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Through Prison Fellowship Angel Tree™, churches are coming alongside families of the incarcerated at Christmastime, and all year long.

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“I think anybody caring for the children [of incarcerated parents] and themselves needs support, too. Everybody needs self-care, and everybody needs help sometimes.” National Single Parent Day was yesterday, and we want to honor the moms and dads who are giving their all for their kids during a parent’s incarceration. 03/22/2021

How a Man Chasing Worldly Things Became a Joyful Giver

"[Prison Fellowship Angel Tree] would give me a platform to be able to witness. I would get so many men showing up at the [prison] chapel just to pick up those Angel Tree forms. It gave those of us who were Christians a time to minister to these guys." The generosity of strangers helped Oscar Rosales stay connected to his chilren even while incarcerated. It also changed his life mission.


"Without Prison Fellowship Angel Tree, these kids wouldn't get to know God … Without camp, I probably would not have God in my life." – Paige, AT camp participant who became a camp counselor. #AngelTree #AngelTreeCamping #PrisonFellowshipAngelTree


Prison Fellowship Angel Tree


"This program is an awesome program. It does change lives. Not just for the moment but … for the rest of my life and the rest of my kids' lives. And Angel Tree was a part of it. God is using Angel Tree in an awesome way.” #AngelTreeCamping #AngelTree #children #hope


“At [the sports camp] we put God first in everything. Everything that we do in front of the kids, we do for a reason … them watching me pray before I do this event or watching us do the drill, watching how hard my mom is working. Even the parents, they can take something from this.” — Kenny Clark, Green Bay Packers football player and former Angel Tree kid. #AngelTree #ATSportsCamps #kids 02/25/2021

New Jersey Woman Spearheads 'Angel Tree' Service Project To Help Children Of Incarcerated Parents

Along with her sorority sisters of Alpha Kappa Alpha, 83-year-old June Lockett of New Jersey has been serving hundreds of children of incarcerated parents through Prison Fellowship’s Angel Tree program since 2013. “It’s a joy to know these families because they’re just great,” she said. Watch her story at the link: "The purpose was first just to give a Christmas gift in the name of the parent so the child knows the parent was thinking about them and loved them," 83-year-old June Lockett said.


Prison Fellowship

Prison Fellowship mourns the passing of John Baker, the humble leader used by his Savior to found Celebrate Recovery, and who consequently lit the way for countless people on the road to recovery.


“You made my day, and I know she will appreciate it. The kid’s Bible was delivered today, and my granddaughter was elated with joy. My wife was also happy because she reads to her before she goes to sleep each night. This is a great Bible, and I am happy to receive it for her. She just started school on Monday, and she had butterflies the first couple of days, but now she is eager and excited to go to school. Thank you and God bless your organization.”


Angel Tree Christmas 2020 Report Back

Thank you to everyone who supported Prison Fellowship Angel Tree Christmas 2020! All eligible children, over 226,000, were served nationwide, with over 65,000 of those served virtually this year! You acted on behalf of those dads and moms in prison, to deliver a gift on their behalf to their children, and remind them that they are not forgotten. #hope #AngelTree #ItStartsWithAGift

Thank you to all the wonderful partners and volunteers who served with Angel Tree in 2020!Find out more about Prison Fellowship at our website:


“I’ve been to camp 9 years. Denise, a counselor, had a huge impact on my life, when she was telling me her story, and it was just like, ‘Oh, there’s other people that have lived life harder than me and have experienced rougher things in life than I did. And it’s just, ‘Oh, I thought I had the worst of it!’” #AngelTree #AngelTreeCamping #incarceration #children #family 02/13/2021

A Rebel on the Streets Finds the Way to Life - Angel Tree

"I wasn't a believer [in Christ], but Angel Tree said they would give gifts to my child," says Rafael. That was enough for him to sign up for the Angel Tree Christmas program. … And every year, his relationship with his daughter grew closer. Running the streets felt like freedom to Rafael, but he was hurtling toward destruction. In prison, a flyer caught Rafael’s eye, and everything changed.


“I missed out on so much while I was away, and Angel Tree helped me start making up for it. I know nothing can replace Mommy at home, but this was the best we could do. And it did a lot. My kids still talk about it. It’s amazing what a simple gift can do.” #AngelTree #ItStartsWithAGift #children #incarceration 02/06/2021

Braille Bible Beats Out Barbie: Making God's Word Available to All

“How fortunate we are to have God's Word so available to us all.” Where does one find a Bible in braille? Sean and his daughters had no idea where to start, but with God all things are possible.


“I always questioned God a lot. Like, God, why would You put me through all these things for nothing? There's nothing good that's gonna come out of this. But as He was pushing me more towards camp, I realized God sent me here as a kid and let me grow up here and had counselors build relationships with me and pour His love into me, so that I could come back and do the same.” #AngelTree #Camping #kids #love 01/30/2021

When Families Serve a Prison Sentence: A Caregiver’s Story

"Having a loved one in prison is hard. You're doing time with them," says Karen. When her grown daughter went to prison, Karen became mom to her daughter's young children. It was the most difficult thing she’s ever done—and she would do it all over again if she had to. When her daughter went to prison, Karen accepted the dual role of Mom and Grandma to take care of two little ones. It was difficult.


“My grandson left a very large, mirrored door in my garage and later decided he didn't want it. I noticed a workman with a large truck in my neighborhood, and offered him $20 to remove the mirror. When I tried to pay him, the young man said no, he didn't want it. I went home and remembered the Christmas gift program you run [Angel Tree]. So I went back and told him I’d like to send the money to your program and told him what it was. Very quietly he murmured that HE had been one of those children without a parent who was in jail. He had tears in his eyes and thanked me. I didn't tell him I sent $50 instead of $20. Now we're friends!! Your blessings go far and touch many hearts—connecting strangers and healing wounds. I'll remember you next year!! God bless you all.” – Patty 01/23/2021

Can a Family Separated by Prison Walls Survive? Life on the Outside

"As much as you hurt us, it hurts us more to not have you in our lives. … We still love you, and we forgive you." An incarcerated father. A mom left on her own. Could Diane and her girls survive life on the outside without John? A story of hope for Valentine's Day.


“I would like to thank you and Angel Tree for making my kids’ Christmas joyous. I would also like to thank everyone involved in Torrington, Wyo. for taking the time to take the gifts to my children and putting smiles on their faces, and it really makes me proud that when I talked to my boys they told me thank you dad for the presents. I’m so proud that Angel Tree has once again done this for me and my family. May you have a Very Merry X-Mas and a Happy New year. God Bless You All!” – Incarcerated parent. #AngelTree #ItStartsWithAGift 01/16/2021

How Angel Tree Helped Shane Gain a Second Chance at Fatherhood

"I started to realize that my children were collateral damage in my life. I loved them, and I never wanted to hurt them, but they were damaged as a result of my addiction." Shane discovered a bright spot in the midst of his darkness: Angel Tree. Shane wasn't the only one punished for his crimes. Here's how Angel Tree helped Shane gain a second chance at fatherhood by healing his family.


“It was time for us to start [participating in] another ministry to connect with people where they are—not where we are. And it's not about having endless resources. It's about outreach. … It’s about building bridges with families.” #AngelTree #church #ministry #incarceration #family 01/09/2021

4 Ways You Can Minister to Children with Incarcerated Parents

Angel Tree starts with a gift. But what happens when the last present is opened, the decorations are packed away, and a new year starts? The Angel Tree program ministers to prisoners’ children not just at Christmas but all year, too. Check out these four ways you can help Angel Tree kids and their families throughout the year. Check out these four ways you can help the children and families of prisoners through the Prison Fellowship Angel Tree program throughout the year. 01/05/2021

Prison fellowship program helps bring Christmas joy to one Coastal Bend family

"Although the gifts weren't being handed to the kids directly from their dad, seeing the personalized notes brought them a smile that only their dad could give." Via KIII 3 News "It makes me happy because I get to see their smiles," said Abagail Barrera.


“The people delivering were very friendly and loving. It was very kind and well received. The kids felt special receiving a gift from Dad. Thank you.” —Caregiver. #AngelTree #PFAngelTree #ItStartsWithAGift 01/02/2021

4 Ways You Can Minister to Children with Incarcerated Parents

Angel Tree starts with a gift. But what happens when the last present is opened, the decorations are packed away, and a new year starts? The Angel Tree program ministers to prisoners’ children not just at Christmas but all year, too. Check out these four ways you can help Angel Tree kids and their families throughout the year. Check out these four ways you can help the children and families of prisoners through the Prison Fellowship Angel Tree program throughout the year.


“Christians, who are specifically called to care for the bruised and broken of society, can bring hope. This means caring for offenders, both during and after their incarceration, as well as their families.” #ChuckColson #AngelTree #Christmas #family #hope 12/26/2020

Miranda and Trinity - An Angel Tree Story

When her dad went to prison, Miranda's daughter Trinity was crushed. And then, one Christmas, something wonderful happened. Watch as Miranda talks about the impact of Angel Tree on her family. When her dad went to prison, Miranda's daughter Trinity was crushed. She didn't really understand what had happened, but it was obvious she was heartbroken.A...


Prison Fellowship

It’s Christmas, a time to reflect on the birth of Jesus Christ, who brings light to the world. As Christians, we believe that Jesus—Himself born, brought to trial, executed, buried, and brought to life again—offers hope, healing, and a new purpose for each life. We wish you a very merry Christmas. God bless you. "But when the set time had fully come, God sent his Son, born of a woman, born under the law, to redeem those under the law, that we might receive adoption to sonship." — Galatians 4:4-5. #Christmas #MerryChristmas #freedom #hope #newlife 12/24/2020

As 2020 passes, spirit of giving still strong as a Christmas blessing - Wrangler News

“I don’t know what they feel inside there, but maybe it picks them up and they say, ‘Hey, I got something.’ And that little kid, whether they are 3 or 15, they call and they have contact with their mom or dad in prison they can say, ‘I got a gift. Thanks, Dad.’” In a difficult year, three burgeoning faith communities in Tempe and West Chandler, have not lost their spirit of giving. 12/24/2020

Angel Tree provides presents for children of inmates

“It was a great honor to serve these families. We delivered packages to one family, and she was in tears. We got to pray with her. She was so blessed and she kept thanking us. It was amazing to see the look on her face." The Angel Tree program for the families of Mason County Jail inmates wrapped up its second year on Saturday with a Christmas party, though the event itself was a quieter


Right now we’re counting on you to share Jesus’ love in a tangible way! We have several thousand Angel Tree children who are waiting on a gift and a personal message of love from their incarcerated parent. For only $22, you can let a child know they are loved this Christmas. Find a child to bless here:


This Christmas, we’re counting on you! We’re so close to providing every Prison Fellowship Angel Tree child with a gift and a personal message of love from their incarcerated parent – but we still have several thousand children who need your help. For only $22, you can let a child know they are loved this Christmas and have a lasting impact on incarcerated parents and their families. Choose a child to bless here:


“I’ll never be able to thank you enough for what you did. This is the third Christmas away from their dad. When they saw his name on the gifts, their faces lit up. ... They needed that connection with their dad.” 12/19/2020

Angel Tree Helps Mom Build Bridges - Prison Fellowship

“[Angel Tree] builds families. It builds bridges. … It makes you feel like you’re home when you’re not.” She wanted a better life for her children, but was stealing worth the separation? How Angel Tree helped one mom build bridges with her family. 12/19/2020

Ways to support children around Christmas from Angel Tree

Watch this story from Fox 28 in Columbus, Ohio, featuring two of our Prison Fellowship Angel Tree coordinators! Via WTTE FOX 28. Helping support children who are separated from their parents during the holidays. The Christian non-profit Prison Fellowship's Angel Tree is urging residents, churches and other organizations to help sponsor a child of incarcerated parents in Ohio. It is the only nationwide, year-round program that...

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Share Jesus’ love in a tangible way this Christmas with Angel Tree!
Angel Tree Christmas




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An estimated 1.7 million children have a mom or dad in prison. The number is huge – but so is the opportunity. Angel Tree is a ministry that reaches out to the children of inmates and their families with the love of Christ. It seeks to transform the lives of these families and to reconcile them to their Heavenly Father and each other. In Matthew 18:5 Jesus said, “Whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me.” There are children right in your community who are among the most at-risk children in the nation. Angel Tree provides an opportunity to connect with those families and begin ministering to them at Christmas and then continue through a variety of year-round ministry opportunities.
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