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Where can i find the 2020 reading list. I know it starts with John 1 on the 1st.
Attention Grandparents! Bring the GRANDKIDS to the Copeland Insurance Group Back to School Bash going on this Friday from 10am- 12pm! Please see the event for full details. **Copeland is increasing the number of supplies they have on hand for tomorrow's big event, in expectation of a large turnout. Please come and take advantage of this fun day!
Anyone I can hitch a ride with to camp tonight?
Anyone going to camp tonight that I can hitch a ride with?
Hello all! This is for anyone who loves to camp! Our fall camping trip will be at Tyler State Park the weekend of Oct 18-20. White Oak is out on the 21st so our plan is to go Thursday night through that Monday. You can book your own site on the state park website. We have already reserved a couple spots in the Big Pine loop (308, 310, 314) so try and get as close to those as possible. Let me know if you have any questions!
Would like to thank you all for the outpouring support ,food,service for the Windsor family during the resent loss of our brother Butch Windsor .Thank you very much
In 2011, Mary Thomas "bought"Austin in a youth group fundraiser to clean her flower beds. Found this today. I really miss Mary!
Pine tree church of christ , praise the living God ? Am glad to find your page on facebook,am a director at SHELVIN HOPE MINISTRIES UGANDA which operates under a registered organisation Holistic Rehabilitation Skills and Development Centre with the government of uganda with reg no. 10727. The call of this ministry started with mr Alvin Tumwizere ,Mr Elijah Mpumwire Bahanda and MRS Shivan Nkamushaba who started providing unending love and support to the neglect,orphaned and abandoned children of Uganda.We made a christian music band called divine gospel band and shared our testimonies ,love,the gospel and passion to help through doing this music,we went to public places ,churches ,conferences and schools and where we have been getting funds to support this ministry including some contribution from well wishers.We have managed to adopt some children but because of limited funds ,many have been left out there suffering ,lacking accomodation,food,basic requirements,lacking love,lacking friends and education. This ministry lacks potential people who will be a cornstone to this ministry through sponsering some one,funding,partnering,praying with us,joining a mission trip to our locality place. This ministry has womens project,children, international touring choir,farm.many other projects are still at stand still because of limited land and financial support. We welcome all interested people,wellwishers to write to us at our page SHELVIN HOPE MINISTRIES or write to me BAHANDA M ELIJAH or email me at [email protected] God bless you all
I would like to say Thank You for all the prayers and concerns during this time of job lose to all our congregation family and friends at PTCC. All your prayers have been heard and I have been blessed with a new career. Let me say that I am so better off now and blessed even more with this new opportunity tenfold. God is great praise him and his Son Jesus Christ thank you for all they do Amen!

To Make, Mature, and Multiply faithful followers of Jesus.

We believe in faithful proclamation and practice of New Testament teachings on obedience to the gospel which includes: Belief in Jesus as the resurrected Son of God (John 8:24; Mark 16:16) Confession of Jesus as the Son of God (Romans 10:9,10) Repentance of sins (Acts 2:38; 3:19) Baptism for forgiveness of sins (Acts 2:38; 22:16) We believe the New Testament provides us the foundations of how we are to worship and includes: Singing (Ephesians 5:19; Colossians 3:16) Praying (Acts 2:42; Philippians 4:6) Observance of the Lord’s Supper (Acts 20:7; 1 Corinthians 11:23ff) Giving (1 Corinthians 16:1,2; 2 Corinthians 9:6ff) Exhortation from the Word (Acts 2:42) In order to maintain faithfulness to God’s word and fulfill our mission as a church family, we believe it is important to be: Spirit-led (Romans 8:14; Galatians 5:25) Prayer-driven (Matthew 7:7ff; 1 Thessalonians 5:17) Outreach-minded (Mark 16:15; Luke 19:10) Spiritual-growth focused (2 Peter 3:18; Hebrews 6:1)

Mission: Mission Statement Our mission is to help people grow into fully devoted Christ-followers. Vision Statment We want to grow in three primary directions: Upward - Our relationship with God and Jesus Christ Outward - Our relationship with the community Inward - Our relationship with each other Upward We want to be a church commited to prayer, devotion, serving others, and the study of God's Word. We want the grace of God that we have experienced to so permeate our lives so that it affects the way we treat each other as well as the way we treat those with whom we com in contact. We desire to be a people committed to reflecting the images of Christ in all we do and say. Outward We want to be known for our influence and visibility in the community. We want to be a church that shows love in our action toward each other and to those in the community. We want to have activities and ministries that attract the community to Jesus and then provide service and inspiration to those who are touched. We want to have a worship service that attracts visitors and shows the presence of the Holy Spirit. Inward We want to be a family that is committed to each other. We want to serve all age groups with activities that encourage developing relationships. We commit to church staffing that will meet the needs of every age group within our church family. Pine Tree Church of Christ attempts to fulfill this vision by focusing primarily in the following areas: Worship Connect Groups Children's Ministry Youth Ministry Missions

Here is a copy of today's Sermon Guide. Reach out to a few friends today and continue the discussion!

Sunday AM Worship April 26th, 2020

Good morning! Our online worship gathering is now LIVE right here on Facebook! Click the "LIKE" button and also share on your own Facebook. Have a blessed day!

[04/26/20]   It’s unofficially “Bring your pet to church day!” Join us for worship today and post a picture here in the comments and show us your pets!

Bible Reading Plan for May

Bible Reading Plan for the month of May

People Problems Discussion

People Problems discussion. Check it out.

[04/22/20]   A Second Look with Lane Brown. Check it out.


Today I am missing potlucks and meals with my church family! I wish we could all get together to trade stories and casseroles and just spend time in fellowship! Since we can't do that just yet, tell us what food you are eating more of during the stay-at-home order?

Please consider using the discussion guide that Jody has done for an online connect group discussion. Set up a small group of people with whom to talk. May these discussions help lead us all into more Christ-like relationships! --Tony Griffies

Sunday AM Worship 04/19/2020

Today's online worship service is now LIVE on YouTube! Follow the link below. Be sure to "LIKE" and Subscribe to the church YouTube channel and you'll never miss an update. Have a wonderful day! April 19 , 2020

A Second Look

A "second look" on the Easter sermon with Lane Brown. Join us tomorrow morning on our youtube channel for our online worship.

Join our Cloud HD Video Meeting now

The Read through the Bible class (taught by Steve Hemphill) is being offered through Zoom on Wednesday nights at 7:00 pm, starting tonight. To join in go to

Meeting ID:661 463 435
Passwork: 212549 Zoom is the leader in modern enterprise video communications, with an easy, reliable cloud platform for video and audio conferencing, chat, and webinars across mobile, desktop, and room systems. Zoom Rooms is the original software-based conference room solution used around the world in board, confer...

Sitting with Jesus

What was one take-away from the Gospel Reading Plan? Anything you learned? New insights? Good reminders? Share it in the comments...

We are at the culmination of our Gospel reading plan. What did you learn? Any new insights? This is something to stood out to me for the first time...

Iglesia de Cristo en Pine Tree

I want to share with you Jody's discussion guide for Connect Groups. Maybe you were not previously in a group. Maybe your group has yet to try an online meeting. I want you to consider just a few people (relatives, church family; neighbors) and set up a time to discuss this great message from Jody. May it be a blessing for each and every one of you! --Tony Griffies

Iglesia de Cristo en Pine Tree

Iglesia de Cristo en Pine Tree

Easter Sunday AM Worship

The YouTube online worship service is now LIVE! Click the link below to join in, and share the link with others! April 12 , 2020 (If your video begins at the END, then simply rewind the whole video to the beginning.)

4/8/20 - Devo Thought with Lane Brown

Last Sunday I preached on John 15:12-17. Jesus now calls the disciples his "friends." Today, Lane Brown (Preacher at Chandler St. COC) joins me to discuss th...

A word of encouragement

Don Morgan, a friend from PTCC, has a word of encouragment for us all.

but no more than 10

No doubt you have seen some great jokes and memes floating around about social distancing. Leave your favorite church related social distancing meme or joke in the comments:

One more week until Easter Sunday and we are finishing up our Gospel Reading Plan. Leave us a comment, emoji, or gif, if you stuck with us through the whole reading plan! We are celebrating so many people who have remained faithful in the Word in 2020!🎉🎉🎉🎉

[04/05/20]   Since we have had to cancel our men’s workday again, stay tuned. We will reschedule it after everything gets back to normal!

Sunday AM Worship April 5, 2020

The YouTube stream of this morning's worship service is now LIVE! Click the link below to join in, and share the link with others! April 5 , 2020 (If your video begins at the END, then simply rewind the whole video to the beginning.)

[04/05/20]   ** Edited** I changed the settings so you can now comment with a picture! Sorry for the confusion! ***

Good morning! Join us on YouTube for worship in just a few minutes. Then post a picture here in the comments of how you are joining us today! Show us your family, your pets, your house shoes, coffee, whatever! We miss you! ❤️

4/1/20 - Devo Thought

Join me in my shed. Welcome to the room where I prepare and review sermons. The description of Enoch’s life in Genesis 5:24, “Enoch walked with God” is the t...

Tomorrow, April 1st, we begin our final stretch of our Gospel Reading Plan. We are wrapping up Matthew and re-reading through the Passion Narratives. We hope you are staying safe and healthy! ❤️

March 29, 2020 SunAM Worship

The YouTube stream of this morning's worship service is now LIVE! Follow the link below to join in. March 29 , 2020 (If your video begins at the END, then simply rewind the whole video to the beginning.)

Wednesday Devo Thought

Thoughts on John 17:20-23, a word of encouragement, checking in and reminders.

Pine Tree Church of Christ's cover photo

We hope you are staying well while you are at home.
Here is the reading plan for this week:


The YouTube stream of our worship service is live! (If you watch the service, and it appears to begin at the END, then simply rewind the whole video.) Tune in to the church's YouTube channel by following the link below:

Join us LIVE on our YouTube channel tomorrow morning at 9am! Where will you be sitting?

Hey everyone! We want to provide a resource that will help you get together online as a Connect Group! If you are already in a group, ask your leader about this. If you are not currently in a group, consider STARTING one online!

[03/20/20]   The Men’s workday at the building has been postponed until April 11.

I hope you are continuing to remain in the Word daily and join us in our church-wide Gospel Reading Plan. Since we are studying and worshiping remotely at this time, I wanted to post the bookmarks for March and April. You are welcome to save them or print them to remind you to read daily. Please continue to join us as we study the gospels together and we will join you on our YouTube channel Sunday for Worship!

Worship Online at 9:00am Sunday

Jody Garner would like to invite you all to a very special online worship gathering at 9:00 A.M. Sunday!

We are living in strange times, and in order to respect the requests of social distancing to slow the spread of COVID-19, we are inviting everyone to join us...

Unfortunately, at this time, we have to cancel:
Wednesday Night Bible Communities, PT KIDS Playgroup that was scheduled for Thursday, and our annual Easter Egg Hunt and Dinner on the Grounds. Your health and safety are important to us!

We have another week's worth of study in our Gospel Reading Plan together! Since we are social distancing, why not take one minute and share something in the comments that you have read or been encouraged by. We may not be able to meet and discuss in person, but we can keep in touch on social media!

Sunday AM Worship

Good morning! If you are stuck at home today, we would love for you to join us on our YouTube channel live: March 15 , 2020

Hey Family!
So, now that schools have closed for a week or two in this area, we've decided NOT to have any bible classes tomorrow as well as NO children's church or an attended nursery. We suggest you sit in worship as a family. Go ahead and bring your own activities for your kids (their own crayons, pencils, books, etc..) to use during worship. We will have the nurseries open to use for diaper changing only, but not for a drop off spot. There are also diaper changing pads in both men's and women's restrooms you can use as well.

I think this is the wise thing to do at this time. We will keep you posted if there are any other changes to be made this week.

"Always be full of joy. Never stop praying. Whatever happens, always be thankful. This is how God wants you to live in Christ Jesus." 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18


Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

Pine Tree Church Family,

As many of you know, the Coronavirus COVID-19 has now made it to the State of Texas, as well as the Longview area. The virus is easily spread through coughing, sneezing, and possibly human contact. We are sure you have also heard of many large group gatherings being cancelled due to COVID-19. The shepherds have decided for the time being that we will continue to gather as a church family, with some minor changes from our normal practices.

Our church family is all about making people feel welcome, including certain types of contact. We value our contact -- hugs, handshakes, and even the laying on of hands in prayer. But because of the uncertainties of this disease, we are asking you not to make physical contact with non-family members while at Pine Tree until further notice. Even if you are unconcerned about contracting the virus, others may be concerned, and they may prefer that you not touch them. Out of love and respect, let us avoid physical contact until this virus has passed.

In order to continue to cultivate a spirit of warmth and love, consider greeting each other with a loving smile, eye-to-eye contact, encouraging words, or even a gentle “elbow bump”. Elbow bumps have never been more in style than now! Get creative and find other ways to communicate love!

Regarding COMMUNION: We will be offering communion in a different way beginning this Sunday. There will be stations around the auditorium with volunteers wearing gloves to hand you either a pre-packaged, individual communion set, or to hand you the traditional separate emblems of communion. You will then take both the bread and the fruit of the vine at the table station, and discard any refuse in the trash receptacle located at your station. Additionally, the Offering plates will be located at each station, and you may leave your offering at that time. Also, there is the option for Online Giving, which can be found on the church website ( Please be considerate of the volunteers at each station, as they will be working hard to serve you rapidly and respectfully.

We know that there are several members who have underlying medical concerns that may make them more vulnerable to this virus (or any illness). Please know that we certainly understand and encourage you to remain at home if you feel it is in your best interest to do so.

Also, with Spring Break ending many of you may have traveled around the state, the country, or even left the country this past week. If you have visited any areas that are considered to be “high risk” for the virus, or have been on a cruise ship, we ask you to please stay away from our corporate worship for a couple of weeks even if you feel certain you do not have the virus, being mindful of the fact that there are some members who are more vulnerable to illnesses. We want to remind everyone that our worship services are “live streamed” and also available for viewing any time afterward on the Pine Tree Church of Christ YouTube channel.

**Edited to add that Bible classes, Children’s Church, and attended nursery services are canceled. You are encouraged to sit together in Worship as a family and bring your own quiet bag of activities (books, crayons etc.) for your children.**

Connect Groups should all follow the aforementioned guidance. Each group leader needs to be in contact with their group members and discussing any alterations to your meetings. It will be the at the discretion of each group whether or not to meet. Technology is a wonderful tool, and might afford your group the opportunity to still meet—virtually! Be creative!

You can find more information about the novel Coronavirus at

Finally, it is imperative that you all keep washing your hands! Above anything else (even more than hand sanitizer) our friends in the medical community say this is the best preventive measure.

The Lord God is loving and full of compassion, and we trust Him while we ALL navigate these troubling times. Let us also exercise good judgment and use common sense as a church-family.


Your Pine Tree Church Shepherds Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is a virus (more specifically, a coronavirus) identified as the cause of an outbreak of respiratory illness first detected in Wuhan, China.

[03/12/20]   Calling all men:
We will have a work day at the church on March 21st starting at 8am. We need big chainsaws, weed eaters, dump trailers and general fence clearing tools. Let Jimmy or Adam know if you can make it and what you can bring.

Don't forget, we will not have classes on Wednesday, March 11 due to Spring Break! Enjoy your extra time with loved ones!

🌞🌞What to do with this extra hour of daylight?🌞🌞 You could read a chapter or two from Matthew! Spring into the Gospels and join our Gospel Reading Plan!

About Pine Tree Church of Christ

In the early 1960’s, the leadership of the Mobberly Avenue and the Alpine & Glover Churches of Christ saw the need for starting a congregation in the Pine Tree area of Longview. After much prayer and planning, the Pine Tree church was planted. Our first worship assembly was held in our original auditorium in December 1964.

During the 1960’s and 1970’s, the Pine Tree area experienced rapid growth as well as the Pine Tree Church of Christ. As a result of the growth, the elders saw the need to expand our facilities. The first worship assembly held in the new auditorium was on March 30, 1975.

Because of the financial generosity of our members and through the Lord’s help, we were able to sell our building on Pine Tree Road and move to our new location on Dundee Road in February 1999. This 20,000 square foot multi-purpose building served as our classrooms and auditorium for approximately seven years. In 2004 we completed “The Hub” to accommodate the continued growth of our youth group. Our first worship in our new auditorium was on Easter Sunday 2006. In 2011 we completed “Jump Street” to accommodate the continued growth of our children’s ministry.

Pine Tree continues to experience growth. What started as a small church plant has blossomed into a healthy, thriving, growing church.

By God’s guidance we will live out the following 7 commitments:

1.We will cultivate a deeper love for God that motivates and compels us to action, living each day in His service.

2.We will be a loving family, full of hope, joy and excitement for Jesus and each other.

3.We, being a diverse group, will pursue unity as we focus on Jesus.

4.We will be committed to nurturing the faith of young families, youth and children, while supporting the Christian family and marriage.

5.We will train and develop disciples who passionately follow Jesus and are equipped to teach others to do the same.

6.We will have an outward focus, sharing the love of Jesus with our local community and being a refuge of hope, encouragement and love.

7.We will proclaim the gospel to the lost of this world.

Out of the overflow of God’s love and grace, we will “Make, Mature & Multiply Faithful Followers of Jesus” in Longview and around the world.

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Sunday AM Worship April 26th, 2020
Bible Reading Plan for May
People Problems Discussion
A Second Look
A word of encouragement
but no more than 10




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