Bringing you News and Notes from Pagans World Wide For thirty years, Panegyria has aimed at connecting the Pagan communities and individuals in the greater Seattle area.

During the early 80’s the scene was filled with a disjointed community consisting of small groups, and scantily published newsletters. Pete “Pathfinder” Davis saw a need for a more comprehensive publication to showcase and bring together the voice of the Seattle-area Pagan community. On a warm, summer-like evening in 1983, the soon to be founders of Panegyria, Pete Pathfinder, Thia and Althea Whitebirch, stood on Lord Hill just outside of Monroe. As they stood in Thia’s backyard around a hand-dug well, they asked guidance from the Goddess on whether or not they should create a publication. When trying to bring together a community, it can sometimes backfire on you. They were concerned about just such a backlash. Pete, Thia and Althea came away with the feeling that creating the publication was what Goddess wanted. From that point of origin and into the present, Panegyria has succeeded in bring the the community together through news, voice and fellowship. “It wouldn’t have lasted as long as it has if it didn’t make a difference,” Pete says as he rests after a long career; looking back at the fruits of his journalistic labors. Panegyria gave those in the Northwestern United States a chance to feel like they were a part of a community. Their work was published, appreciated and respected. Other publications that did not have the resources to stay afloat found a new medium to continue having their voice heard. Many different newsletters found their lives extended through the pages of Panegyria. It also provided a means for people to learn about Wicca without having to search high and low for material – it was all in one convenient place. From these humble beginnings beneath the twilight of the Pacific Northwestern skies, a dream was formed around the ear of the Goddess. The prayers of our founders traveled through the blessed waters of the Mother, and delivered to her their sacred message: “By thy will so mote it be.” It is because of her answer that Panegyria has, for 30 years, continued to bring you articles of note, subjects of a sometimes controversial nature, rituals, event reviews, editorials, news of new groups forming, the passing of esteemed loved ones, graduation notices and everything in between to help seekers receive the sacred words the Goddess has laid out for them. It has been 30 years that Panegyria has continued to bring knowledge and togetherness to the Pagan community in the Pacific Northwest and abroad.

Mission: Started by The Aquarian Tabernacle Church of Wicca. We seek to keep people up to date with issues that concern the pagan community as a whole.

Operating as usual

The Fightin' Fire Chicken Diaries

Join Sarah on her on journey through school as a Fightin’ Fire Chicken! I’ve been asked to write a new weekly column for my school’s magazine, Panegyria. I’m super excited! I’ve always wanted to be a columnist! Anyway, I suppose I should introduce myself. My name is Sarah. I’m a first year student at Woolston-Steen Theological Seminary. I’m in my thirties.....

The Octarine Spring Involvement

Ryan James Lloyd shares a sigil with us to help with mutual empowerment, and even as a Talisman, to confer what blessings may be inherent in the thing to whoever carries it. As our world, at least here in the US and other places is coming rather unhinged, I think we need to revisit this notion of grassroots magickal activism and Rule .303- that being if you have the means, you have the responsibility to act, and do what you can, for as long as you are able.

Well, now we have to talk about Tik Tok Kids Hexxing the Moon

Today Archpriest Dusty Dionne of Aquarian Tabernacle Church - ATC Intl. asks us to take a look at the Tik Tok hexxing of the Moon.  Lot to unpack in just those four statements, so I am going to NOT list the umpteen other diminutive statements that I have run across and work today with these. 

Leadership Lessons - The Church Antagonist - If you run a church, or lead any group, you will eventually find an antagonist. Antagonist is defined as a person who actively opposes or is hostile to someone or something; an adversary.

The antagonist is the principal source of conflict for the protagonist. Often, the antagonist is a bad guy, a villain, but he doesn't necessarily have to be. He may just be someone who has a different agenda. Antagonists might be one person, a group, or even an animal.

In Paganism, having an antagonist as irritating as it might be, is a badge of honor amongst pagan leaders and means you've actually 'made it' as a leader. The saying "If you don't have 'haters' it means you're not doing anything important" holds true here as some humans become jealous of anyone that gets ahead on a project that they feel they themselves should have been successful at but weren't.

Antagonists aren't necessarily bad - in many stories, the protagonist would have never grown without the actions and the push of the antagonist. In cases of leadership, many people want the position for themselves, while others genuinely believe that they could do a better job or that they have an idea that will better help others. Those who want the leader's position will hope to derail the leader from success and elevate to the leader's level by drawing attention. Those who genuinely care will go out of their way to talk to you and help make changes for the better instead of derailing and rallying the entire community's focus.

If you encounter an antagonist, you might be embarrassed and feel like you have done something wrong or have something to hide. On the contrary reach out to the other leaders in your peers circle, they will congratulate you on making enough waves to get noticed and give you some helpful hints on how to remove these people from your circle.

Also, remember that all publicity helps you. The people that listen to the antagonist and agree with them, will get out of your way, and the people that don't, will be on board with your mission and calling.

Everyone has their own agenda. Different agendas aren't bad, they just aren't yours. Don't let someone derail your group, just because they have a different idea. They can go form their own group and serve people who want what they are offering. Don't worry about who they take with them. There's room for everyone that wants to serve and the vacancies will leave room for you to give attention to those who share your vision.

Groups that form solely out of spite for you do not have a mission statement that will last. But while they do last, they will be your best advertisement. People will listen to the drama, and go check you out. Some people will be swayed by the gossip and believe it, but the people that you want in your church will be repelled by it, and decide to investigate you. They might even join when they didn't plan to, because they want help defend against what they see as someone attacking the Goddess' work. Either way, as long as it's professional jealousy, you win.

Stick to doing your work. Don't let detractors derail you, unless they have a good point. Your critics might be right, and if they are listen and learn. But, if they are just mad at you because you didn't let them steal, cheat, gossip, derail, or otherwise stir up negativity, then just know, that's human nature and keep going.

And remember what Dusty says:

[06/07/20]   Black Lives Matter

Spring Mysteries Festival is going virtual

For those of you who have not planned before to attend Spring Mysteries, due to geographic or economic considerations please note this golden lining to the pandemic facing the world. The Great Mother's Mysteries will be presented in virtual 'tween space. When faced with closures of events of 250+, with a pandemic running through our country how does the ATC plan to best protect their community as well as bring the words of the Great Mother to Her people?

Last day for the best price!

Today is the LAST DAY you can register with the Early Bird Pricing for Spring Mysteries Festival 2020! Do NOT miss this event!

Finding Ourselves in the Myth of Demeter and Persephone

We are all excited for Spring Mysteries Festival, see what the Gods are saying today! Ancient myths often persist because the archetypes within them represent the phases of our own lives. The myth of the abduction of Persephone by Hades shows us two stages of life through its dual protagonists—the child Kore (Persephone) and her mother Demeter. Both go through a traumatic event, bo...

Have you seen the photos of the Cast yet? This year is going to be BEAUTIFUL.

Early Bird Registration ends January 17th - take advantage of the great pricing now!!

A Sigil for the Year of 2020

Happy 2020 everyone! Laura shares her vision and the layers in the sigil to inspire and empower 2020

The Aquarian Tabernacle Church of Canada Appoints New Arch Priestess

Congratulations to Aquarian Tabernacle Church of Canada!!!! The start of a new decade also marks a new era for the Aquarian Tabernacle Church of Canada (ATCC). Nearly three decades after its inception as a registered institution, ATCC is appointing a new Arch Priestess in April, 2020 at the annual Spring Mysteries Festival hosted by the ATC Mother Church. Hi...

The World Needs Her Witches

Witches keep the Balance. I believe the world is in need of the wisdom that Witchcraft, practiced as an embodied spirituality, uniquely offers us, especially as it calls upon us to actively support, protect, and heal the world and ourselves.

Leadership and Service

From the desk of Belladonna Laveau, answers about leadership. Join Bella as she talks about her thoughts about leadership in life and Wicca.

Why Mardi Gras?

Have you been wondering why Sickle is pulling elements from Mardi Gras this year? Well wonder no more, our resident librarian and research expert Esme Dutcher decided to do the reading for us to help us understand! You’ll never go to the same Hekate’s Sickle Festival twice. Each year our autumn festival has a different theme, a different lesson. Each festival showcases a different face of Hekate. This year the focus is on the goddess Fortuna and the zodiac. Fortuna, herself a face of Hekate, in turn has ma...


Bright Blessings to all in the Northern Hemisphere!

Thank you all for being a part of our readership. We love you! If you would like to write for Panegyria feel free to send us an IM, we'd love to hear from you! Lughnassdh (Loo-NA-sah), or Lammas is celebrated in the Northern Hemisphere on August 1st when the Sun is 15 degrees into the Leo constellation. It is celebrated by European pagans and Wiccans and if research is accurate some Christians as well!

Three Reasons to Love Volunteering at SMF

We are getting excited for Spring Mysteries! Registration closes TOMORROW! Have you bought your ticket yet?

Riley Sweeney give us a few reasons why volunteering at Spring Mysteries can be so much fun! There you are, checking in for Spring Mysteries. You’ve got your bunk assignment, your badge and . . . what’s this? They want you to volunteer for a two-hour shift at some point during the weekend? You fold your arms, you already paid your registration, why are they asking for your labor as well...

Spring Mysteries Festival - ATC

Hiereía Deúro

Before proceeding with the Rituals at Spring Mysteries, one must cleanse themselves! But what does that entail? Esme Dutcher tells us!

Spring Mysteries Registration is only open for 9 more days, make sure you reserve your spot now if you want to experience the Mysteries!

Please use this link to read the article on our new site: The ancient Greek Eleusinian Mysteries took place for more than a thousand years. The Aquarian Tabernacle Church has been continuing these Mysteries for the last 34 years in the form of the Spring Mysteries Festival (SMF).

Spring Mysteries Initiates Terminology | A Pagan Blog | Index, WA | Panegyria

Spring Mysteries has introduced new terminology this year, read and find out some of what you should expect to see this year!

Registration is still open!

Please use this link to read the article on our new site: "Did they just call themselves a Poptart?"Epoptai, they may have said poptart, but they mean Epoptai. It is the word that is used to classify someone who is an

panegyria | Single Post


Wiccan Churches Announce Introduction of Fifth Element

Please use this link to read the article on our new site: Started by a world wide Wiccan church, Panegyria is a community based blog that publishes Pagan related articles, art, news, etc.

The Continuation of Eleusis | A Pagan Blog | Index, WA | Panegyria

Spring Mysteries is in just three weeks!

Registration is still open, but not for long!

Use this link to read the article on our new site: “You should come see what we do,” this Archpriest “Pete” guy said to me.“ We work with Demeter and Persephone. I think you’ll like it.” So, here I stood on thi

panegyria | Single Post

Registration for Spring Mysteries ends April 11th, Make sure you register today so you don't have to be on the non-receiving end of the oath!

Please use this link to read the article on our new site Started by a world wide Wiccan church, Panegyria is a community based blog that publishes Pagan related articles, art, news, etc.

Spring Mysteries New Opportunity - Serving in the Eleusinian Temples | A Pagan Blog | Index, WA | Panegyria

This is the very first year you can participate in and be a part of specific Temples of the Gods at Eleusis.

Registration ends April 11th, and there are very few beds left! Reserve your spot Today!

Use this link to read the article: Often the staff and cast of the Spring Mysteries Festival have spoken of the Third Degree Initiations. First Degree is attained your first year, going through

Talking to the Gods: What to know about Temple Shrines | A Pagan Blog | Index, WA | Panegyria

Is this your first year attending Spring Mysteries? Belladonna LaVeau gives us some information and tips on how to enter the shrines of the Gods reverently and prepared.

Registration for Spring Mysteries is almost full! Make sure you reserve your spot now!

Use this link to read the article on our new site: Spring Mysteries is only two weeks away and there is so much for which to prepare. One of my favorite things to do at the Mysteries is attend the Temple Shrine

Dr. Mara Lynn Keller gives a beautiful history lesson on the Eleusinian Mysteries, which are still being continued today by the Aquarian Tabernacle Church.

Registration is still open until April 11th, beds are running out! Register today!

Why I Wear White on St. Patrick's Day. | A Pagan Blog | Index, WA | Panegyria

Please use this link to read the article on our new site: I have heard good reasons for Pagans wearing green on St. Patty's day, and I think everyone, Orange Irish or Green, should wear the color that speaks to them.T

The Aquarian Tabernacle Church of Wicca Appoints a New Arch Priest, Rev. Dusty Dionne The Aquarian Tabernacle Church (ATC), an International Wiccan Church, is elevating a new Archpriest into its ranks after 5 years of being without one when the previous Archpriest passed away. Rt. Rev.

The Wild Hunt

The Aquarian Tabernacle Church - ATC Intl. will install a new Arch Priest at the forthcoming Spring Mysteries Festival.

Keeper of the Memories

Lady Haight Ashton tells us of stories and traditions handed down by her ancestors to her - and is passing them on to you!

Please use this link to read the article on our new site: Lady Haight Ashton speaks of her ancestral and family traditions, including stories of decorated eggs, sulkies, and more.

The Forgotten War

"She always thought it was a little odd that according to myth the gods decided to draw lots to see who would rule what. Why would they do that? Why wouldn’t they turn on each other? It seems that at least one ancient writer decided to answer that question."

Please use this link to read the article on our new site: Lisa shivered as she thought of the word “death”.  For her sake she hoped the curse wasn’t real or that there was peace between Olympian and mortal...

Reflections of a Four Year Adventure

“When my graduation from Woolston-Steen Theological Seminary (WSTS) was fast approaching, I found myself experiencing mixed emotions. Don't get me wrong, I was over-the-moon excited to be graduating and earning my Bachelor's Degree in Wiccan Clergy/Ministry, but there was this strange sadness in me. I'm going to miss having classmates and teachers, and learning all the really amazing things in class.”

Please use this link to read the article on our new site: When my graduation from WSTS was fast approaching I found myself experiencing mixed emotions. I'm going to miss having classmates and teachers...

Sabbat Magic - Imbolc

"Each year at Imbolc, the ATC witches enchant their garden's seeds with goals that we want to accomplish for the year. Then we watch our garden magically grow the life we want, and feed us good food as well. The hard part is figuring out what you want." - Belladonna Laveau

Please use this link to read the article on our new site Each year at Imbolc, the ATC witches enchant their garden's seeds with goals that we want to accomplish for the year.

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The Troth Officially Rescinds Loki Ban | A Pagan Blog | Index, WA | Panegyria

Loki Ban Officially Rescinded

If the link doesn’t work copy/paste this into your web browser:

Please use this link to read the article on our new site The High Rede of The Troth in its fourth quarter 2018 Rede Meeting has officially rescinded the 2008 ban on the hailing of Loki at Troth-sponsored events.

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