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[01/04/15]   HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! 2015 is here!

To God be the glory for all the wonderful things He has done. Well our season has changed! Yes, I am proud and yet sad to announce that this is my last writing under the Greater New Elijah MBC Page. Yes, the Lord has given our family a new covering with the New Hope Missionary Baptist Church, in Stafford, Texas, under the leading of Pastor Kerry Sharp! Yes, it's all good, and a wonderful new beginning for me! I would like to invite you to my new page: "i.e.Johnnie "INSPIRATION ENCOUNTER" with Johnnie Randle that will be listed also on the website starting 1/5/15. Amen! be sure and come on over with me and hopefully be inspired with my new writing "He's Good". Yes, I was so moved by Pastor Creflo Dollar's sermon he did recently, that I told him that I could not hardly wait to write about the revelation I got from this. Yes it was truly an inspiration encounter for me when I heard it. So if you are reading this now, you made it to Year 2015, and why did that happen? yes, because HE'S GOOD! Well may God continue to bless Pastor Brown and Greater New Elijah, we pray for the furthering of the gospel for the building of the Kingdom of God, and through his power and grace this will continue.
I'm excited, I hope you are excited, and I look forward to being with you real soon! AMEN - my theme base scripture is Romans 8:30-31 Called, Justified, & Glorified by God. and why?...because HE'S GOOD!!!(smile) HAPPY NEW YEAR!

[12/02/14]   Happy December to ya! and MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU! How was your Thanksgiving Holiday? I know you expressed your appreciation by being thankful, so now let's "Put It Into Action"-Matthew 2:2-11.
Yes, I know it's Christmas, but let us examine this whole "thanks" with "giving" matter! As far as I'm concerned thanks with giving should never end. Christmas is just a time for us to show a person how much we are thankful that they are in our lives. Did you notice the passage, the first thing is that they were so thankful for the good news about a King being born, that they wanted to worship Him? Yes they appreciated this prophesy coming to pass! Well, sometimes we can fail to recognize just how blessed we are, not realizing what great potential lies ahead! Not only were they thankful, but they put it into action by bringing gifts to express it! Yep, this is no time for stingy people(smile)!Matthew 2:11. I know that if you don't have it to give, then just at least show some gratitude with kindness. But, if you have it to give, please by all means...PUT IT INTO ACTION! The preacher told us that "giving" is a verb and it is what you do with what you have and it is a way to put your disposition and attitude into action! Yes, and just let us agree that being thankful should be a joyful Christian lifestyle!-Matthew 2:10. Wow, isn't a great honor to be in the position to be able to give! Puts the whole matter of God giving us His son as our gift. Yes He gave us hope, a healer, a counselor, an intercessor for peace, a rock of stability in times of trouble, a friend, a guide, a teacher, a miracle worker, and most of all our Savior! Yes, so very very glad that God was not stingy! He gave us His best treasured gift...LIFE, and life MORE ABUNDANTLY!-John 10:10. Did you wonder what it would have been like if God was selfish and wanted to just keep His Son all to Himself to protect Him from all the pain, suffering, and rejection that He had to go through? No, our God, the giving God who loves us put it into action by letting Him be humiliated with an awful death on the cross in exchange for our salvation! Man oh man, how dare I be stingy and self-centered at this time! Time to think of others with my giving with whatever I can and Put It Into Action! Yes, loving all the lights, decorations, shiny wrapping paper, family, friends, plenty of food, cause there is nothing wrong with being blessed! Yes, worship Him by loving Him and giving to others, not just talk, but time to PUT IT INTO ACTION!!!Lol love ya, and....MERRY CHRISTMAS!

[11/06/14]   Glad to be with ya' one more time! I tried to get away from a topic, but I just couldn't let it go, so here goes! Have you ever had someone to say something to you, and you just sorta took it lightly and was not all that impressed about it, but the person looked at you with a very disarming look! Your response was "Is it That Serious?"-Revelation 21:8...Yes, it's just that serious! When this passage of scripture speaks to us, it's not nothing to be playing with! Did you notice that God puts the "fearful and unbelieving" first in the deplorable column right next to abominable and "murderers"! Wow, He's is not holding back His disgust for fear and unbelief! Sometimes we can be a little lightly unfocused, doing the same ol' rituals, same ol' patterns in our church lives without any power, because we don't believe!(Mark 5:36) Are you a believer? Are you doing anything that requires faith? Are you procrastinating because of fear? Well, well now! Did I press a button out there!(smile) How many times have some of us let a blessing slide by us because we didn't believe God when He said it! How many of us did not execute the instructions required for our breakthrough because we did not want to look like a fool? My oh my, don't we trust Him? Hmmmm, well, it's impossible to really trust someone that you don't know! How's the relationship between you and God?(John 4:24) Who's first? You are Him? By this I mean, how much do you love the Lord, His Word, His plan for us through His Son? Yep, we love ourselves more! Don't want nothing to "cramp our style"! We can be so full of ourselves not thinking about the impact our actions of disobedience may have in the Kingdom! We not only miss out, but we can cause others to miss out on their miracles, blessings, breakthroughs and most of all their salvation all because we were fearful and did not believe! So yes...It is that serious! God is good, God is merciful, and thank God for grace, but let's not get it twisted, God don't play!!!His agenda should be our priority, not our little ol' pitiful plans that cannot compare to the joy in front of us!(Hebrews 12:2) Yes, go on to the cross, and die to yourself and pride, go on to the cross and with His help endure the process! God loves us, Now let's show Him how much we love Him!(Hebrews 11:6)The Kingdom of God don't need any "scurrred" folk, we are bold, and are more than conquerors! We win! believe it! because it's that serious! This fall season is ready for us let's do this with His might, power and His Amazing Grace! Amen!

[09/22/14]   Wow! Well it's about time I wrote for this month! Happy Fall Season to ya! It's seldom, but I had to get an "Attitude Adjustment"-Psalm 34:1. The first thing I noticed is that this is an act of the WILL. Yep, on my sports side, some of my sports teams didn't win last week, On my political side, I lost a debate, On my business side, one of my sponsors didn't come through for a writing project, On my personal side, it rained and I had to cancel a lunch date! So yes, I had a major attitude problem! My question to you, is there anything that can stop your praise and worship? Sorta like pouting as if I were a spoiled child! I had to take a "time out" Man oh man, there is one thing you don't want, and that's when the Lord puts you in "time out"! Ask King Saul (1 Sam. 16:14) He couldn't deal with the new kid on the block, somebody named David! (1 Sam. 18:17) Yes, just remember this, there is always gonna be a "David" in your life! Someone who is prettier than you, someone who is more popular than you, someone who is younger than you! We tend not to mind if a person is on the same level as we are, and maybe on a lower level, but don't let em' get higher than our level, we get a major attitude! Let's not go there as an act of our will. Let's just leave it alone and bless the Lord. You would be surprised how fast the fleshly, carnal nature comes beaming through! There is another area that can affect us and give us a major attitude problem, I heard a Pastor say this: "Vultures live off dead things of the past that are decayed and have began to stink, Hummingbirds live off fresh new things and thirst for the nectar of beautiful colorful flowers! Which one describes you! We can be dwelling and living in the past, complaining about the present, and be unthankful for a future! Don't let the spirit of the Lord leave you, it's not worth it! Get the attitude and outlook in order, Those that worship Him, must worship Him in spirit and in truth (John 4:24) Yes, everybody let's take a "time out" before the Lord gives you a time out! Seems like this is the best way to deal with our issues, our culture is seemingly heading in the right direction domestically, by not using so much violence and force. As a matter of fact, I'm glad that it's time for us all to get a major attitude adjustment! HAPPY FALL SEASON! God bless and I love ya!(smile)

[08/02/14]   In honor of our Pastor-"The Steps of a Good Man" Psalm 37:23
This month of August we celebrate the last Appreciation Services for our dear and sweet Pastor Johnny A. Mitchell and wife, First Lady Sis. Mitchell with the reverence of prayer and pure guiding by the Holy Spirit.
Amen & Amen! Isn't it amazing how seasons can suddenly change? Deep down inside and instinctively you have a knowledge that something is about happen, whether it be good or bad, happy or sad. Sometimes you just have to accept what God is doing and adhere to what He is saying. If your steps are ordered by the Lord, then no matter what, it is going to be alright and good for you!
We at Greater New Elijah Missionary Baptist Church are saying happy retirement to our Pastor, Rev. Johnny A. Mitchell, founder of this congregation and shepherd of this flock. We know God is in control and we accept His will. Pastor Mitchell may be stepping down, but he is not stepping out! We love him, and know this was not an easy thing for him to do as he has been preparing us for this day for the last three months. Yes, a little travel, a little leisure activity, a whole lot of rest, maybe even a move, or whatever decisions are ahead, we are full with confidence that you are truly a man of God in the ministry for well over 45 years. You are previous Pastor of five churches, two of which you organized, and has done well as being a good and faithful servant for the Lord and His kingdom. To Pastor Mitchell, we love you, the teaching of God's Word has been ingrained in our hearts drilled in our mind and salvation for our soul. The preaching has been received with the brilliance in which it was given, and we honor you. One thing for certain that we know is that you have shown us that "The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord and he delighteth in his way." May God bless you and Sis. Mitchell, who has stood faithfully by his side and supported him all the way, and may God bless Greater New Elijah. I would ask that you pray for me as the Lord also guide my steps with this particular page and writing since I am Pastor Mitchell's daughter and oftentimes caretaker, it is His call as to how He would have me to continue on in the months ahead by His leading in realms that can only expand God's kingdom agenda by being an obedient vessel totally committed for His service! By design, God knows I love to write, and God knows I love my dad, but most of all God knows I love Him and His Word! Whether it be in book publishing, taking classes, public speaking, or continuing with social media, as I step out in faith, I enjoy every time I sit at this computer, smiling with joy to pour out my heart to you and I never take any of my readers for granted. As I am led by the Spirit, my prayer is that I delight the Lord along His way with appreciation and thanksgiving to be my true intent. This one thing is for certain, whomever page I write under, title it goes by or organization it represents..."The steps of a good man/woman are ordered by the Lord"! Love all ya'll out there, you bless me all the time! To God be the glory forever and forever! Amen & Amen!

[07/01/14]   Amen! We made it to another July for summer! This is the time we celebrate our nation and it's history! Lots of fun family events for everyone to reflect Life, Liberty and the "Pursuit of Happiness" Matthew 6:33.
Yesterday I heard a sermon on Gospel AM1360 "A Call to Joy Ministry" in Houston, Texas from The Lilly Grove Missionary Baptist Church from Pastor Terry K. Anderson that inspired me to write this today! By no means can I follow Dr. Anderson, but I would suggest, if at all possible, please try and get this sermon! It is totally phenomenal. His text and his scripture, maybe a little different than mine, were so awe inspiring, you will be amazed when you hear it!
I noted that with all our good intentions and goal oriented endeavors, it is absolutely nothing without God and His way of doing things being our first priority! Well yes, we could probably just end this right now (smile), but let's take it a little further! We strive to be the very best that we can be, have the very best that we can have with higher education, careers, good work ethics, family values, civic service, success, and yes nation building, but without the above mentioned scripture being executed, all is vanity. Along the way in our effort to abide by our nations laws and bureaucratic procedures of daily operation some of us may even without any ill willed intent may fall a little short of His glory in our effort to pursue "happiness" with the aide of medical professionals to help us through with prescription drugs, systems of chance through lottery tickets, unhealthy relationships that are toxic, behavior patterns that require therapy, and yes physical destitute that require medical attention, all in the "pursuit of happiness"! Lord knows that we are doing the very best that we can with what we have. If we who know Jesus, have these life situations to deal with, can you imagine what it is like for those who do not have Jesus to lean on? This nation of ours is founded on the very Word of God, in our efforts along the way, there has been some abuses and some misguided measures encountered to achieve our desired end. Unfortunately our nation's past history is a "fruit" that is sometimes bitter for us to swallow! Well...thank God for grace! He's making it clearer and clearer that just put Him first, and then all these other "things" that we hope can give us happiness will follow. Let's be glad we have a chance right now to be happy, successful, healthy, appreciate our country, appreciate His love and enjoy the fact that His Word is truly real and any way to have Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness, starts with Him! Be encouraged, be open to start over with the Lord, Celebrate and have a HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY!!!!

[06/03/14]   JUNE is here! yes, the time is going by really really fast! Almost ready for Summer with family reunions and gatherings? Well most certainly it will include a cook-out/bar-b-que with Dad displaying his culinary genius on the pit! Yep! "Our Father" Matthew 6:7-13
This being the month we celebrate our Dad's and regarded Father figures in our lives, I thought that this passage of scripture would be a time for reflection.
Did you have a great father? Did you even know your father? Are the memories of your Father good, or are your memories none that you would care to think of at all? I find it amazing that Jesus included all of us in this passage! Yes the first two words in the Lord's Prayer is..."Our Father". He could have very well said My Father, or The Father, no He considered all of us. The Lord seemingly always has "us" on His mind and heart. Praise God that He does with grace and mercy reaching out to us daily. Well, even if your Father is living right now, it's just good to love and honor him! You are blessed to have your Father with you, and maybe even everyday is Father's Day for you! Yes, with my dad getting up in years, each day is precious to me as I watch him in his golden elderly strength giving each effort the best he can. The main point I noticed is for us not to do anything out of religious ritualistic measures, or out of vain attention by others, but by the sincerity of our hearts, commune and plea unto the Lord. No one wants to be just tolerated with an attitude of mere duty. Just think how much we are missing by doing things or treating people by habit or monotonous pattern! Each verse in this prayer is so rich and wonderful when applied with the desire to truly touch the heart and will of God! Yes we love our Dad's, and we most certainly don't want to take him for granted, or sparingly respect him during this day, let's love, forgive, be thankful, reflect and pray with a humble desire to be intimate with the Creator of the universe, by making it personal when we say..."OUR FATHER"! Yes, with or without a Father, may everyone have a blessed and joyful Father's Day. Amen.

[05/02/14]   Happy Springtime May! Yes, it's time to think of a lot for this month, but what stands out the most is Mother's Day! I thought about how we always want to get the right gift for our Mom's! Remember when appliances were the Mother's most treasured gift? Yes, I saw a commercial by the Maytag Company and their commercial has a quote that says this: "What's Inside Matters"! Wow, I love that! Yes! "WHAT'S INSIDE MATTERS" Colossians 1:27. Don't you just love the writer, Apostle Paul and how he can just dive on in and lay it out like that! We can often put so much emphasis in our titles, job and career positions, what we wear, our physical appearance and yes, even take full pride in it with a sense of accomplishment! But what's the real glory in all our matters? Yes, none but Christ! His love, His Word, His Kingdom way of doing everything! Well we have all noticed at one time or another that no matter what you have, and the authority you have, it's how you treat others! Are we filled with jealousy and envy, prejudice and hatred, suspicion and gossip, anxious unrest, depression and hopelessness? Well, here we are with the solution--CHRIST! Sometimes we can even "flip" this with the best of intentions by treating our personal bodies with the best of care, vegan lifestyle, no smoking, no drinking, no intent of lewdness, just a "good person", but that's not all that should be inside of us, it will only have power with the very presence of the living Savior, Jesus Christ! Yep, I didn't say the higher power, I didn't say brownie points and works of the flesh with good deeds, I was not regarding your legendary good name and reputation! All is good, but it's only Christ in you, the hope of Glory! Well, even with all our modern technology, scientific discoveries, new wave of medicines, and therapeutic approaches to peace and health, we should all agree and should care that truly...What's Inside Matters!
Let's enjoy May, Let's enjoy life, Let's take inventory and invite Christ Inside Us!

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