The Bayou Crew

We believe that knowing God more intimately happens when we are either in need or meeting needs. There’s no better way to find community and build lasting relationships than while you’re meeting needs and making a difference.

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Operating as usual

Photos from The Bayou Crew's post 10/30/2021

It doesn’t take a large group to share the hope and love of Jesus!
The home that we tore down today was over 100 years old and still being lived in by the grandmother. The home was built by her father.  For us it was just a damaged structure that needed to be torn down but to the family it was a piece of history full of memories. I am so thankful that we were able to be there to just show that we care, even in such a small way. 
There are still so many families that are hurting from the recent hurricane, so please pray for them. We are so blessed to be a part of a church that values and prioritizes serving others. #ToGodBeTheGlory #TheBayouCrew #TheBayouChurch


Shout out to The Bayou Students for being so sweet and thoughtful by making hand written letters to send to those affected by Hurricane Ida as well as those serving on The Bayou Crew!
It means so much to all of us for your thoughtful act of service! We all serve in different ways and it’s not important how you serve it’s just that you serve in the way God has laid on your heart. #TheBayouChurch #thebayoustudents #thebayoucrew

Shout out to The Bayou Students for being so sweet and thoughtful by making hand written letters to send to those affected by Hurricane Ida as well as those serving on The Bayou Crew!
It means so much to all of us for your thoughtful act of service! We all serve in different ways and it’s not important how you serve it’s just that you serve in the way God has laid on your heart. #TheBayouChurch #thebayoustudents #thebayoucrew

Photos from The Bayou Crew's post 10/10/2021

So proud of everyone that sacrificed their Saturday to bring some hope to the folks down the bayou today! Many thanks and many smiles 😊

Photos from The Bayou Crew's post 09/18/2021

Hope on The Bayou!
We did our part and God did His!
We almost cancelled the project due to rain but God dried up the skies and lots of hope and community happened! A few guys were able to help out at the local saw mill cutting lumber to help rebuild and 2 properties were cleared and cleaned up. The amount accomplished today is simply amazing. To God be the glory!
#TheBayouChurch #TheBayouCrew #makingadifferencetogether

Photos from The Bayou Crew's post 09/11/2021

Amazing day today! Down in Bayou Dularge today, bringing hope, building relationships, while making a difference. God is so good! #TheBayouChurch

“I was overwhelmed and had no idea where to start. My wife and I thank God so much for your help. We have hope and we are so thankful.” -Quincy

Photos from The Bayou Crew's post 09/04/2021

We had such a great time today finding community together while bringing some much needed hope to the Thibodaux community. We were humbled and overwhelmed with the huge turnout today. We have such a generous and giving church! We had a total of about 60 volunteers including the Lafayette BCM.
We were able to help 8 homes and 2 churches by tarping roofs, cutting up trees, picking up branches and handing out hot meals. We had such a great time today and we’re able to make a difference while doing it!

Photos from The Bayou Crew's post 08/12/2021

A huge shout out to Scott Andrepont for blessing Amanda with cutting and trimming her yard! Also The Bayou Church just blessed her with her own lawn equipment! It’s such a joy being a part of a church family that is so generous to others. Whether it’s one member helping another or the church providing resources when in need. It’s just amazing to see and be apart of. #TheBayouChurch

Photos from The Bayou Crew's post 08/07/2021

The Hub is a homeless ministry in town (which is doing amazing things) and they just moved into a new building that needed a number of projects done. Including walls built, walls demolished and many other miscellaneous things and because of this selfless team we were able to get the majority of those things accomplished and they may even be able to operate out of their new building this coming Tuesday!
All I can say is thank you! Y’all are so incredible! What a great team we had today and I enjoyed every minute of it. So much was accomplished today because of your sacrifice. It’s hard to make Teri speechless but she was and she was so appreciative that it brought her to tears. Thank you again for your hard work and sacrifice today. 😀 #TheBayouChurch #foracadiana

Photos from The Bayou Crew's post 07/10/2021

You all are AMAZING! So proud to be apart of this group! A church members roof was damaged last hurricane season and it had been raining in her home for months. The generosity of The Bayou family enabled us to put a new roof on her home, repair her fascia and we were able to rip out all of the wet sheetrock and carpet. Her home is now dry!
This is what Miss Dierdra had to say,

“May God bless you all!!! I am sooo happy right now. I am thankful and grateful! I appreciate this so much Nathan. I would love to one day volunteer my services when my health is better. And I will! Hug each and every one of the crew for me. My heart is full of joy and peace. In Jesus name I pray for the church, for you, and the crew! Muah!!”

Photos from The Bayou Crew's post 05/08/2021

We were back in Lake Charles today blessing a man that has been blessing others for the last 9 months. His name is Blake Grundy and he’s the BCM director at McNeese. He has been serving others while his own house is still in need of repairs. He didn’t want us to come and help but we went anyway! We were able to cut down a tree, dig and set about 200’ of fence posts as well as clean up multiple flower beds and mulch them as well! So proud of this crew! It was definitely a back breaker but well worth it. #thebayoucrew #foracadiana #TheBayouChurch

Photos from The Bayou Crew's post 04/24/2021

Bringing a little hope to Miss Donna this morning! She was so sweet and very appreciative. 😊 We were able to build a new set of stairs, replace some rotten wood, pressure wash, cut up a tree and change the oil in her mower!To God be the glory!
Many selfless hands make light work! #ArmyofHope #TheBayouCrew #TheBayouChurch #ForAcadiana

Photos from The Bayou Crew's post 03/13/2021

Today’s project was a huge success because of these amazing men and women and our generous church! We were able to help out a family in need in Lake Charles still trying to recover from the last hurricane. So proud of our crew and the difference we were able to make!
Because of our generous Bayou Church members donating to the Make a Difference Fund we were also able to bless this family with a Lowe’s gift card to help them continue in the rebuilding process. #TheBayouChurch #makingadifference

Photos from The Bayou Crew's post 03/08/2021

A huge shout out to Stine for being so generous and donating a $500 gift card to The Bayou Crew to get us started off on loading up our new trailer! #makingadifference #TheBayouChurch #foracadiana

Photos from The Bayou Crew's post 03/05/2021

The new Bayou Crew trailer is ready to work! 🧡
Donated by Supreme Services ☺️


Helping others is not what we do- it’s who we are!


Huge shout out to Martin Metal Supply for donating all of the metal for our project this weekend! They are such a great company and if your in the market for a metal building, metal roof or just metal supplies please go and see our friends at Martin Metal Supply and Martin Home Roofing Co.


When a church member is in need The Bayou Crew takes action. These incredible volunteers not only fixed her damaged roof but they tore down and completely rebuilt her porch roof! #TheBayouChurch #FindingCommunity #MakingaDifference #GodisGood


The Bayou Church is blessed to have such selfless men serving week in and week out! So happy we were able to help out these long time Bayou members.


Ben and his crew from the FCA Fellowship of Christian Athletes as well as The Bayou Crew were able to knock out this project for a church member. Lots of tree cleanup as well as some roof patching. So proud of these volunteers!!! #TheBayouChurch #GodisGood

[10/22/20]   This is why we do this!
From one of the project recipients...

Your crew came by today? I can’t believe this!! This is amazing!! There is no way I can thank you enough!! I’m about in tears right now
I am sooo grateful!!!
We really can’t thank y’all enough!


Huge shout out to Ben and his crew! Ben is with the Fellowship of Student Athletes. He reached out and asked how he can be of help. Among other things he organizes service projects for high school and college athletes to be involved in the community. Thank you so much!


#TheBayouChurch #Godisgood


Yesterday these 3 men from The Bayou Crew tarped a church members house. They had quite a bit of roof damage and her husband is working offshore for a few more weeks. To God be the Glory! #TheBayouChurch


The Bayou Crew at it again this morning! These men are hero’s in my book! #GodisGood #TheBayouChurch


The Bayou Crew was at it again this morning! #TheBayouChurch


Fence repairs for a church member recovering from Covid 19.


Our tarp job (at Mrs Carolyn’s house in LC) made it through the storm! God is so good!


The Bayou Ministry Center sustained a good bit of damage from Delta. Thank you to all the guys who came out on short notice to help!

[10/10/20]   Storm damage??? Just a little advice from experience.
1. If you have damage file a claim with your insurance co ASAP online. 2. Then check your hurricane deductible. Your damage may or may not exceed the deductible.
3. Call a reputable contractor that you know or call a company like Sibley Construction to assess the damage and prepare a quote.
4. Your Insurance co will send out an
Adjuster to determine the size of the claim. With an insurance based construction co like Sibley they will meet with the adjuster to fight for you. Sometimes the insurance won’t give you enough to repair the damages.
5. Be very careful to apply a tarp to a slightly damaged roof. Installing the tarp may cause more damage than the damage itself. Your insurance co will not cover this damage that you caused. Also be careful getting on your roof yourself.
6. Trust the process and take it one day at a time. You will get through this and in some cases you will come out better on the other side.
7. If you do not have insurance and need help please reach out to me and I will see what we can do. Or even if you need help with cleanup and money is tight please send me a message. The Bayou Church is willing and ready to help!
8. Be patient and trust God


Amazing group of volunteers this weekend! God is so good. We only had 3 volunteers on Thursday and by Sat God provided all of this help! He is so good and thank you to everyone who said yes to Gods nudging to selflessly give of your time. The Bayou is making a difference!

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