Angel Tree

Through Prison Fellowship's Angel Tree program, churches are coming alongside families of the incarcerated at Christmastime, and all year long.

“Angel Tree showed my family the love of God. If it wasn’t for Angel Tree, I wouldn’t be who I am today.”—Incarcerated Parent.

It's Never Too Late to Make a Difference - Angel Tree Volunteers Step In

At 87 years old, Angel Tree volunteer coordinator Nedra Angel is proof that it’s never too late to make a difference. Angel Tree volunteer Nedra Angel is proof that it’s never too late to make a difference. “I do what God lets me do, and He has a purpose for all of us.”

How Is Angel Tree Different From Other Programs? - Prison Fellowship

Many organizations have a mission to help children in need. What makes Prison Fellowship's Angel Tree unique? Prison Fellowship’s Angel Tree's distinct core mission is to create pathways of reconciliation between incarcerated parents and their children.

Prison Fellowship

Prison Fellowship mourns the passing of the beloved Patty Colson, who was married to our founder, Charles “Chuck” Colson, for 48 years. Patty walked side by side with Chuck through his incarceration, the ups and downs of the founding of Prison Fellowship, and decades of successful outreach to men and women in prison and their families. Each Christmas, Patty and Chuck brought gifts and the Good News of Jesus Christ to children in the name of their incarcerated parents. Even after her husband’s passing in 2012, Patty continued to be an important part of Prison Fellowship’s ministry of redemption and restoration. In 2013, she celebrated Christ’s resurrection with incarcerated men in Florida, speaking briefly with them about her husband’s legacy. Her words were “an echo of her husband’s lifelong vision,” a prisoner named Carlos later wrote. “I want to thank her for all Prison Fellowship does, because her efforts have helped change my life.” As Patty’s friends, family, and the ministry of which she was such an important part grieve her loss and seek to honor her life, we find comfort in the words she shared after Chuck’s death: “It’s been a rough year, but God is good. He has been with me all the way, holding my hand.” And we rejoice that she and Chuck are now together again in the presence of their Savior.

“I knew Jesus before camp, but not as much as I do now.” -- Angel Tree Camper in Texas.

Children with a parent in prison remain a key focus of Prison Fellowship throughout the year, but especially now, as in-prison visits with parents may be canceled. Churches can continue to sign up to deliver a gift and the Gospel to the children of prisoners for the 2020 Christmas season. The Angel Tree Christmas team is preparing back-up plans to counter any impact pandemic closures and restrictions may place on prisoner sign up and church participation. Preparations continue to provide thousands of children scholarships to attend an Angel Tree Camping partner during the summer months. So far, half of our camping partners report having no plan to cancel or delay camps, and half have said they will reevaluate in April and then decide. For more information about Angel Tree programs, visit:

At Angel Tree Sports Clinics, kids don’t just build skills—they learn valuable lessons about hard work, perseverance, and overcoming difficult circumstances, from caring coaches and mentors who share their own stories of trials and triumphs. Before the day ends, each child has a chance to hear a message of hope and learn about God's love. Learn more:

Prison Fellowship works with Celebrate Recovery (CR), a biblically based program that guides men and women in overcoming hurts, habits, and hang-ups. CR promotes Prison Fellowship's Angel Tree program through CR chapters at churches and groups nationwide. If you’re a coordinator for a CR chapter and want to join the Angel Tree program, fill out the application at the link:

Angel Tree Helped Make This Family Whole Again - Prison Fellowship

“Camp helped encourage them to continue to do better and not feel alone—that they were not the only ones walking down this road.” Facing three years in prison, David could not possibly have imagined what God was about to do in his life and in the lives of his children.

“Camp brings me hope, joy, faith, love—everything. Camp is everything to me.” – Pennsylvania Angel Tree camper.

On Saturday we held another basketball Angel Tree Sports Clinic in Arizona, this time for young adults in grades 9 - 12 with an incarcerated parent. Thanks again to Kenny Dobbs for joining us!

Former Olympians teach ice skating to kids of families that faced prison

In case you missed it: Angel Tree Sports Clinic joined forces with JoJo Starbucks, former Olympian skater, to bring a second year of “Angels on Ice” to Detroit-area children with incarcerated parents. "If we can lighten their load and give them joy and let them know that they're cared about and they're important and valuable, that's the message." The day of skating with the likes of JoJo Starbuck was the second clinic, a part of the Prison Fellowship's Angel Tree Sports Camps.

“[Angel Tree] helped my relationship out with my dad and my family, because I remember all the Christmases and birthdays growing up, I was always like, ‘Oh, Dad sent this? How’d he send this?’” Clark recalls. “I never knew until I got older, but I know it put a smile on my face growing up. So, I always wanted to show my appreciation for that once I found out Angel Tree was the one.” -- Green Bay Packers Kenny Clark. Read more:

"[God] always takes those who have 10 talents and gives them more. Angel Tree is a lot of work. But at the end of the day, our Father is glorified. And I thank Him so much for His strength, and He does it each and every time. He always brings Angel Tree together for these hurting families." – Angel Tree volunteer

What Is Angel Tree Camping?

From rope swings and ziplines to horseback riding and swimming, a week with Prison Fellowship Angel Tree Camping is a chance for kids to have fun, fellowship with their peers, build relationships with caring camp counselors, and just "be a kid." Youth across America are packing for a week away at camp. What is Angel Tree Camping®, and how is it helping at-risk children embrace hope-filled futures?

God has granted Prison Fellowship Angel Tree opportunities to operate more sports clinics than ever before, blessing 2,035 children this past year through activities like cheerleading, ice skating, soccer, basketball, bowling, and football—all thanks to your generous partnership.

Can a Family Separated by Prison Walls Survive? Life on the Outside

An incarcerated father. A mom left on her own. Could Diane and her girls survive life on the outside without John? An Angel Tree story of hope. An incarcerated father. A mom left on her own. Could Diane and her girls survive life on the outside without John? A story of hope for Valentine's Day.

“Some of the kids we brought were low-income, or even homeless, so some of the smallest things … meant the world to them. Like on the verge of tears, [they said,] 'This is for us and we don't have to pay for anything? This is amazing.' They really got something from it. It was really something they felt like they were a part of.” –Angel Tree Sports Clinic Volunteer.

Check out our Angel Tree “Angels on Ice” sports clinic from today in Detroit!

What a joyful day in Detroit! Today we held our Angel Tree Angels on Ice Sports Clinic for approximately 150 children, 5-17 years old, with incarcerated parents. American Figure Skating Champion JoJo Starbuck led the kids through an amazing day of fun, teamwork, skating skill development, and mentoring. Thank you to JoJo, our volunteers, Prison Fellowship staff, and the caregivers!

A Cycle of Goodness: Vaughan’s Camping Story

Vaughan knew what street life looked like, and he wanted something different. Prison Fellowship Angel Tree Camping gave him that chance. Vaughan knew what street life looked like, and he wanted something better. Angel Tree Camping gave him a chance to create a cycle of goodness.

“This camp is my second home, and I feel so safe here. I hope next year more kids can come to camp. This place is amazing. The counselors really do care. They want us to have a relationship with God. It is so cool to realize that the younger campers are looking up to us! Thank you, Lord.”

“I thank God for my family having the opportunity to receive gifts from their dad even though he was not in the home.”

Angel Tree Bowling Clinic with Adopt-A-Cop Nevada

In case you missed it: Late last year, Angel Tree Sports Clinics partnered with Adopt-A-Cop Nevada to bring together Angel Tree kids in the community with police officers in a safe, fun environment. "Bowling with Blue" allowed these children with incarcerated parents to have a positive interaction with law enforcement, and hopefully make new friends.

Angel Tree Sports Clinic partnered with Adopt-A-Cop Nevada to bring together Angel Tree kids in the community with police officers in a safe, fun environment...

Angel Tree Camping

Prison Fellowship's Angel Tree Program treats thousands of prisoners’ children to Christian summer camps for a week of great fun, new friends, new experiences—and new hope that profoundly impacts their futures and their families. Last year more than 6,000 children with an incarcerated parent attended a Christian camp on an Angel Tree scholarship. Find out more at our website: Children of prisoners go to Christian summer camps to experience fun and fellowship, build relationships, and experience the love of God.

"Angel Tree shows [kids and parents] that people do care about them. Not just by giving them gifts but by helping them and showing them how much God loves them." #AngelTree #PFAngelTree Prison Fellowship

“I missed out on so much while I was away, and Angel Tree helped me start making up for it. I know nothing can replace Mommy at home, but this was the best we could do. And it did a lot. My kids still talk about it. It’s amazing what a simple gift can do.” -- Formerly incarcerated parent and Angel Tree family. #AngelTree

Angel Tree Report Back: 2019

Together, we made Prison Fellowship’s Angel Tree's Christmas outreach this year a success! Thanks to our donors and the nearly 7,500 partners that served more than 300,000 kids this Christmas!

Together, we made Angel Tree's Christmas outreach this year a success! For 2.7 million children in the U.S., that story may be filled with the abandonment, l...

South Texas: Broken heart and border blessings

An inspirational story from a student at Univ. of Texas Tyler, who recently experienced having a family member incarcerated and found serving Prison Fellowship #AngelTree kids in South Texas was exactly where God wanted her to be. Student Mission Blog: I came down here to the Texas/Mexico border thinking I wouldn’t be able to relate in any way to the people. But God knew why I was placed here.

Build a Year-Round Ministry - Family Ministry - Prison Fellowship

Here are some ideas for building a year-round ministry from your Angel Tree Christmas program. Continue to encourage and support prisoners’ families throughout the entire year! Build a year-round ministry with Angel Tree!

“My favorite part of the clinic is too hard to choose! I had to get up so early for this, but I’m so glad I came. It was fun, and the coaches were so nice. I can’t wait to tell my dad about it.” #AngelTree #SportsClinic #children #hope

Rams host holiday celebration for Prison Fellowship Angel Tree

Thank you Los Angeles Rams for spending an afternoon with 130 #AngelTree families! “You need to meet them where they’re at and just let them know, ‘Hey, we love you and are here for you.’” Friday, Jan 10, 2020 02:42 PM Copied! Rams host holiday celebration for Prison Fellowship Angel Tree Los Angeles Rams players, and staff, host a holiday party and gift giving with Prison Fellowship Angel Tree for children with incarcerated family members, Monday, December 23, 2019, in Thousand Oaks,...

Celebrate the spirit of Christmas at the 19th annual Angel Tree Christmas Party | Valley News

Great article about a Prison Fellowship #AngelTree party in California last month -- the 19th annual! 154 children with incarcerated parents were provided gifts through Community Outreach Ministries. In My CityWildomar Celebrate the spirit of Christmas at the 19th annual Angel Tree Christmas Party By Submitted - January 3, 2020 0 286 Share Facebook Twitter Pinterest WhatsApp Ashley Linn and her children Noah and Angelina from Murrieta display their gifts at the 19th annual Angel Tree Christmas P...

At Risk Angel Tree Kids Pray for Each Other - Prison Fellowship

As Desmond prayed aloud, he also began to pray for the other children at camp and even Christians persecuted around the world. One in 28 children has a parent locked behind bars. These kids are at risk to repeat their parents' mistakes. Angel Tree Camping wants to stop that.

“I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your Angel Tree volunteers are awesome! You came through for me in a very bad and troubled time in my life. You put a smile on my children’s faces at a time of my absence. Thank you again!”

4 Ways You Can Minister to Children with Incarcerated Parents

Angel Tree starts with a gift. But what happens when the last present is opened, the decorations are packed away, and a new year starts? The Angel Tree program ministers to prisoners’ children not just at Christmas but all year, too. Check out these four ways you can help Angel Tree kids and their families throughout the year. Check out these four ways you can help the children and families of prisoners through the Prison Fellowship Angel Tree program throughout the year.

“To know that you all care enough to take time out of your lives to extend love and kindness into my life by delivering a gift to my daughter, you did more than just give a physical gift. You opened a door to restore a strained relationship. You not only gave me hope that healing is possible, but you started the healing process. Your caring is a huge gift to me and my family. I have been praying for my daughter and asking God to place believers around her to help her get through this time of separation. I believe God has used you and this program to answer that prayer. I pray God blesses you and your church for your act of obedience.” —Incarcerated Mom.

Blue Ridge Fellowship Steps Up After Angel Tree Presents Stolen

The last thing anyone at Blue Ridge Fellowship expected was a robbery. But two days before the big Christmas party, all of the Angel Tree gifts were stolen. What they needed now was a Christmas miracle. Ruby Payne couldn’t have expected what happened two days before last December’s Angel Tree® event. But together, they rose above the challenges to share hope and grace.

The Bond No Bars Can Separate (Video) - Prison Fellowship

The reality of having a loved one in prison is hard to grasp without experiencing it. All kinds of heart-wrenching issues can fracture family bonds and trigger angst, from discussing complicated legal processes to lamenting missed family holidays and milestones. Watch as Joe, arrested in front of his daughters, talks about how Christmas was an especially trying time. Joe was ashamed when he was arrested in front of his daughters. And then Angel Tree—a unique prison ministry to the children of prisoners—stepped in.

“Christians, who are specifically called to care for the bruised and broken of society, can bring hope. This means caring for offenders, both during and after their incarceration, as well as their families.” -- Chuck Colson

Miranda and Trinity - An Angel Tree Story

When her dad went to prison, Miranda's daughter Trinity was crushed. And then, one Christmas, something wonderful happened. Watch as Miranda talks about the impact of Angel Tree on her family:

When her dad went to prison, Miranda's daughter Trinity was crushed. She didn't really understand what had happened, but it was obvious she was heartbroken. ...

"We couldn’t do this for our grandkids without the help. We are very grateful. Very.” Read more here about Angel Tree giving to 240 families in Pierre, South Dakota:

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An estimated 1.7 million children have a mom or dad in prison. The number is huge – but so is the opportunity. Angel Tree is a ministry that reaches out to the children of inmates and their families with the love of Christ. It seeks to transform the lives of these families and to reconcile them to their Heavenly Father and each other. In Matthew 18:5 Jesus said, “Whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me.” There are children right in your community who are among the most at-risk children in the nation. Angel Tree provides an opportunity to connect with those families and begin ministering to them at Christmas and then continue through a variety of year-round ministry opportunities.
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