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[04/18/16]   El mayor obstáculo para el avance en la conciencia y la profundidad espiritual y psicológico es siendo demasiado cómodo y en control en la etapa que estamos ahora. Mi esperanza en Fusion es para llevarnos a un lugar más profundo.

The greatest obstacle to advance in deeper spiritual and psychological consciousness is to remain comfortable and in control at where we find ourselves now. My hope for Fusion is to enter into depth.

[04/14/16]   Jesus estaba entre los excluidos y vivio una vida donde constantemente invitabas otros que fueron excluidos a sentarse en la mesa. Fue apasionado incluyendo las personas que nunca pensarian ser incluidos. Hoy en dia, algunos sectores de la iglesia parecen que estan en un ciclo perpetuo de redefinicion; no atraer la gente, si no, mantener algunas gente alejados. En lugar de un banquete que invita a los rechazados, es mas preocupado por mantener su "puerza." Se ha convertido en un club exclusivo de "personas afines." Construyen paredes en lugar de puentes.

Jesus was among the excluded and lived a life where he was constantly inviting others who were excluded to come and have a seat at the table. He was passionate about including people who would never think should be included. Today, some sectors of the church seem to be in a perpetual cycle of redefining lives; not to draw people in, but to keep more people out. Instead of a banquet that invites outcasts, its more concerned with maintaining and preserving its "purity." It has become an exclusive club of "likeminded people." It builds walls instead of bridges.

FuSioN busca construir puentes
FuSion seeks to build bridges
Join us!

[04/11/16]   Sólo en solidaridad con el sufrimiento de otras personas podemos ser convertidos de una mentalidad comodad. Dejar de hacerlo es no conocer a Jesús, la cruz, el significado de la reconciliación con la humanidad perdida, el misterio de la muerte y resurrección.

Only in solidarity with the suffering of others can we convert from a privileged and comfortable mentality. To fail and do so is to miss Jesus, the cross, the significance of reconciliation with a lost humanity, the mystery of death and resurrection.

[04/04/16]   I'm learning in contemplative prayer that things may not really be as they are, but as we are. We really are what we think and believe of ourselves and see life through those lenses. But we can be off. My hope for those in community with FuSioN is that we ponder carefully how to see how God sees, not how we see.

[04/03/16]   Harper Lee reminds us that we will never fully understand another person until we see life from his / her perspective, feel what their skin feels. This is the essence of what God chose to do in Jesus humanity. God chooses to not only heal us, but to experience our symptoms as well. May those who join FuSioN enter this contemplative life. May we never forget our symptoms, rather let our hurts and wounds make us more compassionate, love mercy, walk humbly with God, ourselves, and others.

[04/02/16]   I've invited our "dream team" of FuSioN to read Susan Brown Snook's book, "God Gave the Growth: Church Planting in the Episcopal Church." I recommend it to others in this venture with me. A quote:

"A church planter is a person who can look at a community and begin to dream, pray, and discern about what God is doing there and how a congregation might join God in that mission. A church planter sees clearly through confusion and ambiguity, to envision something that does not yet exist, and communicate that vision so compellingly that others are inspired to join in making that vision a reality"

Join us! Pray for us, "unless the Lord builds the house, they that labor labor in vain." Psalm 127:1

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