Shujaa Boerboele

EBBASA Member: 4146 SABT/SABBA Member: 108850 Shujaa means Hero (Person of Great Bravery) in Swahilli, the common language of East Africa.

Shujaa Boerboele is a small kennel located in the wine country of Loudoun County, Virginia. Having lived a decade in Africa, we have come to both love and respect this wonderful animal. We've made many trips to South Africa, during which time we've achieved Junior Appraiser status with EBBASA, and have developed a strong social and professional relationship with many of the established Boerboel br

Operating as usual


We said goodbye to Baden Mali today at the age of 12. Mali was a wonderful dog and we are very fortunate to have so many wonderful memories of her ranging from Kenya to the U.S. She will be missed.

[05/11/19]   It is with great sadness that I inform you that Linjo Gentle Giant Babbelbek (EBBASA 87%) aka Gabby was eased from her suffering today. While she was not one of my breeding females due to confirmed minor Degenerative Joint Disease on her PennHIP evaluation, she was an active family dog that played a critical role in our daily lives.

Gabby was bred by Johan Swart and Linjo Boerboels of then Pretoria, RSA. She was of Linjo Nkosi (80.2%) and Siloah Bubbles (86.6%). I flew to RSA from Kenya where I met Gabby for the first time and brought her home to Kenya where she joined the family and a pack of 3 other Boerboels, all imported from RSA. Gabby fit right in with both dogs and humans and despite best efforts to the contrary, claimed her life-long place either one the new couch or at the foot of the bed. Gabby was never aggressive but always the most vocal of the dogs, the ever vigilant sentry who sounded the alarm should a pedestrian pass too close to the residential gate or should a maintenance worker attempt to get too close to the main house. Doom on the stranger that attempted to approach my daughter uninvited! In Naivasha, Gabby distinguished herself by completing a rigorous security/agility/obedience course for K9s with Ridgeback Security, a first for Boerboels in East Africa. While in Kenya, Gabby regularly enjoyed the freedoms associated with roaming thousands of acres of private farm land in the Great Rift Valley.

After two years, Gabby was shipped back home to the U.S. for the next chapter. She spent the next four years on a 40 acre farm where she routinely chased deer, wild turkey, a black bear or two, red fox and even the occasional skunk. She's been bitten by snakes and stung by bees.

Next, she moved on to Florida where she lived on 200 acres for several years before returning to Virginia.

For the course of her life, which was nearly 10 years, Gabby had few medical ailments, and required no medication until the final 2-3 months before her passing. Gabby met with her Vet every year for thorough annual exams, passing all with flying colors. Earlier in life, she weighed 118-120 lbs, and in her final years, that number crept up to 130 lbs. Her hips never gave her a problem despite being confirmed with DJD. Ultimately, Gabby passed due to complications associated with cancer and old age.

Why do I provide this background? Neither because any of you have any dogs with her line in them nor I want to promote my other dogs. But rather I think it's important to share the durability of this breed, as well as its potential longevity, for those that reside outside of southern Africa. Yes, Gabby was a house dog who preferred table scraps to Blue Buffalo and Orijen kibble. She preferred to sleep on my bed or on the couch rather than on an orthopedic foam pad. She hated being left out in the rain or snow, although it did happen on occasion. Gabby was a family dog and she did a wonderful job in that capacity. But she was also a farm dog, true to her breed. She roamed where leopards preyed, walked thru grasslands where venomous snakes routinely took down larger mammals. She was rough and tumble and wasn't afraid to stand her ground and mix it up with whatever trouble came her way, regardless of size or number! She was also a gentle giant and a wonderful companion for the family. I'm so fortunate that Gabby picked us and was willing to selflessly dedicate all of her ten years to being not only a great representative of the breed, but an irreplaceable member of the family unit.

I said goodbye to Gabby today, under the shade of an old hardwood tree, as she passed on to whatever's next for her. I hope that we'll meet again somewhere, even if only in a dream, and she'll be waiting patiently for me to arrive just as she's dutifully done all these years. She'll be missed.


Today, Linjo Gabby spent some time with Dr Marr and the staff at Cooke Veterinary Hospital in Chesapeake VA. Cyst removal, tumor biopsy, teeth cleaned, and toenails trimmed. Otherwise, Gabby’s doing well at age 9 and 136 lbs.


Linjo Babbelbek aka Gabby (L) at 9 1/2 yrs and Linjo Otto (R) at 8 1/2 yrs


Linjo Otto (8 1/2 yrs) enjoying a mild winter’s afternoon on the deck

[08/06/13]   Back in Nairobi for a few days. Would love to get out and look at some dogs but I fear that I won't have time. Maybe in October or November.


Shujaa Boerboele's cover photo


Our dogs enjoying a cool summer morning outside


Linjo Otto is about to undergo emergency surgery to remove two kidney stones which are giving him significant problems. Fingers crossed


Linjo Otto enjoying some quality time in the backyard

[07/07/13]   OFA results for Shujaa Max also received dysplasia in the elbows. Linjo Otto and Baden Mali make some fine Boerboel puppies!

[07/06/13]   We just received Shujaa Max's PennHIP scores. Here are the results: left DI .31; right DI .26; DJD none; cavitation: no. Laxity profile ranking is top ten percentile of 1,111 Boerboels examined. Median DI for Boerboels is .52! Thanks to Dr Strickland and the techs at Leesburg Veterinary Clinic


Linjo Otto and Linjo Gabby having just returned from chasing deer from one side of the farm to the other.


Getting ready to play 'Let the wet dogs in!'

[06/18/13]   Shujaa Max is headed in to Leesburg Veterinary Hospital tomorrow for his hip and elbow exam. Let's keep our fingers crossed for exceptional results!

[06/02/13]   Hey, folks! Sorry for the 'radio silence' but I'm back in East Africa for a few weeks and my internet access is less than idea. As soon as I get back, I'm planning to have Shujaa Max's hips and elbows done and will be sure to post the results for you to see. Cheers!


It's a good day to be a dog


Baden Mali is the victim of spring cleaning


Gabby, Max and Otto patrolling for squirrels


Linjo Gabby and Linjo Otto


Linjo Otto and his son, Shujaa Max


Timeline Photos


This is a great place to eat (and drink) if you every get to the south coast of Kenya!

A variety of Cave pictures


Linjo Otto playing in the snow

Snow Day 2013 03/06/2013

So far we have about 10" of snow on the ground

So far we have about 10" of snow on the ground


Linjo Otto took a bath last night. Looks more like a crime scene than anything else. Note the now broken sliding glass door.

[02/16/13]   Shujaa Boerboele has just received the registration certificates for the Aug 2012 Linjo Otto/Baden Mali litter. I will attempt to send each owner their documents this weekend. Also, each of you have been given a free year of membership in EBBASA. I'll put you in contact with my good friend Dreis Lloyd in Pretoria and he can explain further. Cheers!

[02/07/13]   I'd like to check in with the owners of our Shujaa Boerboele pups and see how their dogs are doing. Please update us with any details of your puppies from the most recent vet visits or family related anecdotes (pics too please). We are truly interested in the ongoing development of our line. Best regards from Shujaa Boerboele!


Java House AA coffee from Nairobi

[01/28/13]   Freezing rain today at Shujaa Boerboele. Getting the dogs outside to do their business was a challenge but for now it's done. Fortunately I still have the industrial carpet cleaning machine on hand to take care of the mud/slush that they tracked in on the beige carpet. It's a never ending cycle folks. Now it's time for a hot cup of Kenyan AA coffee. Hope you all have a great day!

[01/26/13]   Folks, due to unexpected circumstances, one male puppy is now available from the Linjo Otto/Baden Mali litter born on 05 August 2012. As soon as he's checked out by the Vet, we'll post details and pics here on Facebook.


Here's a pic of two Shujaa brothers sent by one of our proud owners

[01/22/13]   Shujaa Boerboele is happy to inform the owners of puppies from our recent Linjo Otto/Baden Mali litter that we'll be providing you with a one year free membership in the Elite Boerboel Breed Association of Southern Africa (EBBASA). Of course, there are other Boerboel organizations out there, to include Boerboel International (BI), SABT/SABBA, and the American Boerboel Club (ABC), and we highly encourage your to find/join a club that is most agreeable with you however as a kennel/member in good standing with EBBASA, you are eligible for a free year with us. Congrats and welcome to EBBASA!


Ok, so obviously Baden Mali has taught her son, Shujaa Orange how to sneak into Katherine's room and climb into bed in the middle of the night.


Can you spot the bad dogs?

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Boerboel Snow Day #3
Boerboel Snow Day #2
Boerboel Snow Day
First day out of the kennel after Hurricane Sandy.  It's 39 deg F, and rainy but the pups don't seem to care.
Hurricane Sandy at 5pm




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