Pray for US

Pray for US - Pray for the United States is an incorporated Christian Church & Outreach Ministry whose purpose is to restore faith in America.

Here is what our organizing charter says about Pray for US: 1. It is a nonprofit public interest, pro-United States of America action Organization devoted to promoting Christian unity worldwide; 2. It is dedicated to instruct, inform and educate the public on, and to litigate, significant legal issues confronting America including: - Upholding the constitution; and, - Promoting pro-United States of America positions - Based upon Judeo-Christian concepts 3. Through the use of an ecumenical viewpoint that promotes and fosters Christian unity throughout the world. 4. We seek to promote Christian unity and cooperation. 5. Pray for US has a very strong pro-Israel agenda as she is the only true friend America has in this world. 6. While Pray for US does not back particular candidates for office based upon their politics we certainly do based upon their religious convictions.

Mission: Our mission is to promote the Body of Christ throughout the world by preserving it right here in the United States as we believe the freedom of the world is in large part based upon the freedom of this country.

Come listen to an entire stable of conservative stallions an mares at the Western Conservative Conference in Phoenix, AZ on March 24. I'll be there teaching how to Destroy Vote Fraud! Come one come all.

His hand anoints so few yet gives such gifts; yet so few like SH give it all back and more. He will be sorely missed.

Faith Is Everlasting

Apple to Start Putting Sensitive Encryption Keys in China

So... I own an iPhone. Not much longer. Aside from the fact I cannot upload my favorite music from my PC to the darn thing, now the Chinese Communists are privy to my every record. BOYCOTT APPLE. When Apple next week begins shifting the iCloud accounts of its China-based customers to a local partner’s servers, it also will take a step that alarms some privacy specialists: store the encryption keys for those accounts in China.

Texas Hero: I Couldn't Have Stopped Mass Shooter Without My AR-15

2017 Hero Who Killed Texas Church Gunman: I Couldn’t Have Stopped Him Without My AR-15. Stand UP and fight! Follow @ZNEWSNET 2 stay current. The hero who stopped a gunman behind the deadly Texas church massacre said his AR-15 rifle enabled him to stop the bloodshed.

Mass Exodus Begins: 1000s Flee Venezuela's Socialist Starvation Across Bridge To Colombia

Thank you @SeanPenn for starving millions as massive numbers of Venezuelans have been driven from their homes by the dire financial crisis spurred by the disease that is socialism. Follow @ZNEWSNET 2 stay current. Colombia believes that there are currently around 600,000 Venezuelans illegally residing in the country. That number is expected to rise, as Venezuela continues to crumble...

'Defanged' Saudi religious police bring relief, foreboding

Happy Friday AND Tremendous Wonderful News for the World: Defanging Saudi religious police brings relief reports Yahoo. Finally, the aggressive Wahabi version of Islam is being deflated allowing people to live happy lives.

Follow @ZNEWSNET 2 stay current. A veiled Saudi woman and an unrelated man jig and twirl on a busy street, stirring a furious debate about the waning influence of the once-feared religious police, notorious for enforcing sex segregation. In recent years, Saudi Arabia launched a series of reforms, including gradually diminishing the

Pass Securing America’s Future Act NOW!

Support Conservative "Save America's Future Act" NOW by following my link below. Proposed act will approve some DACA with provisions for decreased chain migration (direct family only), build the wall and stop Visa Lottery. Follow @ZNEWSNET 2 stay current. President Trump and Many Conservative Republicans support the "Save America's Future Act" which will meet with STIFF RINO and Demo resistance - so Speak OUT! By: Charles Benninghoff ─ LAS VEGAS, NV: March 5th is coming up fast says President Trump in one of his famous tweets, this time directing t...

George Soros Donating $10 Million to ‘Anti-Hate’ Groups

Lying NAZI @georgesoros now offering $10 MM to Southern Poverty Law Center already funded to $250 MM in cash with money used to quash freedom of speech. Follow @ZNEWSNET 2 keep current. † In the coming year, George Soros plans to donate $10 million to groups “contending with incidents of hate” toward “persecuted populations.” Additionally, Soros’ Open Society Foundations will maintain a searchable database of these acts. However, OSF does not define what qualifies as “hat...

Earliest human remains outside Africa found inside Israeli cave

I never believed in the overtly PC and idiotic Out-of-Africa theory holding humans migrated 60K years ago; now archeologists have found jawbone 200K years old in @Israel cave. † Follow @ZNEWSNET for vital data. This finding changes everything we know about human evolution.

President Trump Forces FBI Director Wray to Fire McCabe

President Trump finally forces Wray to fire crooked McCabe. A victory for the people. Follow @ZNEWSNET By: Charles Benninghoff - Las Vegas, NV: Why did a senior FBI official speak at and highly praise a Muslim mosque that according to U.S. government records "has been linked to numerous individuals linked to terrorist financing" and has "very, very violent materials" in its library that promoted phys...

Clinton-Obama Corruption Uranium One: The Rest of the Story

CLINTON BIG TROUBLE: Read about new developments in Uranium ONE: H. Clinton, E. Holder were investigating Rosatom for racketeering b/c the Clinton Foundation had rec'd $130 million. Now a HUGE indictment of DoD executive is released. Follow @ZNEWSNET Demand a Special Counsel to dig into the Clinton Foundation's $145 million donation from Russians while she approved the sale of 20% of America's uranium in Russia collusion.

Help President Trump Drain FBI

Help President Trump Drain The FBI Swamp - my article explains how this can be done. By: Charles Benninghoff It pains me to write this, but FBI corruption exists and must be cauterized. - Las Vegas, NV: For me, at least, this article is not an easy one to write. It is about the corruption in the FBI. So, it is painful to write. The FBI, once the finest law enforcement agency in the....

PASS the H.R.3697 - Criminal Alien Gang Member Removal Act

Tired of kids in the block raped, tortured and murdered by MS-13 and other violent foreign gangs? Help support the Criminal Alien Gang Member Removal Act. It passed house and has languished in the senate 'til now as we tell 'em to get off their collective butts and PASS it! Alien gang members are terrorizing Americans across our great continent here due to Democrats need for votes but each one must be kicked out or ever allowed in.

Obama’s Library: Distant Learning With a Purpose

Former president Obama's 20-acre "center" in Chicago is not what it seems to be. Please read Charles Benninghoff's article then take action against this modern-day terrorist training camp paid for at US taxpayer expense. Follow @ZNEWSNET to stay current. By: Charles Benninghoff - Las Vegas, NV: While Washington, DC collectively scratches its head in trying to plumb Barack Obama's envisioned 20-acre presidential "library", a detailed analysis of the facts surrounding this Trojan Horse of American radicalism conducted by Pray for US - Pray for America...

The Nature of God

The Nature of God - beautiful production. You MUST click the link below as the screenshot is not linked. The Nature of God - A beautiful video of God's nature accompanied by Amazing Grace from Thomas Jones and Richard Berardi

Mueller Is Ceating Modern Wolf Pack to Sink Democracy

The RINOs in Congress along with the Democrats and life-tenured federal employees are working hard to Impeach Trump. Our campaign today is all about whey the effort should fail. By: Charles Benninghoff - Mueller has appointed Trump-hating globalists, liars and lawbreakers; for example, Aaron Zebley stonewalled Congress' lawful demands.

Obama’s Illegal DACA Program Must Be Shut Down.

NO ON DACA. Read the Facts. By Charles Benninghoff Illegal Aliens Demand Full US Citizenship and complain that white supremacy is murdering them. Las Vegas, NV - This article explores the highly-controversial, unconstitutional and illegal exercise of executive order by Barack Obama in 2012 now called either DACA or the Dream A...

Mueller Obstructs Justice ’til DOJ Leaks

Today's Pray for US campaign to seek House's filing contempt of congress against FBI and DOJ for a variety of subjects not the least of which is hiding highly important information concerning bias in investigations for six months. By Charles Benninghoff Las Vega, NV - President Trump Tweeted to his millions of Twitter followers, "Now it all becomes clear…" that anti-Trump, Hillary-Clinton-supporting DOJ & FBI personnel have been waging a secret war against his administration House GOP leaders had issued subpoena's demanding...

Pakistan Protects Muslim Terrorists & Scoffs At United States

Pakistan loves its terrorists. Here is an article about Hafiz Saeed who was the ring leader of the Mumbai Massacre that saw 161 - including three Americans - murdered by Muslim terrorist thugs. By Charles Benninghoff Death, Devastation and Mayhem caused by Hafiz Saeed, leader of the Pakistani Muslim terror group named Lashkar-e-Taiba, who was the organizer and leader of Muslim Mumbai Massacre. Las Vegas NV – Today sometime – the hour is secret for reasons I'll explain, President Trump'...

Shut Down The Power of the Administrative State

Founder of @ZNEWSNET Charles Benninghoff publishes article on Destroying the Deep Administrative State and how to do it. Interesting reading if you're MAGA. If you're not, it is a road map to oblivion for you. By: Charles Benninghoff America is in great peril now because President Trump has been unable to push through the Senate nominees who are patriotic and conservative because of the so-called "cloture rule" which rule allows every single nominee to be stymied at the will of a single opposing senator.…

Greedy Trial Lawyers Work to Punish American Families

Now the American Bar Association has gone on record supporting illegal aliens over citizens. Halleluiah! American families can rejoice... or can they? American Bar Association is working to defraud 30,000 Americans each week in 2018 of their jobs & home

Expel Debbie Wasserman from Congress

Federal prosecutors continue adding charges to the list of alleged crimes committed by Rep. Debbie Wasserman’s (D-FL) personal Pakistani information technology (IT) worker, Imran Awan, who stole massive amounts of classified documents from Congress over a 10-year period.

Wasserman was paying Imran Awan and Awan’s family members 400% the standard rate for congressional IT work and continued to keep Awan on her payroll for ten months after she learned he was the subject of a federal espionage investigation. Wasserman had to know her employees were spying on the rest of the US Congress.

Faithful participation in our campaigns is the way that Pray For US is able to bring you vitally important pro-America breaking news to preserve Faith, Family and Flag so click this link to urge Congress to expel Debbie Wasserman:

The House of Representatives has the authority to expel one of its own Members under Article 1, Section 5 of the US Constitution.

Wasserman’s employee Awan has now been declared a flight risk. His passport has been taken away and he has been fitted with an electronic monitoring device. Awan’s wife has been charged alongside him with four counts of bank fraud after the feds say the couple wired hundreds of thousands of dollars to Pakistan.

The Awan brothers who were employed by Wasserman and 30 other House Democrats have been linked to the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist organization.

Investigators have learned that Wasserman’s star employee had unauthorized access to Top Secret congressional servers 5,400 times and streamed several terabytes of data to an offsite server, possibly a server owned and controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood.

Capitol police first told Wasserman that the Awans were under investigation in September of 2016 – almost a year before Imran Awan was finally arrested last July.

The other Democrats who were employing the Awans for IT work fired them back in February when they were informed of the investigation.

But not Wasserman! She kept Imran Awan on her payroll until the very day of his arrest in July 2017 and even after that point, investigators say Awan STILL had access to congressional servers through a fake email address.

Police also seized a laptop during the investigation which was in Awan’s possession. The laptop had the login name “RepDWS” (Debbie Wasserman-Schultz).

Wasserman threatened the Chief of the Capitol Police force in a congressional hearing with “consequences” if they would not return her laptop to her! Debbie REALLY did not want investigators learning what was on her laptop which was in Awan’s possession!

Everything about Wasserman’s actions screams GUILTY, GUILTY, GUILTY! Just as Moses declared in Numbers 32:23, “Be sure your sin will find you out,” Debbie Wasserman has been caught in the biggest corruption, data theft and possibly foreign espionage action against the US government in history.

But if you and I do not speak out, she will get away scot-free. The public employees union Capitol Police will not dare to charge the powerful Wasserman with a crime, so we have to speak out and demand that she be expelled by her colleagues who she was spying on! Rep. Debbie Wasserman (D-FL) kept a Pakistani IT staffer on her payroll when she knew he was spying for foreign ops so Debbie should be expelled by the House!

Support President Trump's MAGA Immigration Plan

President Trump has unveiled his incredible America First immigration reform plan and it is now up to the American people to put relentless pressure on the globalists in Congress to pass these reforms.

The President announced that he is ready to work with Congress on these three urgent priorities for America: A southern border wall, a crackdown on sanctuary cities and an end to “chain migration.”

Faithful participation in our campaigns is the way that Pray For US is able to bring you vitally important pro-America breaking news to preserve Faith, Family and Flag so click this link to help persuade the GOP to support President Trump’s immigration plan:

Among President Trump’s priorities:

- A fully funded and completed southern border wall
- Interior enforcement including cracking down on sanctuary cities that harbor illegal alien felons, plus hiring 10,000 new Border Patrol agents
- Green cards for spouses and minor children only — no more chain migration that brings massive numbers of unmerited aliens into the country

There is no mention of Obama’s Dreamers who were shielded from deportation in President Trump’s list of priorities. Likewise, there is no mention of amnesty for any illegal aliens including Obama’s unaccompanied minors that were brought in to try to sucker America into supporting amnesty.

The president’s immigration plan is the return to law and order for which America has been clamoring! As the Bible declares in Amos 5:24, “Let justice run down like water, and righteousness like a mighty stream!”

America has been victimized by globalists who ignored our laws and tore apart our borders, language and culture for far too long. Now we must convince Congress to support these reforms so that we can regain our pride and prosperity as a nation! Show your support for President Trump's incredible America First immigration plan for a completed wall, 10K new border agents and full sanctuary city crackdown!

Investigate Very Fake News in America

President Trump has called for congressional investigations into worldwide media sources that are promulgating lies and Anti-American propaganda, and are in virtual lockstep with each other in promulgating fake news.

Congress must exert every effort possible and spend whatever resources necessary to determine why the media is doing this, who is coordinating this and what is the overall objective.

Faithful participation in our campaigns is the way that Pray For US is able to bring you vitally important pro-America breaking news to preserve Faith, Family and Flag so click this link to urge Congress to spare no expense when it comes to investigating the Very Fake News media:

Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Richard Burr (R-NC) told reporters this week, “The committee continues to look into all evidence to see if there was any hint of Russia collusion.”

Burr then actually stated that the committee has found no evidence at all — after all these months’ of investigation!

In response to Burr’s comments, President Trump said on Twitter, “Why isn’t the Senate Intel Committee looking into the Fake News Networks in OUR country to see why so much of our news is just made up – FAKE!”

President Trump is absolutely correct! The Very Fake News media has lied to the American people about virtually every issue that has been reported on and this has been going on for years.

We believe this is by design and that many reporters are in fact working to advance the goals of the International Socialist Organization, the globalist and Marxist organization dedicated to overthrowing the US Constitution and turning America over to the United Nations.

Freedom of the press does not extend to reporters and news outlets that lie, slander and libel their subjects, even if that subject is a public figure such as President Trump.

Even the most fraudulent of the Very Fake News media, CNN, admits that it is knowingly lying about “Russian collusion.” Van Jones of CNN stated on camera that the entire Russian collusion story is a “nothing-burger” but that the network continues to pursue it because it is good for CNN’s ratings!

Proverbs 10:18 states, “Whoever conceals hatred with lying lips and spreads slander is a fool.” The American Republic cannot continue to exist with a media that no longer operates under any pretense of objectivity and truth-telling.

The Very Fake News lies about everything from the recent Las Vegas shooting to President Trump’s visit to Puerto Rico – and it is all to advance the agenda of the World Socialist Organization which seeks to topple all free governments. Congress has wasted millions of taxpayer dollars investigating Russia collusion fairy tales but the real threat to American democracy is Very Fake News media.

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