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Capitals 50/50 raffle during Penguins game raises $38,570 for Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh

Woah! This was an amazing gesture. Ahead of their nationally telecast game against the Penguins, the Capitals announced that they would donate the proceeds from their 50/50 raffle to the Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh, benefitting the victims’ families of the …

Gents, we are hosting a vigil at CSS tomorrow night and could use some help around 6:00 to work the parking lot. Anyone available?

We hope you will join us for this evening of solidarity with the Pittsburgh Jewish and civic community.

Thanks for coming out for Steak and Scotch Poker Night in the sukkah last night! Double to everyone who helped make it go smoothly!

Bryan Kotin, Steve and Sherri Hayes, Rich Citrenbaum, Michelle Leichty, Kareem, David Shapiro and all the other setup and cleanup guys! Big thanks to Dan from Beth Emeth, representing Fjmc, for coming out and helping to do way more than his share of dishes!

Please send me your pictures or videos from the evening when you get a chance!

Also, If you brought a bottle of something and would like to have it back please let me know! Otherwise we'll save it for next time. :)

Steak and Scotch in the Sukkah

Steak and Scotch (bourbon/beverages) followed by Poker Night in the Sukkah, Thursday October 4th Arrive at 6. Dinner at 6:30 or so.

We hope you will join us for dinner, and that you will enjoy the special format of poker night in our holiday sukkah too! Please RSVP ( ) with your meal selection off the menu below, and indicate whether or not you will participate in the Texas Hold 'Em tournament and cash games. It is OK to do one and not the other. We will arrange for payment via PayPal, check or cash. Sheet1 Steak and Scotch in the Sukkah- October 4th at 6: 00 Your name, Food selection:, Poker Tournament, How I' d like to help- cook, shop, set up, clean up, I' ll bring a bottle of something Joe Arnstein, Steak, Yes, shop, set up, x Jeremy Leichty, Shop, clean up Brian Flanagan, shop, set...

Job well done this morning, gentlemen! Thank you to Steve Glancey, Bryan Flanagan, Jerry Kalke, Jeremy and Josh Leichty, Brent Trimmer, Evan Koppel and Michael Cohn for helping to make short work out of a big project. This was one of the most efficient sukkah buildings yet with double the ladders, double the power drills, and...double the snake skins. 😬🐁🐍🐍

[08/08/18]   Gents, the synagogue has started collecting new items for the rummage sale which is on the 19th. If you're looking to declutter now's the chance to bring stuff to the social hall and help make our event a success at the same time!

[06/03/18]   Gentlemen, please consider joining for shiva at the Rabbi's home. I'm sure he'd appreciate it! He sent out his address, text me if you need it.

Sunday: Minhah 7:30 PM

Monday: Shaharit 8:00 AM, Minhah 7:30 PM

Tuesday: Shaharit 8:00 AM, Minhah 7:30 PM

Wednesday: Shaharit 8:00 AM

Sha'are Shalom Men's Club

Another awesome cleanup effort, everyone! Thank you to all who attended and helped do the dirty work! Special thank you to Brent, Todd, Al Winter and Jeremy for their leadership! It was key to our success yesterday.

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Congregation Sha'are Shalom

There is a new family moving to Ashburn from Germany who will be here during Passover. They keep kosher and we are hoping that someone would be interested in hosting them for their Seder. Please let Rabbi David Greenspoon know if you are able to host them!

[03/05/18]   Gentlemen! Can anyone help out in the CSS parking lot tonight? If anyone plans to go to the program and can take the time to direct traffic it would be HUGE. Thanks!

Thanks for all your help guys!

Sunday Morning Schleppers from the Sha'are Shalom Men's Club making theCongregation Sha'are Shalom Purim Carnival set up happen!

Thanks Evan Koppel and Todd Isaacs for clearing out the dirt in front of the Ga-ga pit this morning! Look out for an email, I think we’ll try to do more projects on Sunday mornings.

Full flyer for men's night out at Woodhouse Spa in Leesburg. This isn't sponsored by the men's club but we're invited. 👍🏻 please let me know if you can join me there.

Congregation Beth Emeth

Nationally known comics from New York and DC are coming to Congregation Beth Emeth in Herndon!. Starring Yannis Pappas, Rob Maher, Brad Bruckner, Rahmein Mostafavi. Tickets $48 ($36 for members.) No need to go to the city to see top-notch talent!

[10/23/17]   Huge thanks to Jeremy Leichty, Bryan Kotin, Evan Koppel, Jeff Forgach, Kareem Shaw, Brian Dodds and Michael Cohn for dismantling the sukkah and cleaning out the shed too! You guys made short work out of a messy project. Thank you!

Sunday, October 22nd, during Hebrew school, we will be taking down the sukkah. It should be way easier than it was to put it together, and Brian Dodds will be bringing his van so we don't have to hand-carry all the parts down to the shed! 👍🏻

If you can help please comment or email me. Thanks!

[10/07/17]   Just donated some of our unused groceries: 4 uncooked steaks, a carton of tomatoes, bag of potatoes and a cinnamon babka, to the Loudoun homeless shelter. It just felt better than returning it to Costco.

Must've been some wind! Fortunately there was minimal damage done and it looks great. Props to Brian Dodds for coming out at 10:00 to fix the s'chach, tie it down and light 'er up! He'll also be providing the lighting for our dinner on Thursday.

[09/29/17]   Need your RSVP by Monday at 5:00! If I haven't heard from you yet please drop me an email

Dinner? Poker? Both?

Steak? Salmon? Portobello?

October 5th, 6:00 pm.

[09/24/17]   Please come help us put up the sukkah immediately following Hebrew school drop off. Free donuts and coffee to the helpers.

Bonus: bring twine, step ladder, or scissors.

Double bonus: pickup truck to drive materials from shed to garden (about 100 yards).

[09/20/17]   On Thursday, October 5th, join us in the sukkah at Sha'are Shalom for a night to remember: Steaks and Scotch and Poker Night. All in one night!

Dinner is $25 for men's club members and $30 for non-men's club members. (Men's club membership for the year is $20)

$20 buy-in if you'd like to join the Texas hold 'em tournament

Payment should be made in advance via PayPal to

Some photos and video from Sandy Spring! Rich Citrenbaum, Erik, Rochelle, Jerry, Rabbi Greenspoon, please share your pics from the afternoon too!

Loudoun Emergency Homeless Shelter Monthly Dinner

The June Shelter dinner is this Thursday June 29th! We are a little short on contributions given summer vacations so anything you can provide is greatly appreciated. Our meals have been very well received because of the variety of offerings! You can drop off early if that is more convenient. Please make sure it is labeled and is fully cooked, not frozen.
(scroll down to find the June sign-up)

Thanks in advance for your efforts! Your contributions continue to be greatly appreciated!

Melinda DiPrinzio The Loudoun Emergency Homeless Shelter (LEHS) offers emergency shelter to families, single women and single men.  This is a 44-bed shelter with an 89-day program offering intensive case management, life-skills classes and children’s services, as well as providing basic necessities like food and shel...

Congregation Sha'are Shalom 2017 Grand Slam Sunday

Jewish Federation and CSS are teaming up with other local synagogues for a day at Nats Park in August! Hope you can join us.

Here's more info: A portion of each ticket purchased for Grand Slam Sunday will support The Jewish Federation’s work in the Greater Washington area, in Israel and around the world.

[06/21/17]   Please join JCRC and the NoVA Jewish Community at a community vigil in Nabra's memory on Wednesday night at 6:30 at Lake Anne Plaza in Reston. When the community of Northern Virginia stands together, the lights of love, goodwill, and respect will overcome the darkness of hatred and violence.

You may have already heard the tragic news that Nabra Hassanen, a 17 year old girl from Reston, was murdered early Sunday morning. Nabra had been at the ADAMS Center mosque in Sterling that evening for midnight prayers during the holy month of Ramadan. She was abducted while returning to the mosque after having breakfast with friends prior to beginning their daily fast. Fairfax County Police have arrested a suspect.
The loss of this innocent life is a devastating tragedy for the Hassanen family, members of the ADAMS Center, the extended Muslim community, and our Northern Virginia community. A crime like this reminds us of the reason that organizations like our own exist: to bring communities together through messages and actions of peace, understanding, and solidarity.
Many members of the Muslim community, and the ADAMS Center in particular, stood with the Jewish community during the recent series of bomb threats against Jewish institutions and over Passover as we struggled to come to terms with the hatred and vitriol directed at our JCC, and at our neighbors at Little River United Church of Christ.
The JCRC of Greater Washington has enjoyed a decades-long relationship with the ADAMS Center, working hand-in-hand to promote interfaith understanding and combat bigotry against any faith or ethnicity.
Now it is time for us to express our deepest sympathy and stand with our brothers and sisters in the Muslim community as we all come to terms with this tragic event.
Please join us at a community vigil in Nabra's memory on Wednesday night at 6:30 at Lake Anne Plaza in Reston. When the community of Northern Virginia stands together, the lights of love, goodwill, and respect will overcome the darkness of hatred and violence.

Shalom and Salaam,
Jeff Dannick Ron Halber
Executive Director Executive Director
JCC of Northern Virginia JCRC of Greater Washington

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Rabbi David Greenspoon

In case you missed it!

From Lisa Cohen, our Social Action Chair:

Hello everyone! There are still some volunteer slots open to help with our Community Table of Loudoun event on June 20, our annual restaurant-like dinner for Loudoun residents who are food-insecure. Rochelle Myers is planning a delicious menu and heading up the kitchen for this so anyone interested in helping out in the kitchen will be in good hands.

Volunteer slots available:
Servers (great for teens)
Food Prep Shift 1 & 2
Food Expediters.... & more

[05/24/17]   Just sent out a list of exciting events including shooting range in Ashburn Sunday June 11th. That's a new date since my original post had the event on Father's Day. Oops.

Family day at Sandy Spring Adventure Park (ropes course with zip lines and challenges) July 2nd

Autobahn Dulles go kart racing August 6th.

Let me know if you didn't get the email!

Also, Tuesday May 30th is the synagogue's shelter dinner. Please consider signing up to bring a dish.

Gents, this may be of interest to you.

The finale to our Guest Speakers Series is tomorrow evening! We are excited to welcome Darcy Hirsh, NoVa Director for the JCRC of Greater Washington. You are invited to share this announcement on your page, and bring a friend.

[05/05/17]   Gents, please reply and let me know which events you'd like to attend and if the date works OK with your schedule. I tried to space out the events so everyone can get a kitchen pass...dates/times are tentative:

May 21st - Family Softball Game and Picnic - immediately following the last day of Hebrew school at TBD park near CSS. Mixed parent/kid teams will square off with adults batting opposite hand to keep things fun and hilarious. 11:15-2:00

June 18th - Sunday in early afternoon) Adults only day at the firing range. Most likely SEG in Ashburn. Stay tuned for times and pricing

July 2nd (or 9th) at 10:00 a.m. - Family fun day at Sandy Spring Adventure Park - this is an amazing ropes course with ziplines and challenges for all skill levels. Fear of heights? Don't panic! Being tethered to a support line helped me get past my own fear. $45 per person

August 9th in the evening - Autobahn Go Kart raceway in Sterling. If you don't like the evening time, we can do a weekend...lemme know. pricing will follow.

Instagram post by Bryan Kotin • Mar 17, 2017 at 12:43am UTC

Looking for a way to support the Kotins while having fun at a cool restaurant? Look no further than this event next Thursday at The Zone. Proceeds will go to the Ryan Bartel foundation to raise awareness of suicide and helping those most vulnerable. 0 Likes, 1 Comments - Bryan Kotin (@bryankotin) on Instagram: “Next week! Be there or be....somewhere else? No!! Please come!”

Pistol and Rifle Packages for One or Two at The Machine Gun Nest (Up to 36% Off). Three Options Available.

Trying this post again:

Gentlemen, join me for a men's club event that combines sport and personal defense: two very Jewish values. If you already have your own pistol or rifle, or enough to lend, let me know and we can combine offers.

I'm thinking second or third weekend in May.
Just saw this deal expires tomorrow night.

Anyone want to give it a try? Pistol and Rifle Packages for One or Two at The Machine Gun Nest (Up to 36% Off). Three Options Available.

Temple Rodef Shalom

Sharing this post from temple Rodef Shalom:

Dear TRS Family,

It is with great concern as well as pain, dismay and anger that all of us have been watching the rise of anti-Semitic acts within our country and around the world. Hate speech, vandalism, bomb threats and the desecration of cemeteries have been occurring each day. Yesterday, our own Gesher Jewish Day School in Fairfax and the Charles E Smith School in Rockville were among the institutions threatened. It is hard to believe that these acts are spreading in our beloved country. We cannot wish them away nor minimize what they represent. Individually and as a community we must be vigilant and act to combat not only the growing anti-Semitism against our Jewish community but also the bigotry and racism we see spreading against others - Muslims, African Americans and LGBTQ citizens. Our tradition calls us to protect all of those who find themselves on the fringe of society or amongst the minority of a community. We must stand up for all because we are called to be present for those in need and we must demand that others do the same for us.

Our congregation is working to combat this growing anti-Semitism. We have built strong relationships with other religious communities including local mosques. We have stood together with them in meetings with school and other community leaders. We are doing more interfaith work than ever before, including participating in Communities of Trust, McLean Islamic Center, VOICE, Tysons Interfaith and many others. Our goal is to be connected and to ensure our community knows us.

During these past few weeks of uncertainty, a symbol of the strength of these community relationships has become evident as they have shown incredible support to us. Numerous bouquets of flowers have been delivered with notes attached that say, "We stand with you." We have received emails and phone calls filled with words of comfort, love and encouragement. The power of the connections we have nurtured with our neighbors and local faith organizations should not be underestimated.

Temple Rodef Shalom is prepared should we receive a threat here in our building. Although so far the threats to Jewish institutions have been empty, we are in close contact with law enforcement who have stepped up their presence at our building. Our Temple staff is trained on what to do in the event of such a threat, and all necessary preparations have been made.

We encourage everyone in the Temple family to push back against these horrible acts. Please consider:
• Call your Federal Senators ( and Representatives (, State legislators ( and ask them to speak out and develop a plan of action against these attacks.
• The Anti-Defamation League has many resources:
o 90 Ways to Combat anti-Semitism:
o Talking to Your Child about Hatred and Prejudice:
o Talking to Your Child about Hatred and Prejudice by Caryl M. Stern-LaRosa:
• The PJ Library has information and book suggestions about talking to your child about anti-Semitism ( Our own TRS Library has some of these books available. Check our online library for availability (
• Talk to your neighbors and build alliances.
• Volunteer for organizations working on these issues.
The recent disturbing acts of anti-Semitism leave many of us not only upset but also anxious. Most of us have never experienced direct attacks on our Judaism or our community. But our history has instilled a fear of this that sits just below the surface of our conscious. Thankfully we are surrounded by many individuals and communities who, like us, will stand up and speak out in the face of injustice. Now is also the time for us to strengthen our congregation. Our Temple family must be there for one another as well as for our community. Whether it is sharing in a Shabbat service or a Shabbat meal, attending a lecture or a social gathering, we need one another and the feeling of belonging and connection that comes with affirming our Jewish tradition and values.

Let us not be paralyzed by our anger or fear. Let us strengthen each other as well as reach out to our friends and neighbors and link arms in support. Let us stand up against injustice. Let us love and be an example of love in the world.


Rabbi Amy Schwartzman Cantor Michael Shochet Bob Schlossberg, President
Rabbi Jeffrey Saxe Cantor Rachel Rhodes Beth Silver, Executive Director

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