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3126 Jipsie Street Houston, Texas 77051 10:00AM Worship Service Sunday 7:00PM Prayer & Bible Study

Mission: Transforming lives through the Word of Life

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Join Word of Life Ministry as we impact the community for Christ! It's not to late to join this soul winning effort! If your organization wants to volunteer or set up a booth view the flyer and inbox me, donations can be made via the www.intentionallyyou.com website to make a difference in the lives of todays youth! This area in particular has been listed as one of the worst in the Nation, Most lottery tickets are sold in this area, we want to flood them with true HOPE! and effect CHANGE! Changed mindsets, changed habits, changed lives!!! Thurs, Fri, Sat June 13-June 15th Father's Day Weekend - Children of absentee fathers are: 32 times more likely to run away, 5 times more likely to commit suicide, 9 times more likely to drop out of high school, 37% more likely to abuse drugs, twice as likely to live in poverty, and more teen pregnancy happens when Fathers are absent. Our ultimate goal is Christ, our second goal is to make these negative statistics a thing of the past!

We are joining forces to combat the issues plaguing this Sunnyside community! We have all heard the NEWS reports, this area is labeled one of the ten worst/most dangerous in the NATION!. Join us in prayer, donating, and sponsoring this event. Donations can be made via the Intentionally You website at www.intentionallyyou.com We aim to perpetutate CHANGE! We are bringing the Gospel of Jesus as well as the neccessary practical elements to effectively revitalize this community! We've added health & wellness, and job fairs in addition to speakers, concerts, etc. "WE MUST BE THE CHANGE WE WISH TO SEE" Grassroots, we have walked this community, surveyed it, met with business owners in the area and we are believing GOD! JOIN US!!! BLESS GOD FOR YOU!

Come Celebrate with us!

[05/16/13]   Wow! The Azuza street revival brought healing, delievrance, and the Unleashing of Spiritual Gifts! Don't miss the remaining days of this phenomenal demonstration of Power!

[04/29/13]   ~When you repeat the cliches', philosophies, and thoughts of man, more than the Word of God, you become an echo instead of a voice~ Pastor Wilson Valyan

[03/28/13]   Ministering at The Star of Hope yesterday was such a blessing! 8 souls were saved and added to the Kingdom of GOD! We join the Angels in rejoicing! "Anyone who calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved" Acts 2:21

[01/18/13]   Dont forget to join me Pastor Wilson Valyan tonight for the POWER OF ONE Youth Revival at God's Guiding Light Christian Center 12808 Cullen Blvd. Houston Texas 77047 at 7:30pm

On behalf of WORD of Life Ministry we thank and humbly salute RON REYNOLDS~ Fort Bend State Representative District 27 and his entire staff for their contributions, donations, and assistance for the Liggins family who lost their home in the Fort Bend area in a fire last week. WE BLESS GOD FOR YOUR COMPASSION AND WILLINGNESS TO SERVE THE COMMUNITY. May GOD add a double portion to your life and bless you indeed for all that you do.
Pastor Wilson Valyan

[01/09/13]   One of our dear sisters in Christ had a house fire and lost nearly everything. The family of 8 is alive and well. Glory to GOD!!! On behalf of Word of Life Ministry we appreciate your assistance and prayers in helping this family heal from this tragedy and get their lives back on track. Deposits can be made at CHASE BANK for ~Lesia Liggins Account # 166031300. WE PRAISE GOD FOR YOU AND THANK YOU FOR SHOWING THE COMPASSION OF CHRIST!

Our Hands of Hope Global Mission Campaign was a huge success for 12/2012 . WOL Ministry collected toilitries, bibles, books, shoes, and girls clothing. We are shipping these to Monrovia Liberia. We Bless GOD and are eager to share the light of the Gospel to combat the issues that plague that region.

Luke 2:43 tells us, "after the feast had ended and His parents left; Jesus stayed behind; and Joseph and His mother knew not of it." After they partied so much, they didn't realize that Jesus wasn't with them. Isn't it amazing friends that what is suppose to be the Reason for the Season gets left (behind) in all the decorating, celebrating, store sales, gift buying,and partying? It is a danger to do so much in His name and then realize HE was never a part of it. Don't leave CHRIST out of your celebrations, programs, events, and parties. Most importantly, don't leave HIM out of your life! Scripture says after the party had ended; they still forgot about JESUS. I ask you: Now that Christmas is over....Will you forget about JESUS or make Him a part of your everyday existence?

Our desires can lead us outside of the will of GOD; It is a danger to follow after fleshly desires, especially when they are not in line with what God desires for us. God has a permissive will, and a perfect will. His perfect will; will ultimately result in His perfect plan, bringing balance and harmony into your life. Seek God’s perfect will for your life, especially regarding marriage mates. Remember: The devil whispered to Eve and got her to follow after her own desires leading to destruction & God permitted Ishmael but Isaac was the promise; the perfect will and plan of GOD.

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[12/14/12]   Hey friends. I have one for you. I was talking with a preacher. The preacher was telling me about how he had ministered at this prison. He said the prisoners really enjoyed the sermon. They were clapping and shouting. Really getting into the message. He said many came forward to receive Christ. So he said and I quote "I took them through the Lord's prayer". I said "you did what"? The preacher realized what he had said. Think about it my friends...all of those poor prisoners standing before the Throne. And the Lord will say " your names isn't here in the Lambs Book of Life. Well Lord, look again. We should be on there. We gotta be in there. We know that we are in there. After all the preacher took us the Lord's Prayer. lol God help us. ~Pastor Wilson Valyan

[12/07/12]   Friends how are you doing? I would like to share something with you that I believe will bless you. Jesus said something in the book of St. John in the beginning of the fourteen chapter. " Let not your heart be troubled: you believe in God, believe also in me... In my father's house are many mansions... I go to prepare a place for you... And I will return and receive you unto myself." Now friends according to the book of Romans chapter 1 creation testifies that God is real. Many persons including Atheist believe in an higher power or God. For an atheist to deny God, proves that there is a God because one cannot deny something that does not exist. For example: for someone to say that there is no such thing as a car , a car had to originally exist. Jesus said believe in God but also believe in me. I go to prepare a place for you, this place is prepared for all who believe in God, however, you must also believe in Jesus. John 14:6 says "I am the way the truth and the life, no one comes to the Father except through me." take for example if some gives you the title and deeds to a brand new home and all you had to do was pick up the deeds and keys and move in, you would gladly accept this! with no reservation, you could hardly believe anyone could be so kind. Well that's exactly what Jesus has done, all you need to do is believe, your believing in Him is the key to the title deed for the place that He prepared for you. Will you accept the keys and the deeds to the place that has been prepared for you?

When you do not realize that you were predestined; that you are seated together with Christ in Heavenly places; that you have an expected, a sure end;that the glory of the latter house, shall be greater than the former house, you will be consumed by living your present. Knowing your existence will keep you from living what you see.

[12/02/12]   ~FEAR ROBS YOU OF FAITH~

" Then the master said to the servant, Go out into the highways and hedges, and compel them to come in, that my house may be fillled." Luke 14:23 We invite YOU to join us! Pastor Wilson Valyan

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3126 Jipsie Ln Pastor Wilson Valyan
Houston, TX
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