House of Prayer Fellowship International

The House of Prayer Fellowship International
The House- Although most think of the physical house but we focuses on both the spiritual and the physical, which form part of the temple of the Holy Spirit.

It is this house that the Lord is building, in the scheme of things we have become part of His husbandry joining in the works of those that have gone on before as we build the greater building, which is the body of Christ. Prayer- This house is the one called to be a house of prayer and not a den of thieves. It is from this house that prayer and supplication including praise and worship arise to h

Operating as usual

[08/05/13]   The last two Sundays we have embarked on what we are supposed to be doing as Christians, we meet at the church building at 09.00AM for a brief time of prayer and then off we go to the surrounding area to not only invite people to the church but minister the gospel as we go. We intend to continue the practice and who knows, the Lord may just teach us to become better fishers of men!

[07/27/13]   Keys
When I look at my keys to the car or house I do not give them a second thought, I often take for granted how or what they do for me. When I am not using them, their importance seems trivial and insignificant. However, when I cannot find them and I need to open a door, their importance rises to the top of the list and my attention and focus stays on them until they are found and used.
I do not think that the keys themselves are as important as to what access they give me to whatever door they open. Sometimes as I hold them in my hands, I realize what I own, as they are a representation of the property they can open. It sometimes feels strange in my mind when I consider what it means when a particular individual are given keys to a city or town in a lavish ceremony by some government or political official. What actually do they own and have access to when they are given those keys?
In Rev 1: 18, Jesus speaks to John and reveals to him that He is the one who was dead and now is alive and has the keys of Hades and death. The keys Jesus refers to literally mean to shut or unlock Hades and death. Jesus had access to Hades and death, He had once died when he was crucified but rose from the dead. Henceforth He alone owns the keys to Hades and death. Hades and death are His property and He can share them with whosoever He chooses. Maybe these are not the keys that most of us want to share with Jesus, but it is safe to think that He has them and not anybody else therefore in the area of Hades and death Jesus remains supreme and any decisions made have to do with Him, as He possesses authority over them.
Nevertheless, as I survey the Scriptures I find that in Matt 16: 18, 19, Jesus talks about giving Peter the Keys of the kingdom of heaven. These particular keys are a little more attractive and have aspects to them that give power to the user to do certain things. Their main function is the use to bind and loose anything here on earth. Notice that when the binding and loosing is done here on the earth, it is also done in heaven. The heaven Jesus was annunciating was that elevated by implication in the sky as the abode of God.
Many over the centuries have concentrated have paid much attention to the fact that Peter was being given these keys and therefore he was used to usher in the dawn of the church as recorded in Acts 2. However, this is not my concern, my concern is the fact that all that is given these keys of the kingdom of God have access to phenomenal power to bind and loose anything here on the earth.
Scrutiny leads me to think that all those that come into the kingdom of God through the saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ are given these powerful keys. They therefore have the power to bind and loose anything here on the earth. Remember we are looking at keys giving access to immense wealth, power and authority and these keys of the kingdom of the kingdom of heaven are particularly potent.
Body of evidence also takes me to explore Scripture in the Old Testament and I find that as God answers Solomon's prayer in 2 Chron 7: 12- 17 he promises that His eyes will be upon the house of the temple and His ears attentive to any prayer made in that place. What is most striking is that the idea of binding and loosing is also given in this passage. "When I shut up heaven and there is no rain...," meaning there is binding that has taken place, "if my people, who are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, seek my face and turn from their wicked ways; then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land." In other words, there will be a losing. Notice that God will hear from His place of abode, which is heaven and the loosing will happen here on the earth. It was not long after this confirmation of prayer that One Elijah used the keys of the kingdom of heaven to shut up the heaven and it did not rain for three years during the time of Ahab king of Israel. He then used them again and it rained as heaven opened up.
I wonder whether we, the children of the Most High who are called by His name realize that we possess the keys of the Kingdom of heaven and that we have access to shut up heaven or open it here on the earth. The question is however, like the keys to the car or the house, do we know how and when to use them even though we have been given access?

[07/27/13]   Do you believe in the resurrection of Jesus from the dead?
In the gospel of Mathew (Matt 28: 1- 15) we read of the miraculous story of what happened where Jesus was buried on the third day. We are told of the angel that came to the tomb and rolled away the stone from the entrance in the presence of the soldiers that had been posted there to guard the entrance. Their task was to stop the fulfillment of the prophecy that Jesus had made that once He died He would rise again on the third day.
Little did the guards expect that a supernatural miracle would be what would confront them as they stood guard! What they did not know was that what had just happened in the physical, which they had witnessed and been a party to, was something that was divinely inspired and was at its core the focus of attention by the creator of the universe. To accomplish their mission they would need more than what the Roman army had equipped them with as they were confronted with overwhelming force more than any power that had ever or will ever exist in the universe. They were confronted with the mighty power of the living God.
The soldiers witnessed only one angel sent to move the stone away from the entrance, they knew better than challenge the angel as they witnessed him move the stone and sit on top of it purposefully with no hesitation or consideration of the threat the Roman soldiers paused to doing what he was doing.
Beyond the exterior of what had happened at the tomb, inside the very fear that the Jewish leaders had tried to prevent had taken place, Jesus had risen! The angel had been posted by God to make the announcement to the disciples who came that same morning. He even invited the visitors to the tomb to go into the tomb and verify the miraculous phenomenon.
What had happened in the local neighborhood of Jerusalem those three days would affect humanity for all of eternity. It would form the basis of the relationship between God and all humanity. The events would either bring joy and happiness to all those that believed the story and embraced the one who lay in the tomb those two nights and rose on the third day or bring condemnation on all those that do not believe. The chasm between the two decisions cannot be bridged any other way. As God sits in council to judge the living and the dead, this is the only evidence that will exonerate any sinners that stands in His courts for judgment.
I wish this were just a story to be enjoyed and then relegated to the annuals of history and then talk about how good the man Jesus was. However, this is the story that determines our destiny and for this reason, Jesus came down to do what He did. His resurrection from the dead marked the opening to the kingdom of God for all of us. It spoke of the reconciliation between lawbreakers who had forsaken their creator bringing them to place of acceptance. Acceptance to accept their dire and fallen nature as sinners in the hands of an angry God. Acceptance in the hands of a merciful God who would forgive all those that acknowledged their guilt before Him and embrace what Jesus had just done as the only means of forgiveness and reconciliation.
What would follow would be something of the supernatural as faith is placed in the hands of the merciful God, there would a new beginning (new birth) and citizenship would be confirmed on the life that dares believe the risen Lord and the events that happened those three days!

Inside the House of Prayer Fellowship international 07/21/2013

It has all began!

It has all began!

[07/21/13]   Today is day two in the life of House of Prayer Fellowship International, the inauguration has passed and now the work begins. We continue seeking the Lord and making Him known to those around us. We are carefully listening to what the Lord is saying to us focusing rather on His word and direction rather than what we see on the ground. We are also expecting the gates to the dam to be broken soon as the floods fill up the dam and the Holy Spirit comes flooding this place and releasing the prisoners and strengthening those who are weak and weary in the kingdom of God here where we all and where so ever the word of the Lord Jesus is preached.

[07/17/13]   Some things in life cannot wait and have a date stamp that is fixed. One of these things was the day you were born, the other is the day you exit this world. The question maybe, what choice do I have in these events as they are set to a plan of which I have no control? That may not be the whole story, the real issue is that life does not end with death and this life be enjoyed knowing the person who has total control of all that happens down here.
There was a man who was born into this life but escaped death by overcoming it, to date no one in history has been able to repeat His feat. The irony is that though He did not need to do what He did, he cared enough to deal with the issue of death. The only preconditions to enjoy the blessing, He left for all humanity to embrace was acceptance, repentance and trust.
Acceptance- We accept our condition that we were born enemies of God who have committed atrocities against Him as a result our situation is such that we lost the favor of God. Any connection or influence we thought we had with God not only does not exist, but we are unable to restore this connection by any other way, other than through Jesus. The sooner we realize our desperate state the closer we come to the kingdom of God.
Repentance- More often than not this means changing one's mind. However, in this case it also includes an acknowledgement to God for who we are and what we have or have not done. This will bring us to a point putting all our pride aside and the arguments we have used to think we can figure this one out. It is simple, God is waiting for an acknowledgement, and listens for the voice from our very soul unvarnished, without pretence expressed in a language that speaks of our rebellion against a king who has and will always win the war against all rebels against His kingdom. This is our surrender and the changing of sides in a war we may not have known existed.
Trust- This means placing our trust in the person of Jesus Christ who paid the price for rebellion through His death and sacrifice at the cross. This is significant and central as it is the only sacrifice or price God has acceptance for our acquittal, freedom and reconnection to God. We have trusted many things including family, money, education, religion and the list is endless. This time the only medium of exchange is the blood of Jesus that not only guarantees acceptance by God but also acquits us of the rebellion we had committed just if we had never been rebels committing the atrocities we had.
The transaction can take less than a minute, but the impact will last for an eternity, changing our destination, nature and master!

[07/15/13]   Yesterday the seed was planted, we now are waiting upon the Lord to give the increase. He has given us a lot so and many miracles have taken place, we are expectant, we will wait and see what He will do next. Bless His Holy name!

[07/14/13]   It is D- day, we will soon have lift off. The significance is more so a spiritual activity as it is a physical one. We have the company of the host of heaven more so the captain of the Lord's army who is directing affairs. Therefore the planting of the mustard seed is one to behold and we await to see what sort of tree will bloom from the seed. Knowing who has given the seed and will give the increase we are not in doubt what will follow, we are simply labors in His vineyard and co- workers obeying the captain of the Lord's army of which we are a part. Bless His Holy name, all blessing, majesty and honor are His. selah!


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House of Prayer Fellowship International's cover photo

[06/29/13]   The Triumphant Journey up Calvary's Mountain

“They shall walk, and not faint.” (Isa_40:31)
In the heart of every person is a passionate desire to know that he or she is fulfilling the purpose for which they have been placed here on the earth. Have you found it? Found that one thing that is worthy of your one life?
D. Eisenhower said, “We succeed in life as in war, only as we are able to identify a single, over-riding objective, and then bend all other considerations to that one thing.”
What one thing overrides all other considerations in your life? What noble purpose has captured your spirit? What deep resolve beats in your heart? What great decision has won your full allegiance in life?
Assuming that you have indeed found it, let me now ask; how is it working for you? If you have been at it for any appreciable length of time then you know by now that the journey is not a cakewalk. It is not a stroll through the park on a quiet Sunday afternoon, birds singing and the wind blowing as if to cheer you on, No. The path has many challenges twists and turns. One day your spirit is blissful and confident because yesterday you won a victory getting you closer to your goal, but today maybe a different story, there is debris on the path that needs to be removed and it will take time and energy to remove. Looking back, you realize you also left a lot of unfinished business that continue to plague your journey. The carnage seems great and insurmountable. There are up-turns and down- turns, ditches on both sides, plenty of potholes, and piles of debris inconveniently strewn all around and along the way.
There are setbacks that stall you, and obstacles that intimidate you. There are bystanders that disparage you, backsliders that cause you consternation, and back-stabbers that discourage you. There are days when you walk with a company of passionate pilgrims who prop up your spirit with renewed aspiration, and then there are the days when you walk the lonesome valley all by yourself. Alone.

You, my friend, are on the Triumphant Trudge! To trudge, according to Webster, is “to walk steadily, and sometimes laboriously; but ever onward.” Isaiah’s poetry says it best, “They shall walk, and not faint.” That is, they shall not tire though the way at times will be wearisome.
This will always be the case for every soul who journeys up Calvary’s mountain. Despite the march of each deliberate step, an unmistakable tone of triumph bacons your every move – for each move is always onward, and ever forward, and the Lord who has been on this victorious road before, will welcome you with open arms on the day you cross over the finish line. Then the saying will ring true, "I have run the race and finished the course and now I will receive my crown from the king I have served all my life!"



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