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Dear Unity Partners, Friends & Family. I am calling you All to Prayer for one of our own. My Dear Brother Perry Clark along with his precious Wife Lisa have had their young son Gregory, ripped from them by being Shot. We need to surround them, The Family and all who knew & loved Gregory in prayer. Please lift loved ones and everyone affected by all the Hatred, Selfishness & Demonic AntiChrist Activity to God The Father thru Jesus.
Please help us cover them, Our Nation & All those in Leadership with The Love of The Father, The Blood Of Jesus, The Anointing of The Holy Spirit, our Love, Compassion & Prayers. Only God can soothe the Grief stricken.
Your servants to the Lonely, Lost and Forgotten
Darrell & everyone in Unity.
Hello Fellow Servants of The Most High God. We have been collecting, Transporting, Cleaning all kinds of Clothes, Bed Linen, Cleaning Supplies, Cds’ Dvds, stuffed animals, food etc. We joined w others to release several 5’ X 8’ trailer loads and we are Not done yet. Thankyou to the Partners & and some local Partner Churches.
What R you doing for Jesus. YOU can touch someone for Jesus. WHAT IS IN YOUR HAND?
MOSES had a staff!
Sampson a Jawbone of a Donkey! What do you have that you don’t need. LISTEN, I am NOT ASKING YOU TO SUPPORT UNITY. I am challenging you to Support Those who have less than you. Yes there are people with less. You need to RISE UP. Out of your need GIVE.
2 Timothy 1:7 say God has NOT Given us a Spirit of Fear but
Love, Power & a Sound Mind /Self Control. You may feel fear but when you are attacked. I certainly have felt fear. However everytime you are attacked I say Thankyou Lord that the enemy feels so threatened by me that he attacks me. I know Lord as he attacks you are raising up a standard against him. You are allowing me in my brokenness to be blessed. Brothers & Sisters, You are more than a Conqueror when you step out & obey The Lord. Signs & Wonders follow those who serve Jesus.
Please send us your prayer requests.
Momma, Lillian A Doerschuk turned 91, On 5/21/20. Thankyou for those who have or will reach out to her. Please pray for her mind as She is loosing the Battle to Alzheimer’s & Dementia.
Steve Lavy, was sent to the Hospital in Columbus with a Blood count under 10. The Diagnosis is a very aggressive one. BUT My God SHALL SUPPLY ALL my Needs
According to His Riches in Glory thru Christ Jesus.
Reach out to us as we are reaching out to you.
PO Box 87
Greentown, Ohio 44630.
Your Fellow servants to
He IS Risen
A partner & Fellow Graduate of My Highschool, Hoover High Class of 1980 contacted me after I sent him a reply I thought I should share it with everyone to remind you that YES, this Virus has changed the was we minister, but we can ALL BE OBEDIENT TO THE GOVERNMENT MANDATE & STILL MINISTER TO THOSE IN MOST NEED.
We Continue sorting Tons of Clothing, Linens, Towels, stuffed Animals and just plain stuff from a Hoarders house. Over 20 - huge 55 gallon Heavy-duty Garbage bags. Some take two guys to move. Thanks to Lou Petit for spearheading this effort & Using Unity as the Non-profit in Charge. I have another local ministry delivering them Directly to the Homeless & those in desperate need. It is overwhelming but so rewarding. We are distributing some food as well. I have to drive over an hour to the Site, to Help, dig through, sort, bag up & load the items. We helped some in filling a huge dumpster trailer with debris. Then we haul a 5 1/2 x 8’1/2 x 6’ tall trailer & my packed Sequoia back to North Canton. Then unload, Sort, repackage & distribute whatever we have. Our house is packed with goods. Only one pickup truck leaves at a time. So we are storing approximately a 16 x 16 x 6’ tall Room full of Inventory at any given time. We usually just get the living room cleared & we refill it again, Lol. Our cost is low for this process, but even at Fuel & Meals for Volunteers it mounts very quickly. Thankyou for your Faithful prayers & support. We are a small Ministry with a huge footprint. God is very good. He alone is worthy of All Praise.
For anyone still meeting in larger than 10 person gatherings & then claiming, “ Jesus Blood will protect us” get a grip. The Word Clearly says, in 1Peter. ( please don’t get caught up criticizing this Translation. Look it up in the Version YOU CAN UNDERSTAND.
“1 Peter 2 : Obey people who have authority over you
v13 Obey all people who have authority in this world. Obey them, because that will make the *Lord happy. Obey the king, who rules everyone. v14 Also obey those officers of the government that the king has chosen to rule you. They *punish people who do wrong things. And they say good words about people who do right things. v15 God wants you to do what is right. Then you will stop silly people, who do not know anything, from saying bad things about you. v16 You are people who are free. But do not think, because of that, that you have the chance to do bad things. Do not think that God will excuse you for bad things. Instead, do those things that God’s servants should do. v17 Always do what is right and proper to all people. Love all those people who are like brothers and sisters to you. They are like your brothers and sisters because, like you, they believe Christ. Always remember how great and powerful God is. Always remember to obey the king.
v18 You servants must obey your masters. You must always remember that they are important. You must obey not only masters who are good and kind. You must obey also masters who are cruel and not fair. v19 Sometimes a person may have trouble and pain when he has done nothing wrong. But if that person really wants to obey God, he should continue to be patient and brave. That is a good thing and it will make God happy. v20 If you do something wrong, then people ought to *punish you. They might hit you. And you might be patient when they hit you. But that is no reason why anyone should say good things about you. But you may have trouble and pain because you have done good things. If you are patient during that trouble, then God will be happy about you. v21 God has chosen that you should be patient like this. Christ had trouble and pain on your behalf. And he is the person that you should copy. So you should do the same kind of things as Christ did. v22 The Bible says this:
‘He never did anything that was wrong.
He never said anything that was not true.’
[Isaiah 53:9]
v23 People said bad things about Christ, but he did not say bad things back to them. People did bad things to him and they caused him trouble and pain. But he never said that he would do bad things to them. Instead, Christ continued to believe that God would help him. God always decides only what is right and fair. v24 Christ himself took away all the wrong things that we have done. He took them in his own body to the cross.
Some are making a mockery of the WORD, by insisting they are hearing from THE HOLY SPIRIT, remember the True HOLY SPIRIT will NEVER OVERRIDE Gods Word.
Thankyou for helping UNITY. HOWEVER INSTEAD OF Gathering together in obedience to a Leader. Do what Jesus did. Serve, Give, Sacrifice that men may see your good works & Praise OUR father in Heaven
Your fellow Servant to the Lost, Lonely & Forgotten Darrell & everyone in Unity.
Hello Unity Partners
We are a small ministry dedicated to Prisons & The Salvation & Rescue of Hurting people where ever we can help. We have spent hundreds of hours Collecting, Sorting, Delivering or Providing help over the past few months. We have provided Trailer Loads of Fifty Five Gallon bags of Clothing, Linens, Towels, Wash Cloths, etc directly you the homeless. We still have more to sort, wash & distribute. We need your help. Before we even knew The prisons would be shuttered, God knew. We have been in high gear. We have been gathering & receiving donations & distributing them in conjunction with other ministries. Wow God is Amazing. The donations to us have been free. However our cost has been substantial. Hundreds of man hours, Fuel, Food. We need our current partners & new partners to Step up and Help. Your Prayers, partnership, help, support are imperative. Please call me 330-283-1359 or send help to
PO Box 87
Greentown, Ohio 44630.

What words have STOPPED U
LOSS, Grief, N O, Goodbye
DECLINE, Regret Worthless
Matthew 10:28 Do not be afraid of those w
"Do not fear those who kill the body but are unable to kill the soul; but rather fear Him who is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.
I have learned we can only
Succeed at what we are fully committed to. There is one thing to fear. That is Not Knowing JESUS. We are ALL going to Die. Where is your eternal destination?
The Scripture says “ Thy Word have I hid in my heart so I will not sin against you” I have failed at Marriage. My love left. Yes, she died after 21yrs of Marriage, but trust me we can still see that, as OUR Failure. I am one of a Few Prison Ministers who travels into multiple States. Who has been in City, County, State, Federal & Private Prisons. Ministering to Children as young as 8, Youth, Men & Women. I have been told NO, More than the average person. I have been attacked by the State & Federal Government. Been stripped of Disability benefits after being told by Ohio’s Top Workers Compensation Attorney. That my injuries were so well documented that “NO ONE COULD EVER Successfully attack me”. He was Wrong. Those in charge. Hate The Gospel of Jesus. I refused to STOP going into the prisons. I could have quit and kept all my Benefits. However I knew that I had to Stand for What I believed in. It has been a long painful journey. I allowed KathyLee’s death & the loss of a successful ministry’s drive me, thru grief to Gain 90 Lbs, sugar to go over 700, my heart to stop & a stroke. It has been a long road back. I am finally 10yrs later back down to 200lbs. BUT GOD. Since Unity’s rebirth We have rebuilt a team, God is bringing new Partners. I am not good at the normal things in life. I am only good at Ministering, Giving, Serving, Bringing the lost to Jesus. At 58 I am not good at making money, organizing etc.
Praying & Trusting God are my strong points.
What are you doing with your life. Seek Gods Face, not His Blessings and He will provide your needs. Not Millions of Dollars, A Huge Fabulous Home, Car etc. But “ HE WILL SUPPLY ALL YOUR NEEDS, ACCORDING TO HIS RICHES IN GLORY IN CHRIST JESUS “
NOT FEAR NOT. We do not have Supplies nor a large freezer to Store things. But I KNOW. God will take care of US. HE will care for those who operate in Faith. Focus in on God. Trust in God & HE will supply your needs. I am available if you need me.
Your Servants to The Lonely, Lost & Forgotten, those Jesus calls the least of these.
Darrell, Momma, Glen & everyone in Unity.

We are Unity. We are a prison ministry that goes and spreads the Good News through praise and worship, music, and testimonies. We believe that Jesus was born of a virgin, is the son of God and that He gave His life on the cross for us.

He rose from the dead to ascend to the right hand of our Father God, and He will return. All donations are tax deductible. We are a 501c3 ministry. Always looking for prayer warriors to pray for us.

Operating as usual

[06/07/21]   Unity Christian Ministries Inc is looking for a new property to relocate to. We are seeking a State to host us. Some Acreage would be nice so we can host Events. We will consider property in any State. Warmer Climate would be preferable. A building on the property would be helpful. We still need a Vehicle as well. The ideal vehicle will be capable of pulling at least 5,000 Lbs thru mountains & haul 8 Passengers will be perfect.
Thankyou for your prayers

[05/19/21]   Dearest Unity partners. We ministered at the Church of God in Newcomerstown on Sunday 5/16 along With Pastor Queen Williams. A partner donated 24 Lbs of Hamburg and The Church made Meatloaf & Chicken wings all kinds of other foods & desserts. Not one bit went to waste. Over 50 were in attendance. Another pastor brought some of her congregation and several friends of our ministry & the Pastor were in attendance as well.
The Anointing was so heavy upon me. I struggled to speak at times from the platform. We recorded Three Rededication’s & 2 First time Salvation’s and that was just the beginning. So much ministry at the alter & that spilled over to the Basement as we went to eat. We prayed for Several who had be molested The Holy Spirit broke codependency off a few along with Po*******hy, Additctions, Grief and Abuse going as well. One young lady text us later that evening to say she had been an alcoholic for many years but felt something leave her during prayer, Praise The Lord. She said upon arriving home. The desire for Alcohol was totally gone. The Pastor had her hand on this lady’s back & told me she felt the spirit of Alcoholism leave. So much ministry I cannot even mention it all. We were blessed to receive over $300. What a huge blessing from a Small church. We have lost over half of our support due to the fear of Covid so this means a lot. I know I can count on your continued prayers. Thankyou. I also still felt a Pressure of them needing a Women to come along side Pastor Queen & Mentor the Women there. I have never felt this exact void before. I know you are praying about it. I spoke with one of our friends who knew Pastor Queen as well in that regard. I felt God was calling her to perhaps do a monthly bible study or something. She said, that’s strange I have been asking God where I could be used again. God is so good.
Here is “ The rest of the Story.”
My exhaust system broke on the way down, that made for a very loud 1 hour trip.
Then after getting on the Expressway the brakes went out on the way home. We Nearly had an accident but The Lords Angels were on there job. We Had to jump the curb at the top of the ramp of Lauby. Missed everyone & just missed a street sign, LOL. OH WHAT A RIDE. The enemy really hated what the Lord did. Adversity & Attacks make me very happy. “ No weapon formed against us shall prosper, not even the gates of hell can prevail against those who are in Christ Jesus.” However the enemy loves to form them.
We are now desperate for an updated vehicle for Unity. It would be best if it can haul 8 adults & must be able to pull a trailer.
Thankyou Again for your faithful Prayers. Love you All.
Darrell & everyone in Unity.
Please send your prayer requests to an support to:
PO Box 87
Greentown, Ohio 44630.
Unity is a 501 C3 so All donations are Tax Exempt By IRS.

[05/17/21]   God Exceeded our expectations AGAIN. We were blessed to minister w Pastor Queen Williams at the Newcomerstown Church of God. We saw three rededicate their lives to Jesus & Two Forst Time Salvation’s.
Codependency, Fear, Confusion and Lust just to name a few were exchanged for dependence on The Lord a personal relationship with Him & inFilling of The Holy Spirit.
A wonderful meal & Fellowship was provided by a Unity Partner & those from The Church.
My 2004 Trailblazer made its last trip. On the way to Service. The Muffler system broke apart & The Brakes failed. Thank God we narrowly escaped a Crash. The Lord helped me use the transmission to slow us down & He aided me in timing by jumping a curb & avoiding on coming Traffic.
4 yrs ago I was blessed to rescue this Vehicle from a paint Ball Field. It cost me on average approximately $100 per month including everything,all parts & repairs. It has Faithfully hauled the ministry trailer & up to 8 Adults to ministry opportunities in OH, IN, TX NC, TN & FL. Plus hauled all kinds of donations including Food, Clothes, Household Goods, tools etc.
Please agree with us in Prayer that the Lord will give us Favor with the company or individual who can help us obtain the Vehicle needed to move our team & trailer wherever we are sent.
We love you all & look forward to ministering to you & on your behalf on as The Lord leads.
Please don’t hesitate to send us your prayer requests & remember we are totally dependent on your love gifts to accomplish Gods Work.
Serving The Lost, Lonely & Forgotten Darrell & Everyone In Unity.

[04/12/21]   Thought for The Day
There are two ways to Lead
Fear is the method used by Satan.
Using Fear, Intimidation, Bullying, Abuse, Manipulation, Addiction’s or Guilt causes people to only do the bare minimum required so they can avoid consequences or Punishment.
Is Exemplified by the Birth, Life & Sacrificial Death of Jesus.
Leadership based in LOVE will cause people to do more than Asked, Required or Expected & demand Nothing in Return.
Jesus said “ By this You Will know my Disciples by their
LOVE for one another”.
John 14:35.
The Kingdom of
Remember while you & I were lost in sin Jesus loved us & Lived, Died & Rose again.
Please help us reach the Lost, Lonely & Forgotten for Jesus. No gift is too small or too large and tax exempt as allowed.
Your servants Darrell, Glen, Steve, David, Ryan & Darren


Come & Join Jerry & The Songsters & 4 other Amazing Southern Gospel Groups. 2 Stages so It will be
I will ONE of TWO Masters of Ceremonies. I will also be sharing about Our Prison Ministry, U N I T Y.
The Name of JESUS WILL Be Lifted UP!!!

Come & Join Jerry & The Songsters & 4 other Amazing Southern Gospel Groups. 2 Stages so It will be
I will ONE of TWO Masters of Ceremonies. I will also be sharing about Our Prison Ministry, U N I T Y.
The Name of JESUS WILL Be Lifted UP!!!


Dear Friend,

The U.S. Senate is discussing a very dangerous piece of legislation—the Equality Act.

The message to the church from certain influential, high-level people in government is loud and clear: Fully embrace the sexual revolution and redefine marriage and gender—or else!

The Equality Act is moving our nation in a direction that elevates government above God. They want to make the moral decisions, usurping His authority. Please pray fervently for God to intervene in this matter. We can only move forward on our knees, dependent upon Almighty God.

Thank you for your continued partnership in this ministry. Together, we will keep standing on Biblical truth and offering God’s message everywhere He opens the door.

You have my word: The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association will stand firmly and faithfully on God’s truth. We will not waver, and I challenge you and your church with every ounce of strength in me: Do not pivot!

May God richly bless you,

Franklin Graham

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In appreciation of your support, the gift is available this month with our prayer that it will be a blessing to you.
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[01/16/21]   Dear Unity Team,

Please be praying. We received this notice today to pray for the CA State Senate Minority Leader

From a local pastor friend who asked me to send to my intercessors. Can you please send out to we received a call from Shannon Grove the minority leader in the state legislature this morning asking for us to pray. Gavin Newsom is attempting to have her removed from her leadership position because she supported Donald Trump. Democratic legislators are calling for her arrest because they’re claiming she has incited violence. She told me Christians and churches are being targeted all over California right now. She is an on fire christian and everyone in the legislature knows it. Every church should be praying over this situation. Please pass this on (not on social media)

please share this with your prayer groups.
This is the beginning of Communism.
Perverts, Insider Traders, Liars, Thief’s, Traitors & Other Religions are PROTECTED While Christians can not voice their opinion without threats of Arrest. CHRISTIANS Arise, Take this battle to your knees. They that call upon the name of The Lord WILL BE SAVED. If we stand by while Christian leaders are attacked & we simple keep silent we will be over run just as the N**i Party took over Germany. We can NOT allow Senators & those in Congress remain in office, vote themselves raises, Create their own healthcare & Retirement outside of Social Security & continue Robbing US, The American People to pay for their extravagant lifestyles. The graft and corruption has just begun. My mother would get less than $25 increase & they would make her pay that a similar amount for her insurance. How is that a COST OF LIVING INCREASE.

[01/10/21]   I do not post often. I am calling all Unity Partners to PRAY.
Pray for ALL THOSE IN POWER OR WHO HAVE INFLUENCE OR AUTHORITY IN GOVERNMENT. City, County, State & Federal. President Donald J Trump, VIce President Pence, Congress, Senate, Secret Service, FBI, ATF, Pentagon, Military, Police, Homeland Security, Fire, EMS & Hospitals, Prison & any Government Facility. Higher Learning Facilities. Anyone who has any Security Clearance, Even those having access to their any Of the buildings or access to property. News Organizations, Terrorist Organizations, Paramilitary, Extremist Groups, Sovern & Foreign Governments, Militaries, Leaders of Any Kind World Wide. Including Every News Agency, Everything moving thru the Air, Internet, TV, Radio, BroadBan, Ham Radio, Including Any Word in any Form That is Communicated be Subject to the HolySpirits Leading, Guidance, Direction. That The Holy Spirit brings confusion into any plans that are Against The Lords perfect Will. That The Total Power of The Warring & Ministering Angels & entire Heavenly Hosts’ Powers be brought to bare upon every inch of America First & The Entire World. That the eyes of EVERYONE BE OPENED. EVERY Evil plan, Thought, Action,Deed & declaration be Put under The Blood Of Jesus & be subject The Name of Jesus. That We plead for Mercy from you our Father, Almighty God, Empowered by The Holy Spirit & Fire & Ask this all in Jesus Name. AMEN
Darrell Doerschuk Founder unitychristianministriesinc

[12/05/20]   Hello Unity Partners.
Update on Momma,
I pray this finds you well in this difficult time. Thankyou for continuing to pray for Protection for All those that know & serve The Lord, Our President, Leadership, and that anything hidden will be revealed by the Holy Spirit in Jesus Name.
Here is an update of Mom & her final ministry. Unity has been locked out of the prisons with the Covid issues. We have also lost some ministry partners so any love gift is Multiplied by our need. We have been helping provide clothing, Food & goods to homeless & shelters & Rehabilitation ministries. Also I continue to council one on one. We just had a huge brake thru with a retired pastor who finally gained victory over po*******hy. Here is a blog explaining Moms final ministry. Thankyou again. I continue to pray for you.
On 10/28 Momma had a stroke & an hour prior I fell over 20 feet off a ladder while tree trimming. I broke a rib, got 8 Staples in my scalp, a concussion and am Deeply bruised & Battered from my neck to my heals.
Brother Ray & His wife Deb, Myself & our Brother Dale, moved Momma to Sprenger Nursing Home in Massillon 11/6th about 7:30pm. They did NOT feed her nor provide her adequate care. Although I was in horrible condition. We were forced to move her back home on 11/8th. Peggy Wrigley ( From Unity) came & helped change her diaper about 10pm. Then due to Momma trying to get out of Bed. Peg stayed with her. So I could sleep. She was in terrible pain. Most of the Family and several close friends were able to come & see her, one at a time. Hospice came & advised us that she had just a few days to Live. Peggy said the Lord told her she would pass Friday. On Friday 11/13 at 10:35am. Momma went to be with Jesus. The Lord IS Faithful. Momma spoke intimately in prayer often out loud to Daddy God. Her hugs were a Life Changing ministry tool. Expressing The Love Of Jesus. Her Hugs, Words of encourage & Prayer were life changing to countless people especially these last few years. All were Famously sought after by anyone who knew her. Many Women prisoners, incarcerated Children and a few Men behind bars. Were fortunate enough to be impacted by a Momma or Grandma’s Love thru Lillian Anna Doerschuk. She went on her final out of State prison Crusade to North Carolina in May of 2019. Fittingly her final Woman’s prison was Ohio’s Dayton Correctional on 6/14/2019. The Alzheimer’s & Dementia had ravaged her mind. She had a horrible morning of Fear & confusion as we woke up in the hotel in Dayton. I nearly cancelled but Glen & I decided to go to the Prison & give The Lord an opportunity to part the Red Sea one last time. He did. At the sally port of the prison. God lifted the fog for what would be one last time in a prison. Momma rode with an officer on a golf cart about the length of a football field. She prayed with him. Then she addressed the Ladies twice. She greatly impacted them. She and Dad had travelled Fulltime with Unity for 13yrs. Following Dads passing as I was able to restart the Prison ministry she was there at every meeting & went everywhere & into every prison with us. She even travelled twice to TX. Thanks to Peggy Wrigley she even travelled one last time to Indiana in November of 2019 & she spoke at The Ellettsville House of Prayer. This would be her final Ministry to a Church. She received a Standing Ovation. She prayed for a few Folks there. Many hugs & words of encouragement were shared. At home in between moments of great confusion & fear, Mom continued to get pictures of every family member, folks from other States & peoples names she had written down in our many years of Travel. She would wake me as she walked the Dinning room floor. Crying out to Daddy God for Her Children and all these others right up until her stroke 10/28/2020. Truly her life was an example to us all. Although at 91 she was statistically among the Most Vulnerable. The Corona Virus caused her NO FEAR. She would say “ Absence from this body is presence with The Lord”. Truly she Fought a good Fight, Finished the Course & kept the Faith. What a beautiful lesson for us ALL. To honor Your memory of her & help us continue this Work. You may Send your gift of any amount. Please put Lillian, Grandma or Momma in the Notes. We will keep a tally & advise you of the amount given in her name to.

PO Box 87
Greentown, Ohio 44630

Several of you inquired about Moms house as the Unity office is here. I will be renovating part of the 1st Floor so I can remain here & rent out the front of the first floor. Thankyou for your prayers & support in this endeavor.

We remain your servants to the Lonely, Lost & Forgotten.
Darrell, Glen, David, Melissa, Steve, Peggy, Ryan, Darren, Brenda, Kimma, Jonathan, Jeff, Ben, Tom, Sheryl & yes for one last time, MOMMA and all the Churches & Partners of Unity.

[11/25/20]   Our Family Observed The nursing home, In Massillon, wasn't providing safe reliable care for Mom.
They Lost her ability to get Pt & OT. They said Medicare stopped paying for her to be cared for on Sunday. They said we were to pick her up OR Self pay $6,000. On Sunday. I would not allow an animal to stay there. We saw them place food near her but NOT FEED HER, sometime later pic up the untouched food & throw it IN THE TRASH. We picked her up AS CARE was so ridiculously bad.
Long story short. Then Aultman Hospice Came in to Medically Evaluate her condition, assign her a level of care needed & design a plan. They said she has about two weeks to live.
Linda from Hospice will be back out Tomorrow, Wednesday 11/25, with Electric Bed, Oxygen etc. Please pray for her to not suffer
Your fellow servant to those in Chains

Our Story

We are Unity Prison Ministry. We share the love of Jesus through a wide variety of musical styles, Christian comedy, drama, testimonies and prayer.

Unity primarily ministers in prisons reaching children, students, men, and women incarcerated in local, county, state, and federal institutions.

We also minister in churches, homeless shelters, nursing homes, state fairs, and other indoor/outdoor venues.

All donations are tax deductible. We are a 501c3 ministry.
Always looking for prayer warriors to pray for us.



P.O. Box 87
Greentown, OH

Opening Hours

Monday 12:00 - 21:00
Monday 12:00 - 21:00
Tuesday 12:00 - 21:00
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