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Emancipating men and women from the yoke of stagnation...Declaring the word of faith that works by love...Engaging the grace of God for exploits

Dr. Iyke Nwambie is the President of The Advancement Ministries World Outreach Center (TAMWOC) Inc. Miami, Florida. He is a Pharmacist by secular training and a Preacher by divine calling. He is an alumnus of the Word Of Faith Bible Institute, Lagos Nigeria; a Master of Science degree in Leadership holder from the Walden University, USA; a Doctor of Business Administration (majoring in Leadership) student in the same institution and a holder of the Doctor of Pharmacy license. But regardless of those, his divine assignment of declaring the supremacy of light over darkness through the teaching and the preaching of the word of faith which works by love, has taken him through the stages of teaching the word of God in seminars, small groups, large groups and several places...pioneering and pastoring a church, hosting the weekly Advancement Strategies Broadcast on Television and authoring several books have remained uppermost on his mind. He is a highly sought-after keynote speaker in conferences where he continues to remind his audience "...that they have the seed of something special in them...that they have the seed of advancement...and that that seed is growing day-by-day." In other words, his divine mandate is to help you to actualize your dream. Welcome on board!

Advancement is God's idea and plan for you, not stagnation #KeepAdvancing!

Mission: To declare the supremacy of light over darkness through the teaching and the preaching of the word of faith which works by love

Operating as usual

How To Manifest Great Success

Take a listen to this message https://youtu.be/lArgfDPHwrI God bless you!


3 Things To Remember If You Want Your Spouse To Listen To You | AdvancementTV

3 Things To Remember If You Want Your Spouse To Listen To You...https://youtu.be/lArgfDPHwrI

youtube.com 3 Things to remember if you want your spouse to listen to you is a timely message for every married couple and dating partners. Take a listen today!www.advan...

What would you say to your younger self today?

How To Manifest Great Success

God bless you!

Think about this for a moment. What do you say? #KeepAdvancing!

Something to rejoice about today...#KeepAdvancing!


Declutter Your Mind

Have a great week!

youtube.com If you declutter your mind, you will gain speed in the journey of success. Take a listen

What a wonderful name...What a glorious name. Full of power and wisdom. #KeepAdvancing!

Something to shout about...#KeepAdvancing!


3 Tips To Help You In A Joe Biden Change

Take a listen...https://youtu.be/qvD4JCWhaAY

youtube.com 3 Tips To Help You In A Joe Biden Change is a timely video that teaches the power of acceptance in a diversified country. Take a listen!Enroll at: advancemen...

I felt the positive impact from the great contributions of the late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to humanity years ago when I visited his center in Atlanta, Ga. Happy MLK’s Day today!


REMEMBER THIS...When you set your GOALS!

Do have a blessed week! https://youtu.be/un58ve6Xx5I

youtube.com GOAL SETTING is a statement of faith that empowers the manifestation of the thoughts in your heart...Take a listen for moreEnroll today at www.advancementsu....


Mental Giants versus Physical Giants: which one is superior?

Receive a fresh empowerment as you take a listen to this video today...https://youtu.be/AXadk-ZxJ9U

youtube.com Take a listen...


Are your goals important or discordant?

May this week bring you glad tidings🙏https://youtu.be/PpyWju8aTwg

youtube.com If you are not setting goals, you will be drifting...Take a listen!


You Are Created To Be Creative

God’s idea for you is for you to unleash his creative force in you...Take a listen https://youtu.be/z67rCiVQ_Xg

youtube.com You are like a candle that must be lit...You are to be lightened for creativity...Take a listen!Sign up today at Advancement Strategies University at:www.adv...

Prayer and Fasting

God bless you as you join us in prayer!

Join us for a time of refreshing, reinvigoration, and restoration...on the altar of prayer...January the 5th to Saturday the 9th, 2021. Check out the flyer for more details.


Is Great Success Sometimes Preceded By Great Failure

Is great success sometimes preceded by failure? https://youtu.be/RFIiQVu3Ejc

youtube.com Take a listen!


Your Empowerment Is Our Watchword

Take a listen and subscribe to our YouTube channel today...It is free https://youtu.be/u9BUsGpD6dQ



Happy New Year: Great Manifestations 2021

Happy New Year to you lovely people...https://youtu.be/R3bSimZilng

youtube.com Happy New Year to you all

Don’t answer to a name that is not yours. Stay focused and keep advancing towards that dream #KeepAdvancing!


The Weight of COVID-19 Will Not Drain Your Tank of Praise...From mourning to Dancing

From Mourning to Dancing

youtube.com Regardless of what is going on around you, you will have a testimony. Take a listen

Learn to hang, paste, write, draw, or design anything that stirs your faith in God and His word along your path of advancement around your home.

Create your environment. Let it be an environment of faith and power.

According to Lamentations 3 vs. 51, your eyes influence your heart. And your heart is the launching pad of the miraculous.

The simple-minded person assimilates everything in the atmosphere, but the wise-hearted one guards his or her heart with diligence.

Receive grace to do this today. For wisdom makes the difference...#KeepAdvancing!

DECIDE to become a helping hand that refreshes. Becoming a helping hand attracts other helping hands to you.
#AwesomeGratitude #KeepAdvancing

Merry Christmas to you all!

Courtesy: Rev. Iyke Nwambie & family


Is it Okay For Christians To Celebrate Christmas?

Is it okay for Christians to celebrate Christmas? Take a listen and kindly subscribe to my YouTube channel...https://youtu.be/0njsl1JdZAg

youtube.com Almost every Christmas season, I would always be confronted by people who share different perspectives on the celebration of Christmas. In this video, I shar...


Activators of Gratitude

Activators of Gratitude For Your Wellbeing https://youtu.be/w6ydQiNp1zY

youtube.com Have you found yourself at that place of loneliness and trepidation? This message on gratitude will revitalize your well-being. Gratitude is a force that dis...

Good morning everyone...
“So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God
(1 Corinthians 10:31 ESV)”

If you can see the beautiful place where God is taking you to in 2021, you will ignore the pains of 2020 with a grateful heart ...
#KeepAdvancing #AwesomeGratitude


3 Strategies For Living Free Of Anxiety

3 Strategies For Living Free of Anxiety...https://youtu.be/7x71PKq-WTY

youtube.com Anxiety is a negative force that forces the victims to look down...In this video, I share 3 golden nuggets that will empower you to live free of anxiety in y...


Position Yourself For Victory with Gratitude

Position Yourself for Victory with gratitude...https://youtu.be/IVN0K4xqdd4

youtube.com What would you do if nothing seems to be working? Find out in this message

Tell of God’s wonderful deeds, not the worrisome deeds of the enemy. What do you think?...#AdvancementTalks


What story are you telling?

What story have you been telling?

youtube.com This video highlights the two essential types of stories we tell daily. Find out what they are, and put them to good use.DOWNLOAD "16 Checklists for purposef...


Gratitude opens you up

Gratitude opens you up...Take a listen https://youtu.be/BmNk_5MYEIA

youtube.com Awesome gratitude is not lip-service gratitude...It is a heartfelt acknowledgment of the goodness of God. Take a listen to this excerpt.DOWNLOAD “16 checklis...

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How To Manifest Great Success
How To Manifest Great Success
Prayer and Fasting
Awesome Gratitude
You Are Not Alone
Confrontation without condescension
Whst you don’t confront is permited to stay
Don’t be the bearer of evil news
2 Types of critics to note
Don’t build a mountain on the voice of a critic
Empowered Friends Are The Golden Connections Of Life




P.O. Box 831520
Miami, FL
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