Manna Mission Operation Outreach Ministries

Manna Mission Operation Outreach Ministries


In conjunction with the Morgan County Health Department, we will offer a vaccine clinic on Tuesday, May 25th from 1:00-4:00 PM. We will be using the Johnson and Johnson vaccine which requires only one shot.

All of your residents, aged 16 and above as well, as staff members are invited to participate. Please enter our main entrance at 301 West Harrison and our team will be there to greet and register your group. Those receiving the vaccine will need to wait and be observed for at least fifteen minutes after the shot. During that time, we will be providing refreshments. Each person who receives the vaccine will also receive a “swag” bag including Bombas socks, a $10.00 gift card to Walmart, and other goodies.

If you need assistance in providing transport for your residents or staff, we will be happy to assist. Please let us know by Friday, May 21 the numbers attending and if transport is needed so we can plan accordingly.

Looking forward to seeing you on the 25th.
Does the mission take clothing donations and if you do for all men women and children?
Add woman's shelter
Sister Linda in the house tonight🙏
Please be our eyes when you out on the streets so many of our Missing who suffer mental health issues are in fact living homeless. Please go to our page. Look at our fliers and photos. Please help us in the search for our lived ones
Great place for worship....straight mess in around...yes indeed....praise god!
Nuff said
does nyone know doug kirsop?please have him send me a friend request

Come and dine! Natural and Spiritual feeding daily.

Operating as usual

[05/01/21]   We apologize to anyone who may be affected by this, but for the next couple of weeks we will not be doing our regular meal delivery route. If you are an elderly or disabled individual who is dependent on the daily meals,please give us a call and we will make arrangements. This is only for those that are on our daily meal route. Thank you for your understanding.

[04/25/21]   On behalf of Manna Mission, my brothers, my stepmom and our family. We want to thank everyone for coming tonight to show their support for Dad (aka Pastor Tom). Please continue to keep him and us in your prayers as the days go on.


Martinsville Homeless Shelter Pandemic and Highway Construction Woes

With the ongoing efforts to meet the needs of the less fortunate in the community, times have become more difficult. The need for support is greatly needed. Financial contributions are at record low. Finances can be donated via PayPal at [email protected], mailed in or dropped off at 65 W Morgan St Martinsville IN 46151. Food items are always needed as well, things such as meat and dairy products, coffee, sugar and non perishable items. Blankets and towels and toiletries are always a need.
Helping others with YOUR help since 1988...

[03/24/20]   If you look closely as you drive down Morgan St in Martinsville. You’ll notice a bread rack out front of Manna Mission. There several items on it that if you need you are more than welcome to. Items will be added as they become available. Also, it’s times like this where it’s critical that the community comes together and helps those less fortunate. With the number of homeless in our community growing, we’re receiving more and more calls from law enforcement and other agencies to help get them off the streets. We need your support more than ever to continue serving the less fortunate. Prayerfully, financially, as well as with much needed items. Anyone able to donate financially can do so via PayPal, our PO Box or directly mailing to the Mission.
PO Box 1261 Martinsville IN 46151
65 W Morgan St Martinsville IN

[11/01/19]   THANKSGIVING
Volunteers needed to help plan, prepare, deliver a traditional Thanksgiving feast to those less fortunate in our community. As in years past we will be delivering a meal to those in the county less fortunate. If you know anybody needing a meal or Home Alone on Thanksgiving please contact us at 765- 318-3212. Food and other supplies may be dropped at Manna Mission, 65 West Morgan Street in Martinsville. Financial contributions can be mailed to the above address or post office box 1261 Martinsville Indiana, or PayPal, LX 353 at Looking forward to hearing from you, helping others with YOUR help since 1988

[07/24/19]   We are currently in need of your support. We house men daily as well as the feeding of thousands of those less fortunate. We supply food, water, clothing and shelter to those less fortunate. We need YOUR help with our utilities this month. We need $1400 to pay the water and light bill and are down to a week to come up with it. Financial contributions can be mailed to or dropped off at 65 W Morgan St Martinsville IN or PO Box 1261 Martinsville IN. Also via PayPal at [email protected]


Thankful for the people God has led our way. Thank you guys for being who you said you were from the beginning. Looking forward to continuing the work Gods got planned for us all...


Still working but making progress. Got painting done this evening. Next up more plumbing, followed by new flooring and toilet, sink, and shower...


Night one of our bathroom remodel. The goal is to not only update, but add a shower upstairs for our more disabled residents. Here’s how it looks now. Will continue to update as the progress progresses...
Old toilet and sinks already been removed along with old flooring.


Today Maddox turned 7, for his Birthday he asked for the items in this picture. He then donated his Birthday gifts to the men here. Truly amazed at the heart of kids. Happy Birthday Maddox...

[02/19/19]   We are in need of a regular delivery driver for Tuesday and Thursday. If anyone is available to do it regularly please contact us here or at 765-318-3212.

[12/31/18]   In 2018 we were again blessed to serve our local community. This year we provided 7,500 nights of stay for men in various “crisis” situations. We delivered over 75,000 meals, not including the meals delivered on Thanksgiving and Christmas Day. We distributed tons of food throughout our local community and to other agencies, as well as in the Appalachian Mountains. We provided clothing by the tons throughout our community. We offered our help and services to several thousand. We couldn’t have done it without YOUR help. We need the support of our community, local businesses, and other Churches to continue doing this. It takes around $3,500 monthly to keep the doors open. Please consider becoming a donor to aide the less fortunate in our community. Donations can be mailed to or dropped off at 65 W Morgan St or PO Box 1261 Martinsville IN 46151 and also via PayPal at [email protected]
“Helping others with YOUR help since 1988”

[12/09/18]   As the list of families needing assistance with Christmas gifts grows, we are in need of YOUR help. We need gifts for boys/girls ages infant to 15 years old. Anyone able to help, please drop items off at 65 W Morgan St. Thank you in advance...

[11/28/18]   This year as in years past we will be aiding the less fortunate in Morgan County on Christmas. We will be passing out gifts on Christmas Eve, we usually help around 200-250 children. We need the help of our community in order to make this happen. We are needing toys for kids ages newborn to teens for both boys and girls. Toys can be dropped off at 65 W Morgan St or contact us if items need picked up. Please help us as we continue to help others.
“Helping others with YOUR help since 1988”


Morgan County 4-H Horse and Pony Club and Swine Club faithfully showing up each year. Teaching kids to give back...


Local businesses getting involved to help us help others. Bill Tackett Construction LLC

[09/22/18]   Meal delivery drivers are needed for the Martinsville area Monday through Friday. The route presently takes about 45 minutes per day, please call the mission at 7 65-318 -3212. Great opportunity to get the kids involved, do it one day a week, or?


On behalf of Manna Mission and everyone who will be blessed by YOUR efforts, we wanna thank the youth group at the Family of God Church for your hardwork. They braved the rain and cold to hold a food drive for us. God Bless you all...

[02/20/18]   Ok, each month you see us trying to raise funds and get donors to help pay the utilities at Manna Mission. I wanna show how any amount can help thousands in our community. Is anyone willing to donate just $1 or maybe $5? If so please message me and I will gladly pick it up. We have a little over a week left before our bills are due again...

[01/26/18]   Here at Manna Mission we have served our local community for over 30 years. We need “YOUR” help in doing this. We are in need of financial assistance to continue serving this community. We serve hundreds of meals daily as well as housing numerous men. Any financial donations is tax deductible as we are a 501c3 nonprofit organization. Donations can be mailed to P.O. Box 1261 Martinsville IN or via PayPal at [email protected], also you can donate directly to our utility companies. Our goal is to keep the bills paid and the doors open. We need monthly support whether it be from individuals, businesses, or Churches. Please feel free to contact me if you’re willing to help. No amount is to small. Thank you and God Bless.
“Helping others with YOUR help since 1988...”

[01/01/18]   In 2017 we can say that we were blessed to be able to serve our community. We couldn’t have done it without YOUR help. This year we provided over 7,280 nights of housing for men in various situations. We delivered over 75,000 meals. We distributed food and clothing by the ton. The number of bread and pastry items we have passed out is unthinkable. All this made possible by this community. As we begin 2018 we will continue to serve our community to the best of our abilities. We need YOUR help as always. Donations are accepted year round. Everything is accepted and can be used. We also need financial support. Anyone wishing to be a monthly donor please contact me, as the need is great. We are a 501c3 non-profit organization. Donations can be mailed to P.O. Box 1261 Martinsville IN 46151 or 65 W Morgan St. We also accept PayPal at [email protected]. Together we can make a difference. As in years past “Helping others with YOUR help since 1988.”
On behalf of all of us at Manna Mission thank you for your support and prayers...

[12/25/17]   This year we distributed Christmas gifts to 183 less fortunate children. We delivered and served a little over 800 meals. We had less volunteers than usual, but we had faithful volunteers. Looking forward to doing it again next year. We did this with YOUR help. Thank you to everyone who helped make this possible.
“Helping others with YOUR help since 1988...”

[12/23/17]   We need gifts for girls 9-12 and teen boys and girls! If anyone can help please

[12/22/17]   We are getting close to running out of time for the Christmas miracle, and we need YOUR help. We still need hams, pork and beans, ketchup, brown sugar, desserts etc. also our list of children has grown considerably we need gifts, wrapping paper and tape. Let’s work together to make sure everyone has a Merry Christmas and NOBODY does without...

[12/08/17]   Anyone needing yards raked, gutters cleaned or any other small job let us know. We’re calling this “Labor For Your Neighbor.” The cost is something we’re doing on a donation basis. Money will be used to help support our continuing Ministry at Manna Mission. Contact me here or 765-318-3212 and leave a message...

[12/06/17]   With Christmas rapidly approaching time is running short. We usually aide around 250 or more less fortunate children with Christmas gifts. We need your help. We need gifts for children from infant up to 16 years old. We need wrapping, paper, tape and anything else necessary to wrap the gifts. Financial contributions are also needed. Donations can be dropped off at 65 W Morgan St, mailed to P.O. Box 1261 or via PayPal at [email protected]. Thank you in advance. As it’s always been “Helping others with YOUR help since 1988...”

[11/30/17]   As in years past we will be serving a hot meal on Christmas Day. I will be sharing a list of items needed within the next couple days. We also provide Christmas gifts for less fortunate children. We usually aid around 250-300 children. Any and all help is greatly appreciated...


We were blessed tonight by the 4-H Club and the 4-H Horse and Swine Club. They brought us a large food donation for our residents and to help feed the less fortunate...

[11/06/17]   One of our goals at Manna Mission is that nobody goes hungry. Each year we deliver a hot Thanksgiving Meal to anyone that has a need in Morgan County. If you or someone you know needs a meal this year, please, call us and let us know. You can contact us at 765-318-3212. You can also reach me here.

[11/05/17]   We will be delivering a Thanksgiving meal to anyone in Morgan County, as always, this year on Thanksgiving Day. We will need some help as we normally serve around 1,200 meals.

Manna Mission
65 W. Morgan St.
Martinsville, IN 46151

Items Needed:
Sweet Potatoes
White Potatoes
Green Beans, Corn, Peas, Carrots (fresh or canned)
Sage, Salt, Pepper, Garlic Powder, or Garlic
Bacon (uncooked or microwavable)
Cream of Mushroom Soup
Chicken Broth
Pie Shells
Whipped Cream, Cool Whip
Cranberry Sauce
Sugar, Brown Sugar
3-Compartment Trays
Sandwich Containers (for desserts)
1 oz soufflé cups and lids
We would appreciate your help in collecting these needed items to fulfill our need of serving approximately 1200 meals; both delivered to residents on Thanksgiving Day as well as served in house.

These can be dropped off at the Manna Mission 65 W. Morgan Street Martinsville, IN 46151
or mailed to PO Box 1261 Martinsville, IN 46151. Donations can also be made via PayPal at [email protected]

[10/29/17]   As you head out to Church this morning keep us in your prayers. Our water bill is due tomorrow and is over $400 and the light bill is due on the 3rd and is $950. There are hundreds of people who are gonna be affected if we don’t come up with the money...

[10/28/17]   We’re still praying and believing in a miracle. Time is running out and Manna Mission is needing to pay our water and light bill. The water bill is due on the 30th and lights on the 3rd. Without the help of the community we may not be able to continue feeding and housing people. It takes the help of our community for us to continue operating. Any amount adds up and everything is helpful. Stop by or mail any financial donations to 65 W Morgan St Martinsville IN 46151 or to PO Box 1261. Donations can also be made via PayPal at [email protected] or can be paid directly to the utility companies.


Just a small glimpse of Gods plan. Stay tuned, there's more to come...

[08/10/17]   Tomorrow from 12-1 we will have Little Caesars Love Kitchen set up out front of the Mission serving hot pizza to anyone and everyone who stops by.

[06/25/17]   Little known facts about Manna Mission.
From 2014-2016 we served over 400,000 meals in this community to the less fortunate. Over 65% we delivered. We provided 20,000 nights of stay for hundreds of men. We distributed over 500 tons of food to local agencies throughout our community and Indianapolis. We distributed 100's of tons of clothing as well. We provided assistance to hundreds of individuals battling various addictions, personal struggles and other needs. All of this made possible by the support of our local community. Our monthly bills are in excess of $4,000 and we need the support of our community to continue providing the services we provide. Any amount adds up and is greatly appreciated and needed. We need monthly donors to help us. Please feel free to contact me if you can help us out. As always "Helping others with YOUR help since 1988..."

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Some of the women involved here...
With God in our hearts we know everything's going to be alright.....
Great place to b when you need a place to the alter





65 W Morgan St
Martinsville, IN

General information

Manna Mission, founded in 1988, is a non denominational church, performing extreme outreach, to our local community first, nationally, and internationally. The Mission is located 1/2 block west of the courthouse in historic downtown Martinsville.The Mission houses Morgan counties oldest continually running Soup kitchen,providing over 50,000 free meals annually, offers housing and discipleship programs for men, and uplifting church services.Volunteer opportunities abound.
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