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But one thing He told us to
drink is the Cup of His blood! He said to do it in memory of Him.
That blood is greater than any drug or syrup; it’s effectual and
effective against any kind of sickness or infirmity. As you partake
of the Communion, you’re affirming that nothing of the devil can
thrive in your body. His blood was poured out that you may live;
so, it makes no difference what the problem is; by the
power of the Holy Spirit, the victory is yours.
Perhaps you’ve been suffering from an incurable blood disease or
having symptoms of cancer; the blood of Jesus speaks your
healing. Believe this and affirm
accordingly. The Communion of His body and blood serves to
remind us of our unbroken and unbreakable fellowship with Him, as
well as our wholeness or completeness in Him. His body was
broken that we may never be broken by sickness, disease or pain.
He gave His life that you may live in health and strength.
Drink the Cup with this consciousness, and His peace and glory will
reign in your life.


I’ve been transferred from the domain of darkness and established
in God’s Kingdom of life, light, and glory, where I reign and rule
with Jesus. I affirm that I’ll never be sick, broken, wounded or be
defeated, because I have the life of God in me. Righteousness,
success, divine health, and supernatural prosperity are part of my
divine heritage in Christ. Glory to His Name forever!

For as often as ye eat this bread, and drink this cup, ye do show
the Lord’s death till he come (1 Corinthians 11:26)

What an amazing grace the Lord Jesus brought to us!The Bible
says His blood speaks better things than the blood of Abel, crying
for salvation, rather than vengeance (Hebrews 12:24). When we
take the Communion, we’re testifying that
His shed blood in our behalf has brought us into fellowship with
God, made us whole, safe, sound, and excellent.
His divine blood speaks your divine health; it speaks to devils of
darkness, angels of God, and all of creation that the reason Jesus
died has been fulfilled in your life. Jesus never told us to take a
drink of water
for our healing, even though we might, if we’re led by the Spirit to
do so at any time. He never told us to swallow or rub anything,
even though we might do so,
if we’re particularly led by the Spirit.
For example, maybe you don't yet know the precise steps to take
to expand or advance your ministry, business, or career in the
coming year; take some time to speak in tongues. You'll have
spiritual insight and foresight.
Another important advantage of speaking in tongues is that it
charges you up, like a battery. And when a battery is fully charged,
it works effectively and lasts longer. Satan may throw darts at you,
to distract you, but praying in the Holy Ghost makes you
formidable; you'll be able to withstand anything, and resist every
Anytime you face challenges in your life, get into your closet, and
speak in tongues; charge yourself. When you're done, you'll be
filled with the wisdom to prevail and excel. Keep yourself
perpetually “high" on God's power by speaking in tongues always!
Mark 16 : 17; 1 Corinthians 14 : 2 & 18; Jude 1 : 20


I'm built up, thriving on my most holy faith, making progress by the
supernatural, and rising like an edifice, ever higher and higher, as I
pray in the Holy Ghost! I'm never disadvantaged! Glory to God!

He who speaks in a [spiritual] tongue edifies and improves
himself... ( 1 Corinthians 14 : 4 ).
The importance of praying in tongues can never be
overemphasized. As a Christian, to significantly improve your
spiritual growth and comprehension, praying in tongues is an
extremely vital element. But sadly, there're those who say, “Well,
our church doesn't believe in speaking in tongues." Understand
that speaking in tongues isn't a denominational phenomenon.
Every Christian ought to speak in tongues! That's where the secret
of power is.
Our opening verse says, “He who speaks in a [spiritual] tongue
edifies and improves himself...." The question is, do you want to
improve yourself? Do you want to operate at a new level of
spiritual maturity and efficiency this incoming year? Do you desire
to make tremendous progress and take giant strides in all affairs
of life? Speaking in tongues will help. The Bible says, “But you,
beloved, build yourselves up [founded] on your most holy faith
[make progress, rise like an edifice higher and higher], praying in
the Holy Spirit" (Jude 1 : 20 AMPC).
Praying in tongues will help you make progress and cause you to
rise like an edifice, higher and higher. The more you pray in
tongues, the more sensitive you are to the Spirit, to receive and
follow His guidance in all you do.
He seizes the opportunities for
the Kingdom of God. He does big things for God; you need to be
part of it so that your story will be complete.
A visionary partner is active and vibrant, never slothful (Romans
12 : 11). It's not by how much you have but what you are willing to
give, it's starts from the inside. How could you miss out on the
higher grace the ministry carries, that's an error. Remember, you
are dead to the world, you have no need and challenges, the life
you now live is for the Son of God who loved you and gave Himself
for you. Set your timing and the Spirit of God will go ahead of you.
God bless you abundantly above

The three ingredient in cooking the vision of your ministry is
prayer, soul winning and giving. The visionary partner understand
the vision and purpose and run with it (Exodus 31 : 1 - 6). They are
those God select and picked to be a higher stalk holder in the
vision (Habakkuk 2 : 4). A visionary partner is always on the go,
they make things happen, he sees and respond. They are always
on the run. 2019 will be characterize by the action that will move
the vision of the ministry forward.
A visionary partner is a purpose-fulfilling partner, he understand
that he will make provisions for the vision, just the way Peter gave
Jesus his boat to preach the Gospel. When you've personalize the
vision, run with it, the grace upon the Man of God will begin to
work for you. The visionary partner is effective and quick to
communicate the vision to others.

(2 Corinthians 8 : 7). Consummate is to be complete and perfect in every detail, it's the partner of the highest degree and quality (1 Corinthians 8 : 1). The consummated partner put himself and resources to the disposal of the vision. The consummated partner doesn't stop, they are sons and daughters of consolation or encouragement (Philippians 4 : 15). Being consistent is one of the quality of the consummated partner (2 Corinthians 9 : 7). Remember, the harvest of blessings is accumulated to your account and He prizes you above others when you are a prompt-to do it giver whose heart is in his giving. When you give, the grace to do it will launch you to another level, your testimonies will be outstanding. (2 Corinthians 8 : 4). You don't need more money, you need more faith, you boost or stretch out your faith. The consummated partner is dependable and increases in relevance and impact. There is grace in partnership (1 Chronicles 29 : 1 - end). You are stepping forward

1) Go into a business for which you have a passion or that gives you fulfillment

2) Start small. Remember, every great thing starts small and a tree can make a forest, it's just a matter of time

3) Sell cheap, give quality and don't keep the competition

4) Hard work: You must be industrious and have the power of focus and enthusiasm

5) Adapt. Catch me if you can, don't be in business because you want to add to number

6) Be law abiding, never fight the government

7) Go into manufacturing: Think of what to produce

8) Believe in your country: We shouldn't be thinking of what the country can do for us but what we can do for our country because that's the mind of a leader, that's success talking

9) Always look out for the need so that you can satisfy: Your business is more than buying and selling, it's a service you must rendered effectively and professionally, if someone does it more better than you, you might lose that client, he might catch his heart. Give them the best

10) Give pleasure to the society and take away pain. Always smile and talk to people in love because love is like a magnet that pulls people towards you. Remember, customers are always king, you must treat them with utmost courtesy. God bless you extravagantly and your spreading out business. He has took it globally. Connect it to God and He will take it personal
Urgent prayer request,
Where iminister is called metamaywa in keroka kenya
Its aplace that has only adventist chhrches and magicians
Ihave two neighbours magicians with bill board on the road advertising there services of magic next to church ihave been fasting they used to be three one lady magicians we fasted she was evicted and her house brought down by landowner last year .
Two remaining are athorn in the flesh they met me yesterday they told me they will bewitch church and me and children .
Im not speaking out of fear but im appealing for prayer support
The man comes to church gate we rebuke him the man chant dirges and say im dead
Im appealing for serious intercessors
Here its total impunity people are blinded with adventist church ,here u find one is pastor in adventist church same time amagician and people seek help there ihave evidence ,the two magicians are HENRY OMBASSO OMWOYO AND JOHN GICHANA ,here they are feared pray they get saved or quit
Today as i speak ihave had my closes friends abandon me one was educating my kids just stopped another just blocked me no reason another no picking phone or email
We are fasting in church ineed your urgent prayer,my kids out of school i suspect the withchraft attack
Pray for my wife and children and 3 children and church growth
Pray for our tommorow service in metamaywa send this to many intercesecors
Amen God bless you
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