Cornerstone Baptist Church Mesquite, Texas

Cornerstone Baptist Church Mesquite, Texas


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Mission team has arrived at our Manna feeding center. What a blessing!
Thank you so much for your prayers and support; we are praying for you today!
Women of Worship! Thank you so much for the beautiful Christmas card! We appreciate your prayers and are praying for you today!
Thank you so much for your prayers and support; we are praying for you today!
Thank you so much for your prayers and support; we are praying for you today!
Thank you so much for your prayers and support; we are praying for you today!

Thank you for taking time to explore the Face Book Page of Cornerstone Baptist Church of Mesquite our door to the world! We want you to know that we care about you and your family. Our church exists to honor Christ and to make Him known to others.

How did it ever get started?! Here is our story how a small group of people came together, many years ago, in a mission Church — and how it grew to become a Church body today known as Cornerstone Baptist Church of Mesquite. On November 12, 1939, our Church began in an old store building located on Oak Lane in Dallas. We started with sixteen charter members, and our Church was named Missionary Baptist Church. After much growth and sacrifice, we bought property, moved to Reed Lane, and became Reed Lane Baptist Church. In 1955, we relocated once again to Bruton Road and built anew. Here, we became named Bruton Road Baptist Church. Homer C. Adams, the founder of our Church, pastored for twenty years until his death in 1959. At that time, Brother Adams’ grandson, Gary L. Coleman, was called as Pastor. He served in that capacity for five years, and our Church continued to grow. In November, 1964, Brother Gary was called to Lavon Drive Baptist; so in February 1965, Brother Clyde Spain was called as our Pastor, serving for over twenty-three years. During that time, he trained a “Timothy” -- Brother Nelson Leeman – who is our present Pastor. Brother Leeman first served our Church as Youth and Christian Education Pastor, then as Co-Pastor, for nine years. Brother Leeman became our senior Pastor in June, 1988, and has been steadily leading our church’s ministry ever since. With the support of our Church leadership and congregation, Brother Leeman led us in our effort to relocate this ministry once again, this time to Creek Crossing in Mesquite. Upon the completion of the move, our congregation became known as the Cornerstone Baptist Church of Mesquite in July, 1997. It is a wonderful blessing to see the people of God unite to continue the work the Lord has called us to do! The spiritual goals of our Church have not and will not change, even though the name of our Church has changed through the years. Preaching God’s Word, sharing the Good News about the love of Jesus Christ, and teaching people how to allow God to change their lives and draw close to Him is our mission – both in our community and throughout the world through missions support.

Mission: The purpose of this church will be to exalt, adore, and honor the Triune God: to systematically nurture the saints through teaching, preaching, edification and admonition; to evangelize the lost in our community and unto the uttermost parts of the world; to baptize converts by immersion; to disciple them in the Scriptures; to serve one another in sacrificial love; to function as the local body of Christ using the abilities God has given us to serve one another; and, to defend the truth of God. 10 As every man hath received the gift, even so minister the same one to another, as good stewards of the manifold grace of God. 11 I Peter 4:10,111

Through the Waters The movie The Free State of Jones tells the US Civil War story of Newton Knight and some Confederate deserters and slaves who aided the Union Army and then resisted slaveholders after the war. Many herald Newton as the hero, but two slaves first saved his life after his desertion. They carried Knigh...

Sunday Morning Crisis rule #3 - Pray

Our Father Sings Dandy loves encouraging people by singing to them. One day we were having lunch at his favorite restaurant, and he noticed the waitress was having a hard day. He asked her a few questions and then started quietly singing a catchy, upbeat song to cheer her up. “Well, kind sir, you just made my day....

Run Toward Challenge

Help me, Jesus, to truly see that You're bigger than any problem facing me today. Thank You for Your everlasting presence! Tom chased the young men who were stealing his poor friend’s rickety bike. He didn’t have a plan. He only knew he needed to get that bike. To his surprise, the three thieves looked his way, dropped the bike and backed away. Tom was both relieved and impressed with himself as he picked up the bik...

Divinely Aligned I was deeply troubled and woke in the night to pace the floor and pray. Frankly, my attitude was not one of prayerful submission to God, but one of questioning and anger. Finding no release, I sat and stared out a large window at the night sky. I was unexpectedly drawn to focus on Orion’s belt—t...

The Saddest Goose Why is there a football in the parking lot? I wondered. But as I got closer, I realized the greyish lump wasn’t a football: it was a goose—the saddest Canada goose I’d ever seen. Geese often congregate on the lawn near my workplace in the spring and fall. But today there was only one, its neck...


Mid-Day Worship

A World of Provision

O Creator God, we're humbled by Your vast creation and all the ways You provide for our needs. It’s 2 a.m. when Nadia, a farmer of sea cucumbers, walks into a roped-off pen in the ocean shallows near her Madagascar village to harvest her “crop.” The early hour doesn’t bother her. “Life was very hard before I started farming,” she says. “I didn’t have any source of income.” N...

Friends Again

God, thank You for loving me when I was still Your enemy. I repent of everything that disappoints You and celebrate being Your friend. A mother and her young daughter are sitting in church one day. During the service, opportunity is given for people to publicly receive God’s forgiveness. Every time someone walks forward to do so, the little girl begins to clap. “I’m so sorry,” the mother later tells the church leader. “I ...

The Singing Revolution What does it take to ignite a revolution? Guns? Bombs? Guerilla warfare? In late-1980s Estonia, it took songs. After the people had lived under the burden of Soviet occupation for decades, a movement began with the singing of a series of patriotic songs. These songs birthed the “Singing Revolution...

The Forecaster’s Mistake At noon on September 21, 1938, a young meteorologist warned the U.S. Weather Bureau of two fronts forcing a hurricane northward toward New England. But the chief of forecasting scoffed at Charles Pierce’s prediction. Surely a tropical storm wouldn’t strike so far north. Two hours later, the 1938...

[04/19/20]   Worry or Pray...the Choice is Yours!

I believe the best way to make it through this Covid-19 pandemic is to pray! As we walk through life, there are periods of time where we experience the spiritual battle that is raging around us night and day, in a very physical way. But ultimately, the physical side of things in life won't matter, and aren't as important, or strong as the spiritual. And so prayer has to be our primary weapon that we use to join the fight in this thing called life.

David understood this reality very well, and the Psalms are filled with his prayers to our almighty God:
"Listen closely to my prayer, O Lord; hear my urgent cry. I will call to You whenever I'm in trouble, and You will answer me." Psalms 86:6-7 (NLT)
"O God, listen to my cry! Hear my prayer! From the ends of the earth, I cry to You for help when my heart is overwhelmed. Lead me to the towering rock of safety," Psalms 61:1-2 (NLT)
Now when it comes to prayer, if you are not sure where to start, there's good news. God intended it to be as easy as talking to a friend. He doesn't care how we say our prayers, He just wants us to talk with Him.

In fact, if God had His way, we would pray without ceasing throughout the day, and that is what He tells us to do in I Thess. 5:17. That doesn't necessarily mean praying long prayers one right after the other. It simply means that in every moment, with every breath, we have the opportunity to intentionally acknowledge God's presence, and invite Him into our thoughts so that we can be more open and in tune with what He's saying.

For example, we may quickly ask for safety while we are driving or thank God for His creativity when we see a beautiful flower. We may invite Him into our conversations with friends or ask Him to guide us in making a business decision. We may ask Him to guard our hearts and minds when we look in the mirror and don't like what we see. The reality is, the voice of the enemy could become the constant in our lives if we don't intentionally fill the space with God. The enemy loves to get us feeling isolated, but with prayer, we are never alone!

The night before His crucifixion, Jesus was overcome with grief. The Bible says He threw Himself facedown on the ground and poured out His heart to His Father. He begged and pleaded for a different outcome but ultimately, surrendered to God's will. This should be the example we follow! Our prayers don't have to feel pretty. They don't even have to be words! God knows the mourning's of our heart and He fights for us.
And the Holy Spirit helps us in our weakness. For example, we don't know what God wants us to pray for. But the Holy Spirit prays for us with groanings that cannot be expressed in words. Romans 8:26 (NLT)

So, we can cry or be angry...God can handle our emotions. We don't need to avoid our feelings when we feel attacked, but turn to God for help. He is the only one who can provide the true help that we need anyway! So, in the middle of difficult times like we find ourselves in today, make Him your first response instead of your last resort! You can either worry, or you can pray...choose prayer!
Don't worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank Him for all He has done. Then you will experience God's peace, which exceeds anything we can understand. His peace will guard your hearts and minds as you live in Christ Jesus. Phil. 4:6-7 (NLT)

I look forward to worshiping God with you on Sunday at 10 and 11 am through Facebook Live! See you there!


Being Cared For

I'm grateful, God, for Your presence and Your promises. May I live out an attitude of confidence in You and Your ability to sustain me. Debbie, the owner of a housecleaning service, was always searching for more clients to build up her business. On one call she talked with a woman whose response was, “I won’t be able to afford that now; I’m undergoing cancer treatment.” Right then Debbie decided that “no woman undergoing c...

Able to Help

Father, help me to remember that You're ready to help me in all areas of my life. Joe’s eight-week “break” from his job as a crisis care worker at a New York City church was not a vacation. In his words, it was “to live again among the homeless, to become one of them, to remember what hungry, tired, and forgotten feel like.” Joe’s first stint on the streets had come n...

Hungry for God

Faithful God, thank You for speaking to me through the words of the Bible. Help me to seek You earnestly and to obey You faithfully. A new believer in Jesus was desperate to read the Bible. However, he’d lost his eyesight and both hands in an explosion. When he heard about a woman who read Braille with her lips, he tried to do the same—only to discover that the nerve endings of his lips had also been destroyed. Later, he was ...

Mid-Week Worship[

Hey, church family and friends! We are excited to be able to share a short time of worship with around 12:30pm!!!
We as a worship team want to encourage you during this time of uncertainty...Know that God is faithful and in control!!
See y'all at 12:30 for a little mid-day worship!!
April 15 Facebook live!!!

From Pity to Praise

Our strong God, when life's circumstances overwhelm us, stand with us, stir our praise, giving us Your strength to overcome. At a coat drive for children, excited kids searched gratefully for their favorite colors and proper sizes. They also gained self-esteem, an organizer said—with new coats boosting their acceptance by peers and school attendance on winter days. The apostle Paul seemed to need a coat, as well, when h...

Healing Words

Dear Father, thank You for Your words of healing and hope. A recent study has shown that encouraging words from a health-care provider can help patients recuperate faster from their ailments. A simple experiment exposed volunteer study participants to a skin allergen to make them itch and then compared the reactions between those who received assurance from...

I do not cease to give thanks for you, remembering you in my prayers. Ephesians 1:16

Seeking God

Thank You, God, for drawing me to seek after You. To know You better. To love You more. To recognize Your greatness. I'm so gratefu I for Your presence i n my life. It can be inspiring to watch people’s passion and dedication in pursuing their dreams. A young woman I know recently graduated from college in just three years—a task that took total commitment. A friend wanted a particular car, so he worked diligently baking and selling cakes until he reached h...

Join us today as we celebrate His resurrection!

10 AM Bible Study
11 AM Easter Service

Happy Easter! Enjoy the day with your family & friends celebrating our risen Lord! ✝️💐🌸🌼🌺

Grief Overturned

Jesus, I celebrate Your resurrection and the new life I can
experience in You. According to Jim and Jamie Dutcher, filmmakers known for their knowledge of wolves, when happy, wolves wag their tails and romp about. But after the death of a pack member, they grieve for weeks. They visit the place where the pack member died, showing grief by their drooping tails and mournful howl...

Curtained Off

Jesus, thank You for being willing to die to open up full access to God to all who long for it. As my flight reached cruising speed, the flight attendant pulled back the curtain that cordoned off business class, and I was given a startling reminder of the stark differences between areas on airplanes. Some travelers get to board first, enjoying premium seating with extra legroom and personalize...

Good Friday Worship

Standing Firm

Loving Savior, You willingly died to save us from our sins. On this day of remembrance, give us a deeper sense ofgratitude for this amazing gift. In the Middle Eastern country where they live, Adrian and his family suffer persecution for their Christian faith. Yet, through it all, they demonstrate Christ’s love. Standing in his church courtyard, which was pummeled by bullets when terrorists used it as training ground, he said, “Today is G...

Stay on the Way

Father, help us see that the journey is the destination, and the way is Your Son. Dusk fell as I followed Li Bao along the tops of terraced walls cut into the mountains of central China. I had never been this way before, and I couldn’t see more than one step ahead or how steep the ground dropped off to our left. I gulped and stuck close to Li. I didn’t know where we were goin...

ABIDE - Overcoming Giants

God Is Worth More

God, thanks for loving us more
than we deserve and reminding
us You're worth more than
anything or anyone in this world. Having been hurt by Christians in the past, my mom responded in anger when I dedicated my life to Jesus. “So, now you’re going to judge me? I don’t think so.” She hung up the phone and refused to talk to me for a whole year. I grieved, but eventually realized a relationship with God was even...

The Full Reveal

Jesus, You amaze us with Your power.
Open our eyes and reveal to us more of who You are so that we might worship You. Moviegoers heard the beautiful voice of Emily Blunt as the starring role in Mary Poppins Returns. Amazingly, it was four years into their marriage that her husband discovered her vocal talent. In an interview he revealed his surprise the first time he heard her sing, thinking, “When were you going...

Strength in Suffering

Loving Father, we thank You for never leaving or forsaking us in our darkest times. In 1948, Harlan Popov, the pastor of an underground church, was taken from his home for a “little questioning.” Two weeks later, he received around-the-clock interrogation and no food for ten days. Each time he denied being a spy, he was beaten. Popov not only survived his harsh treatment but al...

The One Who Saves

Risen Savior, I praise You for Your sacrifice for us at the cross. Help me to live serving and praising You, my eternal King! He was called “one of the bravest persons alive,” but he wasn’t what others expected. Desmond was a soldier who declined to carry a gun. Serving as a medic, in one battle he single-handedly rescued seventy-five injured soldiers from harm, including some who once called him a coward and ridicul...

Our Deepest Longings

Gracious God, allow me to find my true fulfillment and joy in You.
Keep me from a wrong view of work and material things. As a young man, Duncan had been afraid of not having enough money, so in his early 20s, he began ambitiously building his future. Climbing the ladder at a prestigious Silicon Valley company, Duncan achieved vast wealth. He had a bulging bank account, a luxury sports car, and a million-dollar Califor...

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Topic: Mens Bible Study
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We are looking forward to the start of Passion Week this Sunday...I hope you will join us for our service on Facebook Live this Sunday at 11:00 am as we consider the week of chaos that Jesus endured on His way to the cross. Once again, we can learn much from the humanity of Jesus, and His response during difficult times in this life as a human. Invite a friend who could use some wisdom and hope in their lives right now!

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Sunday Morning Crisis rule #3 - Pray
Mid-Day Worship
Mid-Week Worship[
I do not cease to give thanks for you, remembering you in my prayers. Ephesians 1:16




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