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Through Prison Fellowship's Angel Tree program, churches are coming alongside families of the incarcerated at Christmastime, and all year long.

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Hey basketball fans! Angel Tree Sports Clinic and Kenny Dobbs, international slam dunk champion, are partnering to bring Virtual Basketball Clinic videos to your kids. Two new sessions now available. This week it’s all about footwork! We’ll post two videos per week—be sure to subscribe to our channel and watch Sessions 1-6 here:

PS Don’t forget, post videos of your children doing the drills on Facebook (tag our page @pfministries) and Instagram (tag @prisonfellowship) and use the hashtags #ATSportsChallenge and #AngelTree. We may share the best videos on our social media accounts!

"Angel Tree helped mend our relationship because every time she signed us up, she made me know she wasn't just thinking about herself that holiday. She was thinking about us, too. It made me feel loved and cared for."

Business as Usual: Serving Time for Tax Evasion Restored Michelle

“My son led me to that close, personal relationship [with Jesus Christ], and it was all due to him receiving that Angel Tree gift.” Legal troubles were part of Michelle’s family legacy, so when her boss asked for her “help” with the company’s taxes, it just seemed par for the course.

Tips to Support Children When a Parent is in Prison

From the American Academy of Pediatrics and KidsMates, here are some suggestions for caregivers of children with incarcerated parents. The AAP recognizes having a parent in prison as an adverse childhood experience, a childhood trauma that can lead to poor health and wellbeing as an adult. Some children may also witness their parent’s arrest and other stressful events beyond incarceration, such as a trial and sentencing. Yet, the...

"Thank you so much, Angel Tree … for not only changing my life, but changing all these other kids' lives and bringing a broken community together and making it whole."

Prison Fellowship

Today is the first day of the 2020 Celebrate Recovery Virtual Summit! Celebrate Recovery has been a great partner with Prison Fellowship and Angel Tree. Hear from Michele Purnell, Angel Tree Coordinator in Florida, and read more of her story at the link: #CRCR2020 #CelebrateFellowship

Prison Fellowship

Got a young basketball fan at home? Angel Tree Sports Clinic and Kenny Dobbs, international slam dunk champion, are partnering to bring Virtual Basketball Clinic videos to your family. More ball handling skills this week, as well as how to master a figure 8 dribble! We’ll post two videos per week—be sure to subscribe to our channel! Watch Sessions 1-4 here:

PS Don’t forget, post videos of your children doing the drills on Facebook (tag our page @pfministries) and Instagram (tag @prisonfellowship) and use the hashtags #ATSportsChallenge and #AngelTree. We may share the best videos on our social media accounts!

'I Want to Learn More About This Christ' - Prison Fellowship

"[Angel Tree volunteers] are showing me that there are good people in the world—not out for what they can get but what they can give.” Diedre paused, and then added, "I want to learn more about this Christ that they talk about." Prison Fellowship's Chad Prince shares his encounter with Deidre, an incarcerated woman suffering from colon cancer who wants to learn more about Christ.

Impact of Incarceration on Caregivers - Prison Fellowship

The caregiver's job is a difficult one with many new realities and hardships. Often they need to perform as both mother and father to a child with a parent in prison, teaching skills and caring for them in ways the absent parent would have done. The impact of incarceration on caregivers is devastating. Caregivers often struggle financially and emotionally as the care for the incarcerated's families.

Prison Fellowship

We have an exciting announcement! Kenny Dobbs international slam dunk champion, is partnering with Prison Fellowship’s Angel Tree Sports Clinic to bring virtual basketball clinics to your child at home! When Kenny left his life of crime and turned to Jesus, everything changed—and now, through sports, he’s lifting up kids across the country. The first two videos are ready for you and your child to view at the link, on our Angel Tree Sports YouTube channel (be sure to subscribe!):

We’ll release two new videos each week. And if you post a video of your child conquering these drills, we may use it on our social media channels! Tag our page (@pfministries) or Instagram (@prisonfellowship) and use the hashtags #ATSportsChallenge and #AngelTree. Get ready to get active with Angel Tree!

Prison Fellowship

Just a reminder that Celebrate Recovery’s 2020 Summit is online this year. Speakers include John and Cheryl Baker, Rick and Kay Warren, Danny Duchene, as well as Prison Fellowship’s President and CEO James J. Ackerman, who will be speaking on the relationships between Prison Fellowship, Celebrate Recovery, and Angel Tree. The Summit takes place July 30-31st and registration is still open! #celebratefellowship #CRCR2020

Prison Fellowship

Check out these online youth baseball academy videos!

The Washington Nationals Youth Baseball Academy (YBA) uses baseball and softball to foster positive character development, academic achievement, and improved health for Washington, DC, youth. Due to COVID-19, their 2020 academy is now online and videos are posted weekly on their page for everyone to view ( Families living in specific wards of Washington DC can also register to receive equipment kits and other materials.

Raising Children With A Parent In Prison - Helpful Tips - Prison Fellowship

Building a meaningful, positive connection between your children and their incarcerated parent may not be easy but it is possible. Are you raising children with a parent in prison? Whether your a single mom or dad, aunt or grandpa. here are a few helpful tips.

Last month, to share the LOVE of Jesus with “the fatherless and the widow," Prison Fellowship Angel Tree partners Beacon of Light - New York. and Grace Chapel of Clifton Park were blessed to partner with the Shenendehowa School District’s Bountiful Backpack Program in providing 37 food packages of nutritional meals to 116 children and their caregivers with an incarcerated loved one. Beacon of Light reached out to families affected by incarceration in 10 counties of Northeast NY to pray with them and offer support during this difficult season. Grace Chapel collected and stored the food and packed the bags. Beacon of Light volunteers then personally delivered the food packages to those in need! April Harden and Casonna Irvin were blessed to receive, as well as give! They delivered hope to two families in their hometown! It was a blessing to have personally connected with several of the families and inmate parents who have reentered society and we will continue to stay in touch. Plans for our summer are to invite those we have engaged with to attend the Celebrate Recovery Online Summit and deliver Camping in a Box kits to 50 homes!

Day in the Life of Kenny Dobbs

Kenny Dobbs, international slam dunk champion, is a good friend of our Prison Fellowship Angel Tree Sports Camps and we're excited to partner with him to bring our camps virtually to Angel Tree kids across the country. Stay tuned for an exciting announcement! #ATSportsChallenge #AngelTree

Kenny is so much more than a slam dunk champion. He's making a generational impact on and off the court; a shining example of what it means to be #KTGIJN. Th...

Flikshop Partnership Claim Form - Prison Fellowship

Do you or someone you know have a loved one in prison? Thanks to the support of Stand Together, Prison Fellowship and Flikshop are offering three FREE postcard credits! Flikshop makes it easy for families to send photos from their phones, Facebook, or Instagram accounts and have them delivered directly to a loved one's prison cell as postcards. But HURRY – this offer expires at midnight on Thursday, July 16! Get your FREE Flikshop credits here: CLAIM YOUR FREE FLIKSHOP CREDITS Flikshop™ and Prison Fellowship® are partnering to send 20,000 postcards to men and women behind bars for free, thanks to the generosity of Stand Together®. Families* can embrace their loved ones in prison with a tangible message of hope, at no cost to them. Fill...

“I missed out on so much while I was away, and Angel Tree helped me start making up for it. I know nothing can replace Mommy at home, but this was the best we could do. And it did a lot. My kids still talk about it. It’s amazing what a simple gift can do.” #AngelTree #Christmas #children #incarceration

Angel Tree Helped Make This Family Whole Again - Prison Fellowship

All that kept David connected to his family during the three years he was in prison were the caring volunteers who reached out to them through Angel Tree Christmas and Camping. "Camp helped encourage [my kids] to continue to do better and not feel alone—that they were not the only ones walking down this road.” Facing three years in prison, David could not possibly have imagined what God was about to do in his life and in the lives of his children.

Thank you Grace Chapel of Clifton Park!

The Shenendehowa Bountiful Backpack Program is wrapping up and it’s been such a blessing to be able to give some of the remaining donations that have been collected at Grace Chapel to some of our friends in surrounding communities. Angel Tree, Beacon of Light, City Mission of Schenectady and YoungLives are some of the organizations that we have been able to help support with your generous donations.

Resource: Parenting from Prison - Prison Survival Guide

Children of prisoners—more than 2.7 million of them across the U.S.—often pay a terrible price when a parent goes to prison. They've just lost a mom or a dad. And that mom or dad has been locked away. Read this excerpt from our downloadable “Prison Survival Guide” on parenting from prison. Children often think they are somehow to blame for a parent’s imprisonment. Reassure your kids that you are in prison because of what you did, not them.

TODAY! July 1st join Prison Fellowship’s Heather Rice-Minus, Flikshop’s Marcus Bullock, and StandTogether’s Mark Holden at 12:00 pm ET for a LIVE interview about how we are keeping families connected in the midst of COVID-19. #FlikshopGives

TODAY! July 1st join Prison Fellowship’s Heather Rice-Minus, Flikshop’s Marcus Bullock, and Stand Together’s Mark Holden at 12:00 pm ET for a LIVE interview about how we are keeping families connected in the midst of COVID-19. #FlikshopGives

“Just because your dad isn’t around, that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t love you, or that he doesn’t want you to be successful. I told him that I had to learn to play football and basketball on my own because my dad wasn’t there. But I looked for those other adults and mentors to fill in that role, for me to look up to.” – Angel Tree Sports Clinic Volunteer

Opinion: Support programs for incarcerated fathers help them 'move into a new future'

"Hundreds of thousands of dads will spend this Father’s Day behind bars, separated from their children by concrete, razor wires and their own bad choices. But they aren’t incapable of change. They may be out of sight and out of mind — but they’re never out of hope." -- Jonathan Smith, a graduate of Prison Fellowship Academy and returning citizen. It’s not just fathers behind bars who will benefit from that second chance — children will, too.

Marcus Bullock, Flikshop Keep Prisoners and Families Connected

Marcus Bullock launched Flikshop in 2012. The company's goal was simple but grand: for every person in every cell around the globe to receive mail every day. Today Flikshop has more than 165,000 users who have sent over 550,000 postcards to people in more than 2,700 correctional facilities in the United States. Because Marcus Bullock was given a second chance, his business Flikshop is connecting families separated by prison walls and the COVID-19 pandemic.

“She was like, ‘I got presents from my daddy!’ I just wanted to cry because my heart was touched. Nothing like that has ever happened for her in her whole life. … She has this little Bible that she got from Angel Tree, and I try to work with her on reading that. She prayed at our last prison visit, ‘God, I know my daddy is not always there, but I know his love is always there.’ And her daddy started crying.”

Man Who Grew Up Without a Dad Supports Youth With ‘Dad, How Do I?’ YouTube Channel

A Bellevue, Washington man who knows what it’s like to grow up without a father has been doing his part to make a difference in the lives of kids today who are in the same boat. Via Good News Network Rob Kenney who grew up without a father started a youtube channel called Dad, How Do I? to help youth who have no one to teach them life skills.

"Thank you for your awesome stewardship and servanthood towards my children! They had an amazing time … [they] wrote to me and I could feel their joy through their words. I also want to express my gratitude for you, Angel Tree, for being faithful towards my family—my kids and their father. The pictures, letters, kindness, and gifts throughout these past five years have been breathtaking.”

Prison Fellowship

Great partnership with Flikshop and Stand Together for Angel Tree caregivers!!

Prison Fellowship is partnering with Flikshop and Stand Together to provide free messages and photos via Flikshop postcards to thousands of incarcerated men and women—just in time for Father’s Day weekend. Stand Together is providing funding for 20,000 postcards for existing Flikshop customers and Prison Fellowship Angel Tree caregivers to send to their incarcerated loved ones for free. #FathersDay

How Do Prisoners’ Families Hold onto Faith During COVID-19?

In the world of COVID-19, concerns of prisoners’ families are heavy. Prison Fellowship Angel Tree staff, volunteers, and partner churches are discovering new ways to continue the mission to serve prisoners and their families. Angel Tree’s Michelle Payette says, “When you can't control things, you’ve got to learn to pray.” How Do Prisoners’ Families Hold onto Faith During COVID-19? “When you can't control things, you’ve got to learn to pray.”

Angel Tree Care Packages: Responding to COVID-19

In case you missed it: Life doesn't stop for COVID-19, and neither will Prison Fellowship Angel Tree's mission to spread hope. As our world navigates COVID-19, Prison Fellowship’s Angel Tree is actively reaching out to families of prisoners to pray with them and encourage them.

Hope Delivered: How Angel Tree Has Been a Light in Trisha’s Darkness

Despite her traumatic past, Trisha has made great strides toward a bright future. And she's thankful for the role Angel Tree has played in her life. Trisha’s childhood was chaotic, thanks to her dad’s drug use and incarceration. Angel Tree delivered hope that continues to shine brighter in her life.

“The Christmas gifts blessed my children and eased a bit of my shame for not being out there with them. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. I will continue to pray for your organization and hopefully someday give back or help once I am free.”

Angel Tree Care Packages: Responding to COVID-19

As our world navigates COVID-19, Prison Fellowship's Angel Tree is actively reaching out to families of prisoners to pray with them and encourage them, including sending out more than 2,300 care packages! This encouragement comes at a time when many Angel Tree children would have been getting ready to pack their bags for a week of camp. As our world navigates COVID-19, Prison Fellowship’s Angel Tree is actively reaching out to families of prisoners to pray with them and encourage them.

The Unexpected Letter: Planting Seeds of Hope - Prison Fellowship

"What this experience has taught me is that when serving, things may not feel ideal, but it will be ideal for God, and I need to trust that. No job is too small when working for the Kingdom of God.” All Veronica wanted to do was make a difference. But her Angel Tree experience did not go as she hoped, and she was discouraged. Then the letter arrived.

This month, correctional facilities will begin to distribute prisoner participation forms to incarcerated mothers and fathers for Angel Tree Christmas. Please pray the chaplains and program coordinators who promote and facilitate the Angel Tree program will encourage all eligible parents to make this loving connection with their children. Learn more about Angel Tree on our website:

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An estimated 1.7 million children have a mom or dad in prison. The number is huge – but so is the opportunity. Angel Tree is a ministry that reaches out to the children of inmates and their families with the love of Christ. It seeks to transform the lives of these families and to reconcile them to their Heavenly Father and each other. In Matthew 18:5 Jesus said, “Whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me.” There are children right in your community who are among the most at-risk children in the nation. Angel Tree provides an opportunity to connect with those families and begin ministering to them at Christmas and then continue through a variety of year-round ministry opportunities.
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