David and Karen Brickley Evangelist

David and Karen Brickley Evangelist


We pray all is well with you. We have enjoyed and experienced your ministry in the 70's
Anniversary Blessings to you! CELEBRATE today all God has done for you and through you yesterday. Then Thank Him for All He has Planned for your tomorrows! Love you both!
Hope this message finds you well.
Not sure if you remember me, but my dad is Robert Causey who pastored Three Fountains PH church in West Columbia, SC years ago. The two of you have ministered with us several times over the years.
You two have been on my mind and I wanted to check and see how you both are and what you're doing now. I've always enjoyed your ministry. Your music and messages have always been very meaningful and full of the spirit. Thanks for your commitment to the Lord and to His service. Love and miss you!
Hello to all! Sorry we have been gone for so long on this site but it has been quite a time being in SC and PA throughout 2017 and this year also. It seems we have been busy but also enjoying our lives these days. We do need new pictures, don't you agree. Will work on it and have to get help to put a new one here. Being here in PA with our Nephew and his wife they will be able to give us the words of what to and how to!!
David participated in World Day of Prayer conference call with many others praying and singing for the opening part of the call. Dr.Peggy Scarborough, was the leader for the two hour segment we were involved in. There were folks that came on from all over the country and one was out of the country also that participated. Quite an experience! We didn't even know that these type of groups were in this type of a prayer gathering.
Felt very priviledged to participate.

David will be preaching and singing at Jacob's Church in Weissport, PA on July 29th for the morning service . I believe the time is 10:30 am, or it may be 11am. will check and repost.

Also, David is helping our nephew clear out some overgrown bushes etc at their new home here. It certianly is a project.
I thought I copied and pasted our Christmas post here but it is not showing so you will have to go to Karen Brickley to read it. Still learning how to do things on this facebook I guess!! Sorry!!!!!
A lot is on my mind on this fine Christmas Day. I am thinking about all of our families up north, down south and out west that are together today enjoying one another. It is such a joy to know that they are sharing in their time, caring enough to make the journey, and showing love to one another on this wonderful day!! We have such great families and friends! Always being there for us for any situation in our lives. We are so blessed and thank the Lord for a wonderful y...
A lot is on my mind on this fine Christmas Day. I am thinking about all of our families up north, down south and out west that are together today enjoying one another. It is such a joy to know that they are sharing in their time, caring enough to make the journey, and showing love to one another on this wonderful day!! We have such great families and friends! Always being there for us for any situation in our lives. We are so blessed and thank the Lord for a wonderful year..with all its changes and wondering what the days ahead would hold for us thru the coming days. They have now passed and we are settled in Kutztown PA with our our Nephew Peter and his wife Jayne in their beautiful new home in our own Master Suite on the second floor!!! Are we spoiled or what!!! North again in the summer and fall and Myrtle Beach SC in our condo in the late fall and winter and beginning of spring.
While up north David had opportunity to preach in Jim Thorpe at the Evan Cong Church in November and the next weekend I had the privilege to speak at a Women's Seminar in Hazleton at Zion Church on Locust St . One of the ladies gave her heart to the Lord and was so happy she did. Of course so were the rest of us at that afternoon session. It is always a pleasure to be used by the Lord to share His message for His people.
David sang on Sunday at the Socastee Church of God in the morning service on the 24th. The Scarborough's are always so kind in inviting us to minister. Also, David will be preaching on the 31st, Sunday morning, at 11am at the Socastee Church of God off of 544 West . Instead of New Year's Eve the celebration time will be Morning Service with potluck dinner following. Celebrating a year of growing in the Lord thru the trials, tests and the great blessings of God. Join us if you are able and we will fellowship during the dinner!!
Got a call from Jerry Howell Sunday and he is interested in having David Preach at the Church in Conway sometime in the new year 2018 for a Sunday AM & PM. We haven't seen them in a few years so it will be great to renew fellowship and work together in the joy of the Lord.
We have been enjoying being in here earlier this year. Come down to MB before Thanksgiving and will be coming in November now and then renting our place from May through October. It was so nice to have time to rest up after packing up for 5 months. Got everything unpacked here, rested up about a week and then got our decorations from the shed for Christmas and got everything done in the Condo. So nice to have it up all month. Another enjoyment was to be here earlier than ever before and work with the folks here at the Condo to decorate our Lobby Christmas Tree and have a donut & coffee time while decorating!!! then we had a Owner and Snowbird dinner at "Mr Fish" after all the Turkey for Thanksgiving the last week of the month. Got to visit with our friend Lucy from Holland too as she was in for a few weeks at her place in Garden City.
It has been busy but also restful while here, as usual. Went to a beautiful dinner party at our friends Don and Linda's this month. They decorate like on HGTV gorgeous homes!! It was a joy to a part of their wonderful Christmas dinner with all the trimmings with mutual friends. They can do it all. The dinner was tremendous, the desserts were delightful and the decorations were so beautiful. Like I keep saying, we are so blessed. There is no greater life than living for the Lord. He brings so many wonderful happenings into our lives with folks that love Him too.
I was just thinking last evening, Christmas Eve, as we were home. Where would we have been at this time in our lives it we had not followed the path the Lord asked us to journey on for our future. He is so good and does keep His promises to us. He said He would make a way where there was no way when He called us to go into ministry.. He said he would meet all our needs. Here we are 52 years later, having traveled 2 years in the Hymntime Singers, where we met and fell in love and He called David to preach the gospel as an evangelist. Then we began to travel and sing and preach for His glory sharing that wonderful story over and over again.
We do miss the traveling, the friends we have made in all these years, but the Lord has seen fit to put us back in services off and on thru these years. Still seeing Him move by His Spirit in the altar services and folks coming to Him with needs and being changed by the power of His word and grace. Sending you love and prayers on this fine day, celebrating Jesus Birth and God Bless you, everyone!!
David and Karen Brickley
Where did my post go again?
Greetings. David will be the guest speaker at Ebenezer EC Church on Center Avenue, Jim Thorpe for the morning service, Sunday November 5th at 10:30 am

Karen will be the guest speaker at the Ladies Seminar on Saturday November 11th at Zion Church of Hazleton, 59 N. Locust Street 9am-3pm with coffee & refreshment at 9 and Lunch at 12:30pm with 3 sessions. Theme will be "Me, Myself and I"

Hope to see you at both these meetings. It is always great to gather in the house of the Lord and receive from Him. He is a great Lord and Saviour and wants to lead and guide us by His Holy Spirit thru His Word.
Wrote a note to you all and it has disappeared!!
Got a call from a friend of our ministry who is interested in introducing us to his pastor. He would like to see us come to his church and also to see if his pastor would be interested in using some of David's messages, he has preached in the past, for overseas ministry online or radio. . I am in the process of trying to find some in the boxes we packed up when we left our office and home in Jim Thorpe. So many boxes!! Trying to get them off to him by Saturday. It sure would be neat to have this come together.
I am wondering where some of these posts have come from. will have to check on this site and straighten it up along with our personal page. We are certainly enjoying our new home here with Peter and Jayne our Nephew and his wife. They are very busy getting all things in order around here. Such a beautiful place. So much yard work they are doing and it is paying off for sure. Still getting lost as I venture out thru the hills and vales but have a central place to get to now and find my way home. Adventurous for sure. As a friend of mine said yesterday, you sure do live an exciting life...to say the least. Always something happening !! God Bless ya'll
Greetings folks!! Well, we are finally settled in here in Kutztown, PA out in the Country!! at our Nephew Peter and Jayne's home. They extended us a phenominal invitation to live with them thru the summer months and of course we will be in Myrtle Beach for the winter months. Plan to leave here in November about the 15th to head south. Will be there until the snow and cold weather are over and then we will return to Kutztown for the beautiful spring and summer. Probably will drive back up north the beginning of May. Will be renting our condo for the next 6 months.

Peter and Jayne called us this winter and said they had purchased a home and that their new home had a second master suite, with bathroom and walk- in closet. and they wanted us to take our summers with them. How spoiled can we be. And here they have buffalo, horses
and deer on the property behind them. Also deer in their own yard!! Also, pear trees, apple trees, fig bush, blueberry and rasberry bushes, apricot tree, etc. Just like up on the farm we used to go to when we were kids in New Brunswick Canada, every summer. (where my Mother was raised,) I am in the process of changing our address and our Ministry address to here to update things.
Our nephew Keith and his wife Kathy, who we lived with after my sister passed, in the Hontz Homestead, they now have a lovely, fine home outside of Jim Thorpe. Kathy is the gal we kept requesting prayer for for the past 4 years or so. She has been thru so much physically, but after another 6 months in the hospital, this year, she is doing better, still in therapy, but doing better. This is best for them as not so much to take care of like their old home. And this house is one floor and not four floors with 5 bedrooms, etc. In regard to our other nephew in Jim Thorpe, he and his wife promise to supply us with coconut cream pie and Lasagne!! So how spoiled are we!! God has given us such great nephews and their wives too.

Once we get settled in this summer, we are hoping to go back to being on the radio again if possible. we will update ya'll when this becomes a reality. Lots of files to shred from many years in ministry gone by and when this job is done and we clean up our area in Peter and Jayne's basement, then we will start over and get moving again in this radio ministry.

Do keep us in your prayers, and we will be back in touch.
God is Good, God is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we can ask or think. So much more than we could ever have imagined.

October 28th we will celebrate our 50th Wedding Anniversary!! and 52 years ministering for the Lord around this world! Thank you to you who are still supporting this ministry. and have supported us in the past 52 years. You are part of all that we do, especially in helping those whose paths cross ours that are in need of assistance. There are so many folks suffering around us in many ways.

Preaching the word in deeds these days, since pulpit preaching is not as often as it has been in the past. But, we will share His love and blessings wherever He leads and provides us the privilege to do so.

Have a great day in the Lord, for this is the day that the Lord has made. Don't forget to rejoice in it !! Miss you all........

David and Karen have traveled in Evangelism throughout the U S Canada, Malawi, Hong Kong, Philippines, England, Switzerland etc.A God Led Adventure 49yrs!

Traveling Evangelistic team. Ministering in all denominations for47 years. Preaching the Gospel in regard to living for Jesus. Trusting the Lord in all things and believing the Bible completely. David's background is Assembly of God and Karen was raised Presbyterian/Evangelical Congregational.

Operating as usual

[02/27/16]   We received an offer in the mail for a radio program on two stations .One in Pittsburgh area and one in Huntsville, Ala. perhaps. Also other cities were listed. It is for two stations for $110.00 for one program a week on each. Pray with us. We have our current situation where we have been on the WLSH station in Lansford Pa that we have had for 5years, every Sunday morning at 8:30am, If we would go with the new Radio offer we would need to get sponsers. so pray with us as to using wisdom in this decision. David & Karen.

[02/27/16]   Another request, our nephew Peter, just had his surgery on his left knee. He is not in rehab yet, it was a repair from knee replacement surgery a year ago, His new parts became separated from the knee area when the cement used didn't adhere to the , whatever it was to adhere to, and has been moving in his knee. this pain is horriffic at times and he needs prayer for healing also. Thanks again for joining us

[02/27/16]   Pray for a dear friend of ours who has been in great pain since November. She needs a healing in her lung& rib area. A benighn growth on her lung needs to dry up and come to naught. Her doctors are just not getting on it. Please pray with us for her healing. Thanks so much.

Also, our niece again needs much prayer. Kathy has been in the hospital for two months and has now gone to physical therapy. Pray she will be able to do what is necessary in her sessions so that her body and limbs will be strengthend so she can finally get home. She went into the hosp. with an infection in her leg and then her lungs weren't doing their best and she has come off of the respirator.That was a Hallelujah day!!! She has been thru so much in these months it has been unbelievable. But now we trust this is her road to getting home. Please pray for her and we will appreciate it so much.and her husband, our nephew Keith.

[02/27/16]   It has been busy busy since I got back to Myrtle Beach. The Lord as been so good in allowing us to be with these great folks here. It has been pretty great weather considering what everyone else is going thru these days. Please pray for our friend JJ who has not been doing so good, he has had a brain hemmorage and things are not healing as expected from what we have been told. He needs as many as will to keep him in prayer for the healing virtue of our Lord to flow thru him and heal him completely. Thanks so much.

[01/05/16]   Had wonderful presence of the Lord in the services at the Socastee Church of God!! The Spirit of the Lord ministered to His people and lives were receiving in the Altar services from the Lord. Not only in the altar but all thru the meetings. God is so Good and so anxious to meet His people.

It is always our privilege and joy to be used in the work of the Lord for His Honor and Glory!. instruments in the hands of the Lord. The best place in the world. God Be each of you and Bless you as his instruments however He has called you to do His Will!!

[12/15/15]   ANNOUNCEMENT;!! Evangelist David and Karen Brickley will be guests of Dr. Nigel and Peggy Scarborough at Socastee Church of God, 4477 Mill Pond Road, Socastee, SCTel: 843-347-6414

Date: December 27th, 2015
Time: 11AM & 6PM

David will be preaching in both services and David and Karen will be singing.
There will be an altar service after the message in each service
As we always say...Plan to attend and bring a friend!!

Directions from MB....Take 31 South twd Georgetown and exit at Rte 544 and bear rite twd Conway. At the lite at Mill Pond Road turn left ( at the Beaulah Baptist Church) and the Church of God will be on the left... down the road ..Mill Pond Rd. A White Church Bldg.

[11/27/15]   We will be driving south on Wed the 2nd of December. Plan to be at Myrtle Beach for the winter on Dec 7th at the latest.

[11/27/15]   Greetings on the day after Thanksgiving!!
Just want to let you our friends and folks who support our ministry that we will not be keeping our WWW. address anymore. If you want to get in touch with us, just drop us a note on Facebook under David Brickley Evan Assoc. or Karen Brickley. Or call us at our office in Jim Thorpe PA Listed under David Brickley.
We are cutting back on a few things since we are not on the road as much these days. We are still ministering when invited and still doing our radio program on WLSH AM 1410 Lansford PA. This will be our 6th year coming up.

It you are listening, please let us know, it would be great to hear from folks, drop us a note here on facebook!! David & Karen

[10/31/15]   I need to post that our dear friend Nelda Jean Bregate has gone home to be with the Lord. Thank you to those who prayed for her these many months since we sent out the message for folks to keep her in prayer. She fought a good fight but the Lord saw to it to take her on home. She will be greatly missed by her loved ones . So please pray for them. God Bless you for your faithfulness to the prayer closet on behalf of those in need.

[10/31/15]   David will be speaking at the 7pm prayer service at the
Ebenezer EC Church on Center Ave, here in Jim Thorpe Sunday, November 1st. It is for the World Day of Prayer and Prayer for the Martyrs throughout the world . Also there will be a time of prayer following at the altar. Come if you will, we would love to see you there!!

[10/31/15]   Recording today for our upcoming programs on WLSH 1410AM every Sunday morning at 8am

We are in our 5th year I believe it is and it is such an interesting job to learn about all the songs and hymns we use on the program. We do hope folks enjoy the information as much as I do finding it for each program.

It has come to the place where Ann, our bookkeeper is teaching me how to handle the bookkeeping. What a task for her!!!! But she says I am doing very good HaHa!! She is a kind person.
There are many things to learn but the most important is that it all has to turn our correctly and the numbers must match up. I am now finally getting my personal bank book to balance and of course the Business Bank statement balances perfectly!!.

it is great learning this because I guess I always hurried too much when doing our own bookkeeping thru the years and made the mistakes. I do see that a quiet time makes a difference in working with figures, especially those being sent in to the IRS, etc.

[09/27/15]   check out Karen Brickley on facebook if we are not up to date on this site. God Bless you for checking in on us. We are still on the move, but just slower!!!haha.

[08/31/15]   Got back Saturday from the funeral of our friend Ed Ellen. It was a time of honoring his life and his being a facilitator in the work of the Lord. There is no telling how many folks he helped in day to day living and how many ministries he contributed to througtout his life since he became a Christian. So many testimonies of who Ed was in his own quiet way. As my Dad used to say, not letting the left hand know what the right hand is doing. Just between him and the Lord. And life goes on for all of us who remain to do what the Lord has called us to do and given us the wisdom how to run our own race for his honor and glory.

[08/22/15]   We got some sad news this week. A very dear friend of ours for over 35 years died in a car accident on Wednesday. He was a great supporter of our ministry. We met him thru Rev. Carl Campbell who recommended him to invest in our ministry. The first thing he did was put brand new tires on our ministry vehicle, which was a converted Greyhound bus that was a beautiful motor coach. Some of you will remember our chandelier in the dining area. He also promised us the day he married Carol that he would support us monthly in ministry the rest of his life. We thank him and Pastor Campbell and especially our Lord for his love, support in more ways than financially, his friendship and his gracious manner to always invite us to come visit. He is already greatly missed, by us and so many others he, facilitated, as he would say.
He loved the work of the Lord and Pastor Campbell always said when he spoke of him. He was the most hungry man for God and His Word that he had ever met. He loved and served the Lord to his dying day. His name was Julius "Ed" Ellen!

[07/08/15]   Saturday night we will be sharing a couple of songs at St. Pauls Lutheran Church in Albrightsville, PA off of 534 on N. Old Stage Rd. I was talking with my cousin Shirley and she asked us to sing . So we of course said "Sure, we'll sing." It sounds like it will a nice concert. A group is coming from Phila and others will also be participating. If you can join us please do!! It will be 6-9 Sat. evening the 11th.

[06/19/15]   We have been celebrating our 50th anniversary of full time evangelism. Quite a wonderful life it has been. Carrying the gospel message throughout USA into Canada and overseas to many countries where we worked with the great missionary friends we have had in these years. Also, celebrated David's Birthday this week on the 17th. Went to a new restaurant for us, here in the area, Acamia's on 248, I believe is the name of it. Fantastic food, fresh bread, great desserts and wonderful coffee. We had a great time again with our friends Dale and Connie.

Today we are working on the program for Sunday's broadcast at 8am on WLSH AM here in the Lansford area.

We do have some prayer requests for you who are prayer warrior's. Nelda Jean....total body recovery from an illness that took her to death's door. Pastor Lillian's leg, full of pain, can't walk without assistance, Pastor Peggy, fell and hit her head, has blindness in one eye and is not healed yet, also Sue for strength to withstand personal attacks mentally from family and needs a healing of her body also. Pray for Charles who only has a few months to live, due to cancer. Lets pray folks for some good reports back on these folks. They do depend on us when we say we will pray .

[06/19/15]   It was quite a nice surprise to go to the door today and the florist delivered a lovely bouquet of roses to us to celebrate our 50th anniversary of full time evangelism which occurred on June 14th.
It doesn't seem that long ago!! but it certainly has been all these years. So many wonderful memories of the work of the Lord we have participated in these many years.

Connie and Dale were so thoughtful to remember! Thanks you two!!

[06/04/15]   It has been an age since we have written to you folks who check in on us. Well, life is going on and we are busy again being back up north working on our radio programs for WLSH 1410 AM here in the local area. We have been visiting some of the churches here in the Jim Thorpe area on Sundays and it has been enjoyable to see folks again and to worship together.

After having a cold and sickly winter in Myrtle Beach this year it is great to be back on our feet and feeling like ourselves again!!!
It has been wonderful to wake up and want to get up in the morning these past few months.

I have a prayer request for those who will pray. A dear friend of ours who lives in California is in CCU in UCLA Hospital and we are praying for her total healing. She is moving forward physically but still very ill at this time. Her Name is Nelda and we are asking for all who will to intercede for her healing.

We are also praying for direction in our lives in the days ahead . Where the Lord will use us we will be open to His leading.

[01/11/15]   Just wondering if the site on facebook with the blank briefcase is by the same person who tried to take my regular facebook. This site is our page/ not the one with the briefcase. I have wondered where the briefcase site came from, I certainly didn't put it up there. Just wanted to clarify this site. And David and I are still singing and preaching when invited so we have not officially retired as of yet!!' Also it was not me either that changed this photo at the top. The one we put up is the in the small box to the left of the larger photo.


David and Karen Brickley Evangelist's cover photo

[11/29/14]   Well, All programs are ready for the radio It has been a joy to work on them and have them ready thru May '15. Now it is time to concentrate on packing up to leave for Myrtle beach, next weekend. Lots to do but looking forward to getting back with our MB friends and churches there. There will be concerts to attend and decorating to do to celebrate our Lord's birth. It will be different of course with no concerts of our own this year, but then this is our 50th year, Hopefully there will be a few meetings this year. It seems radio is our ministry these days but not a financial income from it. So we hope we can stay on at least another year or so. We will see what opens up. Got more information about some new stations on a Christian Network. We plan to persue this road and see what all is involved. Cost is low on this last promotion so we will see,

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving holiday. We had a quiet one as usual and went out to dinner at a local restaurant here in Jim Thorpe with our bookkeeper Ann. Food was great and we laughed a lot!!. God Bless!!

[11/08/14]   Greetings, We will be singing on Sunday Morning at the Meed's United Methodist Church in Nesquehoning, PA Looking forward to the opportunity to share our music Tomorrow

two weeks ago we had a great time in the Lord at Crossroads Assembly of God in Newberg, NY with Pastor Manny. Saw many in the alter and the presence of the Lord was in the house. The service was a Sunday Morning and we were in the altar until 2:30pm with folks receiving from the Lord. It was a wonderful to be there and share the gospel message in sermon and song! God is Good and we trust Him with our lives day by day.

Praying for folks to support our radio program so we can expand to other stations that have invited us to come aboard. however, without having a full schedule of services, it has become necessary to find sponsors if we will be expanding our area. Pray with us to guide in this endeavor.

Today our friend Jack Belin is getting married in Hot Springs, Ak and we found out thru facebook that he is friends with Bill and Betty Anderson, a great couple we have known and loved in our revival meetings. They were pastoring in Okla. City when we met them and they took us under their wing in the early years of our ministry and treated us so kindly. Great folks God had us meet thru our years in so many places.

[09/22/14]   Celebrating Karen's Birthday this weekend. Had a lovely dinner at Red Lobster and went to a concert and heard the National Christian Choir out of Washington, DC. then out to the local, Bowmanstown Diner for Coffee and pie!! with dear friends. And I woke up on Sunday and didn't feel a day older....ha ha !!
Now it is b
ack to radio programming and enjoying every minute!! If you would like to underwrite a month or more of programming please let us know. We have an opportunity to reach out to some cities through another radio group. Praying these doors will open for us.

[09/03/14]   Dear friends,
Just got word this morning that a very dear friend of ours, Sarah Bishop went home to be with the Lord yesterday morning. So sad to us to lose her from this world but she is happy with the Lord and those who have gone on before her. Can't help but miss her even though we did not talk a lot on the phone, but when we did or stopped by to see her and Carl,Sr. and Paul at the house in Punxy it was like we had only seen each other yesterday. Janie would always have us up for dinner or send in homemade coconut cake! God has a way of giving us friends that mean so much to us. Yes, we and they grow older and seem closer with the years, even though we are more apart. We used to go to Punxy First Assembly about every year for many years for revivals. Carl and Sarah became our dear friends along with their family. They treated us like family all the time and we always stayed with them and for years they moved out of their beautiful bedroom suite for us, the evangelists of the revival. So much love and kindness they showed us., as so many of our ministry friends have done thru the years. And I should say we met these folks thru the ministry but they were certainly our dear friends and family. We will miss you Sarah but we do know you will not miss us. It will be our privilege to sing at your funeral on Friday, sharing
"Heaven's Sounding Sweeter All the Time"
Please pray for the Bishop family in the days ahead.Sarah was 85.

I remember when this family met us in Tampa Fla at Brother Matheny's church, Hillsborough Assembly of God. They wouldn't let Pastor Sproull, their pastor in Punxy off the telephone that day, until he said he would have the Brickley's for a meeting at their church. They had visited the church where we were in revival on that Sunday. So many great years of wonderful friends and memories.

[07/28/14]   Well, here we are back on the right page!!. Our Tech Man, Keith must have seen our trouble or heard me talking about it and fixed things back to normal. All the new things!!! I just know what we have on here this way!!!!.

See Karen Brickley for an update of what we are doing. wrote it up on that site before I checked in here!! Love to all.



see website David and Karen at home, for CD's



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