Pennsylvania Shindig

Pennsylvania Shindig


Questions - Regarding Accommodations and Meals

1- Regarding Hotel Style = You said (4) beds in the motel/hotel - what size beds?

2- What is the bathroom situation for that lodging? (Private? Shared?)

3- Regarding Bunks- how many bunks or individual beds are in each room? Assuming twin sized bunks. (eg. 5 bunks = 10 beds)

4- What is the bathroom situation regarding the bunk rooms? (Private Jack and Jill or just hall way entrance and totally shared with all the other bunk rooms.)

5. Any idea of schedule? I saw you wrote that this is more of a conference. How many meeting sessions are there during a day? (one in the morning only? or one in the morning and one at night etc.)

5- Regarding Meals - You said that housing costs include all meals costs for the entire camp also- Which meals does this include - {1) for day one 3) for day two, 3) for day three etc... }

6- When trying to fill out the registration, only the Hotel Option is allowed to be chosen. Does that mean all the bunk options are full?

7 - Regarding Pricing - Your video says bunks start at $500 for 4 people but the registration page says $575 and then the Price Calculator starts at $550 for the same bunk room.

Thank you for some clarifications -

The Pennsylvania is a homeschool family camp, where families from around the region and/or the country can join together in fellowship. It is a great place to connect to new families.

Operating as usual

[04/17/20]   If you have signed up for the Shindig, please check your e-mail.

[03/24/20]   UPDATE: We talked to the camp today. They do not want to cancel quite yet. They are following the CDC's guidelines, which would mean that they would cancel. However, if the Governor loosens the restrictions, then they will let us do the Shindig. Once again, if they cancel, anyone that has paid will get their money back.

[03/17/20]   We are watching the coronavirus very closely. We are still planning on doing the shindig in May. However, the camp wants to do whatever the CDC says. If we have to cancel we will be refunding money, so no worries there. But, we do not want to cancel too soon. So we are watching and waiting. May God bless you and keep you.

[03/08/20]   Two months till the Shindig. We still have room for those wanting to come!!! 02/24/2020

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[02/19/20]   We just got back for the Day of Fellowship in Dallas. It was a wonderful time. Can't wait for the PA shindig.

[02/02/20]   We are getting ready to send out our newest "Shindig Update". If you want to sign up, send up your address. Private message only please.


FAQs - Pennsylvania Shindig 2020


Housing / Prices - Pennsylvania Shindig 2020

Price calculator:


What is a shindig? - Pennsylvania Shindig 2020

An informational video about the Pennsylvania shindig.

[01/17/20]   Ok we have posted three different videos. Check them out.

[01/08/20]   We are hopefully going to be doing some videos this weekend to answer questions


Pennsylvania Shindig


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