Prison Fellowship International

We help restore justice and healing to families and communities in response to crime.

Prison Fellowship International is a global association of 120 national affiliates, working with the assistance of over 45,000 volunteers, to promote human dignity and the transformation of prisoners.

Prison Fellowship International is the world's largest and most extensive criminal justice ministry.

Mission: The mission of Prison Fellowship International is to proclaim and demonstrate God's love by reaching out to prisoners, ex-prisoners, their families, victims and the community. PFI is a ministry of transformation and reconciliation. The heart of Jesus' teaching is love and forgiveness - living in peace with God and with one another, even those who offend us.

“I am from a Muslim family and it was hard for me to believe anything about Jesus. I thank God because he has used prison as a vehicle for me to encounter Jesus Christ. I joined The Prisoner’s Journey not because I was interested in it but to make myself busy and pass the time. Week after week, I began to focus more as the facilitators brought to light the powerful words of Jesus. I finally realized that I needed a savior in my life and gave my life to Jesus.” — Lajab, prisoner in Malawi.

HMP Oakwood, the UK’s largest prison, is home to a Storybook Dad’s program that has seen 500 videos recorded by prisoners as they read books. The videos are then sent to their children and families.

Project to support children who suffer a 'hidden sentence' when loved ones are sent to prison

Volunteers working with the children’s charity Bernardo’s have logged more than 1,300 hours assisting families who visit several prisons near Shaftesbury in the UK. “Barnardo’s provides a welcoming presence at the visitor centres so that children and families don’t feel lost and alone.” People are being invited to join a life-changing project to support vulnerable children when family member is sent to prison.

Mirriam - Prison Fellowship International

Mirriam lives in Zambia with her brothers and mother. Her father is in prison. Mirriam wants to be a nurse. As a child sponsor, you can help Mirriam and her family have access to food, healthcare, school, and opportunities to experience God’s love. Find out more at our website: Mirriam lives in Zambia in a cement blocks dwelling with with 2 brothers. Mirriam’s mother struggles to care for her as her father is in prison. Mirriam likes jumping rope and dancing. She likes the color pink. As Mirriam’s sponsor, you help provide nutritious food, healthcare, and opportunities...

Natasha - Prison Fellowship International

In Malawi, 62% of the population lives below the international poverty line. Children of prisoners like Natasha are at an even higher risk of not having access to the food, healthcare, and education they need. You can help Natasha and other Malawi children – find out more at our website: Natasha lives with her siblings in a bricks dwelling in Malawi. Natasha’s mother struggles to care for her as her father is in prison. As Natasha’s sponsor, you help provide nutritious food, healthcare, and opportunities to experience God’s love. Because you care, she will be able to go to sch...

Actor Stathis Grapsas shares his 40-year journey in theatre, from primary schools to prisons and more | Neos Kosmos

Actor Stathis Grapsas created a personal development workshop for prisoners and is a collaborator with the Greek National Theatre in four prison facilities in Greece. Actor and director Stathis Grapsas will share his life changing experience in the theatre, in a special seminar at the Greek Centre, on Thursday 10 October. Starting from the Melbourne …

Vincent - Prison Fellowship International

Vincent is four years old and lives with his mother and siblings in Malawi. His father is in prison. As a child sponsor, you can help provide children like Vincent with nutritious food, healthcare, and education. Learn more about children in Malawi and how to sponsor at our website: Vincent lives with his siblings in a bricks dwelling in Malawi. Vincent’s mother struggles to care for him as his father is in prison. As Vincent’s sponsor, you help provide nutritious food, healthcare, and opportunities to experience God’s love. Because you care, he will be able to go to scho...

Remand population hits all-time high

The remand population of New Zealand has hit an all-time high, nearly one-third of the total prison population, and it isn’t unusual for individuals to go through as many as seven court events before sentencing. Despite some early success the Government had lowering the prison population, remand is now on the rise.

"We draw people to Christ not by loudly discrediting what they believe, by telling them how wrong they are and how right we are, but by showing them a light that is so lovely that they want with all their hearts to know the source of it." ― Madeleine L'Engle

Annie Moses Band Announces 2019 Christmas Tour

Prison Fellowship International is sponsoring five "Christmas with the Annie Moses Band" dates to benefit children of prisoners overseas through child sponsorship. Visit our events page for more info! PBS sensation and Emmy-nominated, award-winning folk group, Annie Moses Band, known for its fiery string playing and soulful renditions of beloved American songs, is taking its popular holiday show, Christmas with the Annie Moses Band, on tour for the 2019 Christmas season. Annie Moses Band launche

The women behind bars 'releasing their demons' on an unlikely stage

Women prisoners in Melbourne’s maximum-security prison, Dame Phyllis Frost Centre, are preparing to perform their self-written play with the help of Somebody’s Daughter Theatre Company. Somebody’s Daughter has operated arts and drama programs for prisoners for almost 40 years. It's just past 11am and deep within the walls of Melbourne's maximum security women's prison, an escape is underway.

“I came into Suleja prison with a life that seems meaningless and awaiting death. The Prisoner’s Journey program brought me life and hope. My life now has meaning because I had a powerful encounter during the program and can now confidently say that I am a Christian. I know this because my attitude and way of life has changed. Halleluiah!” – Michael, Prisoner in Nigeria #hope #theprisonersjourney #prison #prisonministry #Nigeria

'Invisible Victims Of Crime': Push To Recognise The Rights Of Children Of Prisoners

The innocent victims of crime, children who have at least one parent in prison, are estimated to number 43,000 in Australia. "Everybody in Australia is paying for all the people in prison and we are also paying for the impact that this is having on the next generation." Around 43,000 children across Australia currently have at least one parent in prison and with the nation's incarceration rates steadily growing, that number is only set to increase

A video from Prison Fellowship Malawi -- this young woman is headed back to school, thanks to child sponsorship! Watch at the link:

The Rehabilitation of Offenders Committee, newly reconstituted, works closely with Prison Fellowship Bahamas.

FA Cup: The Southport manager giving second chances to former prisoners

Southport general manager Liam Watson believes in giving former prisoners second chances on the football field. "I've made mistakes in my life. Deep down, everyone has made mistakes in their lives - some have been bigger than others.” Having served time in prison, midfielder Russell Benjamin is playing at Southport, where boss Liam Watson believes in second chances.

There are many ways to help Prison Fellowship International make a difference in the lives of prisoners, their families, and their communities. Find out more at our website:

APAC Is Changing Lives in Brazil - Prison Fellowship International

“APAC helps prisoners reconsider ‘who they can be in relationship to the people they’ve harmed, their families, and other people in the community.’” – David Van Patten, COO of Prison Fellowship International. Read about the Association for the Protection and Assistance of the Condemned (APAC), and how Prison Fellowship Brazil has helped spread the program to over 50 prisons. APAC Prisons are changing the way that prisoners view themselves, they way they view those they've harmed, and how they see their place in society.

Thousands of offenders could avoid jail under Labour plans to halt most short prison sentences

“We don’t think that prison is the best place for them. People whose lives are often already chaotic have them further disrupted by these super-short prison sentences. They lose their homes and their jobs, relationships break down and communication between women and their children is undermined.” Exclusive: Shadow justice secretary Richard Burgon tells Brighton conference non-custodial punishments will cut reoffending and help offenders get their lives on track

BHEKISISA | Swaziland - Prison Fellowship International

“Now I understand who Jesus is. I learned that knowing Him will enable me to talk to Him in confidence.” Read Bhekisisa’s story at our website. Bhekisisa found peace and forgiveness in prison.

Blessed assurance, Jesus is mine
O what a foretaste of glory divine
Heir of salvation, purchase of God
Born of His Spirit, washed in His blood
– Blessed Assurance, Fanny Jane Crosby #blessedassurance #prison #prisonministry #washedinHisblood

AUBREY | Malawi - Prison Fellowship International

Aubrey is one of the first children registered into the child sponsorship program in Malawi. His mother shared that she could not afford to send Aubrey to first grade, because the country’s school fees are too high. She said Aubrey loved school and it saddened her that he was not able to go. Read more of Aubrey’s story at our website: Aubrey is one of the first children registered into the CPP in Malawi. He lives in a small, rural village with his brother, his grandmother, and his mother.

The Limerick, Ireland based Bedford Row Family Project recently celebrated 20 years of helping families impacted by incarceration.

These 4 women are equipping prisoners with the required skill to lead dignified lives

Read the stories of several women entrepreneurs in India who are working to assist women in prison with job training and rehabilitation. These initiatives launched by the entrepreneurs are helping inmates to discover their talents and utilise their time effectively and make an income.

EDISON | Colombia - Prison Fellowship International

Edison served a year in prison, leaving a three-year-old daughter at home and experiencing cruelty from fellow prisoners. But he is grateful the Lord saved him, and he is participating in both The Prisoner’s Journey and the Sycamore Tree Project. Read more of his story: Edison identified with Jesus, and found forgiveness.

Minister Promises Help for Female Prisoners

“I will do my best for you to have a house on rent, as well as a good job. I would like you not to back to the crime path, not to go back to the circumstances that led you to commit the crime.” The Minister of Justice in Albania has announced legislation to assist women prisoners. Minister of Justice, Etilda Gjonaj held an interpellation this Friday with female prisoners serving sentences at Ali Demi Prison in Tirana.

ORNELLA | Rwanda - Prison Fellowship International

“I forgive those who massacred my family.” Ornella is a volunteer for The Prisoner’s Journey evangelism and discipleship program in a Rwamagana prison in Rwanda. Read more of Ornella’s story here: Ornella thought she would never forgive the prisoners who killed her family. Now she is teaching them about forgiveness.

1,678 young Rwandans in prison graduate with vocational skills

“We all have the responsibility to help young people who graduate from rehabilitation centres to sustainably reintegrate in the community, in order to ensure their better future and prevent recidivism.” Almost 1,700 Rwandans who received rehabilitation services and vocational training in prison have graduated. 1,678 young people who benefited from rehabilitation services and Technical, Vocational Education and Training (TVET) courses like carpentry, masonry, tailoring and agriculture with literacy and numeracy, motorcycle driving and other crosscutting courses have graduated at Iwawa Rehabilitation Centre...

Prison Fellowship International works with a wide variety of Christian artists at events happening throughout the U.S., including Anita Renfroe, Liz Curtis Higgs , Sandi Patty, and Annie Moses Band. We’re honored to present our child sponsorship program at each one. Won’t you join us?

How Prison Ministry Inspired an All-Female Audio Bible

The Courage for Life Bible is the first audio version recorded with multiple women’s voices. Ann White - Courage For Life was inspired to create this version through her work in prison ministry. “I want to see hearts heal from past trauma so that when prisoners go home, the recidivism rate drops.” Working with at-risk and abused women led SBC teacher Ann White to fill an unexpected need.

Prison Fellowship International is pleased to announce that Malawi joins our eight other national ministries. We estimate there are more than 42,600 children of prisoners country-wide in Malawi, the majority of whom fall into the bottom rungs of society. Find out how you can help at our website:

33 children of prisoners sponsored in Greensburg PA! THANK YOU to Sandi Patty and Sheila Walsh for partnering with Prison Fellowship International to help rescue these precious kids. Upcoming shows in TN, NC, OH, IL, MO! 👉 Tickets at

KAREN | Australia - Prison Fellowship International

“In so many ways, secondary victims of crime are prisoners too . . . prisoners trapped in pain, fear, and sometimes hate.” Karen’s daughter Jesse was 15 years old when she was murdered. Karen became involved in Sycamore Tree Project through Prison Fellowship Australia to “make something positive out of something so destructive.” Read more about Karen’s story at the link. Karen found the strength to forgive the man who took her daughter’s life.

Gauze-making helps prisoners hone new skill

“When [the prisoners] work, they get the opportunity to meet their friends and share a lighter moment.” Prisoners at Madurai Central Prison in India have been learning work skills and gaining confidence by making gauze for hospitals for more than 15 years. Madurai Central Prison inmates produce 3,000 m of gauze every day for GRH

The Prisoner’s Journey is proven to transform the lives of prisoners, from the inside out, by introducing them to restorative relationship with the person of Jesus. One participant shared, “Through this program, I have learned what God did to save me. My behavior has changed so much that now I have a strong desire to reflect the heart of God. I have changed so much that I have been released on probation.” #prison #prisonministry #restoration #Jesus

Man who left prison and became homeless calls for more to be done to help ex-offenders

Evidence is growing that housing is the most pressing issue facing prisoners upon release from Welsh prisons. The Welsh Government says it is "working to ensure that people leaving prison are able to secure suitable and safe housing.” Jamie Jones went to jail for eight weeks earlier this year. He had been renting a flat but when he left prison, he had been evicted for not paying the rent and found himself homeless. It's a familiar story to many people leaving institutions in Wales. Homelessness charity The Wallich says people are...

Veteran amputee helping ex-forces inmates rebuild their lives

“Making Generation R” (R stands for Resiliance) is a project which helps veterans amputees connect with fellow members of their military family who are in prison. “Teaching those in custody to react to challenging situations in a positive way helps them build vital skills for release.” A combat medic who lost both legs in a Taliban bomb blast has been deployed by a London charity to inspire ex-forces prisoners with the story of how he rebuilt his life after being wounded. Last week Si Harmer helped launch the pilot scheme — which offers life tips and the hope of improving inmate...

Study commissioned to establish level of delinquency in Rwanda

A nationwide survey is underway in Rwanda to determine the root causes and extent of delinquency in the country, as well as potential solutions. News Study commissioned to establish level of delinquency in Rwanda By Ange Iliza & Emmanuel Ntirenganya Published : August 24, 2019 | Updated : August 24, 2019 Twitter Facebook Email Whatsapp linkedin More Share this article Twitter Facebook Email Whatsapp linkedin Parents celebrate with their chil...

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