to us ☺️

Ken Marks came by seeking a family the Fellowship of Christian Athletes could bless this Christmas. It is always so amazing to see God’s love at work. Perfect strangers bond for life. The young men and women got the name of a child and picked clothes and toys for that child. I’m not sure who was more excited the athletes or the children as they sought out their match. I can guarantee you that not a single person there will ever forget what God did last night. Thank you FCA and Mr Marks for teaching those kids what Christmas is all about!

[12/09/19]   The holidays are very hard on people who are struggling financially. I've had several break down crying while asking for help. Please pray for us as we minister to hurting people.

Sheets of all sizes - please bundle and put size on the outside
Blankets of all sizes
Large and small shampoo bottles
Feminine pads
Diapers - all sizes

Our greatest need continues to be Christian volunteers

[12/06/19]   UPDATE ON YOUNG MAN - He was supposed to meet me at the Crisis Center this morning but didn’t show up. I will let you know when he comes back. Keep praying!

[12/04/19]   There's a young homeless lady that is mentally unstable. At times, we feel so helpless to see her wrestle with her mind. The young lady's mother came in a few weeks back to ask if we'd seen her. It broke our heart to hear her anguish of having a schizophrenic daughter refusing to take her meds. We are developing a relationship with the mom where we can assure her that her daughter is ok...at least today. Most of the time she comes in for some food or clothes but the other day she came in and said "I need some prayer". We stopped everything and prayed for her. I'm glad she knows she can come to us for prayer!

Thank you TLCA for your generous donation to us! What an awesome group of young men and women

[11/21/19]   Please be in prayer for Susan and Larry. She has cancer and he hurt his back in an accident. They’re struggling to make ends meet.

[11/19/19]   We will not be accepting donations through Facebook any longer. Please send all donations to Midland Baptist CRISIS Center, P. O. Box 2382, Midland, TX 79702 Thank you for your support!

[11/17/19]   We are in great need of sheets, towels, winter clothes for everyone (all sizes); men and boys’ jeans (all sizes); men’s and boys’ underwear; men’s small T-shirt’s; good razors; family size shampoo; diapers sizes 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6; and wipes. Please drop them off Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday between 9 am - 12 noon at 806 S Baird. Thank you!

We know we posted last night about what a day the volunteers had yesterday. But this text just blew me away so I thought I would share it with you. Not only do you get a view of the new walk-in and some of the rearranging we did with our freezers, but you get to see some work a volunteer is doing this morning. We were so busy with everything going on yesterday we didn't get a chance to give the floors a good cleaning. And after all the dust, dirt and equipment moving around those poor floors needed some TLC. We have a small group of ladies that work on Wednesday afternoons, today a they started earlier than normal and one of our regular volunteers joined them and decided to jump on cleaning those floors. Great job MBCC crew. Thank you again for your dedication to your center.

We loaded up two trailers, a big ole mom van and the beds of two pickups. We are so thankful to those consignors that chose to donate their unsold items and to Rhea Lana's of Midland-Odessa for choosing the MBCC as one of the nonprofits to donate too.
Bellview Baptist Church was so kind and allowed us to use their trailer. Thank you volunteers! Without you the center would not be able to serve our community.
If you would like to help us go through, untag, and organize all these wonderful donations we have a few dates set and we would appreciate the help.
Tuesday mornings 9-12. If your group would like to set up a different time please PM us and we will do our best to accommodate your schedule.

[09/11/19]   Hey MBCC fans! Last call for help on the the following dates.
***Wednesday Sept 11th over at the Midland Horseshoe. (Ciana) will be out there helping sort all the items that have not sold and could use some hands on deck to help represent the MBCC. It's basically like a big filing system to get items ready for the foster families and nonprofits to "shop" through and then for MBCC to pick up on Thursday.
***Thursday Sept 12th. We will meet at the Crisis Center to load up our racks and carts and then head over to the Horseshoe to pick up donations. Once we have them loaded we will bring them back to the MBCC and unload them.
**Tuesday Sept 17th we will be working from 9am - noon untagging and organizing all the consignor donations we received through Rhea Lana's.
This is a huge blessing to the center from the consignors and the Rhea Lana's of Midland-Odessa organization that provides children's clothing for the fall season. Without this huge donation we would not be able to serve our community as well as we can. Please message us to sign up for one of the above dates and help us process, pick up and organize this amazing opportunity that we are fortunate enough to have been one of the chosen beneficiaries.

[08/21/19]   Thank you Big Spring Fire Extinguisher LLC for coming out today and making sure our fire extinguishers are up to date and ready to go if we find ourselves in need of them.

Thank you to all who sponsored a family or a child for shoes or uniforms, came and organized hygiene and stuffed bags, showed up to sort through our uniforms. You were a part of this beautiful event that sent nearly 300 children of Midland back to school with what so many of us wouldn’t think twice about being able to get.
So many moms and dads will go to sleep tonight with a little less weight on their shoulders, because this community came together to send our precious children back to school feeling confident, and stocked up with the material things they need.

There are no words to describe the magnificence of today. Nearly 300 children in need were blessed with a fresh haircut, clothing, shoes & backpacks stuffed with school supplies to start the year!
Breaking Bread Kitchen passed out pizza, popsicles, food bags & water to all of our friends! Layman Event Rentals provided us a tent, tables & chairs to keep us in the shade, Midland Baptist Crisis Center provided every child with a hygiene kit, while Big Brothers Big Sisters, Shadow Marketing, Holy Trinity church members & hairstylists from all across midland were there to help us share the love with all of our friends.
Thank you to every volunteer that dedicated their time and talents today & to every person, church or business that donated to make it all possible! You are all truly a blessing!

[08/09/19]   We will be closed to the public for a bit while we do some updates. We will answer DMs as we can. We are not accepting donation at our building during this time. Please do not leave things outside our doors. See you all in person soon.

Galatians 5:22-23
22 But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, 23 gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law.

Today as I walked back to do something in the food pantry I noticed one of the long time volunteers pushing a grocery basket full of bags. He explained to me that a group of children at a local day care got together and wanted to collect food for the homeless in Midland. Midland is full of examples of kindness, goodness and love. We up here at the center are so very grateful that we get to see these fruits in the flesh. Let’s all pray that those young children continue to develop a giving and servants heart for their community, and grow up to make the world a better place.

[08/04/19]   Happy Sunday folks.
We have a list of children and families that are in need of uniform & shoe sponsors on the 3:11 Ministries page. Some have been matched, but there are plenty more, and even more will be rolling in tomorrow form MISD school counselors. If you would like to help fill this need place go scroll the linked page. Thank you so much.

Guys, we have had a very long, very productive week up at the center. Not only did our regular day to day volunteers get a lot done, we were blessed with many different groups through the week that knocked out so much on our to-do list.
Redeemer Midland Youth
Bellview Baptist Church Youth
Groups of friends
Families (the littlest of the volunteers are the cutest, but we may be baised 😝)
They all came to the aid on different days throughout the week, and we are so very thankful. We hope to see everyone again.
Without groups like these, us day to day volunteers would be working on these projects for the next few weeks trying to keep up.
Here are a few photos we snapped during the week.
Clothing was sorted, snack packs were made, shelves were cleaned off in preparation for an exciting project we will announce next week, and hygiene bags were made up for our Cuts 4 Kids event.

We love donations, the are how we are able to serve so many wonderful people.
Unfortunately when someone leaves a pile of donations outside when no one is here to accept them, many times they can not be used.
This is because these items often end up full of bugs, dirt or end up moldy if we get rain. Leaving donations also creates an eye score for neighborhood and our building. I know right now our donation times aren’t convenient for some. If we get more volunteers that possibly will change. Until then please respect the sign on the door and do not leave items if we are not here. Send us a private message and if we are able we will work with you on a drop off time as volunteer availability permits.

A big thank you to a group of young ladies from the Midland College softball team. They came out this morning and are busy sorting some of our clothing donations for us. This may seem like a small thing to help us with, but it is a huge blessing.

[07/22/19]   Today we had a family come out to help us with our growing list of things we need done around the place. They helped us take tags off of the donations we received last week, stuffed snack packs, and get people checked in. This was a Momma and her 4 little ones ages 12, 9, 4 and 15mo. Granted the two youngest got more play time in than helping, but even the 4 year old was able to chip in some. This stuff is pretty easy and just about any age can do it. We just need some awesome people like yourself to help us get it done. Here is what we need this week:

9am – 12pm We need a small group to stuff snack packs. Snack packs are given out to our friends that don’t have a fridge or stove and need something lite to carry. We pre bag up some nonperishable items. This is a great job for our younger and older volunteers it’s easy and we can set you up at a table is you need to sit vs. standing.

Taking tags off and sorting by size our new condition clothes that we received from the West Texas Food Bank last week. This job is a good one for just about anyone over 10. Today our helpers for this were 9 and 12 yrs of age and they were awesome!

Help up front. If you can smile, show kindness and maybe even joke around with people this is the place you want to be. I’ll be checking people in, but could use your help getting check in slips hung up in the right areas. This is my 11 year old nieces favorite spot to help out when she is with me. Checking in is also a good place to help if you can’t stand for long periods of time. I’ll do the running and you can do the check in slips. Trust me, it only takes a few check-ins to get this job down.

9am – 1:30-ish

What we don’t get done from the Tuesdays list we will carry over until we get it done.

9am – 12pm. Sorting, pulling tags, checking in.
12pm – 1:30. Setting up our Hygiene bag stations for the Cuts 4 Kids program. We could use about 5 more people for this job.
6pm – 7:30 (This might not take so long if we get enough volunteers). Bagging up the Cuts 4 Kids hygiene bags. We will have everything set up assembly line style, we just need about 5 to 10 more people to get the items in the bags for us.

Our volunteers range in age of school kids off for summer break to the retired men and women who want to stay active. So send me a message and we will get you plugged in with a task that best suits you.

Since our video request for restock items a few weeks ago our community of churches have stepped up. I am just now getting a chance to sit down and put into words our gratitude.
We have been blown away and our hygiene room is now stocked with all the products collected and donated. From the bottom of our hearts we, the volunteers and the people we serve, Thank You.
We were also very blessed by Cotton Flat Baptist Church answering our call for bottled water. As the rising temperatures of summer settle in, this is always a wonderful life line to be able to hand out to our friends. Thank you so much for this wonderful gift.
Lastly I would want to thank the First Baptist Church Stanton Texas. On Monday we used the last of our laundry detergent. Not an hour later a wonderful donation of laundry detergent and laundry baskets full of other supplies were delivered. These items were collected by the VBS of First Baptist Church of Stanton. Once again showing us an example of God’s perfect timing and the love from our West Texas communities’ support.

[06/26/19]   Reminder, we will be closed until Monday July 8th. We do not have a drop box for donations, please do not leave donations outside our building. Have a great week and be safe over the 4th of July. We will see you on the 8th!

[06/20/19]   Thank you everyone who collected or are collecting items for our hygiene closet. You all have been such a blessing to us and to those in need. A big thank you the cutest little supporter that challenged her friends and family to collect items for us, miss Ave Mclntyre.
Please know that we will be open to collect donations next week M-W June 24th - Jun 26th 9am - 12pm only.
Donations can then be dropped off again starting Monday July 8th 9am - 12pm.

We are excited to have our weekly Bible Study happening again. Thank you John-Mark Echols for leading us through this next series on the book of Acts, and to The Field's Edge for providing lunch for our group. If you are interested in joining us please do so. We will gather again next Wednesday at noon. Our group would also like you to join us in prayer for clarity on biblical truths and changed lives through the Gospel.

[04/17/19]   Today we got to share the Gospel with several people. One young man shared his desire to be set free from some addictions he has, and a young woman shared the heartbreak of a major tragedy in her life that happened yesterday. Then at lunch and Bible study we talked about the necessity of the cross of Jesus Christ, bearing the cup of God’s wrath that our sins deserved. Will you pray for these 12 people who clearly heard the Gospel today? Pray that the Holy Spirit will work in their hearts to open their eyes to the grace of God and that they will respond to Him in repentance and faith?

Kindness and compassion in Jesus’ name. One of our Tuesday volunteers stopped for a few moments and engaged this young man in conversation. She asked him “Do you know Jesus?” He said “yes.” She said “Can I pray for you?” He said “yes.” She took a few moments and prayed for this young man. Your ongoing prayers and support allow us to serve hundreds of people like this young man each month. Would you pray for this young man and our volunteers? Would you consider supporting this ministry or volunteering here? There is much Kingdom Work to be done in Midland, and this ministry allows you to be a missionary just a few minutes from where you live.

Our Story

The Midland Baptist CRISIS Center is a non-profit Christian ministry located in Midland, Texas. We exist to meet the basic needs of individuals and families in Jesus’ name, with His kindness and compassion. We are supported by the generous gifts of individuals, churches, and businesses. We assist individuals and families in need with food, clothes, and financial assistance (utility bills, etc.).

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