Atlantic Union Adventist Youth Ministries, Lancaster, MA Video December 7, 2018, 6:10pm

Videos by Atlantic Union Adventist Youth Ministries in Lancaster. Youth & Young Adult Ministries for the Seventh-day Adventist Church in the Atlantic Union Conference territory

Atlantic Union's 2019 Leadership & Evangelism Congress promises to be a HUGE, HUGE blessing to all attendees!
* It's 10 Days to Early Bird cut-off.

For Early Bird Congress REGISTRATION (Until December 17) go to:

* Hotel Reservation Code: “AULC”

#AUYouth #CongressPin #LimitedEdition #PTL

Other Atlantic Union Adventist Youth Ministries videos

Atlantic Union Youth - A Conversation - Covid - 19 Discussion

AU Godencounters 2020 Recap

AU Youth Ministries 2019 Recap
It's an amazing review of God's Youth Ministry leading in 2019. #PTL #AUyouth

Preparing Over 1,000 Care Packages for Compassion Rally Day

Preparing over 1,000 Meals for the needy at Iglesia Adventista Del Septimo Dia

Compassion Rally - RI 2019
Community-impacting Compassion service projects, and parade! In collaboration with the Conferences across the territory, the Atlantic Union Youth Ministries Dept is hosting Compassion to the city of Providence, Rhode Island. ** REGISTER TODAY: - for the massive parade (with free t-shirt) and/or - for serving in one of the Compassion Projects at:

Happy World Pathfinder Sabbath! #AUyouth #WPD19 #SabbathBlessings

Oshkosh - CIC2019 Ready?
ATLANTIC UNION OSHKOSH, CIC2019 T-SHIRTS & PINS ** This year's amazing AU t-shirts feature the Camporee's Logo (front), & the Atlantic Union's Youth Ministry Logo (back ). Both the American and Bermuda flags are included on the left sleeve to underscore the diversity, unity, and reach of the Atlantic Union; also expressed by the territory's maps on t-shirt's lower front. In depicting a highpoint of the life of Bible hero, David , this t-shirt declares that Atlantic Union Conference Adventist Youth are CHOSEN to stand for Christ Jesus, and to watch Him defeat giants on their path to heaven. The t-shirt also reminds wearers that no youth is too small or insignificant to be a co-laborer with God, and conquer towering obstacles in His name. On Friday, August 16, 2019, all of our Pathfinders and Staff from the Atlantic Union are asked to join in wearing the Atlantic Union Conference T-Shirt. . ** Pin trading is one of the most prevalent, fun activities that takes place during the International Pathfinder Camporee. The Atlantic Union's Pins have been highly sought after in the past, and this year, once again the AU PINS are already in high demand. Pins are still available for you. Click HERE to order Pins TODAY . AU PINS are expressed in three categories, and display the theme of David's Bible Story, with some of the best known elements captured. * The 3-PIN SET features two pendant pins, and one spinner pin. They include a thematic, and the general Atlantic Union Logos, the Pathfinder Logo, and the CIC2019 Logo. The three miniature logos on pin#1 are mobile; pin#2 highlights Pathfinders as CHOSEN; the airplane on pin#3 can 'take flight' to the US (flag), and its CICLogo, backed by the AU AYM logo is the amazing 'spinner'. These three pins depict the Bible character, David at his life-changing juncture - the battle with a giant, Goliath. Thus, all pathfinders are reminded that like David, God has CHOSEN / hand-picked them; He specializes in utilizing you

Atlantic Union Godencounters 2019. Attendify App
The Atlantic Union's Godencounters Weekend is here! Feel free to utilize the App for weekend schedule, updates and other pertinent program info. Happy Godencounters! #AUyouth #GE2019

Atlantic Union Godencounters 2019. Attendify App

See you at the Atlantic Union's 2019 YOUTH Leadership & Evangelism CONGRESS
CLAIM YOUR SPOT! * It's only SEVEN (7) DAYS to Early Bird cut-off! (Regular & Late Registration continue thereafter). For Early Bird Congress REGISTRATION (Until December 17) go to: * Register Online & Pay online OR Register Online & forward check. * Hilton Hotel's (203-968-2222) Reservation Code: “AULC”

Atlantic Union's 2019 Leadership & Evangelism Congress promises to be a HUGE, HUGE blessing to all attendees! * It's 10 Days to Early Bird cut-off. For Early Bird Congress REGISTRATION (Until December 17) go to: * Hotel Reservation Code: “AULC” #AUYouth #CongressPin #LimitedEdition #PTL

Atlantic Union's Annual Compassion Rally -NY 18. October 5/6

AU Youth App
This year for GODencounters we are digitizing the program. That means no physical programs! Download the Attendify app and get started! #GE18 #GodEncounters #ShareYourGiftChangeTheWord #AUyouth

Everyone needs a father. A small baby needs strong father’s arms to hold it tight. A girl needs a father to feel like a beautiful princess. A boy needs a father to learn how to be a real knight. A mother needs a father to raise their kids in happiness and harmony. Happy Father’s day! #FathersDay #HappyFathersDay #Compassion #ShareYourGiftChangeTheWord #AUyouth #AtlanticUnionYouth #AU #AdventistYouth #AtlanticUnion #BDA #GNYC #NYC #NEC #NNEC #SNEC

May the blessing of the Divine Be an especially bright benediction Upon mothers everywhere On your blessed day. #HappyMothersDay #HappySabbath #Compassion #ShareYourGiftChangeTheWord #AUyouth #AtlanticUnionYouth #AU #AdventistYouth #AtlanticUnion #BDA #GNYC #NYC #NEC #NNEC #SNEC

Happy Sabbath from Rochester, NY. Praising with our new friends #Compassion #CompassionRally2017 #CompassionRochester #CompassionRally #CompassionWKND #ShareYourGiftChangeTheWord #AUyouth #AtlanticUnionYouth #AU #AdventistYouth #AtlanticUnion #BDA #GNYC #NYC #NEC #NNEC #SNEC

GNYC Youth Congress Worship Experience!!!

NEC Youth Convention with Pr. Laurent Grosvenor!!! Powerful Message!!!

NEC Youth Convention Worship Experience

Pr. Josue Feliciano, SNEC Youth Director having a great time with the Pathfinders!!! Great Job!!!

Candle ceremony closing our Atlantic Union Camporee HappySabbath #AUCamporee #FinishFaithful #FinishFaithful2016 #AUCamporee2016 #AtlanticUnion #AtlanticUnionCamporee #Camporee #Pathfinders #PathfinderCamporee

Atlantic Union Camporee Parade Good morning and Happy Sabbath Pathfinders we hope eveyone have a great Sabbath! #HappySabbath #AUCamporee #FinishFaithful #FinishFaithful2016 #AUCamporee2016 #AtlanticUnion #AtlanticUnionCamporee #Camporee #Pathfinders #PathfinderCamporee

Happy Sabbath Pathfinders! Pr. Miranda sharing a powerful message. #HappySabbath #AUCamporee #FinishFaithful #AUCamporee2016 #AtlanticUnion #AtlanticUnionCamporee #Camporee #Pathfinders #PathfinderCamporee

Drilling and marching #AUCamporee #FinishFaithful #AUCamporee2016 #AtlanticUnion #AtlanticUnionCamporee #Camporee #Pathfinders #PathfinderCamporee

Atlantic Union Pathfinder Camporee #FinishFaithful #AUCamporee

"Sacrifice of One" - a moving insight of what happens in the lives of the families of our fallen heroes. Feel free to watch.

The Adventist Youth Ministry of the GNYC is launching a new Ministry called "Passion Play". We will have a sign up sheet on the website ( by the end of the week. In addition, we will give you more details @ the United Camp!!!!!!

GNYC Mission trip 2012
GNYC Mission trip 2012

2012 GNYC-Pathfinder & MG Camporee

Bermuda Institute Day @ Southampton Adventist Church

Bermuda Institute Choir Sings @ Southampton Adventist Church

Worship Service @ Southampton Adventist Church
Bermuda Institute Day

Speaking on the Radio @ Bermuda Radio Station

Praise & Worship @ Bermuda Institute II
Praise & Worship @ Bermuda Institute

Praise & Praise @ Bermuda Institute

Northeaster Conference Drum Corps playing during Investiture

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