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The Place Empowering


This is one of my favorite quotes ever.
What do you do when the layers start peeling back off of your best friend, co-worker, spouse, family member and REALLY begin to see the "ugly" of them? When things aren't surface anymore? Are you strong enough, or mature enough to stand in the gap for or with them, or do you de-value who they are by writing them off?
Can we start investing in our relationships again? Can we heal? Be made whole.....for real? Can we stop wearing masks and deciding ourselves and everyone else like we're okay and have it all together?
I say we..... let's allow God to complete His work in us, AND let someone else's autumn come and cover them when their leaves fall.
Good morning my lovely Sistas...

At the beginning of the year I made up in my mind that 2019 would be the year that I would be intentional about pouring into Lisa Vaughn. I decided that after 51 years I was worth focusing on becoming healthy spiritually,physically,mentally,financially and relationally. I decided that pouring into others was what I was created to do but I had to make sure that I was not contaminating them from the remnants of my brokenness. One of the first events I attended this year was an IPOM (IN PURSUIT OF ME) event. At that event Stephanie M. Kirkland spoke about not being a BROKEN HEALER. That resonated with me so loud because I know that was me. I have always been able to help others see in themselves what I wasn’t able to see in me. I was great at rooting for others and telling them they could do it while not believing I could do the things I was assigned to do. Oh and this one right here. I could see the beauty in everyone else but never saw a glimpse of beauty from my own reflection in the mirror.

On last night I attended yet another event to pour into Lisa. Sarah Roberts Jakes shared with me last night that “I didn’t lose the best of me. I lost the least of me”. She helped me to truly understand my journey. At 51 years old it’s not over it’s truly just the beginning.

I say all of this to say my beautiful Sistas it’s all wonderful to do the fun things but be willing to truly invest in yourselves and be willing to truly do the work to make you better. I can’t speak for others but I can speak for me. I’m tired of going around and around in the desert hurting on the inside with a big smile on the outside. Faking that I’m living my best life. I’m going to do the work on the inside so I can smile on the inside and truly Live My BeSt Life WHOLE,HEALED,RESTORED and ready to POUR. Do the work you are worth it.
This is one of the most beautiful interviews EVER!! This really ministered to me as I'm transitioning, growing, healing, and self developing. Watch this with an open ear and heart.

The Place: Empowering You is a resource that provides edification, love, hope, support, and healing. Observing the world today as a whole, even among Believers, there seems to be an uncertainty of who we are.

Way too much hopelessness, and faithlessness is in operation. I've spent so much of my life not being sure of who God has created me to be, feeling lost, unloved, rejected, and giving my time and attention to things that didn't deserve it. I want more than anything to see people thriving and being all that God has created for them to be. At the core of that is the love of God. That's what we striv

Operating as usual

[06/08/20]   Heyyyyyy EMPOWERED people!! Happy Monday. 🙂
So, I'm sitting here, just enjoying the peace and quiet of my day. (I love these moments)
In the midst of it, I'm thinking about the resilience and courage that it's taken me to get through some of the phases of my life.
Why do we question our strength?
I understand that sometimes when we're going through different things it feels like it'll never end, we feel weak, or we just don't feel like dealing with our processes. But if you notice, we all make it through.
In the midst of it, there's a strength that comes and pushes us through.
After it's over we turn around and look like....."how in the WORLD did I make it through that? or I didn't know HOW I was going to get through that. But we do right?
So today I want to encourage you in advance for that next obstacle.
You're equipped with everything that you need to go THROUGH that situation, no matter how vague it looks.
And if you need help, reach out for it.
*** God did design is to do life by ourselves.***


I've overcome.....
*every lesson presented to me
*every potential obstacle
*low self-esteem
*financial hardships
*relationships that didn't last
*feeling like a failure
*feeling like I wasn't accepted
*feeling like I had to live up to....
*feeling unloved
*feeling lonely/alone
*layers of religion
*feeling like I have to "work" for approval or/and love

***Some of this I say in faith, but I say it boldly because Jesus paid the price for ALL of it. It's on the cross.***

What have YOU overcome by faith and accepting the love and grace of God? Do share.

#accepted #thecross #jesus #jesusdidit #grace #love #rest

[03/15/20]   Good afternoon my EMPOWERED people! I hope that you are enjoying your Sunday.

Today I want to talk about emotions.

I've often wondered why I've had to deal with so much disappointment and hurt in my lifetime. Now I confess to some of it being self inflicted because of poor choices......other times it's like 🤷🏾‍♀️.

When you're a very loving, merciful person like myself you extend yourself a lot. (sometimes too much and not to the right people or situations) Sometimes that love and mercy is given back, sometimes not which leads to pain.
In these scenarios there's a choice to be made.

You can decide to act on your emotions and withdraw your amazing ability to love, and extend yourself.....or pray for the wisdom of God on how and when to give it. Along with that, pay attention to the signs that you're pouring out in the wrong places.

Our emotions can lead us down awesome paths of fulfilment or cause us to make mistakes that hurt ourselves or others. Don't let them rule you!

God gave us our emotions as a wonderful gift. Use them wisely!

[02/01/20]   Goooood morning Empowered People! I hope that your year is starting out AMAZING!! Today I want to talk about having an open heart.
I realized this week how a closed or fearful heart can hold you back from moving forward.
So many people have walls up because they've been hurt and there's a certain refusal to let anyone in.
I'll be the first to admit that sometimes the pain of disappointment, betrayal, rejection, etc can leave you in a place of numbness.....just scarred and wondering when the wounds will heal.
The first step is forgiveness. Making a decision to forgive the other party, sometimes yourself for letting yourself down. I'll be honest, it may be a process...but be intentional.
Secondly, getting over the fear that you'll be hurt again. Let's be honest, we're not perfect beings. We hurt each other. However, once again it's a choice to take a chance.
How will you know the possibility of what's really available to you if you don't try?
I realized that I was paralyzed by fear. But I made a decision to shake it off and open up.
For those of us that believe in God. Fear doesn't come from God. "Perfect love (His) casts out ALL fear."
Today I challenge you. Shed the extra weight that you've been carrying that's been holding you back from opportunities. Have a new vision for what's available to you.

Love you guys... Let's go get it!


Really ponder this.....🤔


I was talking to my Best Friend @kellymcglennsings yesterday and this came up in the midst of the conversation. I'm still meditating on this on this one. 🤔
#faith #believing #manifestation #tangible


Good afternoon God's Empowered people!
How's it going?
I want to talk to my single Ladies and Gents today.
This may be my most transparent post as of yet.
Here I find myself, after an 18 year marriage, separated for a year and a half, and divorced for 6 months.
After much self evaluation, talks with the closest of friends, some counseling, learning from mistakes, meeting new people, and a complete 180 and understanding of my relationship with God and who I am in HIM..... I desire companionship, amazing conversations, emotional intimacy, and dates. Can I be honest?
There's a yearning as of lately. While I embrace it..... I'm careful. Careful not to let my emotions or desires put me in something with someone that I'm like...😮
Could I have had a companion by now? Absolutely. Do I HAVE to be by myself? Nope. However, I'm no longer that insecure woman that dated for the sake of not being lonely, or gave her body away to feel wanted. (that ended up with false security by the way) Nor, to be honest have I wanted to bring my insecurities into another marriage. How about that?
I want to encourage those of you that are on this journey with me to dismantle the doubt that someone could possibly love your perfectly imperfect self, (if they're loving you God's way then they'll love and accept all of you anyway because He does🤷🏾‍♀️)
Keep your standards for not settling for less than you deserve and expect.
So when your heart aches.....cry your tears, pray for your future spouse, and keep your hope/faith very much alive even in the dimness of who they are and when they're coming.
Someone's going to smile at the very sight of your text, sound of your voice, desire to build with you, and appreciate you in your awesomeness!

[09/05/19]   Well hello there EMPOWERED people!
I want to touch on failure, or the APPEARANCE of failure.
I recently went through something that to the everyday person looks like I may have lost my way or messed up, etc.
The reality is, sometimes we do "mess up" or make mistakes. But guess what, it's okay. It's not the end of the world.
I'll admit that I had a plan that didn't fall the way that I saw it falling.
When things seemingly came crashing down I didn't see a way out, or get the help that I thought I'd get.
For a minute I allowed myself to feel like I failed.
How many of y'all know that can lead to depression, low self-esteem, etc.
Thank God I know enough about God and HIS Grace that I snapped myself out of it quickly. Well, within a week. 😏
I was concerned about other people's opinions. 🙄 (which ultimately doesn't matter)
What I turned to was a God, my God, your God who never sees you in a negative light. He certainly doesn't see you as a failure.
What He DID say is that ALL things work together for the good of those who love God and have been called according to His purpose. He didn't say that our perfect decisions work out.....He said ALL!!!!
Do you believe that? Well, it's true.
My seemingly failed situation has turned out to be a huge blessing! It's working for my good.
And guess what else I learned.... When going through these situations, keep the RIGHT people in your ear speaking life and not death to you and your "situation."
I love you guys. Until next time.......

[07/30/19]   Ohhhhh my goodness, how long has it been since I've checked in with you guys? Too long. I know. 😔
I must admit that there's been many days that I just hadn't felt empowered. Too many days where I had to "fight" to "feel" (I didn't say be.... I said feel) empowered.
Isn't it funny how when life happens our emotions have such a huge role in how we function?
The Bible said that our hearts can be deceitfully wicked, in other words, our hearts/emotions can lead us astray or away from the truth.
The TRUTH is.... We're more than conquerers through Jesus and we don't have to shoulder ANYTHING because Jesus paid the price for it all.
The truth is, if Jesus resides on the inside of us..... We're empowered to do anything no matter what our emotions are saying.
With that being said, I'm choosing to not let my flesh win! I'm EMPOWERED!! So are you!


Do you believe it?


In other words, do you really even know who I am?
That's deep man. So when things don't go as planned, can you recognize that I'm much deeper than what you see on the outside? Do you know my purpose and THAT'S why I've been through what I've been through and make the decisions that I make, why I have these scars, why I cry, why I laugh??? Do we take that time anymore, do we really care?
I'm not the surface me, you're not the surface you.......


And He never will. God's love is the only love that doesn't waiver, have conditions, or change.

#Idonthavetoearnorworkforit #hisnameisgrace


I'll admit that if you're someone that's been challenged with self esteem, difficult situations, and have felt beat down by life/people.... sometimes it's hard to emerge from that.
The process of rebuilding, allowing God to heal you, strip away old/bad mindsets, peel away the layers, remove dead relationships, and even fully accepting His love or the pure love of others is no easy task.
It takes dedication and a vision for more than you've lived before. A knowing that God's promises are true. How about what He promised YOU is still possible and here for you to grab a hold of.
Sometimes when we've experienced so much, we're lead to believe that what we desire is a fantasy. No! Absolutely not!
It's time to pull back the curtain, let the light shine in to your heart, your mind. Take back yourself, your true self and live!
The best isn't YET to come, it's HERE. Start believing that, confessing that. It's coming to pass!

[04/05/19]   There is an unexpected relationship between blame and fear. When you blame others for your failure, you become powerless to change the world around you. You begin to live your life filled with fear, paralyzed by uncertainty and embittered by a sense of victimization. Fear may cause you to abdicate responsibility, but the abdication of responsibility will most certainly cause you to live in fear.

*All I can say to this is Wow!*

"Lord help me to kill my victim mentality by accepting responsibility."

[03/20/19]   I'm at work praying....yes praying. What I keep hearing over and over in my spirit is, "Pure heart and clean hands." Dr. Nicola Smith-Jackson says it all the time.
I've found that even in my imperfections, even in my moments of sin, because my heart was right, God still blessed me because of His mercy. Sometimes our actions don't line up with the desires of our do the right things. Aren't y'all glad that God knows our heart? Whew!


This right here is one of the most BEAUTIFUL things that I've ever read!!!!



Good afternoon God's Empowered People!
I'm going to share a transparent moment with you.
Today, I allowed myself to cry......not just on the surface, but deep.
I needed that cleansing because I'm processing, growing, learning, and being stretched.
I cried today because being a mother isn't always easy, building two businesses isn't always easy, being courageous isn't always easy, ending a relationship isn't always easy, change isn't always easy..... Being me can get tough at times.
To be honest, I don't always want to be these things, but I have to.
How I feel has nothing to do with my purpose, or who God has called me to be.
So sometimes, I just have to let it out....the disappointments, the hurts, the lessons, the frustrations....just life.
Rather I'm talking to someone, or it's just me and God, His peace brings me comfort and strength to keep going, because I won't stop!
In my transparency, I hope you know that it's okay to stop, and allow yourself to be cleansed. You're not weak, or faithless. You're human.

Psalm 34:18


The Place Empowering


Let me drop this RIGHT HERE!
I've given my heart away way too many times to the wrong people, only to be left broken. Read the signs. You're worth far too much than to "throw pearls before swine." If you're not being appreciated or loved the way that you're giving it, or deserve.... It's okay to love from afar unless God says otherwise and has directly assigned you to that person or situation.


[02/05/19]   When you're going THROUGH things in life.... Don't run AWAY from God, run TO Him. There's no shame in Him.


The love of God.....
Once we begin to really let Him love us, it's consuming, healing, gentle, overwhelming, indescribable, life changing........
No person can match it.
I used to be a person that searched for love....and it/HE was right here all along, patiently waiting and loving me through other people.
I know it for myself now. I can breathe. I can be. I am loved with no strings attached, no disappointments, all accepting, no judgement, no criticism, pure, and unapologetically.....
So are you.


[01/09/19]   Good morning God's Empowered People!
I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for your support of this page.
Please share this page with those that you believe it'll be a blessing to or on your page.
Feel free to leave me your feedback and let me know how it's blessed you.


Good morning God's Empowered People! I'm sure you've seen my logo several times throughout the years. I'm going to take a moment and explain what it means.
- The tree symbolizes our lives. (notice that it's above the line)
- The line represents the surface. (what we show that everyone sees OR what we allow everyone to see)
- The artistry below the line represents our roots; those things that really make up who we are....the condition of our hearts, our experiences, thought patterns, behaviors, insecurities, hurts, etc. (these are the things that I'm after)

I decided on The Place because it's a "place" that empowers the total you.

* Beauty ( Hair)
* Finances (Financial Literacy/Credit Restoration)
* Empowering materials

My heart's desire is for the total us to be healthy and whole.

Thank you again Crystal Bennett Harris for creating a logo that captured what's in my heart. My life's work.


[12/27/18]   Happy holiday greetings from all of us at The Place Empowering!


Good afternoon God's Empowered People!!
I often come across this picture and I'm reminded just how valuable I am.
Sometimes things can happen in life, or even in our own crazy thoughts that cause us to minimalize how valuable and important that we really are.
I'm stopping by today to remind you that you're loved by an almighty, loving, forgiving, powerful God that's so full of grace. His love for you makes you worth more than any deed that you've done, any word ever spoken or unspoken.
His love covers every sin committed, every thought, every action, every experience, every hurt, disappointment, etc.
Because we are children of the Most High God, our net worth can't even be calculated.
So today, with your priceless self, hold your head high, receive the love and grace of God, and fulfill your purpose in this earth!
I love you guys with the love of the Lord.


Faith....all you need is the size of a mustard seed.


Romans 12:19


"Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder." Are you seeing your own beauty? It's funny how we notice all the amazing things about everyone else, but fail to study our own beauty.
Sometimes it takes experiences for us to "see," affirmations from someone, a light bulb experience, or embracing the love of our Father God for us to get it......the fact that we're beautiful, in our own unique ways.....the good and the ugly.
It took me 42 years to learn this truth; that my perfectly imperfect self is BEAUTIFUL!
Guess what? So are you. Live in it and embrace it.


Joyce Meyer Ministries

You know getting hurt hurts but oddly enough getting well hurts too. Joyce shares about the pain that's in the healing process below!

[11/09/18]   Good morning God's Empowered People!
I just wanted to stop by and encourage you to keep pushing today....even while you're waiting on your answer/clarity, while you may be tired physically or emotionally..... Just keep pushing. Don't allow life to drain you dry of "life."
God wants His very best for you. Meditate on that, believe that. Believe again, dream again, hope again.
Even if you need a minute to exhale and breathe. Take that moment.....then start pushing again.

I love y'all.


BOTT 2018 - "Way Maker" - HD Recorded Live - The Pentecostals of Alexandria

Hello God's Empowered People!
Sometimes we need a reminder of who God is.

Way Maker" - Because of the Times 2018 - BOTT 2018 - The Pentecostals of Alexandria. Original song by Sinach Joseph. Filmed live at Because of the Times 2018...

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People pleasing
Getting set up.
The perfect tool to EMPOWER yourself even more!



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