Calvary First, Mesquite, TX Video January 25, 2020, 9:25pm

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Waiting for the perfect week to invite someone to service? Make it this one!

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Calvary First Worship & Message
Check out our Sunday morning experience from this past weekend!

Checking your spiritual stability
Checking your spiritual stability 💪🏼

Wednesday Night Devotions with Pastor Josh

😬 If your shelter-at-home has brought a little bit of tension in the family... We have a special message prepared for you this Sunday 🙌 Wrestling with love: 10:30am at Calvary First Online!

Join us for a very special Easter message as we conclude a powerful study of the 14 final days of Jesus Christ — tomorrow morning at 10:30am at Calvary First online!

Student ministry is still happening!! ... Online. 😂 Our youth will still be involved in discipleship, games, challenges, and fun as we face a new frontier of ministry.

A midweek update from our pastor at Calvary First:

Calvary First COVID-19 Response
After meeting with other BMA pastors and receiving word from city officials, our church has issued the following response for this weekend:

Waiting for the perfect week to invite someone to service? Make it this one!

We've got a special Christmas series starting 10:30am this sunday planned for the whole family!

Hey! We can't wait to see you and your family for a special thanksgiving message at 10:30am this Sunday at Calvary First!

📣📣 Check it out!!! Time: 3:00-5:00pm Location: Calvary First 2850 eastglen Blvd mesquite texas

Know someone that's skeptical about church? Are they even more iffy about churches that talk about money? Bring 'em with you this Sunday for a perspective that just might change their mind... Or their life! Money Math starts this Sunday at Calvary First!

Get busy!

One of the greatest short stories in the Bible... One of the greatest love stories in history. The story of Ruth starts this Sunday - Don't miss it!!!

One year ago our church stepped into a brand new season. A year later, much has changed. Moving forward, one thing remains the same. Come with us this Sunday! #VisionSunday #calvaryfirst

You in Five Years . Join us for an exciting new series starting this Sunday!

Church family, You don't want to miss a very special Sunday taking place this weekend, July 7 at 10:30am. We'll see you on communion Sunday at the table!

We're kicking off week 2 of our series: Uncommon Sense this Sunday at 10:30am! Who are you bringing with you??

THIS SUNDAY: John Bird kicks off our brand new series: Uncommon Sense! See you at 10:30am Sunday at Calvary First!

We can't wait to see everyone tomorrow for part 2 of THOSE PEOPLE! Who are you bringing with you???

This weekend?... The perfect weekend to bring a guest with you to church! #THOSEPEOPLESERIES at Calvary First

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