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Restoration World Outreach Ministries Inc. (RWOMI) is a ministry with a difference! It is in fact a Five-Fold Ministry in accordance with Ephesians 4:11.

Restoration World Outreach Ministries Inc. (RWOMI) is a ministry with a difference! It is in fact a Five-Fold Ministry in accordance with Ephesians 4:11.

Mission: At RWOMI we are concerned with both the spiritual and natural aspect of a person. Therefore, through preaching and teaching the Word of God we: Impart the pure Gospel of Jesus Christ Equip the Body of Christ concerning the Five-fold Ministry according to Ephesians 4: 11 Raise up Prophets Carry out Marriage and Family Counseling Restore Broken Marriages Teach people to know their calling and purpose in the Body of Christ Activate the Gifts in a person, as well as and Equip and Impart upon them Also... We provide Apostolic coverage; train and ordain missionaries and all 5-fold personnel, and chaplains. We also have trained and knowledgeable pool human resources for NGOs, and Humanitarian Organizations. In addition, our Chaplains are trained for prison Ministries, Military, Police, Hospitals, and Secular Work Places. The following are list of additional services and outreach: Cover churches under the Apostolic coverage. Preference is given to churches with smaller congregations. Train churches for the 5 fold Ministries as per Ephesians 4:11. Set up School of the Prophets Train People for Church Planting For more information, check out our 5-fold Network. Help us Feed Hungry Children, the poor, the weak, the sick, people who need shelter, education and rehabilitation; and to reorganize and help churches in poorer countries. Contact us to make donations


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THE WORD OF THE LORD FOR THE QUARTER - Lyston Voice THE WORD OF THE LORD FOR THE QUARTER   March 23, 2020   Apostle Dr. Steve Lyston, Bishop Dr. Doris Hutchinson Pastor Dr. Michelle Lyston and Prophetess Sophia DiMuccio   As the globe faces lockdown and we hear the term “economic reset” the Lord says this is not just a new season, things will ...

STEVE LYSTON | DEALING WITH A VIRUS-LED ECONOMY - Lyston Voice Lockdowns everywhere. Fear, shortages and riots in some places. In the midst of it all, there are some serious questions that need to be answered. No one should use the current status of the world today as a political platform, because it will not be an easy road ahead. I have been warning for many....

STEVE LYSTON | POLITICAL ADVISORS NEED SPIRITUAL AWAKENING - Lyston Voice Proverbs 15: 22 tells us, “Without counsel, plans go awry, but in the multitude of counselors they are established.” Locally and globally, political advisors are under the microscope regarding national decisions on economies, climate change, immigration and security. The current pandemic has bee...

Steve Lyston | Is God speaking through the virus? The world is in panic and fear because of the global coronavirus pandemic. We are also seeing the locust plague affecting several regions, and, by extension, the entire globe, particularly the food supply for many nations. Prices are rapidly rising...

Steve Lyston | The army and domestic violence The army has been very prominent in the media lately regarding domestic violence, not only locally, but it is a common issue internationally. Many cast blame and are taking sides at the gender level; but domestic violence...

THE ARMY AND DOMESTIC VIOLENCE - Lyston Voice By: Apostle Steve Lyston The army has been very prominent in the media lately regarding domestic violence, not only locally, but it is a common issue internationally. Many cast blame and are taking sides at the gender level; but domestic violence should never be dealt with on the basis of gender. If...

FAMINE, FARMING AND FAITH - Lyston Voice FAMINE, FARMING AND FAITH By: Apostle Steve Lyston The globe has been taking serious hits in the area of agriculture. In Australia, the current fires have taken the lives of more than 1 billion animals either as a direct result of the fire or from related causes, such as starvation, dehydration or h...

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Is The Globe Prepared For Famine? - Lyston Voice There are different levels and kinds of famine that take place globally – a severe shortage of food, shortage of money, for example – and they can be caused by many issues such as a war, a drought, diseases, infestations and all of that can trigger significant increases in prices and costs of pr...

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Steve Lyston | Good staff brings excellence One of the most difficult things to find in any organisation is good staff. Having good staff members is, in fact, a favour from God. It is one of the greatest set of assets any organization can have. Regardless of what vision you may have, you...

Steve Lyston | Lack of values destroying nations While growing up, there were certain morals, standards and ethical guidelines that we were taught to follow. Most of our values were taken from the Bible and they served us well. Children were disciplined and the levels of crime and violence were...

More training for parents, not criticisms Steve Lyston These days, there is a great deal of focus and negative criticism regarding parents and their parenting skills. Social and mainstream media are abuzz, particularly since so much has been happening to the children lately. Constructive...

Steve Lyston | End-time strategy of the Anti-Christ The books of Daniel and Revelation in the bible reveal to us the deep insights of the tactics and strategies of the Anti-Christ – the anti-Christian governments, systems and political power, as well as the philosophies, ideologies, and deceptive,...

The truth about apostasy Based on recent reports in traditional and non-traditional media, there are many popular artistes and church leaders renouncing the Christian faith, including author and former pastor Joshua Harris, and Hillsong leader, Marty Sampson. However, this...

Steve Lyston | The apocalyptic countdown has begun For all those who doubt what the Word of God says about apocalyptic events, I am confident the happenings of the day are undeniably visible and very telling concerning our closeness to the Apocalypse and all that it entails. Yahoo! News reported...

Steve Lyston | The four ‘S’ for success The 4 ‘S’ for success Everyone wants to be successful. It is what we must strive for – success. Simply put, ‘success’ is the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. God wants us to be successful. In fact, He wants us to achieve true success, which means success in all...

Steve Lyston | Building without God Apostle Steve Lyston The global focus today is on building. Some focus on building the economy, some focus on building walls and other infrastructure and some are tearing down and rebuilding the very thing God already gave us to be a blessing to...


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Steve Lyston | We are not poor, we lack vision Many countries today are adjusting definitions for their purpose, ­particularly ­definitions for the words ‘poverty’ and ‘poor’, in order to determine what level of financial assistance or aid to extend to other nations, if any help at all. They ­...

Steve Lyston | True leaders show grace and mercy The incident that has been made popular by the media involving Assistant Commissioner Bishop Dr Gary Welsh, resulting in him being replaced as the head of the traffic department, leaves much to be desired. The outcry against him, the criticisms,...

Steve Lyston | What if everyone was rich? Interestingly, much talk and great focus are now surrounding the poorer nations globally. Foreign aid is being cut off from certain nations deemed as poor/Third World/developing nations. God made the rich and the poor – both sets of people not only...

Steve Lyston | Value your marriage – don’t play! A higher percentage of marriages are crumbling today, and some that look good on the outside are unstable within. Some are just for show to appease others and the children - and the issues that cause them to crumble are simple things like credit...

Steve Lyston | Gangs and the power of music Crime seems to be the order of the day, in particular, gang activity. We have seen over the years that we cannot truly deal with crime until we deal with the root cause. There are many experts on crime, but all they are doing is making noise....

Steve Lyston | Wrestling or the blessing All great men, in order to succeed and walk into greatness, must wrestle. They either wrestle with God or with man. There are so many things in life we struggle with, in the various areas of our lives –health, finance, relationships, faith in God...

Steve Lyston | Proven wealth and prosperity keys God wants everyone to be wealthy. However, you must ensure that you apply the proven and correct keys. Remember Proverbs 13: 11 says, “Wealth gained by dishonesty will be diminished, but he who gathers by labour will increase...

Steve Lyston | Preparing for marriage Marriage is a solemn covenant entered into by one man and one woman in freedom, wherein they pledge their love and fidelity in joy, sorrow, sickness, health and prosperity. Marriage is never for the short term. Only God has the power to sever a...

Steve Lyston | The four Ps for growth Everyone wants growth of some kind – whether economic or spiritual. But we cannot receive economic growth without spiritual growth, so both the spiritual and the natural are connected. True growth starts with God. Isaiah 48:17 says, “Thus says the...

Steve Lyston | Let’s reform national security Everything is connected to the security of our nation and her people, including: the economy, family, Church, education, business, politics and media. Whenever crime, violence and turmoil take place, we must begin to look at the gates and the...

Steve Lyston | Don't complicate economics Doing business and managing an economy is not as complicated as it is being presented. God created a simple system. It is the motives of man that present it in such a way that makes it a challenge to comprehend. There are even...

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Steve Lyston | The emasculating of our men There is a war on the family and particularly on our men. This war is about destroying the traditional family. There are many things set up within society to demolish our men. The prisons are filled with our men. Crime and violence have engulfed...

Steve Lyston | The four Fs for prosperity As the Easter season culminates, everyone is talking about prosperity, but without the cross, there can be no true prosperity. Many countries are neglecting the cross, and so, instead, they all receive ‘crosses’. There are four main Fs that we...

IS THE NOTRE DAME FIRE A PROPHETIC SIGN - Lyston Voice IS THE NOTRE DAME FIRE A PROPHETIC SIGN   By: Apostle Steve Lyston   The world is abuzz with the recent fire at Notre Dame, one of the most globally-significant happenings in recent days; and many leaders worldwide are practically astounded at what has happened. Some are mourning, some devastated,...

Steve Lyston | The seriousness of leading and managing Managing people is not an easy task, particularly since it involves coordinating tasks with people of varying personalities, ways of thinking, different levels of maturity, and the personal struggles and issues taking place in the life of each...

Steve Lyston | Stay in the process Everyone at every level and station in life has to go through a process. We start life as babies when we are born and go through the process of growth to adulthood. One of the meanings for the word ‘process’ is “a continuous action, operation, or...

Steve Lyston | Let no one disrupt your peace Peace and wholeness are the greatest things a person can have. Money can’t buy any of these. Drugs can’t give it to you. Alcohol can’t give it to you. Cocaine and weed can’t give it to you! Furthermore, there cannot be peace...

Steve Lyston | Rest in the midst of chaos Rest is one of the most important things for our spiritual, emotional, and mental development and well-being. Rest strengthens us and God uses it for preservation. The time of rest is the time God uses to pour into us. There are even boundaries...

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