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Greetings good folks - I am writing you from Charlottesville's UU congregation as one of the minor organizers of the local effort to support legislation to authorize local control over monuments and memorials. There is a rally next Wednesday that you might find of interest. Please feel free to share this message as widely as you wish. There is a statewide coalition called "Monumental Justice" that is organizing this rally and gathering support for the local control legislation. There will be a statewide call next Monday at 8 to discuss the effort. People can message me if they are interested in being involved statewide. The rally information is below. MONUMENTAL JUSTICE RALLY Wednesday, January 8th @ 2:30 pm The Plaza on the State Capitol Grounds Richmond, Virginia This is a rally in support of the "Local Control over Confederate Statues" legislation being introduced by Delegates Sally Hudson and Jay Jones that would give localities the authority to remove Confederate statues from public spaces. This rally will include people from throughout Virginia - see https://www.facebook.com/monumentaljusticeva
Is there an event or listing with details on Chris King's memorial service? I am thinking it's next Sat. 5/4 at UUCL at 11am, but would love to get details straight. TIA :)
Looking for a ride to the later service tomorrow (11:15) for my mom (Jean-Marie Donnelly). She lives at Morningside House. Even a ride home would be helpful. Thanks!
Hello! Doug and I are currently looking for land or a very small fixer-upper, and we need a real estate agent, preferably someone with land buying experience who can help us navigate utilities, whether we can live in a camper/tiny house/something, etc. Any recommendations? Thank you! Doug and Sally (Please don't share this outside church- this is an alternate FB account for the real, queer, liberal, UU me and we are *not* ready to explain any of that to family lol)
Kate-Lynn Savidan - in spite of the fact we repeated it several times, I was groggy Sunday morning and the words have gotten foggy in my mind. Would you kindly share your meditative mantra from Sunday's service here too? Thank you!
Potluck Picnic Sign up
Seems timely to share this after yesterday's service :) A poet friend of mine shared it this morning: “If there is anything in the life of any culture or period that gives good grounds for alarm, it is the rise of cultural pessimism, whose major passion is bitter hostility toward many or most of the people within the very culture the pessimists always feel they are intent on rescuing. When panic on one side is creating alarm on another, it is easy to forget there are always as good grounds for optimism as for pessimism, exactly the same grounds, in fact. That is because we are human. We still have every potential for good as we ever had, and the same presumptive claim to respect, our own respect in one another. We are still creatures of singular interest and value, agile of soul as we have always been and as we will continue to be even despite our errors and degradations for as long as we abide on this earth. To value one another is our greatest safety, and to indulge in fear and contempt is our gravest error.” ~ Marilynne Robinson, The Givenness of Things: Essays #wereallhuman #goodthingsmatter
Thank you dear friends for so warmly welcoming home your weary traveling troubadour this morning :) It is always an honor to raise my voice with yours in song, and in faith in our greater humanity somehow rising above it all. Special shoutout to the ImpromtUU Summer Choir for showing up and singing it loud and proud today too!
Hi all - Dan and I have two extra tickets to see Kipyn Martin and her musical partner for their “Joan and Joni” concert (think Joan Baez & Joni Mitchell) TONIGHT AT 8PM at The Barns of Rose Hill in Berryville. PM me ASAP if interested!!
The Social Justice Committee is delighted to sponsor a screening of the film GerryRIGGED: Turning Democracy on Its Head on May 31, 2018 Doors Open: 7pm Film Start: 7:30pm At UUCL Gerrymandering is the process by which voting district lines are drawn by the very politicians who stand to benefit most. This issue affects the fabric of our democracy in profound ways. GerryRIGGED: Turning Democracy on Its Head examines this issue in an entertaining and timely documentary, produced through a partnership of the Community Idea Stations with OneVirginia2021: Virginians for Fair Redistricting.
On this First Observance of World Bee 🐝 Day, we celebrated by hosting a Service Auction event, “Bee Nesting House” workshop. Thanks to Gregory Scheib & daughter Grace, Scott & daughter Tessa and JoAnne & Jim Sulak for coming and making this a special day! Grace & Tessa even did a little musical performance using bamboo sticks!
Consider this lovely, FREE, way to amuse yourself this Sunday. Include Airwell Bed and Breakfast, and enjoy some Gina's Pies nibbles.

Unitarian Universalist Church of Loudoun is a liberal religious community located in Leesburg, VA.

Unitarian Universalist Church of Loudoun is a liberal religious community located in Leesburg, VA. Members and friends of our community come together for worship services each Sunday at 9:30am and 11:15am. We offer Religious Education programming for children during each service. Opportunities for Adult Religious Education and Enrichment occur on a regular basis as well. Add in the special events and functions throughout the year and there's something for everyone! Come see us on a Sunday morning, everyone is always welcome!

Mission: Embracing Diversity, Nurturing Spirituality, and Promoting Justice in the World

UU Church of Loudoun ONLINE. 10 am Sundays!

Soul Matters

Please have a small bowl of water and some salt along with your flower or picture of a flower for UU Church of Loudoun online, Sunday, May 31 at 10 am.
Annual Meeting follows the service.
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Soul Matters

For Memorial Day: A time to remember...

"We remember the men and women who have died
while serving in the US military.
We remember the men and women who have died
while serving in the Peace Corps.
We remember the men and women who have died
serving in United Nations Peace Keeping forces.
We remember the men and women who have died
working for peace and justice.
We remember the civilian men and women
and children who have died in armed conflicts.
We remember the child in us who dies
when we start to believe in war."

-Rev Steve Garnaas-Holmes

Unitarian Universalists of the South Bay


“We do not become healers.
We came as healers. We are.
Some of us are still catching up to what we are.

We do not become storytellers.
We came as carriers of the stories that
we and our ancestors actually lived. We are.
Some of us are still catching up to what we are.

We do not become artists. We came as artists. We are.
Some of us are still catching up to what we are.

We do not become writers.. dancers.. musicians.. helpers.. peacemakers. We came as such. We are.
Some of us are still catching up to what we are.

We do not learn to love in this sense. We came as Love. We are Love. Some of us are still catching up to who we truly are.”


"No nos convertimos en sanadores.
Llegamos como sanadores. Somos.
Algunos de nosotros aún estamos aprendiendo lo que somos.

No nos volvemos contadores de historias.
Venimos cargando las historias que nosotros y nuestros antepasados hemos vivido. Somos. Algunos de nosotros aún estamos aprendiendo lo que somos.

No nos convertimos en artistas. Llegamos como artistas. Somos. Algunos de nosotros aún estamos aprendiendo lo que somos.

No nos convertimos en escritores, danzantes, músicos, ayudantes, pacificadores. Así llegamos. Somos.
Algunos de nosotros estamos aprendiendo lo que somos.

No aprendemos a amar en este sentido. Llegamos como amor. Somos amor. Algunos de nosotros aún estamos aprendiendo lo que realmente somos."
~ Clarisa Pinkola Estés

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Soul Matters

MONDAY MEDITATION - Begin your week with a deep breath and connection to what matters most:
Spend some time with Stanley Kunitz poem, The Layers.
First, sink into this reading of the poem by the author: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wk6xW41EFoA.
Then, let this reading from a different voice wash over you: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oRQIISF4prA
The gift certainly lays somewhere in the contrast. May that gift be yours...


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Soul Matters

Soul Matters

Heather Cox Richardson

May 9, 2020 (Saturday)

If you google the history of Mother’s Day, the internet will tell you that Mother’s Day began in 1908 when Anna Jarvis decided to honor her mother. But “Mothers’ Day”—with the apostrophe not in the singular spot, but in the plural—actually started in the 1870s, when the sheer enormity of the death caused by the Civil War and the Franco-Prussian War convinced American women that women must take control of politics from the men who had permitted such carnage. Mothers’ Day was not designed to encourage people to be nice to their mothers. It was part of women’s effort to gain power to change modern society.

The Civil War years taught naïve Americans what mass death meant in the modern era. Soldiers who had marched off to war with fantasies of heroism discovered that long-range weapons turned death into tortured anonymity. Men were trampled into blood-soaked mud, piled like cordwood in ditches, or transformed into emaciated corpses after dysentery drained their lives away.

The women who had watched their men march off to war were haunted by its results. They lost fathers, husbands, sons. The men who did come home were scarred in body and mind.

Modern war, it seemed, was not a game.

But out of the war also came a new sense of empowerment. Women had bought bonds, paid taxes, raised money for the war effort, managed farms, harvested fields, worked in war industries, reared children, and nursed soldiers. When the war ended, they had every intention of continuing to participate in national affairs. But the Fourteenth Amendment, which established that African American men were citizens, did not include women. In 1869, women organized the National American Woman’s Suffrage Association and the American Woman’s Suffrage Association to promote women’s right to have a say in American government.

From her home in Boston, Julia Ward Howe was a key figure in the American Woman’s Suffrage Association. She was an enormously talented writer, who had penned The Battle Hymn of the Republic in the early years of the Civil War, a hymn whose lyrics made it a point to note that Christ was “born of woman.” Howe was drawn to women’s rights because the laws of her time meant that her children belonged to her abusive husband. If she broke free of him, she would lose any right to see her children, a fact he threw at her whenever she threatened to leave him. She was not at first a radical in the mold of reformer Elizabeth Cady Stanton, believing that women had a human right to equality with men. Rather, she believed strongly that women, as mothers, had a special role to perform in the world.

For Howe, the Civil War had been traumatic, but that it led to emancipation might justify its terrible bloodshed. The outbreak of the Franco-Prussian War in 1870 was another story. She remembered:

"I was visited by a sudden feeling of the cruel and unnecessary character of the contest. It seemed to me a return to barbarism, the issue having been one which might easily have been settled without bloodshed. The question forced itself upon me, “Why do not the mothers of mankind interfere in these matters, to prevent the waste of that human life of which they alone know and bear the cost?”

Howe had a new vision, she said, of “the august dignity of motherhood and its terrible responsibilities.” She sat down immediately and wrote an “Appeal to Womanhood Throughout the World.” Men always had and always would decide questions by resorting to “mutual murder.” But women did not have to accept this state of affairs, she wrote. Mothers could command their sons to stop the madness.

"Arise, women! Howe commanded. Say firmly: “We will not have great questions decided by irrelevant agencies. Our husbands shall not come to us, reeking with carnage, for caresses and applause. Our sons shall not be taken from us to unlearn all that we have been able to teach them of charity, mercy and patience. We, women of one country, will be too tender of those of another country, to allow our sons to be trained to injure theirs.”

Howe had her document translated into French, Spanish, Italian, German, and Swedish, and distributed it as widely as her extensive contacts made possible. She believed that her Women’s Peace Movement would be the next great development in human history, ending war just as the anti-slavery movement had ended human bondage. She called for a “festival which should be observed as mothers’ day, and which should be devoted to the advocacy of peace doctrines” to be held around the world on June 2 of every year, a date that would permit open-air meetings.

Howe organized international peace conferences and American states developed their own Mothers’ Day festivals. But Howe quickly gave up on her project. She realized that there was much to be done before women could come together on such a momentous scale. She turned her attention to women’s clubs “to constitute a working and united womanhood.”

As she worked to unite women, she threw herself into the struggle for women’s suffrage, understanding that in order to create a more just and peaceful society, women must take up their rightful place as equal participants in American politics.

Perhaps Anna Jarvis remembered seeing her mother participate in an original American Mothers’ Day when she decided to honor her own mother in the early twentieth century. And while we celebrate modern Mother’s Day, in this momentous year of 2020, it’s worth remembering the original Mothers’ Day, and Julia Ward Howe’s conviction that women must make their voices heard.


Why You Should Ignore All That Coronavirus-Inspired Productivity Pressure

This is written for those in academia , but there are some truths and gems in here for all of us. The author speaks with a certainty about the future that I’m not sure of—namely that our borders will be open. Still many gems.

chronicle.com In the early weeks of a global catastrophe like Covid-19, it’s best to accept that the world has changed and reimagine yourself and your work within it.

For the children...and their adults...

PFLAG Loudoun

If you are transgender youth or parent of a transgender youth and interested in virtual meetings, please email [email protected] for more information. These meetings are organized by http://www.tgeagw.org/


Unitarian Universalist Congregations and the Influenza Pandemic of 1918-1919

Unitarian and Universalists in 1918-1919.

harvardsquarelibrary.org This eight minute video highlights the experiences of Unitarian and Universalist congregations during the influenza pandemic of 1918-1919. Please share with attribution as you like–personally…

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Brené Brown

I believe all of these things are true. I believe grace and rest are key. Feeling and owning our own sh*t instead of working it out on others is key. When we slip up, apologizing to the people we offload on is key.

And, when we hit that wall, sometimes courage looks like scaling it or breaking through it. AND, sometimes courage is building a fort against the wall and taking a nap.

For those of us with kids, I don't think we pretend that the wall doesn't exist.

Rather than sucking it up and pushing through, we name it. We help them understand that invisible wall that they will run into hundreds and hundreds of times in their lives. We model what it takes to recognize it and how tough it can be to choose the right strategy: scaling, reaching out for a lift, and/or resting. Naming, modeling, and not having answers is how we help them feel less alone or scared when they face their own wall.

Hard days are real because this is hard.

Stay awkward, kind and brave enough to rest and feel,


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Spirals and Sacred Journeys...Sunday, April 26, we continue to explore the Work That Reconnects with the Spiral of the Work...Coming From Gratitude, Honoring Our Pain for the World, Seeing with New and Ancient Eyes, and Going Forth.
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Productivity and Happiness Under Sustained Disaster Conditions

This could be useful to some...

chronicle.com How to find new insights and unexpected joy amid a global pandemic.

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An example of an Easter hat using things found in and around the home. Yours doesn’t have to be so “over the top” nor so large! Just put together some sort of head topper for this Sunday’s virtual hat parade! One Zoom service at 10 am. Find link below.

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