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Hey friends! My husband and I need to relocate quickly due to a job situation. We are looking to rent a room in our 2 bed, 2 bath condo in Ashburn to a college student or young male professional. We already have a friend who will rent the other room. Move-in would be early to mid July and rent would be $935 and half of the utilities. Message me for more details!
Sport Rock Climbing Center 2:00pm this afternoon. Grab a harness, bring a friend. 45935 Maries Rd Sterling, VA 20166 United States
Heyyy y’all ... Know anyone looking for a place to live in Leesburg? Kristen Hackworth and I are looking for a 3rd roommate for a cute 3 bed condo. Message us ASAP if ur interested or know anyone looking. Thanks :)
Is anybody interested in grabbing lunch near church after the 11:45 service on Sunday? Or brunch after the 10 am? The more the merrier!
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Hi everyone! I got the chance to talk to a few of you tonight about the WGTS fest which is coming up on April 6 and will be featuring music from Matthew West & Britt Nicole and local band Sorensen at Hylton Memorial Chapel in Woodbridge from 7:00 - 10:00 PM. I have a few interested parties and thought it would be great to get a group to carpool down together. Depending on how much interest is generated I could purchase bulk tickets on my card so we can all sit together (we can use Venmo). Let me know if any of you are interested! I’m new to young adults and excited to get more involved!
Hey! What are the details for the bonfire this Friday night? It's at RBC but at what time? 7? Do we need to bring anything? I tried finding an event for it here, RBC's website, and Cornerstone' luck!
Hope to see all my friends home for the Christmas break tonight! It's gonna be a blast! Invite a friend.

Young Adults at Cornerstone Chapel seeks to give young adults (18-29) a place to learn about God, grow in their faith, and build relationships.

Operating as usual

We are SO excited to start Young Adults this Monday!! We’ll be meeting at 7:30pm in the Sanctuary. Worship, teaching, and an after party out in the Courtyard! Check out this video for a couple house rules regarding social distancing. Bring a friend and be ready to WORSHIP! It’s gonna be a fun night.

Your Little is A Lot to God | Mark 12:41-44 | Austin Hamrick

A poor widow puts in 2 mites, which is comparable to 2 pennies in our day, and she is commended by Jesus for giving all she had. We can learn some great principles on giving from this widow, but we can also glean some powerful, spiritual principles as well because God loves to take the “little” that we offer Him to accomplish amazing things. Do you feel like what you have to offer the world, your career, or your family is insignificant? Perfect. You’re exactly the kind of person God wants to use. Glean important giving principles and find great encouragement in today’s study in Mark 12.

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Who or What is Standing in the Way? | Mark 10:17-22 | Austin Hamrick

Evolution or Intelligent Design? The question concerning the origin of life has been one of the most highly debated, philosophical and scientific topics known to man. But does it even matter? Is what happened in the past even relevant to our future? Is it ok if a Christian believes in the theory of Evolution? All of this and more on today’s episode. Link in bio or listen wherever podcasts are available!

Trust His Timing | Mark 8:22-30 | Austin Hamrick

There are two stories that Mark records back to back where Jesus warns people not to spread His true identity. This seems odd at first glance, but it’s because He was operating on God’s timing and not His own. God also has proper timing concerning the events in our lives. If you’re in a season of waiting- waiting to be married, waiting for the right job, waiting to get out of your parent’s house, then dive in to today’s Bible study to learn why God makes us wait and what to do in the meantime.

Happy Friends Friday! If you weren’t aware, every Friday night at 7:30pm, we have a group of Young Adults that meet virtually through Zoom to fellowship, study God’s Word, and pray together. We’ve been discussing Pastor Austin’s Monday night book study in Mark’s Gospel. If you missed the last message called “The Trouble with Traditions,” watch it on YouTube to catch up! All 18-29 year olds are welcome to join. We’d love to see you tonight to encourage one another in God’s Word. The link to join the Bible Study is in our bio. #yadailyfeed #friendsfriday

The Trouble with Traditions | Mark 7:1-23 | Austin Hamrick

Did you ever have family traditions growing up? Did you maybe open up a gift on Christmas Eve or visit the same vacation spot year after year? Traditions can be very precious to us and hold a special place in our hearts? But when it comes to our relationships with God and the church, can traditions ever be dangerous? In today’s passage, Jesus rebuked some for following tradition. But why? And what can we learn from this? Open your Bible to Mark 7 to learn with us.

When trials come press into the Lord so that he can make something new in you. #throwbackthirsday

Consumer Christianity | Mark 6:30-44 | Pastor Austin Hamrick

See a Victory - Elevation Worship
Another in the Fire - Hillsong United
Do it Again - Elevation Worship

In one of Jesus’ most well-known miracles, He supernaturally feeds thousands to satisfy their physical hunger. The people continue to seek Jesus to fill this ongoing need. Was this wrong of the people to look for Jesus to feed them again? Not necessarily. But therein lies a danger that, if we’re not careful, we might be susceptible to.

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Jesus is what makes our identity whole. He is the source of our value and worth. He says that we are loved and forgiven when we have surrendered at the foot of the cross. Look to Jesus for your identity!

Tough Topics Podcast • Episode 2 is LIVE now! You can find it on iTunes, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and more!

In today’s episode we look at the question “How do you know when you’ve found ‘the one’?”

We also look at three other great questions:

- What are your thoughts about online dating? I’ve tried it with little success and have felt conflicted about it. Thoughts?

- I met a Christian, single mom. We’ve seemed to hit it off. Is it wise to date a single parent?

- As a Christian, is it ok to date a Catholic?

Check out the link in our bio to listen!

Who’s at Your Table? | Mark 2:13-17 | Pastor Austin Hamrick

Jesus was an extremely popular person at this time. He was well known for healing the sick, casting out demons, and teaching God’s Word. However, Jesus’ reputation starts to take a hit when he starts hanging out with unpopular people and sitting at the table of “sinners”. A modern day question you need to ask yourself is “Who’s at my table?” Who have I decided to associate with and why is it so important? Let's dive into today’s Bible study.

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TONIGHT! We’re continuing our new series through the book of Mark. Join us at 7:30pm on YouTube for some worship and teaching from the Word. Hope everyone is having a great Monday!

Why Pray? | Mark 1:21-39 | Pastor Austin Hamrick

In the first chapter of Mark’s Gospel, he tells us about a day in the life of Jesus, and oh what a long day it is! Jesus’ day is filled with teaching, casting out demons, healing, and meeting the needs of an entire city! But what’s even more interesting is what Jesus does that next morning. Find out in today’s message.

- Death Was Arrested [North Point Worship] - 0:16
- Cornerstone [Hillsong Worship] - 5:12
- Goodness of God [Bethel Music] - 9:00

Why Pray? Mark 1: 21-39 - 13:44

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Starting this week we’ll be dishing out some content to you every weekday! Connect with us!


Check out the the link in our bio for more details!

The Young Adults DAILY FEED starts with our Monday Night Online service tonight on YouTube! Pastor Austin begins our book study in the Gospel of Mark. Plus, don’t forget to discuss tonight’s message with other young adults as a part of the FRIENDS FRIDAY Bible study on Zoom.
More information about how to engage with the DAILY FEED is in our link in bio. Check it out!

Identity Crisis: What’s my purpose in life?

Purpose, meaning, identity – these are all things that are important for us to discover. But you’ll never truly find it until you realize one major thing. Join us tonight as Pastor Austin wraps up our series "Questions From the Chaos", with a message entitled "Identity Crisis: What's My Purpose In Life?"

TONIGHT! Join us on YouTube at 7:30pm for some worship and teaching as we wrap up our series “Questions From the Chaos”. This evening we’ll ask the question: What’s my purpose in life? It’s something we all wonder at some point. Pastor Austin dives into God’s Word to see where and in whom our true identity and purpose lies.

On Monday Pastor Austin talked about what happens when life fails to meet our expectations. When that happens we can still have joy because of Jesus. Click the link in our bio to listen to Monday’s teaching.

Shattered Dreams: What do I do when life doesn’t go as planned? | Austin Hamrick

Has life ever failed to meet your expectations? Have your dreams come up short, or have the plans for your life taken an unexpected turn? If so, the Apostle Paul knows exactly how you feel, and he gives us biblical wisdom in Philippians chapter 3 on how to respond when things in life don’t go according to our plans.

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Questions from the Chaos part 2 TONIGHT! Tune in live at 7:30pm on our YouTube channel for worship and tonight’s message from Pastor Austin called “Shattered Dreams,” answering the question - What do I do when my life doesn’t go as planned? Life is full of unmet expectations. How are we to deal with them and stay hopeful? Join us tonight at 7:30pm! See the link in bio or search “Cornerstone Chapel Young Adults” on Youtube.

We had our first Monday Night Online service and it was great! Pastor Austin is working through popular questions during this crazy time. On Monday he addressed the question of: “What to do when I feel stuck?” Click the link in our bio to watch.

CABIN FEVER: What do I do when I feel stuck?

Because of our current pandemic, many of us are experiencing some “cabin fever” as we attempt to practice some measure of quarantine and isolation. We feel stuck with nowhere to go. Sometimes in life, we can generally feel stuck - stuck in our job, stuck in our current season with no sense of direction, or stuck spiritually without feeling God’s presence in our lives. In times like these, what are we to do? Join today’s Bible study as Pastor Austin tackles this question.

Our first Monday Nights Online is TONIGHT! Tune in to our YouTube (link in bio) at 7:30PM sharp!

Pastor Austin begins a new series entitled “Questions From the Chaos”. Tonight’s first question is “What do I do when I feel stuck?”

Text a friend to remind them of service tonight! Hop on and talk with us in the chat on YouTube! Can’t wait to worship and study the Word together tonight. @ Youtube

UPDATE: Monday Nights Online

Due to the virus we will not be able to meet together at the church for the foreseeable future. HOWEVER it doesn’t mean we have to give up meeting all together!

Every Monday at 7:30pm we’ll be broadcasting our service including worship and teaching to YouTube. We’ll also be able to chat all together on YouTube and check in with each other. We want to continue the aspect of COMMUNITY as much as we can!

So check out this link: There you'll find our YouTube channel and be sure to JOIN US this coming Monday at 7:30pm!

We hope to be able to meet together in the house of the Lord again SOON! Until then we’ll continue to trust God, and do all we can to encourage each other on in the faith. Please DM is any way we can be praying for you! God bless!

What a great reminder in the midst of all the chaos. We serve a God who is greater than our fear. Check out Pastor Austin’s devotional from Monday to hear more about how we should respond to all that is going on in the world.

Peace In The Storm | Austin Hamrick

In response to the Coronavirus pandemic we're currently facing, Pastor Austin shares with us four reminders that should elicit from us four responses as Christians. Take a look.

UPDATE: Young Adults service is canceled tonight. We want to stay as safe as possible and do our part in helping to slow this virus down. However, tune in tonight at 7:30PM for a special teaching from Pastor Austin entitled “Peace In the Storm” right here on IG or Facebook. We hope you’ll join us in continuing to pray for our nation and the world in these chaotic times. Stay healthy and God bless you!

Government & Liberties | Romans 13 & 14 | Austin Hamrick

Some popular questions have been triggered from these chapters in Romans concerning government and personal liberties. Questions like: How do I respond if government violates my conscience? Is civil disobedience ever acceptable? And what about my personal liberties? What about activities that are not expressly forbidden in Scripture like getting tattoos or seeing certain movies? Open your Bible to Romans 13 and lets jump in.

Young adults are invited to join us tonight at 7:30pm in the Chapel as we close out our series in the book of Romans! This will be a great time of fellowship, worship, and teaching that you won’t want to miss!

A Living Sacrifice | Romans 12 | Austin Hamrick

God doesn’t need your stuff, He wants YOU. He calls us to offer ourselves unto Him as “living sacrifices,” and when we do, the benefit is that it helps us discern God’s will for our lives. But what does it really mean to offer myself as a “living sacrifice”? Join Pastor Austin today in Romans 12.

Israel’s Rejection & Future Salvation | Romans 9-11 | Austin Hamrick

Paul dedicates three chapters to explain God’s special relationship with the Jewish people. Within these chapters, many big theologically questions have emerged concerning one’s free will, salvation, and whether or not the Church has replaced the Jews as God’s chosen people. Join Pastor Austin today as he teaches from Romans 9-11.

On Monday we studied Romans 9-11. Paul dedicates three chapters to explain God’s special relationship with the Jewish people. Within these chapters, many big theologically questions have emerged concerning one’s free will, salvation, and whether or not the Church has replaced the Jews as God’s chosen people. Click the link in our bio to listen to this message.

Who We Are

We are the Young Adults Ministry (ages 18-29) here at Cornerstone Chapel in Leesburg, VA! Our goal is to build lasting relationships with Christ and each other as we grow, learn, and serve together. Join us for worship, teaching, and fellowship as we meet weekly on Monday evenings! We meet in the Sanctuary for worship and teaching and then head out to the Courtyard for fun snacks and fellowship! No childcare provided. Invite your friends and hang out with us every Monday!

You can also stream services live on Monday night or watch past teachings on our YouTube channel here:

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The Danger of Drifting and How To Stay Anchored  |  Hebrews 2-3  |  Austin Hamrick




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Monday 19:30 - 21:30
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