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Muintearas House is a Christian residential and monastic discipleship ministry for men who desire to follow Jesus Christ and become His disciple makers.

Muintearas House: A monastic-style community of Christian men who seek Jesus Christ above all else and desire to see his kingdom spread throughout Northern Virginia, the United States, and the World Muintearas is the Celtic word for: COMMUNITY-BELONGING-FRIENDSHIP Muintearas House is a transformative ministry to men of all ages, ethnicity, religion, and class. Our goal is to raise men up through life on life residential discipleship, community fellowship groups, and one on one coaching/mentoring. As Muintearas House men grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ, they will be trained to make disciples of others: disciples who make disciples. Matthew 28:18-20 Muintearas House has a residential component where men live with a host family and experience life on life community 24/7.

Mission: Calling men into godly manhood through the power of the Holy Spirit in order to transform lives that not only glorify God, but are the image of Christ for the sake of others.

[07/10/19]   Southeast Newport News Mission UPDATE!!

For the past 18 months, Muintearas House has been seeking to discover God’s specific direction for our mission to the inner-city of Southeast Newport News, Virginia. In particular, on March 30, 2019, (the day we moved there) we declared a 90-day discernment process to wait and listen to the Spirit. After many hours of prayer and fasting, conversations, counsel, correction, visiting churches, and waiting, here is what emerge the last week of June, 2019:

1. We believe it is God’s design and will for us, over the next 3 years, to plant a discipleship-oriented Anglican church in Southeast Newport News that ministers to the “least of these.”

2. Bart received confirmation that he is to pursue ordination as an Anglican Priest.

3. We are to transition to full-time missionaries over the next year by aligning with a church growth ministry called The Greenhouse Movement. Check them out here: This Fall, four of our ministry team members will complete training in Chicago to begin the transition process.

4. We believe we are to establish small “city groups” throughout our community that offer a hospitality-rich gathering opportunity (casting a wide-net).

7. We believe we are to grow discipleship houses and discipleship ministries in our neighborhood. For example, we are praying about the start date of a “Christian Boy Scouts” group, called, “Trail Life,” or “Royal Rangers,” as the structure to disciple dozens of 6-17-year-old inner-city boys.

We are also praying about the opening of our 2nd discipleship house sometime in early 2020 time-frame. Lord Willing.

8. We believe we are to establish an Isaiah 58/Matthew 25 inner-city ministry (part of the church plant process) to help us meet the growing need of our 42,000+ member Southeast Newport News neighborhood. This will happen in stages as we grow volunteers and leaders.

9. We see the church plant emerging over the next few years due to the fruit of our city group and discipleship ministries. This next year is a slow-moving year. Exercising robust hospitality, building trust, and establishing credibility is our focus.

10. We need your help, prayers, and financial support:

Volunteers: We are actively building a volunteer group who can minister in a variety of ways in the inner-city from trash pick-up detail, distributing goods and services, mentoring kids, to helping widows with their houses, etc.

Prayer Team: We are at war. The enemy of the Cross of Christ is opposing us and will continue to do so. We need an active prayer shield and ongoing prayer support

Financial Support: Four of our 6 members are becoming full time missionaries over the next year. Our heart's desire is to work full-time ministering in heart-breaking situations to those who need the love of God. Your support is crucial for our mission's progress.

10. To join the Southeast Mission (right where you're at!), please email Bart Murnion at [email protected] or send a private message on FB or contact Bart via his cell: 703-678-1520.

Muintearas House

My wife and I are set to tackle Rosario Butterfield’s latest work, “The Gospel Comes with a House Key” for our July reading aloud project. The MH guys all have a July book picked out. The book presentations at the end of July should be rich!

The Lord knows what's behind our attitudes, motives, and intents of the our hearts.

"Oh Lord, have mercy on me; purify my soul so that my thoughts and imaginations glorify and exalt you. I surrender to you all my self-serving motives and idolatrous ways. Cleanse my memories from all immorality and invade the chambers of my heart with your refining Fire, in the name of Jesus I pray."

Practicing the presence of God in meditation through Kenneth Boa's devotional, "Face to Face" Vol II. This work facilitates a process of praying the Holy Scriptures and pausing to reflect and wait for the Holy Spirit. Refreshing

[06/23/19]   "Prayer will make a man cease from sin, or sin will entice a man to cease from prayer." John Bunyon

Our DOMA (Dioceses of the Mid-Atlantic) participants at #Disciple2019

Powerful day today at Disciple2019 in Plano Texas! So good to see the Holy Spirit moving through the Anglican Church of North America. Today's speakers knocked my socks off! Wow, my heart is full. Thank you Ravi Zacharias, James Bryan Smith, Russel Moore, Michael Wurschmidt, and Esau McCaulley; I was richly blessed by you all.

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We are close! We’ve spent a year on monthly missions to Southeast Newport News, moved into Garner Terrace on March 30, 2019, and are currently praying and waiting on the Lord. For the past 67 days we’ve been seeking the Lord’s guidance and direction, meeting neighbors, and discovering opportunities for serving our community. When we moved to NN, we agreed to wait for 90 days before committing to any service opportunities; that time period ends on June 30. It is then that we will reveal what the Lord has shown us.

We are in talks with various churches, charities, and parachurch organizations. Excitement is building as we near final decisions that will impact our community!

Please pray for us!

[05/15/19]   Mission Update: We are looking forward to growing our relationship with Stuart Gardens (SG) in Southeast Newport News (SNN)! There are 482 housing units in SG. (A city in a city) Maybe Royal Rangers? Community BBQ & Games on Saturdays? Garden Club? Senior Activities on Tuesdays? Art Cub? Community Band? hmmm

SG located on the south costal area of the peninsula and is five blocks from Muintearas House.

We are in our discernment period; waiting on the Holy Spirit to direct our steps. There are a lot of ideas surfacing. I met with the housing manager and they are open to us doing some of these things.

Please continue to pray for us as we seek the Lord's will and way.

Good Morning Muintearas House friends!! Thanks be to God! This past month was spent renovating, rebuilding, unpacking, organizing, and yes, a lot of painting!

It is a joy to be in our Father’s will and on mission from Church of the Holy Spirit! We are still in our 90 day discernment period which ends June 30th. The three areas that are emerging quite strongly are:
1) Community Center
2) Royal Ranger outreach (for boys ages 8-17)
3) Small discipleship training groups.

We are dreaming and seeking the Lord. Please Pray for us that the Holy Spirit would direct our steps and guide our way. There are MANY areas that need our energy.

[04/06/19]   It’s happened! Muintearas House has moved to Newport News, Virginia! To The East End. Thank the Lord for a smooth move. We are excited to be here!

For the next 90 days, Muintearas House has committed to waiting for the Lord’s direction and praying for his will and way before we jump in. The need is great here in the East End. But then, we serve a mighty God!!

Look for missions outreach opportunities as we emerge from our vision casting waiting period (the next 90 days). What is the LORD doing? What does he have in-store? Stick around and check back.

“Love the LORD, all you his saints! The LORD preserves the faithful but abundantly repays the one who acts in pride. Be strong, and let your heart take courage! All you who wait for the Lord!”


Such a powerful message! RISE UP YOU MIGHTY MEN!!

David Wilkerson's most powerful sermon, Men of Another Sort, as never seen before will inspire you to seek the Lord with all of your heart

[01/02/19]   Happy New Year. Going silent for awhile.


Are you looking for a weekly men's study, fellowship, and breakfast? We have it at Muintearas House! Starting in January, we have three weekly opportunities for other men to join us at Muintearas House: (we have 6 open slots open) Cost for each course is $75 to cover expenses.

1) Tuesdays at 6:30 am: The Healing Presence, by Leanne Payne. 12 weeks in duration.

2) Thursdays at 6:30 am: The Book of Hebrews, 10 weeks in duration

3) Sundays at 7:00 am: Crossroads, A step by step guide away from addiction. 10 weeks in duration

For more information, email Bart Murnion at [email protected] or at 703-678-1520

First come, first serve! 😃

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10 Resolutions for Mental Health

This is really timely. On October 22, 1976, Clyde Kilby, who is now with Christ in heaven, gave an unforgettable lecture. Here were his ten points for greater mental health.

Muintearas House

Church of the Holy Spirit

The commissioning of Michael Cypher, Brian Conover, and Matthew Murnion as Lay-Pastors! Praise God for his faithfulness!

Church of the Holy Spirit

Presentation of Graduation Certificates and Anglican Black Cassocks!!

Wow! Such a fantastic mission trip! Prayer walking through the neighborhood, delivering supplies to the homeless outreach in Southeast Newport News, serving meals in Nehemiah’s Nook, and singing Christmas songs. What a powerful time.

Click here to support Homeless Christmas Outreach organized by Southeast Parish Team

Merry Christmas!! Let’s join together and serve our homeless neighbors! Muintearas House has partnered with the Clothes Closet of Nehemiah’s Nook, a homeless outreach ministry in Southeast Newport News, Virginia. Our goal is to “Bless their socks ON” in time for Christmas!

Click below to donate to this Christmas outreach.
THANK You! Muintearas House is raising funds to purchase blankets, winter jackets, hats, gloves, long-johns, etc. for the Clothes Closet of Nehemiah’s Nook in Southeast Newport News Virginia. The Cothes Closet and Nehemiah’s Nook provide much needed clothing and food to the homeless population of Southeas....

Michael Cypher reading Scripture during morning office at DOMA 2018 Synod. Come and see Michael and his fellow classmates graduate from Muintearas House on Wednesday, December 19th, at 7:00 pm, at Church of the Holy Spirit, Leesburg, VA.

Liturgical Theology

"...the nature of the church cannot be understood apart from its calling as a worshipping community. It is through worship that the church is decisively shaped as the ecclesial community. That is to say, the church that is the creation of the triune God is also formed by its action of corporate worship. But if the church is to be definitively formed by its corporate worship, it must discover what are the normative components or structure through which worship is concretely expressed." Simon Chan, "Liturgical Theology" Evangelicals, Simon Chan argues, are confused about the meaning and purpose of the church in part because they have an inadequate understanding of Christian worship. He calls evangelicals to develop a theology of worship that is grounded in a theology of the church. He guides the reader through wors...

The New Muintearas House coffee cups are here!! Wait! What’s Keith Hartsell doing on our cup??? #brotherlylove

[11/12/18]   We are jazzed to be going to the Diocese of the Mid Atlantic (DOMA) Synod this Friday and Saturday. All the guys are going and we have a booth for Muintearas House and Southeast Parish. We hope to see you there!

Our Launch Team was blessed today to visit Church of the Messiah, Chesapeake, VA. Pastored by Pastor Marty O’Rourke! What a joyful time of fellowship and connection!

In Newport News on a Mission Weekend with this team!

Muintearas House

Fall at Muintearas House! Love this time of year!!

Desiring God

John Piper: “If all you have is a decision for Christ, but no delight in Christ, you don’t have Christ. We are not saved by mere decisions. We are saved by a sovereign work of God.”

Meanwhile, digging into the Gospel of Mark. Looking for the theological outline that supports the author’s intent.
#nashotahhouse. #studyhall

Off to Nashotah House Theological Seminary for my week of residency. A lovely place to participate in Anglican high church. Love it.

Church of the Holy Spirit

Explore and create with acrylic paint! Great fun for middle schoolers, high schoolers and adults alike as well as mature elementary school students. Join us and have fun creating acrylic crafts and art on canvas....bring a friend. What will you create?

Who: You, middle/high schoolers as well as adults and mature elementary school students
What: Create great acrylic crafts and art on canvas
Where: Church of the Holy Spirit, multipurpose room
When: Saturday, October 27, 2018
Why: We like you, strike that, love you!
How: Join us. Get in your car and drive to CHS!

Cost is $15 per person, payable at the event. Scholarships are available.

For additional information, contact Matthew Murnion at [email protected].

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We returned from our first annual Muintearas Camping Retreat at Big Meadows Campground in the Shenandoah National Park. Love it when the Lord moves hearts as we sit around the campfire and share life. Precious times!

We are multiplying!!  Discipleship Houses, City Groups, and Congregations!

Excited to have such a fantastic church planting team to explore all that God has for us in Newport News Virginia! More on this in January, 2019

Fantastic healing seminar led by Fr. Keith Hartsell!!

Our “Equipped to Heal” seminar hosted at Muintearas House taught by Fr. Keith Hartsell tremendous time of healing and fellowship!!

A couple weeks ago, our Muintearas House multiplication team went to the Anglican Church in North America (ACNA) and Dioceses of the Mid Atlantic (DOMA) church planting boot camp. We had a fantastic time learning how to multiply discipleship houses, congregations, and other out reach strategies. Thank God for godly and wise leadership who have a zeal for the Lord’s House!

Timeline Photos

[10/06/18]   Headed in to DC to PRAY on the steps of the Capitol & Supreme Court. Thy will be done Lord.

[10/06/18]   Headed in to DC to PRAY on the steps of the US Capitol & Supreme Court.

Three Mountains Hermitage

Despite all the unkindness and lack of compassion in men, and every opposition of the devil, live in the depths of your soul a life of deep communion with God; a communion that is sweet, calm, and unbroken.
~ Fr. Philip, Abbot, OSJB

The fantastic reality of Jesus in the Old Testament awaits us as we see him through the eyes of the Hebrew Scriptures. Think about it. The Old Testament is the "Word" that Jesus read, and the songs that Jesus sang, etc. To help me in this journey is a book by Christopher Wright titled, "Knowing Jesus through the Old Testament. It is quite fascinating!

The IVP Introduction to the Bible

Fall Semester is underway at Muintearas House! We began with a 7-day journey through John Piper's book, "Seeing and Savoring Jesus Christ. Next we are tackling the "Bible Workbook" Volume 1 - Old Testament coupled with "The IVP Introduction to the Bible." We have a lot of preaching/teaching this semester as we seek out the Old Testament to discover how and where Jesus Christ is concealed therein. The Bible is a truly wonderful book. Millions of Christians through the ages and across the world have treasured it as their most valued possession, often insisting that anyone can pick up the Bible and read and understand it for themselves. But many of the details remain fuzzy until we find out mor...

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