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First Baptist Church Lott


I saw up to 131 live viewers!! Way to go FBC Lott!!
Please pray for the Members of Methodist Church 200 members.Mooreville 150 years old Church burned down last night. The Pastor said, they will rebuild.
beautiful picture of beautiful Godly people and a beautiful place to worship God Amen
Good morning First Baptist Church Lott! Texas Baptists Cooperative Program is now on Facebook. We would love to invite you to check out our page. Hope to hear from you soon!
Thanks to everybody at First Baptist Church Lott for all the relief supplies going to Rockport and to Latham Springs Camp! And thanks to all the kids for helping us cram it all into the back of Mom's vehicle!! LoL I'll deliver it to the FIRM Baptist Association office in the morning!

Our desire is to be a church who faithfully follows God's will in our lives by loving Lott and the world to the Lord

Welcome to First Baptist Church! We're grateful that you've stopped by! Our desire is to be a church who faithfully follows God's will in our lives. We feel called to Love Lott to the Lord and, if God leads you to, we hope you'll join us in that calling! Take a look around at all that God is doing in us, through us, and with us! If you'd like to get in touch with us, please do so!

Welcome to Morning Worship!
April 26, 2020
Open to Luke 24

[04/26/20]   Going live in 45, worship in 55 minutes!
Happy Sunday!

[04/25/20]   Join us for worship tomorrow morning on FB Live! Livestream starts at 10:50am, worship will start at 11!

1270 canned goods, 250 dry beans/pasta goods, 425lbs of ground beef, 105 stops in Lott and the surrounding area.

That’s what being the hands and feet of Jesus looked like on THIS day.

In a time of great need in our world, our church saw an opportunity to help!

We were only able to do this through a donation from the Heart of Texas Electrical Cooperative...which bought the beef...and the incredible work of folks like Shirley Melton, who EMPTIED our food pantry for this, David and Pam Hennig for organizing/prepping/packing, and the folks who risked their health to deliver today.

Our prayer, when we started this morning, was that the folks we met this day, would be blessed spiritually as well as physically nourished.
If you know of a need, let us help!

Wednesday evening prayer, April 22, 2020

[04/22/20]   Live in 15 minutes. Join us and share your prayer requests!

[04/22/20]   We’ll join together at 6pm tonight for online prayer. Hope you can join us!

Texas Baptists - Gov. Abbott provides an update on guidance for houses of worship On April 21, Texas Governor Greg Abbott and Attorney General Ken Paxton issued an updated version of their joint statement titled “Guidance to Houses of Worsh...

Morning Worship
April 19, 2020
Open your Bibles to Luke 24!

[04/19/20]   Live in five!

Wednesday night prayer April 15, 2020

[04/15/20]   Live shortly!

[04/15/20]   We’ll do a Live prayer time tonight at 6pm. See you then!


Happy Resurrection Sunday!
Matthew 28

He is RISEN! Come and see...Go and tell!

Join us for our livestream worship service, glorifying God on this Resurrection Sunday, at 1050am. Worship will begin at 11am.

Good Friday service

[04/10/20]   On this day, we bear witness to the sin-killing, shame-destroying, life-giving sacrifice of Jesus on the cross.
Praise God for the One whose death has given us life, in Christ!
We customarily worship together as a body of believers on Thursday evening and share the Lord’s Supper. This year, I want to journey with you to the cross, through Scripture, on this Good Friday.
I will be Live tonight at 6pm from our church sanctuary and we’ll tell the old, old story anew.

Wednesday Night Prayer April 8, 2020

[04/08/20]   We’ll be live for a time of prayer tonight at 6pm!
Comment your prayer requests and I’ll pray for them.

Morning Worship April 5, 2020
Open your Bibles to Mark 14!

[04/05/20]   Live in 5!

[04/05/20]   Parents, We’ll be joining together for worship at 11am! I’ve got a special Kid’s Sermon this morning and it’s one I want you to do with me!

I’ll lead it on camera this morning but you won’t be able to see it quite as well as we normally would like so I want you to do it at home.

Gather a few supplies for this morning:
A white bowl or plate
A cup with water
A q tip
A little bit of dawn dish soap
And your pepper shaker

[04/04/20]   Hope you’ll join us for worship tomorrow, right here on FB Live!
Stream will start at 10:50 with service starting at 11am.

[04/02/20]   First Baptist Family,
You should have an email in your inbox with several updates and prayer requests. Here’s part of that email, regarding our services:

With Governor Abbott's updated order to continue social distancing through April 30, I spoke with our deacons and we've agreed that it is wise for us to continue the course we are on now. So, until at least Sunday, April 26, there will be no activities at our church, outside of online worship on Sunday mornings and online prayer time on Wednesdays. Our food pantry ministry is the only other activity that should take place at our church at this time, outside of maintenance activities.
To be clear: none of our ministries will hold events or meetings at the church until further notice.

Of course, that means that we will not be able to gather for Easter services...and I'm saddened by that. But, as a dear saint just shared with me via text, nothing can separate us from the love of Christ!

Sunday school teachers/small group leaders, continue checking on your people and, if anyone knows of a need, pass it along so our church can respond!

One suggestion, especially as a means to cope/process this pandemic, is to journal your thoughts about this, as a prayer to God.
Tell Him your concerns. Tell your worries. Ask Him to supply your needs. Do all of that in a written or typed journal.

This will help you in many ways AND provide a way to chart your progress with God through this.

Until we’re together again, keep the faith!
Pastor Stephen

Prayer Time April 1, 2020

[04/01/20]   We will go live at 6pm tonight for a few minutes of prayer.
Hope you can join us!

[03/29/20]   Going live in five!

[03/29/20]   Important note about worship tomorrow

I hope you’ll join us tomorrow morning for 11am worship here on FB Live! We will start streaming at 10:50 so you’ll have time to get set up on your end.

Good news! I think I’ve tweaked our sound issues from last week!
Bad news! I failed to figure out the problems in our video we won’t be able to give you words to the songs and we will have to limp along with the same camera from last week.

So, I’m going to give you the song titles for tomorrow, if you’d like to look up the lyrics to sing along.

Worthy of Worship
I Exalt Thee
Be Exalted
Victory in Jesus
Take My Life, Lead Me Lord

I hope to have a solution next week but, who knows!

Finally, in the midst of my tech work today, I stopped to pray for YOU, as our church family, in our sanctuary.

I pray you all have the peace of Christ in you tonight. Looking forward to worship with you tomorrow!

[03/27/20]   Friends,
We will worship Christ together again on Facebook Live this Sunday at 11am! We will actually go live at 10:50am to give you time to find it on Facebook.

We were blessed last Sunday with no difficulties streaming our service but there’s no guarantee that will be the case this Sunday! If, for whatever reason, it doesn’t work, we will get the video up when we can.

We’ve also made a few changes to our setup and we hope it will help with the sound quality for the worship portion. You might adjust your sound between worship and message time...but don’t mute the pastor!

So, get up Sunday, get ready for church, and join us for a time of worship and a Word from Scripture!

Parents, we will once again have a Kid’s Sermon time so make sure your kids join us, too!

Know of my prayers for you all! If you need anything...or know of a need...please let me know.

Love you guys...
Pastor Stephen

[03/26/20]   How about giving praise to God on FB today?
How has the Lord been faithful to you /your family, in the midst of this time of trial?

March 25, 2020 Prayer

Short Prayer time. Once we get started, post your prayer requests in the comments and we will pray for them!

[03/25/20]   Going live in five minutes for prayer

[03/24/20]   Anybody up for a prayer time on FB Live tomorrow at 6pm?
If you’ll comment prayer requests when we go live, I’ll pray for them then.
Love you guys...keep the faith!

[03/22/20]   Thanks for all the feedback! Looks like our first online service came through perfectly!

Know that I’m praying for you! If you have a need or know of a need in our community, please message me.

Morning Worship March 22, 2020

Welcome to Worship! Parents, bring your kids close, we will have Children's Sermon this morning! Get your Bible and turn to Ephesians 3!

[03/22/20]   Going live in 5 minutes

[03/21/20]   Friends,
Join us for worship on Facebook Live tomorrow morning! We will go live around 10:50 to give you a few minutes to join us and then we will start at 11am.
Gather your family around the computer or phone and worship Jesus with us! The songs will be familiar and so will the faces!
Just muting the pastor!

[03/19/20]   Out of love for our neighbor, FBC Lott will move worship services entirely online for at least the next two weeks. We will also generate a robust means to check on those in our church and community who might need help from the Body of Christ during this time.

Before I share the details of how we will move forward, I want to remind you that Christ followers have seen much darker days than this AND have overcome! Consider that, when Jesus said, “the gates of Hell won’t prevail” against the church, He didn’t say, “but COVID-19 will prevail.”

Friends, when churches go live on Sunday morning, the words of Jesus and the worship of the One True God will reach into the darkness, the worry of countless homes!
Have hope! Be strong! Do not fear!

So, here’s the details:

We will start our worship service on Facebook Live at 11am on Sunday morning. We will go live around 10:50am so you have a few minutes to join us.
Navigate to our FBC Lott FB page on Sunday morning and the Live video should come up.

If you don’t already follow our FB page, “liking” it will help you see when we go “live.”

With that said, technology consistently surprises us so...if for whatever can’t get the video, I will also email out my sermon audio to our email mailing list, if possible.

I will also send out more frequent church emails so we can continue to join together in prayer and fellowship online.

In the next few days, I will work with our church staff and deacons to develop a phone/text/email contact chain to check on folks in need. If you know of a need, please contact me! This is the time for the church to be the church!

I will ask for volunteer coordinators through our church email list. If you aren’t on that list and would like to be or want to help, IM your email address.

Know that I’m praying for you! I love each of you and the love we share is what identifies us to the world.

Be the church! Trust Christ! Beat back darkness and worry!

Jesus, thank you for the hope we have in you. Protect us, heal us, and use us to help a world full of worry.


[03/16/20]   With local schools being out and to protect our kids/volunteers, FBC Lott won’t hold Wednesday night services until school resumes, as is our custom during summer time.
Just remember...for those who view churches postponing services as yielding to fear...the church isn’t what happens on Sunday mornings or Wednesday nights.
YOU are the church, the Body of Christ! YOU will do more ministry in this season of fear than ever before!
If you know of a need in our community during this time, fill it! If you can’t, contact me and we will do our best to be the hands and feet of Christ!
Pastor Stephen

[03/13/20]   First Baptist Family,
Some of you have asked about our plans regarding Sunday worship.
Most importantly, Jesus is Lord and in control, no matter where we are in life! Rest in His strength!
At this time, we WILL join together for all regularly scheduled events on Sunday morning. We weren’t planning PM services anyway.
That is subject to change, if the health district makes other requests for large-group gathering or something else comes up.
If you have a compromised immune system or just want to stay home, please do so!
If you’re sick or someone in your household is ill, stay home!
If you know of a particular ministry need due to the pandemic, please let us know...this is the time for us to be the church!
If you’re a VOLUNTEER, please let your substitute and ministry leader know about your decision.
Our prayer is that this will subside in due time.

Grace and Peace,
Pastor Stephen

Having Fun on the Railway to Jesus!

ALLLL Aboard! Rocky Railway VBS pulls into the station, July 27 through July 31!
We're thrilled to announce our dates for VBS this summer AND roll out our new online registration! Not only that, the fun is going to last a little bit longer each night, as we've expanded our schedule (6-9pm) to give even more time to learn about following Jesus!
Please check out AND SHARE the registration link at
If you have any questions, feel free to IM us, contact us at 254 584 3661, or at the contact info in the above link!
Can't wait to see you on the rails! Climb aboard for mountains of fun at Rocky Railway! On this faith-filled adventure, kids discover that trusting Jesus pulls them through life’s ups and downs.

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Morning Worship March 22, 2020





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