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Photos from 303rd MI BN, Unit Ministry Team - UMT's post 04/09/2021

Please see attached info for upcoming Fort Hood in-person Ramadan services and online Ramadan services. May God's peace and blessings be upon you!

[04/01/21]   If you went on the Crossville Mountain Hike this morning and have some good pictures from the event and you don’t mind sharing them please do! Thanks everyone for coming out!


Crossville Mountain Hike Invite

You can tell I’m a notes preacher and that I didn’t have any notes to read. Lol.

I’d like to invite you to our spiritual fitness event on Thursday (1 APR) morning at 0630 to 0830. A Hike to Crossville Mountain.

UNIFORM: OCPs, IOTV, water source, face mask, light source (optional).

Step off at 0630 after flag from WFH Chapel. Light snacks provided. Field service on top of mountain with Scripture reading and Lord’s Supper (optional). Total distance is about 3.5 miles.

I would love to see you there!

DM with any questions.


What street did you grow up on? What was the color of your first vehicle? What was your high school mascot? What is the meaning of life?

Don’t forget to pick memorable security questions and update them often for your online accounts. Cyber security matters!

And if you would like help navigating the last question I’d love to explore it with you. Because knowing why you’re here also matters! 😁


Upcoming Spiritual Fitness Event! The 303d UMT wants to cordially invite you on a Hike to Crossville Mountain!

Who: Any Soldier within 504th MI BDE at WFH
When: 1 APR 21, 0630-0830
Where: WFH Chapel (Start/Finish). Movement to Crossville Mountain for Sunrise Service
What: Spiritual Fitness Event
How: IOTV March. Approximately 4 miles. Water source required. ACH optional. Must have COVID masks.

If you have questions/concerns you can DM this page directly or reach out to Chaplain Bailey through email or text!


Upcoming training opportunity available to MI Soldiers. Increase your financial readiness!

Here is an upcoming training opportunity for Soldiers to attend dealing with personal finances to help increase financial readiness.


Today, we bid farewell to the 303d Religious Affairs Specialist SPC Sanchez. He served with the Longhorns since 2018 and did an excellent job facilitating religious support for us and the other units in the brigade through his ministry at West Fort Hood Chapel, the West Fort Hood footprint, and the greater Fort Hood area. We wish him and his family best of luck in Hawaii! Thank you for your hard work and dedication serving the Longhorn family. Mahalo!


Last Friday the 163d MI Battalion Command Team presented SPC Sanchez with a Blue Watch coin and a CSM coin as a thank you for helping them conduct and facilitate training and religious support through the WFH Chapel facilities. SPC Sanchez is PSCing to Hawaii with his family.


Let love drive out hate.


Short suspense Purim Celebration!


CH Burks over at 163d is doing a Bible Study you can attend if interested. 1st Wednesday of each month and 3rd Wednesday will be a digital Bible Study posted online.

New Bible Study dates and times!


Chapel is canceled for tomorrow. Happy Valentine’s Day! Stay warm. Stay safe!

WFH Chapel family, due to the icy conditions and forecasted foul weather, WFH Chapel has cancelled tomorrow morning's (14 FEB 2021) worship service. Everyone stay safe, stay warm, and have a Happy Valentine's Day!


PV2 Henley learning how to dispatch and “road test” the Humvee today. 😎


Be teachable.

#MotivationMonday #ArmyChaplainCorps #Care4Souls #MondayMotivation


Longhorn Soldiers, here is a great chance to invest in your marriage through learning, worship, and fellowship with other Christian married men. Details below.

Calling all married men! Here is a great opportunity to fellowship with others, increase marriage skills, and engage spiritual disciplines to help strengthen your most critical of all relationships!


This morning for PT the UMT conducted recon on a potential spiritual fitness event site. SPC Sanchez (outgoing Religious Affairs Specialist (RAS)), PV2 Henley (acting RAS), and I (Chaplain Bailey) conducted a 4 mile IOTV march, watched the sunrise, and took a few pics before returning to WFH Chapel.


Wise words from a wise man whom we honor this weekend. How will you stand?

[01/01/21]   2020 is almost over. Did it go how you expected? Let's close it out on a positive note. Share with us something good that happened to you this year.

[12/22/20]   When a chaplain tells you that they have complete and full confidentiality they didn’t just make it all up. #themoreyouknow

"Exceptions in confidentiality for chaplains do not exist as they do for other professional advisors. National security and harm to self or others are not exceptions allowing revealing a confidence. Admission of criminal or moral wrongdoing by a counselee is not an exception, no matter how serious the crime. Even a counselee’s expressed intent to commit future crimes is not an exception (see Mil. R. Evid. 503). No other Army professional to include medical and behavioral health personnel offer such unqualified confidentiality to enable complete trust to make way for candid discussion of the most sensitive moral problems. These pastoral discussions allow chaplains to help counselees consider purpose, motivation, and direction toward proper moral behavior that is fundamental to moral leadership."

DA PAM 165–19 • 27 November 2020 3-3d


West Fort Hood Chapel

The many pieces of WFH Chapel. The 4th Sunday of Advent.


Thanks to the couples who came out to Marriage is a Gift relationship training. Congrats to the Mendozas who won the Starbucks gift card for having the best Gingerbread house. Thank you to LTC DeBord and CSM Seldon for being our judges. I hope everyone left with improved skills to help sustain your most important relationships. Strong relationships, always ready, people first!


Understanding the underlying cause of stress and the helping resources Soldiers have available to help mitigate stressors helps create a suicide-safe community. #People1st

Thanks Chaplain Bailey for the great training on how we can assist or battle buddies in removing some of the stressors of life out of their rucksack. We all need help with our rucksack some time we are lucky to have great teammates in The Longhorn Battalion! #OperationPeopleFirst #longhornbattalion #safeholidays


Come celebrate a great man's life at the MLK Prayer breakfast! Please RSVP if planning to attend.


When thing seem the darkest, joy can come in unexpected places and small packages.


Longhorns, here is an opportunity for a donated holiday meal. Please push out the info to your troops!


What is love, baby don't hurt me. Don't hurt me, no more.


Longhorns, there is a Bible Study being conducted at the Soldier's Center on Thursday evenings, called Dinner with Friends. If you are looking for fellowship, to develop or deepen your spiritual health, or coping skills this is a great place to do it!


Stay warm.


Don’t forget to: 1.) Get permission from your leadership to attend 2) Bring your spouse!

Our training location has moved from the annex to the chapel. The BC and CSM have agreed to be our Gingerbread House judges. Winning couple gets a $25 Starbucks gift card. You can have a Starbucks date on us!

Feel free to bring leftover candy from Halloween to jazz up your gingerbread house decorations.

Also, civilian clothes/ugly Christmas sweaters are recommended! We can all look like semi-normal people while we make our relationships more resilient!

Hope to see you there!

303d Married Couples, we have a training opportunity for you on December 18. It should be a good time with some takeaways to help strengthen your relationships. Did I mention you have a chance to win a free Starbucks gift card? That Egg Nog Latte is calling your name.


Hard at work decorating the chapel for the holidays.

[11/24/20]   "Life without thankfulness is devoid of love and passion. Hope without thankfulness is lacking in fine perception. Faith without thankfulness lacks strength and fortitude. Every virtue divorced from thankfulness is maimed and limps along the spiritual road." Rev. John H Jowett

Today, we pause. We pause to reflect on what we have. Before the hustle and bustle of Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and the Holiday Season where we buy, buy, buy, and want, want, want, we eat and give thanks with family and friends.

It’s funny how life can change so quickly. This year above all, I think we have realized many gifts which we have taken for granted: family gatherings, in-student schooling, the importance of the medical community, sporting events, wedding ceremonies, funeral, church worship services, dining out at restaurants, staying out all night with friends— what a blessing all these things are.

We have lost a lot in 2020, but yet we still have good in our lives. We give thanks for the blessings, whether deserved or not. We focus on the things that matter, which aren't really things at all---but our relationships with each other.

But let's be honest...gratitude and thanksgiving are attitudes and virtues that should be present every single day of our lives. They keep our perspectives in check, help us hunt the good stuff, and stay positive.

And as we reflect, we remember our brother and sisters in arms who are separated from their families and friends. We hope and pray for their safety and quick return home.

Lastly, I think President John F. Kennedy gives some timely advice in regards to giving thanks, "As we express our gratitude...we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them."

Let's resolve today, to live lives of gratitude and thanksgiving.



303d Married Couples, we have a training opportunity for you on December 18. It should be a good time with some takeaways to help strengthen your relationships. Did I mention you have a chance to win a free Starbucks gift card? That Egg Nog Latte is calling your name.


Count your blessings!


Enjoying this opportunity to give out Thanksgiving turkeys to hard-working and well-deserving Soldiers.


2020 Holiday Worship Schedule

Hey everyone! Below are the upcoming Holiday Chapel services provided at Fort Hood. We'd love to see you at one!

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Crossville Mountain Hike Invite
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