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Attending on line services with FBC Houston!
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Thank you for your very warm welcome on my first visit this morning! Couldn’t have asked for a nicer group of folks. See y’all next week!
What time is the worship service?
greetings Ruth1v16-17 16,and Ruth said, intreat me not to leave thee, or to return from following after thee;for whilther thou goes ,I will go; and where thou lodgest ,I will lodge ;thy people shall be my people and thy God my God; 17,where thou first, will i die , and there will I've buried ; the LORD do so to me,if ought but death part thee and me.
I am not a member although I have attended many times almost eight years now .... So many ups and downs since then .....I came to find God "Jesus" over a lost in my life and a neighbor. Married for the first time before my wedding to please him in this church. To a divorce woman no doubt ......was convinced that she didn't know what she was doing when she got married and that our marriage was before God. I have directed so many others to this church because I know Jesus Christ our God directs the pastors words......He preaches from the Lord inside him not from his own heart because I know personally even as a Christian our hearts are weak.
Just wanted to let y'all know we prayed for Pastor Lee, your leadership, and the congregation this morning in our staff meeting. Hope y'all are having a fantastic day!
Are there any big boys with big toys and a heart in here willing to donate some of their equipment and time? This is a truly awesome couple, Mr. Adam is 90 yrs old with COPD and Alzheimer's. They not only lost all their life possessions in the Harvey flooding but have just been told they have to demolish their home in Vidor (built 1928, the year he was born)and start over. They had no insurance because they were told house was too old to insure. Please we need some help for this beautiful couple. Please contact me at 337-544-0047.
Will u please share L&B Painting/Drywall Repair is offering free- drywall repair for elderly and families with young children with no flood insurance. #hurricaneharvey #41sports #texasstrong #houstonstrong #fifthward #thirdward #sunnyside #northeasthouston #southeasthouston #jjwatts #sheliajacksonlee #redcross #fema #rebuildhouston Contact info: L&B Painting/Drywall Repair 346-420-2763 [email protected] www.facebook.com/lucasbeck1005
Matt Williams August 29 at 1:28am · HOW TO HELP THE FLOODED I'm not much for writing long posts. Making an exception in hopes it helps the flooded. TRAUMA IS TRICKY A flooded home is a traumatic event. Like any trauma, it is tricky to know how to help someone experiencing such a terrible event. Jen and I flooded on Memorial Day 2015 (see photo) and again on Tax Day 2016. The second flood came just days after completing the restoration and decoration of our house from the first flood. If cruelty was a color, we saw red for a long time. Flood victims often experience what I liken to shell-shock meets heart break meets chaos. Toss in moments of exhaustion, terror, and rage and you've got a pretty fair description of what's in store. When people wrestle with trauma like this, one of the last things they will ask for is help. But it's what they need most. BE THE TORTOISE The good news is that if you want to help someone who has flooded, the best way is to show up. Helping the flooded comes with an understanding that this is a marathon, not a sprint. They'll need you more in the weeks after, when most have moved on and the adrenaline has worn off. So pace your help and pace yourself. Be the tortoise. If you know someone who flooded, get out your calendar and pick a day or two a week for the next ten weeks or more and write down "show up." One day drop off something and say hi. Another day work for an hour or two. And another day have them over for dinner on a weekend. If you can only do one thing, one time, then do it. No act of showing up is too small. Dropping off a hot cup of coffee will be remembered for years to come. As a rule, don't just ask if they need anything, ask if they need anything else. Say "I'm coming by with trash bags and lunch, need anything else?" This signals that you've already committed to coming by. They're likely to tell you what else they need. GESTURE UP Jennifer Castillo De Williams and I will never forget when someone we hardly knew drove up to the side of our yard. It was so full of flooded belongings that the driver didn't get out. She rolled down her window and handed over a giant bag of Chick-fil-a. She smiled, offered her sympathies and drove off. We were exhausted, caked in mud, and heart broken and in that moment, Chick-fil-a never tasted so good. We promised we would remember how simple gestures like this meant so much to us at the time. They offered beautiful brief moments of normalcy in between many long abnormal ones. Help of this kind is fairly easy. Try to work it into your weekday or weekend routines. Plan ways to make thoughtful gestures for anyone you know who has flooded. LIFE ON MARS When you flood, you might as well be on Mars. Everything that was easy and familiar is now complex and foreign. You can't find files, documents, cards, keys, devices...you name it. Simple tasks get sucked into massive black holes of work. It's maddening. Then there are the things of sentimental value: the drawings from the kids; the shoes they wore on their first step; the wedding album. Those treasures, they're all gone. Yes, it's just stuff, but make no mistake, sifting through the filthy wreckage that was once your life's memories is brutal. You will have some good, long cries as you toss them out en masse. But you will get through it and you'll be tougher for it, maybe even enlightened. FLOOD CLUB Those who survive the salvos of Houston's floods enter a club that knows something about loss and have an appreciation for what matters most. For me, it brought a little less whining. Be aware there is something unsettling that lingers for some club members. I suppose it's a kind of mild PTSD that seeps in between the evacuations and ridiculous toil. When I hear the rain now, it's no longer my soothing friend. It's kind of a sinister thing that taunts me when I look outside to see what's coming up to the door. It comes down to this: every thoughtful thing you can do to help someone recover from a flood is probably one less thing they'll have to manage alongside their overwhelming grief. So try to give the flooded a few moments of peace in what feels like a strange unprovoked war. SHOWTIME Here are some practical ways to "show up" by bringing or doing stuff. Feel free to add to these lists in comments, it's endless. Stuff you can bring -Cases of bottled water -Floor fans -Old newspapers for packing -Cases of paper towels -Cases of toilet paper -Cases of sanitizing wipes -Battery powered camping lanterns -Power strips -Work gloves -Pop up tables to place and stage stuff -Step ladders -Drop cloths -Hammers, blade utility knives -Sharpees of different sizes and colors -Good first aid kit (many cuts and scraps during clean up) -Rolls of duct tape and packing tape -Hand sanitizer -Plastic bins/containers of different sizes with lids -Cardboard boxes (small, medium, and large) -Bags (contractor, trash, gallon zip locks) -House cleaning solvents -Bug repellent (mosquitoes are vicious inside a hot, muggy, muddy flooded house) -Fast Food (buy several kinds of fast foods and just leave it. Someone will eat it and be thankful) -Boxes filled with easy to eat snacks (chips, bars, nuts, and fun stuff) -Paper plates, plastic utensils, cups, napkins -Prepared Foods are nice, but more complicated -Gift cards for food (this is for a dinner after a long day, they can get take out at their hotel or temporary place instead of having to cook) -Gift cards to Marshalls, Target, Walmart, Lowes (they can get clothes, supplies, and other needs) -Clean old or cheap t-shirts that can be worn as throw aways during clean up -Clean bedding sheets, blankets, pillows Stuff you can do -Laundry (We loved this. People would come by and put a bunch of dirty clothes in a bag, wash, and return them folded to us) -Write tasks that need to be done on big post it notes and put them on the wall near the entrance of the house or on a pop up table so people coming in can grab one and do the task. Tell them to try to write a new task on the wall to replace the one they did for someone else to do...create an auto filling to do board. -Cut sheet rock, pull out flooring, and clean out house if you're involved with initial 24 hours -Position and maintain fans throughout house -help sort what's destroyed from what's still good (our rule: if flood water touched it, it's destroyed) -Haul what's destroyed into piles in the yard for pick up by city -Pack and label belongings that might still be good -Stage "still good" boxes and load in a POD onsite; or on a rental truck for storage I remember the first day after we flooded. The father of my son's girlfriend asked me what to do. I was still looking at all the loss so I struggled to give him any useful direction. He quickly realized the situation and said, "I'm going to separate good stuff from bad stuff." I nodded and he and some other guys went to work. Hours later we had piles in the yard and the house was beginning to clean out. I have many examples of people who came from no where to help us in many ways, then left without ever knowing their names to thank. After a flood, there's so much to do, just guess and you'll probably be doing something really helpful. Last, there's "stuff you can share" that takes more time and commitment but means a lot -Share your car or truck for rides, pick ups/drop-offs -Share your garage to store their stuff that survived -Share your home for temporary living, food, showers or laundry (obvious, but important) No one who has flooded wants to live with someone else or use their stuff. Understand how much it sucks to be so helpless, it's dehumanizing. The best thing you can do is quietly insist and get to it. There is a lot to unpack here. For those who made it this far down the post, I hope you found it helpful. There were so many people who opened their hearts, homes, and hard working hands to us that I still get overwhelmed by their generosity. People are a lot of things, but what we witnessed in our hours, days, weeks, and months of need was on the pure side of love. Know that it's out there and it's there for you. For our friends who flooded from Harvey, no need to leave a light on, we'll bring you a new one.

Real Life. Real People. Gather with us on Sundays for Life Bible Study at 9:30a and 11:00am and worship at 9:30am and 11:00am in the heart of Downtown Houston!

Mission: A relevant biblical community serving our City in the heart of Downtown Houston.

Operating as usual

Better Together // Mood Elevator

"The way in which we enter a meeting, a conversation, or a situation can determine the results that we get in the end." - Gregg Matte

Hello, church family. Our campuses will remain closed on Fri, Feb 19. Also on Friday, we'll announce a decision about plans for Sun, Feb 21. Watch social media, your email, and our Winter Weather Updates page for the update: http://bit.ly/hfbcwinter

Until then, share your prayer requests by texting PRAYFIRST to 81411, calling 713.335.6456, or completing this form: https://bit.ly/HFBCPray

Better Together // Gratitude

"Be a black belt in gratitude. It's tremendously biblical." - Gregg Matte

Pray for Houston.

Hello, Downtown family! As the winter weather conditions continue, church leaders have opted to keep every campus CLOSED on Wed, Feb 17, and to cancel all scheduled activities — including MidLink. Visit the Winter Weather Updates page for additional details: http://bit.ly/hfbcwinter

May the hope we have in Christ and the faith we have in God be built on the truth, on His Word, and grounded on a sure conviction.

It was a great day at the Downtown Campus!!

UPDATE: All campuses and Faith Centers of Houston's First will be CLOSED on Mon, Feb 15, and Tue, Feb 16. Stay safe, stay warm, and stay up-to-date with information on our Winter Weather Updates page: http://bit.ly/hfbcwinter

Houston's First // All Nations

"God is not partial to this nation. He is passionate about all nations." - Timothy Ateek

Every campus of Houston's First will be open on Sun, Feb 14! At The Loop, gather with Pastor Gregg Matte for "Better Together Weekend" on-campus at 9:15a, 11a, or 5p, or online at the same times. Visit our Winter Weather Updates page for the latest updates on how weather might impact the church next week: http://bit.ly/hfbcwinter

Houston's First // Lamb-like Lion

"Jesus Christ is a lion because he is royal, ruling, powerful, and strong; but he's also a lamb: quiet, submissive, humble, and slain." - Timothy Ateek

It’s Better Together Weekend, and we want you to be a part of it! #we>me

Who is like the Lord Almighty?

Houston's First // 3 Billion People

There are about 3 billion people in the world with little to no access to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Timothy Ateek

Houston's First // Disciple the Nations

Discipling the nations isn't a missionary thing. It is a Christian thing. Timothy Ateek

The staff members of Houston's First Baptist Church LOVE our church members! You have been flexible, faithful, generous, and encouraging through a very challenging time over the past year. We appreciate your support for the church and all that God is doing here!

On Better Together Weekend, Pastor Gregg Matte, our Campus Pastors, and the staff will say "thank you" to our church members in a few ways. Find out how by visiting http://bit.ly/39S2CeB.

Together for work that matters in a culture that cares! Team First looked a little different this year as Houston's First staff from every campus and Faith Centers met in 14 different locations all over the city to take part in the church's annual staff leadership training conference.

Thank you for praying and walking alongside us as we embark upon another year of hope, love, and discipleship.

For more info about #TeamFirst2021, visit: https://bit.ly/2N96Qpj

God has graciously lavished His love onto us, to the point that He would save us through the sacrifice of His own Son on the cross!

Houston's First // A Part to Play

Everyone has a part to play in reaching the nations. You're either going, sending, praying, or disobeying. Timothy Ateek

Houston's First // God's Heart

"God's heart for missions is His glory displayed throughout the Earth in people from every nation, tribe, people, and language responding in worship." - Timothy Ateek

Tomorrow, Houston’s First staff at every campus will take part in #TeamFirst2021, a one-day conference that focuses on team building, training, and teaching. Please be praying for the church staff as we train at each campus and come together as a church family! More info: http://bit.ly/2N96Qpj

Jesus forgives our sin and delivers us to a new life with a new start. So here's the question: What are we going to do with the new start we've been given?


An Evening with Christy Nockels

We're a week away from "An Evening with Christy Nockels" at Houston's First Baptist Church - The Loop and tickets are running out FAST!

Get your FREE tickets by visiting https://bit.ly/CNFEB21 or texting FREEGIFT to 81411. Seating is limited!


eventbrite.com Enjoy an evening of music with worship leader Christy Nockels at Houston's First Baptist Church!

Revelation: Seven Years // Pastor's Preview

Pastor Gregg Matte lets you know which speakers are speaking where this Sun, Feb 7, at each of our campuses, and looks ahead to Sun, Feb 14 - Better Together Weekend - and to Sun, Feb 21, when he'll resume the "Seven Years" series from Revelation.

Find previous messages at https://houstonsfirst.org/media/messages and learn how you can gather on Sundays either on campus or online at https://bit.ly/3iEjeb5.

Revelation: Seven Years // God is Victorious

Evil is active, but God is victorious. - Gregg Matte

Jesus' blood paid the price for our sins and we are declared righteous, simply by believing on His name.

Revelation: Seven Years // The Red Dragon

The fiery red dragon of Revelation symbolizes war, violence, destruction, and pseudo-authority, among other things. - Gregg Matte

Satan is still at work, but victory is in Jesus Christ!

Join us this evening for MidLink!

Join us for MidLink tonight! We had a great time last week and we expecting another great time tonight! Dinner starts at 5:45pm.

Bible Study Methods

Join us for MidLink tonight! We had a great time last week and we expecting another great time tonight! Dinner starts at 5:45pm.

Bible Study Methods

Revelation: Seven Years // Darkness Celebrated

By the time of the Tribulation, darkness will be celebrated as light, and light scorned as darkness. And we can already see some of that already happening in society. - Gregg Matte

God’s will can look different in our individual lives, but the call to embrace it is the same each of us.

Revelation: Seven Years // Bittersweet

God's plans are sweet, but they can also be bitter. - Gregg Matte

Praise him for the unique gifting that you have because there’s only one you. You are fearfully and wonderfully made by Him!

Sundays @9:30 & 11

See you tomorrow in Downtown Houston!

Relevant Biblical Community

Gather with us on Sundays for Life Bible Studies at 9:30a and worship at 11a in the heart of Downtown Houston!

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Better Together // Mood Elevator
Better Together // Gratitude
Houston's First // All Nations
Houston's First // Lamb-like Lion
Houston's First // 3 Billion People
Houston's First // Disciple the Nations
Houston's First // A Part to Play
Houston's First // God's Heart
Revelation: Seven Years // Pastor's Preview
Revelation: Seven Years // God is Victorious
Revelation: Seven Years // The Red Dragon




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