Potomac Hills Presbyterian Church, PCA

Potomac Hills Presbyterian Church is a congregation of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) with an average attendance of 225 people.

Pastoral Staff: - Senior Pastor: Dr. David Silvernail - Associate Pastor: Rev. David Dorst Potomac Hills Presbyterian Church is privileged to be in historic Leesburg, Virginia, a beautiful suburb thirty miles west of Washington, DC, a world-class cosmopolitan city offering the finest in arts, culture, entertainment, all professional sports, and the beauty of the monuments in the nation's capital. Located in Loudoun County, Virginia, one of the fastest growing counties in the country, Leesburg is a great place to raise a family with excellent schooling options and in close proximity to all that the Washington area offers. We’re an hour from the mountains, three hours from the beach, and within a few hours of several Civil War battlefields and major historical sites.

Mission: Our theme verse is 2 Peter 3:18, "But grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To him be the glory both now and to the day of eternity. Amen." (ESV)


Breaking from Breaking News

This is a good article about not allowing social media to overly affect you mentally, emotionally, or socially. Well worthwhile.

reformation21.org The category of breaking news has grabbed our eyes to report such matters as the latest celebrity gossip and the latest tweet of a politician. Though sometimes the breaking news is of tragedy (because tragedy sells) in some land far away or even some other state. A flood. A shooting. An injustice. A...


Rediscovering Humility: Why the Way Up is Down

Rev. Chris Hutchinson will be at Potomac Hills this weekend, first leading our Officer Retreat, and then preaching on Sunday morning. You don't want to miss this. Also, here's a link to his excellent book: https://smile.amazon.com/Rediscovering-Humility-Why-Way-Down/dp/1945270969/ref=sr_1_fkmrnull_2?crid=2PO0239VY273L&keywords=rediscovering+humility+why+the+way+up+is+down&qid=1557956201&s=gateway&sprefix=Rediscovering+hu%2Caps%2C168&sr=8-2-fkmrnull

amazon.com Foreword by David Wells. Most of us value humility . . . especially in other people. But Jesus taught that humility is central to the Christian life. Author Christopher Hutchinson invites the church to follow Christ—both individually and corporately—in this high calling. A systematic ...

[05/12/19]   Check out the sermon from 5/12 - The Prophet's Land Deal (Jeremiah 32:1-44)

[05/05/19]   Check out the sermon from 5/5 - The Prophet's New Covenant (Jeremiah 31:31-40)

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[04/28/19]   Check out the sermon from 4/28 - O Love That Will Not Let Me Go (Jeremiah 31:2-30)

Please pray that we make some connections with people coming to the Sterling Community Center for the Community Health Fair (today from 10-2). It’s pretty windy but hopefully people will take books and Bibles and talk about their spiritual health/lives!

[04/21/19]   Check out the sermon from Easter Sunday - What's at the Center? (2 Corinthians 5:14-17)

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Christ is risen!

Ravi Zacharias

A thoughtful, though long, article connecting current events to Good Friday. Written by one of the premier apologists of our time.

Sin is always against God and shows itself against our fellow human beings. Jesus clearly taught that sin is the central feature at the heart of human self-destruction. The fact is that sin and transgression are not the private characteristic of a few but of us all. The problem is that we like to throw stones at others when we should be on our faces before God. The healing starts there.


[04/14/19]   Check out the sermon from 4/14 - The Prophet's Christmas Hymn (Jeremiah 30:1-31:1)

JOIN US Palm Sunday, April 14, 2019

Sunday School, 9:30 a.m.
It will be a nice sunny day! Come on out!

Morning Worship Service, 10:30 a.m.
Dr. Silvernail preaching on "The Prophet’s Christmas Hymn” from Jeremiah 30.

[04/07/19]   Check out the sermon from 4/7 - The Prophet's Wise Counsel (Jeremiah 29:1-32)


Preparing for Easter: Fifty Devotional Readings from C. S. Lewis

Available today, only $1.99 on Kindle: https://smile.amazon.com/dp/B01GCCXPY2?ref_=pe_3835120_404326570

amazon.com Together in one special volume, selections from the best of beloved bestselling author C. S. Lewis’s classic works for readers contemplating the "grand miracle" of Jesus’s resurrection.Preparing for Easter is a concise, handy companion for the faithful of all Christian tradi...

The Gospel Coalition

Here's the full 26-minute talk Dr. Ligon Duncan gave at The Gospel Coalition National Conference on "Passing on the Faith to the Next Generation." Excited that he will be preaching at Potomac Hills this October!

Ligon Duncan now speaking at #TGC19 pre-conference: “Catechetical Evangelism: Why Biblical Doctrine is Good News.”


This is a good follow-up to yesterday's sermon. It's an older article by Dr. Mike Kruger, President of RTS / Charlotte, but it's still very applicable to today's social media world.

5 Warning Signs for the Church in a “Facebook Culture”

[03/24/19]   Check out the sermon from 3/24 - The Prophet goes on Trial (Jeremiah 26:1-24)

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Dartmouth professor wins top religion prize

An interesting article about an agnostic scientist who denies that science and religion are in conflict. Good to share with those family or friends who assume that they are. https://www.foxnews.com/faith-values/dartmouth-professor-wins-top-religion-prize

foxnews.com A Dartmouth College professor of physics and astronomy has won one of the world's leading religion prizes for blending hard science and deep spirituality in his work.

[03/18/19]   Check out the sermon from 3/17 - The Prophet's Case and Cup (Jeremiah 24:1-25:38)

The Good Book Company UK

One way to pray in the wake of yet another tragedy.

This morning we woke to the news of the deadliest shooting in New Zealand’s history. It can be very difficult to know what or how to pray in the wake of such horrific attacks. Feel free to use this prayer as a guide.

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[03/11/19]   Check out the sermon from 3/10 - The Prophet's Lying Friends (Jeremiah 23:9-40)

Don't be late this Sunday!

[03/03/19]   Check out the sermon from 3/3 - The Prophet's Righteous Branch (Jeremiah 21:1-23:8)


The Heavens Torn Open: Why I Wrote about a Book about Covenant Baptism

This looks like a great book for explaining baptism to our covenant children.

elizabeth-harwell.com Jesus nurtured our family with the grace of green pastures and still waters, and— by his mercy— our children were not living on the outside of the gate looking in. They were with us in the midst of the visible church. Here, in this metaphorical pasture, we would sing the love songs of our shephe...

[02/24/19]   Check out the sermon from 2/24 - The Prophet's Clay Vessel (Jeremiah 18:1-20:18)


One is a prestigious, left-leaning university in D.C. The other is a small, conservative college in Loudoun. Their students are striving to understand one another.

This is a great article by our own Elizabeth R.e. Stinnette. https://www.loudountimes.com/news/one-is-a-prestigious-left-leaning-university-in-d-c/article_af00e672-2e24-11e9-a6ed-c74f01e15f67.html?fbclid=IwAR0e_BuWMPjyPmA3WbwVhxgbw83jS-uJWKbEOTTUphYhiIJ5rN0Nkz7o-bQ&utm_content=85561771&utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook&hss_channel=fbp-78565254903

loudountimes.com In a basement meeting room that doubles as a chapel, 10 college students sit in chairs arranged in a lopsided circle. To look at them, they seem no different from

[02/17/19]   Check out the sermon from 2/17 - The Prophet's Dueling Hearts (Jeremiah 17:1-27)

[02/04/19]   Check out the sermon from 2/3 - The Prophet's Accusations (Jeremiah 14-16)


Remarkable, Ordinary Churches - The Gospel Coalition | Canada

Don’t let the ordinariness of the church fool you. Don’t buy all the cynicism about the church being dead and the institution not worth saving. All around this, God is building his church and preserving a people who have nothing in common except for Jesus. We have the incredible privilege of joining the church and loving God’s people.

Something remarkable is happening next Sunday too. I can’t wait.


ca.thegospelcoalition.org The ordinary local church is remarkable.

Will you be our Valentine? Shop at smile.amazon.com/ch/54-1642623 and AmazonSmile donates to Potomac Hills Presbyterian Church.


Science Is No Enemy of Christianity

It's somewhat academic, but this is a good article on how Christianity and Science work together. https://www.thegospelcoalition.org/reviews/scientism-secularism/

thegospelcoalition.org In light of what we know from science, we have no good reason to reject the Christian faith.

[01/27/19]   Check out the sermon from Rev. Jegar Chinnavan of First Asian Indian PCA on 1/27 - https://www.potomachills.org/sermons/sermon/2019-01-27/the-glory-of-missions-micah-4:1-5


Keeping the Faith: Equipping Families for Effective Home Discipleship (an Aslan Academy Conference) | C.S. Lewis Institute

An upcoming conference worth considering: http://www.cslewisinstitute.org/AslanAcademyConference

cslewisinstitute.org The C.S. Lewis Institute (CSLI) wants to help equip and encourage parents, grandparents and other caring adults in their efforts to intentionally disciple their children at home. Hear from five compelling and encouraging experts in the field of children's and youth ministry, enjoy fellowship with ot...

[01/20/19]   Check out the sermon from 1/20 from guest preacher Rev. Paul Hahn - The Flourishing Church (Acts 13:1-12) - https://www.potomachills.org/sermons/sermon/2019-01-20/the-flourishing-church-acts-13:1-12

[01/12/19]   The bulletin for how to have a complete worship service at home tomorrow has been posted on Realm and to our Facebook group. It includes links to the music, the offering, and the sermon (video, no less!). We hope this helps to make your home worship service a worthwhile one. Let us know how it went!

If you would like a pdf copy, comment, email, or message me and I'll send it to you.

[01/11/19]   Church is canceled for this Sunday, January 13th. Loudoun County Public Schools just notified us that all schools will be closed this weekend. We will be sending out a guide shortly on how to have worship at home this Sunday (including the regularly scheduled sermon)!


The Prophet's Paradise Lost (Jeremiah 12:1-17)

Check out the sermon from 1/6 - The Prophet's Paradise Lost (Jeremiah 12:1-17) https://www.potomachills.org/sermons/sermon/2019-01-06/the-prophets-paradise-lost-jeremiah-12:1-17

potomachills.org The Prophet's Paradise Lost (Jeremiah 12:1-17)

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The Grace of the Word (John 1:16-18)

Here's the sermon from today, 12/30 - The Grace of the Word (John 1:16-18) https://www.potomachills.org/sermons/sermon/2018-12-30/the-grace-of-the-word-john-1:16-18

potomachills.org The Grace of the Word (John 1:16-18)


The Glory of the Word (John 1:14)

Here is the sermon from last Sunday, 12/23 - The Glory of the Word (John 1:14) https://www.potomachills.org/sermons/sermon/2018-12-23/the-glory-of-the-word-john-1:14

potomachills.org The Glory of the Word (John 1:14)

[12/17/18]   Check out the sermon from 12/16 - The Mission of the Word (John 1:9-13) - https://www.potomachills.org/sermons/sermon/2018-12-16/the-mission-of-the-word-john-1:9-13

Please pray for Early Rain Covenant Church in Chengdu, China. They are facing persecution and arrest by the Chinese authorities.

The most recent reports regarding Sunday worship service at Early Rain Covenant Church are that everyone who tried entering the church building were taken away by police. Those that weren't taken conducted worship service in two separate locations outdoors. One group was dispersed immediately by police, and more than 20 taken away. The other group was dispersed by police after about an hour, and the two people leading the service were taken away. Many if not most members were forbidden from leaving their homes by police standing guard outside, so these brothers and sisters worshiped in their homes.

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2 Cardinal Park Dr SE, Ste 101A
Leesburg, VA

General information

We have witnessed God multiply the fruits of the ministry at Potomac Hills in remarkable ways. The Lord has accomplished so much in our midst that seemed nearly impossible ten years ago. In the short history of Potomac Hills, we have seen both our church and community change dramatically. Loudoun County continues to see dramatic population growth accompanied by greater ethnic diversity, yet it is one of the more unchurched places in America with only 42% of the population claiming any religious affiliation. Through all of these changes, God has blessed our church because of our willingness to worship and follow Him. As we move forward, we hope to see our ministries grow in amazing ways to reach the lost and hurting in Loudoun County. Our response to this changing community is to multiply the ministries of Potomac Hills to serve the Lord and seek the lost. This requires us to consider new facilities, new staff, and new ministries that God will use to glorify Himself. We can’t wait to see what the Lord will do! First, we want to be reminded of God's faithfulness to us in the past. Through the Gospel of grace, the Lord has brought new converts, rendered astonishing changes in people's lives and extended the outreach of Christ in our community and across the globe. We have seen many people come to Potomac Hills recently and we want to share our story with them. Second, we want to better appropriate God's love, grace and mercy to us in the present. By taking a coordinated approach to the sermon series and our community group study guides, we want to take focused time - together as a church family - to encourage spiritual growth. Third, we want to exercise great hope in what God will do in our future. As our congregation grows, we will need greater resources to continue doing what God has called us to do. New opportunities will require more people (both staff and volunteers) and larger facilities in order to accommodate our growth and desire to meet regularly outside of Sunday morning worship.
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Join us for Sunday worship starting March 24th at 9:30 -- everybody's welcome!