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A Word From James Boyd Ministries
We’ve all had a promise from God that sounded so bizarre we just laughed it off because we fail to see how God’s promise can come true in our lives when our lives are in total disarray or when the experts tell us that the odds are stacked against us. The good news is that God we serve knows how to get us from where we are to where we’re supposed to be and all he asks of us is that we have faith and let him work miracles in a way only he can.
A Word From James Boyd Ministries
This message is special to me because I myself was born out of wedlock, and I've been told of the negative responses my parents received from church folks in particular when the news of my upcoming birth started spreading. Therefore, if there are any mothers with children who were born out of wedlock, I hope and pray that this message will bless you as it has blessed me when it was divinely given to me.
A Word From James Boyd Ministries
Even though Eve was the central character in this message, God wants us to know that there’s something we can all learn from her...especially women. Feel free to review, & even share this message with the people you know. Remember God loves you and so do I.
A Word From James Boyd Ministries
Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, a lot of us are struggling with our faith. Sure, we may read scripture in the bible and sing worship & praise songs about how God will deliver us from this but to be honest some of us really don’t believe it because we of what we see on the news or what we hear on the radio. I hope & pray that something is said in this message that will encourage you to put your doubt in check, and put your faith in action.
A Word From James Boyd Ministries
I was hoping to share this message before Easter but it was laid upon my spirit to wait till afterwards and for a specific reason. As a lot of us are recovering from what I hope was an amazing Resurrection Sunday, I’d like to take this time now to share a special message with you all that I feel as though will really strike a special nerve deep within you.
A Word From James Boyd Ministries
Some of us may have read about Palm Sunday in scripture or been taught about it in Sunday School or even heard sermons about it. But, there’s a hidden lesson in Palm Sunday that God has commanded me to share with you. I hope by the time you reach the end of this message, something will have been said that will encourage you and uplift you in these trying times. God is not blind to your tears or deaf to your cries, he's working behind the scenes, all you have to do is trust him. In fact, I dare you to trust him!!!
New Sermon Series From James Boyd Ministries
This month we're going to take a trip through time as we explore the Easter holiday & its origin by retracing the final days of Jesus Christ from his triumphant entry into Jerusalem to his crucifixion & resurrection. There's sure to be something for everyone, you don't want to miss out.

Palm Sunday: Apr. 5 / Good Friday: Apr. 10 / Easter: Apr. 12, 2020
A Word From James Boyd Ministries
This message is for those of us who are constantly looking back on the things we have done wrong as we run this race. He wants us to know we're not defined by our mistakes, we're defined by how we're willing to live life despite of our mistakes. We serve a God who hates the sin but loves the sinner. I hope & pray something is said in this message that will encourage anyone who are constantly looking back on what you did wrong to do exactly as the subtopic of this series says which is to, "Lay aside the weight & RUN".
A Word From James Boyd Ministries
Perhaps one of the worst ways to live your life is by craving the approval of others in a way that causes us to lose who we really are. In this message, God gave me the tools to share with you all to encourage you to get your life back & live it in a way that makes you happy, and brings honor to him. I hope something is said in this message that will be a blessing to you all as you remember who you really are and live your life without others co-pilot or the navigation system.
A Word From James Boyd Ministries
As a way to kick off this brand new sermon series, it’s important to realize that the reason so many of us have a struggle living up to the level God has called us to operate on is because we’ve become so used to operating with an old traditional mindset. I hope something is said in this message that will encourage you to lay aside the weight of traditions and run to become all that God has created you to be, no matter what.
A Word From James Boyd Ministries
(Love Language #5 - Receiving Gifts)
As this series comes to a close, it was laid upon my heart to share the importance of receiving gifts last because even though it’s also a love language used by Jesus himself, it’s also tied to the previous four love languages: words of affirmation, acts of service, quality time, and physical touch. In this message, we’re going to discover the real importance of receiving gifts and how we can apply it as we continue to live in today’s society.
A Word From James Boyd Ministries
(Love Language #4 - Physical Touch)
Instead of thinking of "cooties" as the imaginary illness we used to try to avoid catching as children, why not think of them as the divine healing medicine that comes from a physical touch because if we’re connected to Jesus through the Holy Spirit, it can also be contagious & help spread the love and gospel of Jesus Christ in new ways that's never been heard of before.

Come on over and worship the Lord with us 2nd, 3rd, & 4th Sundays. Worship Service:8:15 am/CST
Bible Study: Wednesdays @ 7pm/CST(Conference Call)

This page is about doing the Lord's business outside the walls of our church home. Whether we're keeping you updated with the help of our newsletters or even sharing with you our worship services via YouTube, we do take it very seriously. Which is why we do take great pride and time into keeping this page updated and even interesting. What's new to our page is that we now share and support the min

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Photos from Mountain Grove Missionary Baptist Church's post 04/28/2021

We are so grateful to Our Father God for His Many Blessings ❤️🙏

Photos from Mountain Grove Missionary Baptist Church's post 04/28/2021

On behalf of Pastor Freddie Parham and Lady Denise Parham and the entire Mt. Grove Church Family, we would love to thank all of you who came out on this past Sunday April 25 to help us celebrate our 11th Pastoral Anniversary ! We received a mighty Word of God from Our Guest Minister, Elder Richard Hytower , Victory Tabernacle Ministeries, Carrollton,Ga. in Our Morning Services. Thank you Elder Richard and Sister Debra Hytower!! Than on that evening we were truly blessed during Our Surprise Drive by /parade For Pastor Parham! our church lawn and porch area was just beautifully decorated by Sis. Linda Anderson, Linda’s Decorations and Decor Carrollton,Ga. We are thankful for the Police department of Heflin leading the parade, followed by the motorcycle club from Carrollton and cars filled with family and friend s everything was just beautiful with the cars decorated with colorful balloons!! We are so grateful to our loving church family, Sis. Linda Anderson and her crew, the motorcycle club, and you all who attended, participated, shared your love and/or prayed for us!! We would love to thank our Heavenly Father for his many blessings and especially the blessings of loving family and friends like you all❤️❤️🙏🙏

[04/24/21]   Good Evening Due to the possibility of increment weather tomorrow, the Drive/by parade for the 11th Annual Pastoral Anniversary for Pastor Freddie and Lady Denise Parham has been moved to This Sunday April 25, 2021 at 2-4 CST and 3-5 EST (Surprise for Pastor Parham)! For further information please view the invitation on the Church page or message Denise Almon Parham for any questions?? Hope to see you there and do please be in prayer, and we will continue to pray for you all!

[03/31/21]   Good Afternoon and welcome to our first post for 2021. We will be having early Easter Morning Services April 4, 2021 at 8:15 am (CST) and 9:15am (EST) !! You are invited to be a part of our Services !! Also Please Note!! Beginning Sunday April 11, 2021 all services 2nd, 3rd and 4th Sundays will began at 8:15am (CST) and 9:15am(EST). We would love for you to come and fellowship with us with any of these services. Masks , temperature checks and social distancing will be required!! May God Bless you all stay safe and stay blessed!!


By: Rev. James Boyd III
Pastor of Celebrate Harvest Church (Indianapolis, IN)

Now, and always you can rest in knowing that even though our time on this earth is limited, Jesus is preparing our eternal home and when he comes back again, he's going to take us our home in heaven.

He is coming back again, the signs of his return are all around us. Therefore if there ever was a time to get right with him, that time is now. Don't put it off any longer because soon it may be too late. I'm on my way to heaven, don't you want to go???

Now, and always you can rest in knowing that even though our time on this earth is limited, Jesus is preparing our eternal home and when he comes back again, he's going to take us our home in heaven.

He is coming back again, the signs of his return are all around us. Therefore if there ever was a time to get right with him, that time is now. Don't put it off any longer because soon it may be too late. I'm on my way to heaven, don't you want to go???


Celebrate Harvest Church

One of the steps to becoming a Christ follower is that we must invite him into our lives both personally & especially spiritually. Jesus tells us that he is standing at the door of our hearts & knocking for us to let him in (Revelation 3:20). Think about it, with him being who he is & the authority he has already, he still gives us a choice, & it's such an important choice to make because when our time on earth comes to an end, the only way we'll experience a resurrection like Jesus would be if we allowed the same spirit that was inside Jesus Christ to dwell within us.

As we can plainly see from Romans 8:11 (below), the same spirit that raised Christ from the dead will do the same for us but first we must allow that spirit to dwell within us in the first place. Resurrection is a byproduct of allowing the spirit to nest itself into our bodies both physical & spiritual. God desires to dwell within us through his holy spirit & so he leaves it up to us as far as whether or not we'll let him because remember its a Choice he gives us everyday.

So ask yourself, what is your coming resurrection worth to you???


James Boyd Ministries

Its sad to know that we live in a time where churches are full of "Christians" but yet they lack the most important key to really being a Christ follower which is love for others. Yeah, its easy to love your family & friends but what about complete strangers like the folks you pass while on a trip to Walmart?

For preachers, we can preach the best sermon until our face turn blue but if we're not willing to practice what we preach and show love to our neighbors then it's in vain. Choirs and sing all the best songs and hit all the great notes but without showing love to neighbors then it's in vain. Church members can know the Bible front and back and tithe until the bank account is bone dry, but without showing love to neighbors, then its in vain. So, you see without showing love to each other whether we know them or not, we really can't call ourselves "Christians".

Jesus specifically said that people will know we are his not by how much we tithe, how well we know the bible, or how well we sound in the choir stand. He said people will know we are his just by us having love for each other.

[04/12/20]   Happy Resurrection Sunday Because He lives we can face all our Tommorows

[04/07/20]   Good Evening pray that everyone is Safe and Healthy !! We are postponing Our 10th Pastoral Anniversary for Sunday April 26, 2020!! May God Continue to bless you all!!In love and Prayer!!


A Special Word From James Boyd Ministries
In response to the Coronavirus (COVID 19), I hope & pray this message will uplift & inspire someone to see the bright side of this situation which is knowing that we're not in this alone.

The Concluding Message To This Month's Sermon Series Will Be Posted Tomorrow...Stay Tuned!!!

Seeing how much our lives has changed due to the Coronavirus, God gave me an inspirational word to share to remind us all that even in the midst of this pandemic, we are not alone. He tells us in the new testament that he'll never leave us nor forsake us & i know three men who can validate that statement.

Sure it's easy to pray away this situation but why not use this time to realize that we're not in this alone because God is walking by our side guiding us through this. He doesn't do anything without a purpose, everything he does is done not by accident or coincidence but on purpose. I do know his purpose doesn't involve bringing harm to us but instead to give us hope and a future.

Right now, there are too many people magnifying this virus rather than magnifying God. One of the lessons we should be learning now is that it's time for us to come back to God who went from being first place in our lives to being put on the back burner. We spend so much time & effort to magnify everything & everyone else but not him while forgetting he tells us that he is a jealous God & so he will have nobody or nothing before him. So perhaps one way to look at this virus is as God's way of getting our attention. Still remember that he's not blind to your tears, deaf to your prayers. He sees what you're going through but he wants you to realize he's right by your side protecting you & comforting you.

In conclusion, to all those who have lost a loved one to this virus, all who are affected by this virus & to all those serving on the Frontlines, know that James Boyd Ministries is constantly in prayer for you. However, remember this life is meant to be full of sickness and pain because this earth is not our home & there is a place where that no longer exists which is God's heavenly kingdom of heaven which is impossible to enter without Jesus Christ. Therefore, if you have not made Jesus your Lord & Savior, consider today may very well be your first & only chance. All I ask is that you give me your hand but give your heart to Christ.

Suggested Reading: Daniel 3:16-28, Joshua 1:5, 2 Timothy 1:7, Job 13:15, Exodus 34:14

[03/22/20]   Men’s Day Services tomorrow at MT. Grove have been cancelled!! Everybody remember we are the Church so continue to Pray, Praise God, and Push forward in Jesus Name



Early Tuesday morning a tornado struck parts of Nashville & central Tennessee killing 22 people, while leaving several others injured & 50,00 families & businesses without power. James Boyd Ministries sends prayers & condolences to the people & communities affected by this natural disaster.




Please remember that Daylight Saving Time begins at 2:00am on Sunday. Therefore, please remember to set clocks ahead one hour.


New Series From James Boyd Ministries
By the time this series ends you’ll see yourself defined not by people or your mistakes but as by God & I believe & declare that will ignite a new fire within your spirit as you continue to run this race fulfilling your divine purpose knowing God is running with you.


From the time we are born, we’re all are born with a purpose given to us by God. Maybe it’s to be in sports, or politics, or maybe you have a call to start a ministry, whatever it maybe God want you to know that you’re not an accident. Now, if you’re like me you’re probably feeling as though you’re unable to accomplish the purpose God has for you because you feel weighed down & held back. Well, beginning in March I’ll be sharing a new series, “Accelerate” & in this series, I’ll be sharing principles to help you break every chain & get rid of the weight that has kept you back from becoming all that God has created you to be.

[01/12/20]   Praying for you all a most blessed New Year 2020 from the Mt. Grove Church Family!!


“Can not imagine a church NOT having VBS. The single most important and greatest outreach you can have to introduce children to Christ.”

[11/28/19]   The MT. Grove Church Family prays for all a most blessed day of Thanksgiving!!

[11/20/19]   Good evening How are You?? I just want to give Our Father God and you all a Praise Report!! On last Sunday wee Celebrated our 2019 Community Thanksgiving Service!! We were blessed by our sister church Macedonia to help us in preparing and serving a delicious Thanksgiving meal!! We were blessed with a mighty Thanksgiving Word from Pastor Jerry Johnson, New Zion And he told us to Just Be Thankful no matter what condition we find our self in! Just be thankful always!! HIs scriptural reference was John 17:11-19. Jesus Healed 10 men with Leprosy and one of them when he saw that he was healed, went back praising Jesus and fell at His and thanked Him!! Jesus asked where are the other nine? Don't be like the nine and be so stubborn and not give Our Lord the praise and thank him for His many Blessings.


A Word From James Boyd Ministries
Even though following Jesus is the most important lifelong investment you could ever make in your life, he promises the outcome of making such an investment is far worth it. I hope this word blesses all those who genuinely take time to read it and allow it to sink in. Remember God loves you and so do I.

Few of us realize that there’s indeed a high cost of being a follower of Jesus. In fact, Jesus tells us in Mark 8:34, “Whosoever wants to be his disciple must deny himself, take up his cross, & follow me”. That right there tells us that in order to really follow Jesus will cost us everything.

However, seeing as though we live in a generation where we like to pray away & rebuke the very cross we’re supposed to be carrying, Jesus also tells us in Matthew 10:38, “Anyone that does not take his cross & follow me, is not worthy of me”. Jesus didn’t just call us to wear our cross but to bear our cross. We think that by wearing a cross on our skin or around our necks, we’re carrying the cross as Jesus commands. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. Our cross are often the adversities & difficulties of life we try so hard to pray away.

So many of us would love to follow Jesus without the weight or burden of a cross but then we wouldn’t be genuine followers of his. He doesn’t call us to do what is easy, he calls us to do what is required (Read: Luke 12:48).

Jesus gave us his all while he walked the earth in human flesh but yet we can’t even devote the same or even half of that without trying to find an easy way out. We cannot call ourselves disciples or followers worthy of him if we’re not willing to carry our cross & follow him daily.

In conclusion, remember in Mark 8:35 that Jesus also told us that those of us whoever seeks to save his life shall lose it, & those who seek to lose their lives for his sake & for the gospel shall find it. In other words, we’d lose ourselves trying to follow Jesus on our terms because that’s impossible. But at the same time if we really devote ourselves to really following Jesus the right way, we’d not only find our real selves but we’d also discover things about ourselves we never knew even existed.



These aren’t just random numbers, they’re actual statistics that absolutely shows why prayer is needed. Remember to always be in prayer for all those serving in Fivefold Ministry.

Please remember to pray for every Apostle, Teacher, Prophet, Pastor, & Evangelist.

Read: Romans 10:11-14

[08/30/19]   Bishop Samuel Sauls Jr. closed our revival last night “Come there is an Open Invitation “Matthew 11:28-29!! Thank God for a mighty word of God and a life changing homecoming and Revival 2019!! Thanks for all who shared their presence, their Love , their fellowship and their praise with us!! May God bless you all!!❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏🙏

[08/29/19]   Last night a mighty word of God “God has not forgotten about you” 2 Samuel :1:11:19-20!! Thank you Minister Ryant Russell of Carrollton, Ga. for the promised word!! I can’t wait to see what God has in store for us, Bishop Samuel Sauls Jr. Carrollton,Ga. praying for him and Mt. Grove.

[08/28/19]   Help us celebrate Min. James Boyd Birthday month at Mt. Grove


Help us Celebrate Journey Parham Birthday month at Mt. Grove

[08/28/19]   Revival at Mt. Grove off to a good start Pastor Stringer in the House last night “Praise is what I do” Psalms 100

[08/26/19]   Thank you all so much for sharing with us our Annual homecoming Services today!! A special thanks to Pastor Clyde Adams and the MT Newly Baptist Church Family!! Pastor Adams Blessed our hearts and exposed the demons who had to go! “Going home a Different way” Mark 5:19 Thank you Jesus for blessing the man of God to preach your word!! Your Spirit truly covered the household of faith! We were blessed with a mighty word of God and fellowship of love that we could not go home the same way we came!! Thank you Jesus thank you Lord!!


You are invited to attend our 2019 Annual Homecoming & Fall Revival services. We’ll be truly blessed to have you with us during this time together in Christian love & unity as we get ready to be revived!!!

Information regarding our Homecoming & fall revival services will be on the attached flyers.


James Boyd Ministries sends condolences & prayers to our brothers & sisters in El Paso, Texas who have been affected by the tragic shooting and killing of innocent people.

“The LORD is near to the brokenhearted & saves the crushed in spirit.”
- Psalm 34:18 (NIV)


More pictures from US Space &Rocket Center


Photos from 2019 Stewardship Hat/Bow tie Day and Youth Recognition Daylight


This has been a blessed busy weekend at Mt. Grove! Yesterday we took a trip along with my Sweet Sister Cousin to the Huntsville Space Center! What a time we had! and today was Youth Recognition: Appreciation Day this morning followed by a delicious lunch and Stewardship Hat/ Bow tie day!! Praise God for all his many blessings!!Thank you Mt. Grove for blessing and encouraging our youth!! Thank you everyone for sharing with us in our fellowship service this pm!!

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2017 Women's Conference @ Mt. Grove MBC




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