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As 2019 ends and 2020 is almost here with us, I hear the sound of abundance of blessing for the year ahead of us. No matter the hurdles that we may meet on the way, He Who saw us through 2019 will see us through 2020. Jehovah will ensure that we are safe to accomplish His purposes for which He made us. With God on our side, we will run through every troop and with Him we will leap over every wall for His glory. May the grace and mercies of God cause the year to be full of pleasant surprises more than we are expecting. All Nations International Churches worldwide declare 2020 as our year of Testimony. MERRY CHRISTMAS.

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I pray for you this morning from my prayer altar that, God will give you an extraordinary blessings. Blessings that cannot be hidden or denied. A blessing and miracles that all eyes will see and declare that the Lord has done great things for you. God will give you a blessing that will give birth to more blessings.The light of God shall be with you in every path you follow. His wisdom will guide every step you take and you will know peace in all decisions you make. May you be among the fortunate ones to obtain mercy and compassion from the Lord. Heaven shall not rest until God answer your prayers. Bishop George.



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[10/26/16]   Pray without ceasing. Prayer unlocks all doors. The hour of prayer has come. Join us @Excellent Chapel, 3001 W.Irving Blvd, Irving, TX on Friday 28th October, 2016 , Time: 8.00 pm. At Excellent Chapel Miracles are happening. Come and listen to Pastor Joshua lead you into the throne room of Grace.


As a Bishop, Mother's Day is very special to me. I would like to wish you happy mothers Day.Happy mother's day to you all our current and future mothers, infact to all the ladies on this platform.
Without you in our lives we would have made a mess of ourselves and caused many problems. Can you imagine a world without women? We thank God for His foresight in the beginning when He realised that we couldn't stay alone and brought you to us. We appreciate you greatly. Bishop George


2016 is our year of dominion.


My daughter in action. There is power in praise and worship.


Beloved, please help me appreciate God for His goodness towards my life, family and ministry and how far He has brought me. To Him alone be all the glory, honor and praise. AMEN.


Instruction is a vital key for success. Every pilot fly by instructions. If you want to be a high flyer in life, follow instructions. Successful people follow instructions. Failure is not your birth right so follow them that has results. It takes results to cancel insults. Have a blessed season and remember that, Jesus is the reason for our existence.


Every move of God moves people forward. I declare under the weight of my ministry that, your life will not remain at the same spot again. I see you breaking the siege of stagnation as we cross over into 2020 in the name of Jesus. I DECLARE 2020 AS A YEAR OF TESTIMONY. As you shout amen you will move forward and step into your season of Testimony.


Merry Christmas. Please don't miss our Christmas service this Friday the 25th of December 2015 @ 10:00 AM to 12noon @ Excellent Chapel 2901 W. Irving blvd. Irving Tx 75061. ( TBN CAMPUS IN IRVING) Come with an expectation and may God bless you. Bishop George


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Dr. George Ofori-Nyadu's graduation photos.


Photos from Excellent Chapel's post


Photos from Excellent Chapel's post


Excellent Chapel's cover photo


Excellent Chapel's cover photo

[04/16/15]   Keep pushing. Just before a baby is born, the mother experiences labor pains. When Labour gets severe, push, when the night is dark, push. Pray through your pain, pray through the darkness. Weeping may endures for a night but joy comes in the morning. May you step into your season of laughter. Bishop George


Excellent Chapel's cover photo

[02/16/12]   Agape refers to unconditional love. Therefore, if anyone attaches conditions or reasons to why he or she loves you, then agape, unconditional love, has ceased. If someone uses the words “if,” “when,” or “because” when they say that they love you, this is not an unconditional perspective. Wherever there is a reason, there is a condition. Wherever there is a condition, there is expectation. I estimate that 99% of all the problems in relationships have to do with expectation.

[02/16/12]   Scripture shows that God made love a law. Why? He made it a law because He could not trust us to do it ourselves. He stated to His disciples, “This is my commandment that you love one another…” (Jn 15:12). A command is not debatable because it is your duty. Duty is absent of feelings. In other words, we think that love has to do with feelings. However, the love that Jesus commands us to have is one that is above feelings. In other words, in the Kingdom of God, the law is that you love them first and then learn to like them. Valentine’s Day is a day when you give flowers or candy to someone that you like. Unfortunately, the intent of this type of love falls short of the motive behind the kind of love that God says to give.

[02/16/12]   As numerous scholars have researched and discussed, the Greeks have identified four kinds of love. Those four kinds of love are an attempt to describe the different motives for love. “Eros” is the Greek word for sexual or carnal love. It is simply pleasure of the flesh. “Philio” is friendship love. The third word used for love is “storge,” which is family love. The Greeks also distinguished another kind of love, which they called “agape.” Agape is the type of love that the Greeks tried to define as divine love. Jesus also used this word to describe the love of God for humanity. This love is also possible between two people

[02/16/12]   Most of the people who say they love you may just be tolerating you. The rest of them probably have ulterior motives. As humans, we do things for others so that we can get things done for us. If it is one thing that the world needs now is a big dose of genuine love.




3001 W Irving Blvd
Irving, TX

Opening Hours

Tuesday 7pm - 9pm
Friday 8pm - 10pm
Sunday 10am - 1pm
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