Community of Beltzville Lake Estates

Community of Beltzville Lake Estates


Someone egged our car and house last night. Has anyone else had this problem? I filed a report with the state police, but they have no other recent complaints on file.
Does anyone know of a local electrician you can recommend?
Saturday Aug 21st 2020 10:45 PM
Friend's 4 Month Old CHOCOLATE LAB PUPPY
Spooked by Fireworks in the 200 Block Of Pine Ridge Drive
Call ANYTIME and I will Contact Owner..
Lorrie 610-577-6119
Prayers for our neighbors who have friends/family/loved ones in Puerto Rico and/or who are being deployed to the middle east
Is there a up to date list of rules associated with the HOA? My wife and I are looking at a property in the neighborhood and I would like a copy of the association rules and permissions in dealing with that which I may or may not want to do with it.
Good Morning,

My husband and I live over on Call Mountain Circle and were awoken my this little guy early this morning (around 3:45am). If he belongs to anyone you know or he is yours, please contact myself at 484-629-5484 or my husband at 610-657-3786.
Are you missing an orange tiger striped cat? He showed up on my property 2 weeks ago. He eats with my cat so he hasn't been hungry. I've tried to grab him but he's the fastest thing on 3 legs! Message me on facebook if you think he's yours. I wanted to get a picture of him but he runs like I'm pointing a gun at him when I try.
All, our beagle escaped please if you see her message myself or Stephanie Anne. Her name is Jackson and she loves food and is very friendly.
hi--is this page still active?
Why do dog people continue being so inconsiderate by leaving their dogs outside and letting them bark nonstop? One dog barks, which starts two more dogs barking. Why do you think it is ok to be so ignorant of your neighbors? Most of us have 1 acre or an acre plus.....very small lots.....your dog barking echoes off the trees making it louder. It is impossible to sit outside and relax on the weekend without one dog starting the other dogs barking on a nice day.
20 years ago this place was so peaceful.
I miss the good old days.
It is BS that the leaders here can do nothing about it.
Also, what happened to the rule you cannot put anything within so many feet from the road? How is the snowplow supposed to plow snow when huge rocks are being put partway into the road?
What happened to common courtesy towards others and common sense?
It's practically like living in a trailer park here. We have a neighbor with 3 dogs and I have yet to hear a bark from any of them.
Come on down to Towamensing St and Forest St. Bring a chair on a nice weekend, sit down and see how long the peace and quiet lasts.
Probably why so many homes are for sale. It isn't the windmills which are not noisy, it is the ignorant neighbors who let their dogs outside barking endlessly.
What is coming of our lake Dan Towne had ask a lady not to have her dogs on beach and reply was I am not lady my name is Mary and refused to remove dogs. And I had lived here all my life to pay a maintenance fee to deal with this! The sign clearly states it and where is security when you really need it.

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Fish Delivery 2011 04/02/2011

Fish Delivery 2011

Random BLE Pictures 04/02/2011

Random BLE Pictures

[04/02/11]   Tag us in your BLE pictures to share with the community....wildlife pictures, pictures of the lake, parties at the lake, etc. We'd love to see them, and keep up with on what's going on in the community!



185 Lake Dr
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