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Videos by Loudoun Kid's Quest Connect in Leesburg. A Christian caring community for Kid’s Quest families, volunteers and ministry leaders to share stories, ideas, and stay connected! Sundays 9 & 10:45 am

Base Sports Training

We enjoyed our sports camp training session a week ago! See you in 2 weeks! Thanks to our camp videographer, Rocco! @Base Sports Camp 2018 "Rock Solid" @Louie Schmitz

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Base Sports Training
We enjoyed our sports camp training session a week ago! See you in 2 weeks! Thanks to our camp videographer, Rocco! @Base Sports Camp 2018 "Rock Solid" @Louie Schmitz

Sports Camp Volunteer Training! Who’s excited?

Sports Camp 2018 Video

Baptism Sunday
Bethany went from Death to Life on Sunday! Hear her sweet testimony!

Happy Mother’s Day! We praise God for your dedication to Him and your families. Feel free to share pics or words of encouragement for other moms! 2 Cor 12:9

Mr. John getting real with our K-5 kids and teaching them about Joseph! Jesus takes care of us! Put up the likes for John Germani

Registration is still open! We have 101 and counting!

Give it up for Mr. Anthony in Preschool teaching the kids about Joseph! How many siblings did he have? 🤔 Watch what he’ll do for your family if you have that many!

Stephanie’s first time teaching to the 4/5 group this morning! Teaching about the Sabbath! Show her the love with LIKES!

Have you done this with your At Home Weekly this week?

We are so grateful for our large group leaders! They love Jesus and our kids. How many likes and shares can Dux get?

This week we had some ROCK volunteers in Kid's Quest join Miss Nikki for the AWESOME memory verse for the next 2 weeks: 2 Corinthians 5:17. Did you notice where we're standing? We're on the ROCK stage! Many of our senior high KQ volunteers were gone this past Sunday because they are currently at Beach Week! Join us in prayer for these high schoolers to dig deeper into God's word and apply it to their lives for the last few days they are down there!

This week our verse is Acts 1:8! Miss Roberta, Katie, Marianna, Heidy and Miss Nikki got to experience the fun challenge in staying engaged reciting a memory verse when a baby almost crawls into the shot (hence the giggles)!!! Can your kids conquer the memory verse this week regardless of any challenges that come their way?! We'll find out on Sunday!!

Guess who's back with a new memory verse each week this Summer?! Joining Miss Nikki Kniley for Matthew 28:19 are the beautiful & Jesus-loving gals, Edyta, Shiloh and Bethany!! Remember, if your child has this verse memorized on Sunday, a special prize awaits. Challenge for the week: spend quality time with your child and memorize this together!

Hey remember when you all helped to provide baby chicks for the school in Uganda? Check them out!!!

Camp Quest 2017
Just in case you are that family who will be planning your summer over Christmas break... be sure to Save the Date for Camp Quest 2017! Our overnight summer camp for rising 4th-5th graders is back this August 7-10. Check out all the details at www.mcleanbible.org/campquest!

November's Memory Verse! We miss you Nikki!

Thank you God! Right at this moment, I thank Him for the joy He has given me in seeing children He has brought to MBC Loudoun (specifically to preschool) memorize His Word. Praise you God for parents who desire to see their children know Who You are and what You have done for us!

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