St. Elizabeth Catholic Church

St. Elizabeth Catholic Church


Wishing everyone the Joy and Hope of Christmas and thank you for your generosity to St. Elizabeth Church! Our brave little parish rolls with the punches and we thank you all for your cooperation.

Fr. Luis asked that we explain how the decision is made regarding a car mass or the outdoor church:
- The first priority is preserving the dignity of the mass. The outdoor church is consecrated and is the first choice.
- Car mass is considered only if it is raining, but there is high wind, it is not possible to secure the tents and serve Holy Communion in a safe manner.
- As the decision is weather dependent, it can only be made the hour before mass is scheduled. So use your best judgement. If it is windy (above 15 mph) and rainy, stay home and watch the mass on our page or the website.( and Be prepared for either car mass or outdoor church when you arrive. Pews are damp, bring plastic bag or other protection.
Great news!
Huge thank you and shout out to: Tristan Harvey, Anya Cruz, Dana Hawley, Patty Gerlach (her SECOND purchase!!!), Kathryn Gross, Anne Poirier, Michele McDonell (her FOURTH purchase!!!), Mary Anne Gustafson, Patti Loosli (her SECOND purchase!!!), and Russian River Historical Society President, Jane Barry: you guys are the BEST!!! We have 60 orders and are now at $1859.24!!! Our goal of $2000 is almost in our hands!!! Thank you all so much!
Shoutout to Isolda Geis: Thank you for supporting St. Elizabeth's See's Candy Store! God bless you!
Shout out to Dan Hannon and Anya Cruz: Thank you for supporting our See's Candy Store fund raiser! God bless you! We have now earned $1654.24!!!! Store closes Friday, Dec. 4th!
Good News: we have been given 3 extra shopping days so our store closes on Dec. 4. But do order early because shipping is affected by the pandemic. Thank you for supporting our See's Candy Shop fundraiser!
Heads up: Fr. Luis will live stream mass for the 33rd Sunday in Ordinary tomorrow, Nov. 15, at 9:00 AM from St. Elizabeth. He said the same mass today at 4:00 which is below and also on the website (
Dear Parishioners, Bishop Vasa has asked that we not use the All Souls envelopes this year, and rather just collect the names, so that no one will be deterred from asking for prayers for the deceased because they couldn't afford a stipend.
Plenary indulgences for deceased during November adjusted for pandemic conditions:

St. Elizabeth Catholic Church, Guerneville, CA and the Mission Churches of St. Catherine of Siena, Monte Rio and St. Colman, Cazadero Mass Schedules:
During pandemic our mass schedules are subject to change.

Please check the website

Operating as usual


26th Sunday in Ordinary time


Friday Mass Giving Thanks to God for the Gift of life


Feast of Padre PIO. For the love of the Eucharist


Sept 22nd Mass of the Holy Spirit. For the renewal of local church as well as the Universal Church


Feast of St Mathew . For the conversion of all


25th Sunday in Ordinary time for the persecuted Christians around the world


Mass of the Holy Spirit . For all students starting the school year especially for my niece Maryama as she starts her first year iat UCLA


Sept 16th St. Cornelius and Cyprian


Sept 15th Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows. For all who are suffering around the world whether it's natural disaster. Oppression, violence and hunger


Sept 14th Exaltation of the Holy Cross


24th Sunday in OT In memory of the victims of 9/11 victims and all victims of violence and Terrorism


Sept 10th Friday mass The Mass of Holy Spirit


Sept 9th Mass for Peace and Justice


Sept 8th Nativity of Mary . For Rose intention,


Mass of Thanksgiving to God. For healing of Edwin Sierra and Diego Montano


23rd Sunday in Ordinary time : For the End of political corruption in the world especially where civilians are in poverty and living in poverty


Sept 3rd Mass of the Holy Spirit for guidance of our parish life as well as direction to our own life


Sept 2nd Mass for the Refugees and exiles in Afghanistan and other nation


Sept 1 st for preservation of peace and justice and for Lo**ta Adviento


Mass for the progress of people August 31st


22nd Sunday in Ordinary time August 28th for the Victims of the Bombing in Kabul Airport for the Refugees as well as the .ilitart Service men who risk their lives to save others


St Monica Friday Mass : For the victims of the bombing in Afghanistan airport. For the civilians and military personnel


August 25th For giving thanks to God for life, and the overabundance of his grace


Feast is St. Bartholomew the apostles


August 21st Sunday mass for the Refugees of Afghanistan, the victims of Earthquake in Haiti, for all the fire around the world as well as floods and storms


August 20th For the Gift of life: my older brothers birthday Jose and for the Haitian and Afghanistan people. All life is sacred


August 19th Giving Thanks to God for the Gift of life. For the Afghanistan people, Hatian people in this time of need


August 18th For any need prayers to the Dixie fire especially for Kohler family,Mike Belt and Megan Marceau Helt


August 17th For peaceful transition of government in Afghanistan. For Frank Guillen, int. And Ingrid Harvey's successful surgery


Feast of Assumption August 15th 2021

Photos from St. Elizabeth Catholic Church's post 08/14/2021

Quienceniera event at 12 pm Lizet


Mass August 13th For Our Families


Feast of St Jane Frances de Chantal For peace and Harmony in the world


Feast of St. Clare For Melvin Cox and the family at this time and for Linda's recuperation from her surgery


Feast of St. Lawrence August 10th

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