The Seed Church and Outreach

The Seed Church and Outreach


Just a few thoughts for the Church:

We have to GROW on PURPOSE.
Are we letting things pass by us, with out reflecting on them? By evaluating and thinking is how we grow. Ask yourself..... What did I learn today that I can use to help myself?

Why do most ppl accept their lives, and not lead their lives? This is a trick of the evil one,,,, just being average is not enough if you are a ChristFollower..... As we can do all things through Christ.

if the Holy spirit lives w in you.... and if you see, knock, ask and meditate.... I truly believe the HolySpirit will reveal Truth to you and the direction you should Go.... however if we fail to think and seek..... why would we think, that in itself would be successful?

We are a product of Our Values, Beliefs, Thoughts, Actions.

We need to start investing in ourselves in order to be of use to others. Pretty hard to give what you aint got and to lead when you can't lead yourself.

There has been a large price invested in us.... and we need to receive and believe that we to can have and walk in everything Jesus paid for, with his death and Resurrection.

You all are the Greatest, Realist and Transparent Ppl I know... and very proud of all that God is doing in your lives, as well as how you are responding to The Calling that is on you and with in you.

Whats one thing you can do that has value?
I would start w Me.

Just Thoughts,

Pray for the SEED and Life Change.

You are loved,
Testimonials, communion, family
Good times at The Seed church
“I know what it is to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty. I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want. I can do all this through him who gives me strength.” - Philippians 4:12-13

Lord thank you for your strength and for the contentment and comfort in knowing that it is your strength that sustains us and not our own. Have a blessed friday
Women's group (2Gether4Tea) 😊
3415 Loop 250 Frontage Rd 307
Tomorrow Tues Sep 4 @630

Snacks and tea will be Provided Let's fellowship in freedom.
Woman bring your Children we will be taking a walk in the park and Let The Kids burn some energy.
We Got The Tea If U Got The Time!
Contact Chasity 432-631-8914
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Okay...yes I know you have a show already....BUT....check this band out. I would bet they aren't as pricey as Kutless or even Disciple. They are from Oklahoma. Yes I'm shamelessly plugging them because I'm desperate lol. I'm probably going to be messaging churches and venues about them in other towns like Abilene and Lubbock since I'm already bugging Odessa and MIdland about DISCIPLE (......and maybe Kutless will sing a few tunes......). :P
I love to listen to someone who is on fire for God. To witness the Holy Spirit using somebody is so amazing to me.

And have you ever noticed that the people most on fire for God tend to be the folks that He has rescued from the deepest, darkest depths of depravity? I think it's because knowing who they were gives them an even greater understanding and appreciation of the work that God is doing in them to make them into the new creatures they are now.

With that thought in mind, can you imagine what it would've been like to hear Paul preach?

Just doing some thinking...
Pastor vianney from Uganda came to share the word with us it was such a blessing

We Exist To Share God's Love So People Are Encouraged To Pursue God Through Following Jesus.

Operating as usual


This Tuesday!


Our women’s study begins on October 13th! This study is for single women, married women and even for women that might be married to an unbeliever. Come see what the Bible says about TRUE womanhood!!


Our women’s study beginning October 13th! For ALL women who want to learn what God says about womanhood.


The Excellent Wife study starting October 13th.... Details below. For all women, married or single 😊 09/14/2020

‘Not a Cluster of Cells’: Mom Shares Raw Photos of Stillborn Delivered at 14 Weeks After losing her son, Japeth Peace, Felicia Cash shared a heart-wrenching post on Facebook, with the hopes of bringing to light just how complete, real, formed and alive a baby is at only 14 weeks gestation. 09/13/2020

Is Smoking Weed a Sin? Is smoking weed a sin? This question comes up more and more these days. As marijuana use moves inward from the fringes of societal view, the church must be ready with a biblical response. 09/11/2020

Sometimes the greatest act of faith is faithfulness staying where you're planted. - SermonQuotes Sometimes the greatest act of faith is faithfulness staying where you’re planted. – Craig Groeschel 09/08/2020

Is Your Marriage Falling Apart? 5 Ways You Could Be Destroying It Is your marriage falling apart? A good marriage doesn't collapse all at once, but deteriorates slowly. Here are 5 ways you could be destroying your marriage without realizing it.

[09/05/20]   Let us repent from using difficult days as an excuse to live an unholy life! 09/03/2020

Knowing a Counterfeit Jesus: 10 Fake Christ Figures We Should Stop Worshiping Could you recognize a counterfeit Jesus? Jesus is still very popular these days, but we have to wonder, is each Jesus we meet in culture the real one? 09/01/2020

5 Ways Churches Will Have Changed One Year From Now While it is admittedly difficult to project trends in typical times, it is exceedingly difficult to do so in a time of pandemic headed for, hopefully, a post-quarantine era. Because we hear from so many church leaders and church members, allow me to venture where local churches will be in one year.


What You Deserve / Dan Nicholas

Sorry we ran out of memory, there still some great stuff here. Check it out

Saturday / August 22, 2020 08/14/2020

Dallas Willard on How to Experience God In order to experience God you need to read the Bible, pray, and meditate, to name just a few avenues. Or some might argue, we experience God by way of spiritual disciplines. 08/12/2020

Two 'Christian Swear Words' We Need to Lose from Our Vocabulary There are a couple words we might describe as "Christian swear words." These two four-letter words are ones we Christians need to eliminate from our vocabularies. Why? Because they are unbiblical and atheistic.


Keep the Faith, your Redemption is drawing nigh. JESUS IS COMING SOON 07/08/2020

7 Habits That Can Lead to Adultery in Marriage…and How to Stop It Now Few people deliberately set out to commit adultery in marriage. BUT tolerating these actions will create a mindset in your marriage that will make adultery much more likely to happen.

[06/03/20]   If your church attracts broken, messed up, people who never seem to get it together - it’s not doing anything wrong - it’s being the church!

[06/02/20]   Believe in ppl, value ppl, love unconditionally

[05/07/20]   (The Church) Good evening. I pray that all is well w you and you families.

Please know that by not spending time and seeing you is a major void in my Life. It's a real bummer for me)))

Just wanted to share w you..... That we will NOT be meeting this upcoming Saturday night as I will not be back from New Mexico until Monday.

I would like to meet on Saturday the 16th at our 6 o'clock time as I'm sure we all have many stories to share and discuss.

I also have something I would like to share and would encourage all of you to pray.

If there are any needs please call.

You are prayed for often,
"What comes into our minds when we think about God is the most important thing about us."
A.W. Tozer


[05/02/20]   Trust in the Lord!


In Touch Ministries

In a world of anxious circumstances, it’s no wonder many of us find ourselves dealing with fear. In this message, Dr. Stanley explains what causes us to be afraid, the consequences of living in fear, and how many of the negative emotions we experience in life are rooted in fear.


Worship Service At The Seed Feb. 1, 2020


Did U know that an observant Jew says a minimum of a 100 blessings a day? They offer a blessing before they eat. They also offer blessings during the meal for different tastes and smells. After the meal is over u guessed it they offer a Ending blessing. Observant Jews bless God for a new day, new clothing, and a new experience. And whenever they experience something joyful it translates into praise.

During the days of King David, a killer plague claimed the lives of a 100 Israelites every day. That's when a council of Jewish rabbis started the practice of reciting 100 blessings a day to counteract the plague. According to tradition, the plague stopped immediately. I can't promise that gratitude will cure whatever ails you (or stop the Coronavirus), but gratitude is a GREAT place to start. And it's where the double blessing begins. we get to learn and grow.

According to the Talmud, if u enjoy something w/o saying a blessing, it's as if you have stolen it. "A man embezzles from God when he makes use of this world without uttering a blessing." How many little blessings have I shoplifted? How many big blessings make me guilty of larceny? The way we make restitution is by recognizing that every good and perfect gift comes from God. Anything less is ....?

I try to live by a little maxim: "Whatever I don't turn into praise turns into pride." And there are no exceptions, which means there is no alternative.

Just Thought as I think about us.
U are being prayed for often U are valued and loved. Thank U ... Jesus is coming soon
Strength and Joy

[03/19/20]   When Martin Luther was dealing with a plague in his day, he wrote these wise words that can help inform the way we approach things happening in our world right now:

“I shall ask God mercifully to protect us. Then I shall fumigate, help purify the air, administer medicine and take it. I shall avoid places and persons where my presence is not needed in order not to become contaminated and thus perchance inflict and pollute others and so cause their death as a result of my negligence. If God should wish to take me He will surely find me and I have done what He has expected of me and so I am not responsible for either my own death or the death of others. If my neighbor needs me however I shall not avoid place or person I shall go freely as stated above. See this is such a God-fearing faith because it is neither brash nor foolhardy and does not tempt God.”

Luther’s Works; Vol. 43, pg. 132c

God is just as much w us/me now as He is w us/me in a Sunday morning service. He is w me daily as I work and travel and w me as I’m at home and sleep.

Use this time to be Salt and Light where you can be. Use this time to work on yourself, reevaluate priorities and re-establish who you are in Christ.

You are Loved and Valued as well as Appreciated and Prayed for often.

Strength and Joy,

[03/18/20]   (The Seed) Good afternoon,
After considering a response of awareness, based on our Mayor, Governor, and Presidents requests. We will be postponing all Church gatherings til further notice.

I am a Rebel at heart, however based on caring for people and their best interest. The Elders and I have reached this decision. It has not been easy.

We believe God is still present with us in our meetings As well as our homes and will continue to be with us in the future. Use this time to work on yourself and ask yourself what are you learning.

Please feel free to call or come by the house if the need arises.

Please remember to pray for this whole Country.

You are loved and cared for,


The John Maxwell Team

It's not about what you do in a day; it's about what you do daily! Subscribe to Minute with Maxwell for daily coaching from me » « 03/11/2020

Modesty, Yoga Pants and 5 Myths You Need to Know What does it mean to pursue modesty in a godly way? Yes, it's the responsibility of men not to lust—but to what extent are women responsible?


The Seed Church and Outreach

[02/15/20]   We are excited to announce a new youth ministry starting tonight at The Seed. If you have any middle-school aged youth we hope you will come check it out! There’s a small meal at 5:30 as usual followed by service. See you there! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥


Ladies, don’t forget that tonight is our weekly women’s bible study. We hope that you will join us. We will have a small meal at 6:30pm followed by the study at 7. See you there!


Good after noon Ladies, we are coming closer to our Womens Bible Study at the Seed, Tuesday JANUARY 28th for food and fellowship, please join us at 6:30 to 8 Joy.


The Seed Church and Outreach

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The Seed Music service Jan. 4, 2020
Spirit, Soul, Body....IN THAT ORDER





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Midland, TX

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Thursday 09:00 - 17:00
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