St. Paul First Baptist Church


[03/15/20]   Pastah Larry Chapman
Scripture: Psalm 91, 1- 6, John 3, 1
Thought: A Time For Reassurance

1. God's Reassurance is.. He will be there for us and He will never leave us alone. He will also let you know when we are out of order.

2 Is it possible God is letting us know He is not please with us saying wrong is right.

Pastah reminded us about God servant Job and how the devil thought he was going to cause Job to cuss God and die. If you believe God is in control, stand on what He said. God will never leave you by yourself no matter what you have to go through remember He is with you.

Music Ministry..Bro. R. Whitmore
Praise & Worship....The Male Chorus
1. Sense I Laid My Burden Down
2. Hold To God's Unchanging Hands

Songs of Zion
1. Nobody Greater Than You
2. I'll Meet You In The Morning
3. Fix It Jesus

[03/08/20]   Pastah Larry Chapman
Scripture: Matthew 20: 1 - 14
Thought: Fighting over Favor and
Grumbling Over Grace

Points: We aren't saved because of our works
but we are saved by God's grace.
This parable can be difficult to.
understand because only God can
give you grace

Pastah gave us an example of how we have to do our children and love one. Many times you have to be moved out of the way so God can handle the situation.

Music ministry...Bro R. Whitmore
Songs of Zion....The Gospel Chorus

[01/12/20]   Pastah Larry Chapman
Scripture: Deuteronomy: 5 chapter, 24-25
Thought: Let God Speak

Pastah reminded us about the difference between the ANNOINTED POWER and the appointed power.

Yes there is a God! He reminded us about the book of Genesis said ..."LET THERE BE".....

We need to listen to God and not man. We should let God speak!

Music ministry......Bro. Robbie Whitmore
Songs of Zion.........The Gopel chorus

[12/09/19]   Pastah Larry Chapman
Scripture: Luke 2: 10 ‐ 14
Thought: God Is With Us

Pastah stated that the reason why he know this to be true is because of many examples throughout life we can see God's Presents on this Christian journey.

He gave us examples how we should be able to witness to others about the goodness of the Lord. One example is every now and then you should feel God tugging at your heart.

Emmanuel mean God is with us! God will go with you not part of the way but, all the way. No matter what or where you must travel.

Music Ministry....Bro..Robbie Whitmore
The Mixed Choir..Hymns/ Songs of Zion
1. Joy To The World
2. Silent Night

Songs of Zion
1. He Did It
2. He's Wonderful, Wonderful To Me

[10/20/19]   This is the first Sunday our pastor was able to get back into the pulpit

Pastah Larry Chapman

Scripture: St. Mark 1st chapter, verse 40
Thought: God Can.... God Will..God Is In Control

He reminded us the Lord will not leave us. He has a way of doing things that we might not have the full understand at that time.

He ask us to take off the things that keep us from being all we can be for our Lord and Savior!

He reminded us not to take our eyes off the prize. We have what it takes to keep our lamps trimmed and burning. We have the power to take back everything the devil has taken from us.

[09/08/19]   Our First Sunday Back In Church sense my surgery and my brother Rev. Manigault hospital and rehab stay. To God be the glory it was awesome worship experience.

Pastah Larry Chapman
Scriptures: Mark 11: 22-25
Hebrew 11: 1

Thought: Have Faith In God

Faith is the assurance of what God can and will do. Pastah reminded us that all things are possible. Faith give us belief in what we can't see and it comes from God.

Music Ministry..Bro. R. Whitmire
Songs of praise, worship and zion.....The Mixed Chorus

Please keep Pastah Chapman, the pulpit staff and the congregation in your prayers.

[07/08/19]   Gm f/b family! I would like to thank my sister's Elder Rebecca Hazel and Sister Maryann Richey and my sister in lawSister Dianne Manigault for accomplishing this past Sunday at St. Paul 1st Baptist Church, Laurens, SC. It was a blessing to have you all in fellowship with me and the congregation.

Thanks to the St. Paul Baptist Church family who deem me worthy to bring forth the Bread of Life due the absent of the pastor Rev. Larry Chapman.

I pray the message from the Lord coming from the book of Numbers, 14 chapter, verses 1 thru 9 blessed yours souls as much as it did mine's.

Thoughts: He Ain't Nothing But A
Giant Killer!
2. If God Says It, You
Can Take It To The

[07/08/19]   Gm f/b family! I would like to thank my sister's Elder Rebecca Hazel and Sister Maryann Richey and my sister in lawSister Dianne Manigault for accomplishing this past Sunday at St. Paul 1st Baptist Church, Laurens, SC. It was a blessing to have you all in fellowship with me and the congregation.

Thanks to the St. Paul Baptist Church family who deem me worthy to bring forth the Bread of Life due the absent of the pastor Rev. Larry Chapman.

[06/24/19]   Pastah Larry Chapman
Scrupture: Ephesians 5: 20-21

Thought: In All Things Give

Music Ministry..
Bro. Robbie Whitmore
Songs of Praise and Worship
The Adult Choir
1. I'm Chasing After You
2. You Thought I Was Worth
3. Get Ready, God Got A Blessing

[06/16/19]   Men's Day June, 16, 2016
The Dignified Man

Guest Preacher of The Hour
Rev. Samuel Johnson

Scripture: John 4: 48-50
Thought: Believing The Spoken

Music ministry..Bro R. Whitmore
Special Men Day Chorus

[05/26/19]   St. Paul 1st Baptist Church
2019 Women's Day Celebration

"God Is In The Midst Of Her"

Guest speaker..
Rev. Catherine B. Moore
White Plains Baptist Church

Scripture: Matthew:..15, 20-28
Thought: Pray Until Something

She said cross the lines you have to cross to get to Jesus.

Don't worry about what folks say about you.

It is our duty to have interrossory prayers for one another.

Delayed answers from the Lord only strength our faith in in God.

Music Ministry..Bro. R. Whitmore
Special Women's Day Choir

Song of preparation:
Swing Down Your Chariot
Let Me Run

[04/14/19]   Palm Sunday, April 14, 2019

Rev. Larry Chapman
Scripture Matthew 17: 13-18
Thought: Wanting The Best For
Your Child

He reminded us about faith and how we allow the devil to take control of our faith. He said don't forget how important keeping our faith grounded and rooted in the Lord

There will come situation in our lives that will cause us not to remember the strength of our faith in God. We have to keep praising the Lord.

He said this is why we are able to celebrate this Palm Sunday because of God's promise. God wants the best for His children.

Music ministry.. Bro. R Whitmire
and The Mixed Chorus

1. Melodies of Gospel Songs
2. Flow! Flow! Flow!
3. Brand New Life

[03/24/19]   March 23, 2019, the fourth Sunday service

[03/24/19]   Pastah Larry Chapman
Scripture: Mark 1: 40--->
Thought: I Just Can't Keep It To

Points: Who so ever will, let them come. He gave us points on how we must come to Jesus.

The key verse to this text isn't to tell but show what God can do.

He reminded us that we could always depend on God. He told us about the difference of church as just a meeting place and the church of the Holy Spirit.

Music ministry..Bro. R. Whitmire
The Gospel Chorus
1. Better Days Are Coming
2. I Want To Be Ready To Try On
My Long While Robe

[01/22/19]   Pastah Larry Chapman
Scripture: Rev 21: 5-6
Thought: Everything Will Be

Pastah stated that God is already intervening for us. We are living in days where we hear much about pollution. He spoke of the mindset of people and the peerless times that we are in.

Even though it seems to get harder and harder to keep the faith we must continue to stay focus on what the Word of God says. God is still blessings us and He will see us through if we hold onto our faith.

Music Ministry..Bro. R. Whitmire
Songs of praise and worship
The Male Chorus....
1. Another Blessings
2. I Got To Run
3. Meeting Tonight

[01/06/19]   Rev. John Manigault
Scriptures: 1 Samuel 30: 6,
2 Cornth 5: 10-18
Thought: A New Man In Christ

Praise and worship..
Mixed Chorus/ Deacons

Music Ministry..Bro. R. Whitmore
Songs of deliverance
The Mixed Chorus

[12/16/18]   Pastah Larry Chapman

Scripture Luke 2: 4 thru 11
Thought/Theme: Christmas But
No Christ

He stated how many of us have taken Christ out of Christmas and now are guilty of Xmas too.

He said if you lift Jesus, He will bring joy to the world!!! He reminded us to go out and share this Good News with somebody.

Praise and Worship
lead by our Special guest:
The Lauren's Mass Choir

Song ministry..........Bro. Robbie
Songs of praise and preparation
The Mixed Chorus

This was our Christmas service/program Sunday beginning with our Sunday school ministry

We would like to thank each one for coming out and fellowshipping with us.

[11/29/18]   When you know the devil is busy messing with tou but the Lord got you covered!
Just keep thanking JESUS!

[11/26/18]   Pastah Larry Chapman
Scriptures: PS: 46 : 1-2,
Eph: 6 :10-13

Be Still and Know
Standing On The Promises
of God

Music Ministry..Bro. R. Whitmore

Songs of praise and worship
The Gospel Chorus

1. Better Days Are Coming
2. I Give Myself Away
3. God Got A Blessing

[11/22/18]   Good morning St. Paul family! Here is hoping that you have a blessed Thanksgiving!

[11/05/18]   Pastah Larry Chapman

Scriptures: John 3: 16-17,
Luke 23: 32-33

Thought: Thank. God For Love
and Mercy

He stated that these hours seem to be the darkest however we should see them as our best hours. If it wasn't for times like these there wouldn't be a need for deacons to pray and preacher s to preach and no need for His children to share the Good News of Jesus.

Music Ministry..
Bro. Robbie Whitmore

Songs of praise and worship
The Mass Choir

[10/28/18]   Today is the church 141st anniversary the speaker for this celebration is Rev. A. R. Wilson

Scripture: Matthew 5: 13-16
Thought: The Influence of The

He explained the difference between salt in the salt shakers and salt in the earth.

Examples: Salt in the shakers are like those folks that just go to church...and salt in the earth are those folks that have the church in them.

Question: Which one are you?

Music Ministry.. Bro. R. Whitmore

Songs of praise..Mass Choir

[10/21/18]   Pastah Larry Chapman

Scripture: PS 84: 10

Thought: No Place Like The
Pastah started out with a song
Shine On Me

He said he let his mind go back and wonder what it was like to be in the House of the Lord 141 years. As we get ready for this great celebration coming up on next Sunday. God has kept this body of believers moving on even through our ups and downs.

He reminded us who is the Church...not this building of brick and mortar but US! God children spirit that dwell in us is HIS CHURCH!!!!!

Many times while going through situations... If I can get to the church house, hear the songs of ZIon and the Word of God... I Know I will feel better. Stay in the Word of God!!!! Hold on to God's unchanging hand

He said don't leave the church out of our lives ..Stay with the church. Keep our hands in God Hand and everything will be all right.

Music Ministry.. Bro. R. Whitmore
Songs of ZIon The Male Chorus

1. You Didn't Have To Do It But
You Did Lord

2. I Believe It's In My Heart

3. Jesus Said If You Lean On Me

[10/14/18]   Pastah Larry Chapman
Scripture: Mark 5: 38-41

Thought: If You Call Him, He'll Come

He reminded us that is Jesus is a mighty Good Passenger to have in your life

Music ministry .Bro. R. Whitmore
Songs of preparation by the Gospel Choir

1. There Is A Blessings
In This House

2. Sit Down and Rest
A Little While

[09/23/18]   Second service
Pastah Larry Chapman

Scripture: 1Corinthian 13: 11- 13
Thought: God Hears Our Every

[08/19/18]   Pastah Larry Chapman
Scripture: Amos 7: 10-13

Thought: Something Good Is Going To Come This

Pastah Larry Chapman
explain the reasons why have Sunday school, mid-week service/ Bible study and Sunday morning worship service.

God will always have a messenger that knows and will tell you what is about to take place.

The Bible is letting us Know what is about to take place.

He stated there is a force on this Earth that is trying STOP us from enjoying the love of God.

Remember that something good will come out of these bad situations in this world.

Music ministry under the leadership of Bro. Robbie Whitmore

Songs by the Male Chorus

[07/08/18]   Pastah Larry Chapman 13th Anniversary Celebration
Pastah stated he had been at St. Paul closer to 15years.

Pastah Jerry Allen

Scriptures St. Mark 4: 14-->20
Revelations 7: 15
Thought ( St. Mark 4:20) These Are The They

He said the they was the ones (us) sitting in the sanctuary today.

Sis. Cheeks/ Pastah Allen bless the church with two selections

Presentation of the preacher
by Sister Cheeks

Music ministry..Bro. R. Whitmore
The Mass choir and a host of songs

[06/03/18]   Pastah Larry Chapman
Scripture: 1Corinthians 13: 1-11
Thought: God Hears your Every Cry

He reminded us about the times we are living in while letting us know that God will never leave nor forsake us....No matter what we are going through God shows up and many time show out!

God knows what all of us will have to endure and He hears our every cry...

Everything we have from the Lord is a blessing!

God put up a wall of protection for His Children...

Keep your hands in God's hands and everything will be all right

Music ministry..Bro. R. Robbie Whitmore

Mass choir..A medley of songs
Last song....Bro. Bubba
Sit Down And Rest A Little While

Devotion was lead by a young child..Yes Jesus Loves Me
Followed by a medley of praise and worship songs.

[05/20/18]   Pastah Larry Chapman
Scripture: Hebrew 12: 1-----
Thought: I Believe I Will Run On

Pastah stated we must lay aside every weight. Many times it will be the thing we want the most.

We have got to be fit physically and spiritually to run this Christian race

He reminded us that we will find strength when look to the cross.
Whatever we need God got it. We must trust in the Lord.

Music ministry..Bro. R. Whitmore
Choir......The Male Chorus
A medlody of praise and worship

[05/13/18]   Good morning f/b family! This morning the men of the church are cooking and serving the women a Mother's Day breakfast.

[04/29/18]   Rev. John Manigault

Scripture: St. John 11: 1-9, 12: 9
Thought: Jesus Is The Best Thing That Ever Happen To Us

He reminded us about the same Jesus that raised Lazarus from dead in His time is the same God that can and will work miracles in our lives today.

He told us to remember that folk will continue not to be for you as they did to Lazarus.

He still have the power but we have to wait for God time and not our.

The Male Chorus rendered our praise, worship and musical ministry under the leadership of Bro. Robbie Whitlock.

I want to thank God again for allowing my brother another opportunity to bring forth the good news of Jesus Christ.

[04/22/18]   Pastah L. Chapman
Scripture: Jeremiah 8: 20-22
Thought/Question: Is There No Balm

He said that God is still giving messages to His children. He stated that we need to put God first in everything we do.

He let us know that Jeremiah was called while in his mother's womb.

As God children we most be willing to carry one another's cross.

We all stand in the need of a healing balm.

Jesus is balm! Jesus have the power!

Jeremiah may have had all kinds of oppositions but he knew what God had called him to do.

Music Ministry ...Bro. R. Whitlock
The Gospel Chorus...

Dwell In Me Lord Jesus, Lord I Want To Be Free!!!!!

[04/15/18]   Pastah Larry Chapman
Scripture: Luke: 15: 11- 14
Thought: Lost but Found

He gave us three reason for this message
1. Lost Sheep
2. Lost Money
3. Lost Son

He gave us examples of how we will go out to find the lost sheep, lost money but for the lost sons, daughters. Very, very few of us will try to find the lost souls.

Yes, the prodical son!

He said many times experience is the best example to remind us of who we are and where we should be.

He reminded us about the son that stayed home and his ugly ways!!!!

He reminded us that we can't hurry God, you just have to wait!

When that son found his way back, the Father welcome him back

Songs ministry..Bro. Robbie Whitlock....The Male Chorus

Another Blessing
Nobody But You

[04/08/18]   Pastah Larry Chapman

Scripture: Mark 1: 40-44
Thought: Excusable Disobedience... I Just Can't Keep It To Myself!!

He asked us a question
Have you ever had to asks the Lord for something?

He stated the "key" word in this text
Not tell it.. Show it!!!

Some folks aren't moved by anything

Songs of Zion.. Bro. Robbie Whitlock
the Gospel Chorus

1. There Is A Blessing In This This House
2. You Don't Know What He Has Done For Me

[04/01/18]   Blessed Resurrection Day!

Pastah Larry Chapman
Scripture: Luke 23: 32-33
Thought: There Is A Fountain Fill With Blood
Drawn from Immanuel''s Vein

He reminded us why the Son of God came and died for our sins. Jesus knew to penalty of our sin was His death.

He said what sin will rob you of all God's blessings.

Melodies of Songs.. Bro. Robbie Whitlock
1. Yes Oh Yes Jesus Rose
2. Please Don't Do It Without Me
3. You Thought I Was Worth Saving

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