CCC Emmanuel Parish, Garland, Texas

CCC Emmanuel Parish, Garland, Texas


UWC Happy new week
May celestial glory continue to shine in our forever amen
BARE FEET IN THE CCC (Detailed explanation in my book: The Last Barque) The man practices the sport to have a good health and according to the sports discipline we have adapted shoes (?). Because of these shoes our feet do not marry the ground. We are permanently connected to telluric and cosmic energies when we are barefoot. A lack of telluric energies or an excess of cosmic energies causes an imbalance on the energetic level of the body and therefore of the soul (it is the soul that makes the body live). The anchoring that is rooted in the Earth to draw its energy serves to balance these two forces. Anchoring allows us to be fully connected to the Earth, to feed on its vital energy while evacuating through it any negative energy that clogs us. The feet play a preponderant role and it is on them that it will be necessary to work to acquire a good anchorage. (Jesus does it for us in the CCC: washing the feet) Barefoot contact with soil (whether gravels, hot, cold or warm, fine sand and mud) affects the peripheral nervous system (PNS), the autonomic nervous system (ANS), the central nervous system (CNS) ) so heals diseases related to nerves, gastric, diabetes, joints, snoring, hypertension ................ ......... THE CHINESE, THE INDIANS USE (India) FOR THESE DIFFERENT DISEASES or IMBALANCES feet-footing with balls or others in the foot massage .Naturally the granite which is a rock composed of quartz, mica and gold feldspar quartz has piezoelectric properties (is polarized by a stress and generates a voltage then creates an electric current) The pressure of the bare feet on the ground promotes the repression of the blood from the feet towards the heart: the heart is tired less ....... Jesus manages advertising a foot pose Summary of benefits: ✓ Stimulates the nerves thanks to the nerve endings present in the feet, ✓ Acts on the different organs of the body, ✓ Stimulates blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, ✓ Balances the vital functions, ✓ Evacuate stress and relax muscles, ✓ Removes impurities, ✓ Improves the quality of sleep: more balanced and more restorative.
Emmanuel parish
Every place that the sole of your foot shall tread upon, that have I given unto you, as I said unto Moses. Joshua 1:3. This is one of the mystery behind Celestial Church of Christ (Foot and not your shoes). If anyone is envious of how you are making headway, while he his struggling, Tell the person to try Celestial. If you are in celestial and you are stagnant, then check yourself. Good morning and Have a wonderful week
Halleluyah ooo
Halleluyah o..pls can some tell me where your ccc emmanuel cathedral is located lagos Nigeria pls I need fast answer thanks may God always be with us all ijn Amen pls I need a reply fast
Halleluyah ooo, please I need to talk to the shepherd of this parish, I want to ask him some questions . And I don't want to ask it here I don't want to be rude can someone direct me to him thanks God bless us all, gbogbo wa la ma de ile ileri
Yeye Oba Olayinka Oyekanmi (MC) The Harvest chairperson of 1ST Adult Harvest Celestial Church of Christ Emmanuel Parish wishing the entire members of CCC EMMANUEL PARISH Mesquite Tx, a success as we prepare for the 2017 ,1St Adult Harvest Thanksgiving service coming up on the 3rd of September 2017 .Olu Ikore a kore fun gbogbo wa o .HALLELUJAH.

Celestial Church of Christ Emmanuel Parish Garland, Texas. 75042 USA. (Special District Headquarters) Tel: +1 214 914 2247

CCC Emmanuel Parish, Garland, Texas's cover photo

CCC Emmanuel Parish, Garland, Texas's cover photo

CCC Emmanuel Parish, Garland, Texas's cover photo

Live from Mevo CCC Emmanuel Parish, Mesquite Texas

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Themed: Open harvest
Guest Artist -Mega 99
Location -victoria folakemi event center, 10538 forest lane, Dallas, Texas, 75243.

You will be blessed🙏🏼 @cccemmanuelparish @iam_kay_kode @real_celestian @celestialambassadors @weintheccc @officialfolukeotoge @ccccityofgodcathedral @cccoyingboparish @cccsp_futa_official @ccc_lastboatofsalvation @celestialnews_cno @celestial_faces @cele_4_life_ @celestial_hymns @celestialchurchcanadahq @celestialchurchspiritualmateri @weintheccc @celestialpanorama @weintheccc @celestialchurchamazinggrace @ogo_cele @celestial_ent @officialomocele @celestialcorpers @celestialpanorama @originalcelepikin @celestialambassadors @weintheccc @yemisiogunkanmi _ @officialfolukeotoge @celestialambassadors @weintheccc @yemisiogunkanmi @ccccityofgodcathedral @ccccityofgodcathedral @cccoyingboparish @cccsp_futa_official @ccc_lastboatofsalvation @celestialnews_cno @celestial_faces @cele_4_life_ @celestial_hymns @celestialchurchcanadahq @celestialchurchspiritualmateri @weintheccc @celestialpanorama @weintheccc @celestialchurchamazinggrace @ogo_cele @celestial_ent @officialomocele @celestialcorpers @celestialpanorama @covenantchoirkabaladoki @ccc_covenant_cathedral @celestialpanorama @ccccalvaryparish1 @cccjerusalem @ccc_igboliki @cccmalaysia @celestial_ent @ccc__kids @ccc_agidingbi_cathedral @ccc_covenant_cathedral @cccsp_mapoly_maustech @cccoluwaseyi_ijeshatedo_choir @cccwonderlandparish @ccchephzibah @ccc_somolu_cathedral @ccc_lastboatofsalvation @cccyedc @c.c.cchristambassador.parish @cccjesusislordcathedral @ccc_lep @ccc_ileri_oluwase_cathedral @ccccouncilparish1 #celestialfamily #omocele @celestial_ent #celestial_ent @celestialtelevisionnetwork

Hallelujah🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 Our 3rd annual thanksgiving harvest themed “OPEN HEAVENS” is finally here. Come Rejoice With Us. @cccemmanuelparish @iam_kay_kode @celestialambassadors @weintheccc @real_celestian @officialfolukeotoge @ccccityofgodcathedral @cccoyingboparish @cccsp_futa_official @ccc_lastboatofsalvation @celestialnews_cno @celestial_faces @cele_4_life_ @celestial_hymns @celestialchurchcanadahq @celestialchurchspiritualmateri @weintheccc @celestialpanorama @weintheccc @celestialchurchamazinggrace @ogo_cele @celestial_ent @officialomocele @celestialcorpers @celestialpanorama @originalcelepikin @celestialambassadors @weintheccc @yemisiogunkanmi _ @officialfolukeotoge @celestialambassadors @weintheccc @yemisiogunkanmi @ccccityofgodcathedral @ccccityofgodcathedral @cccoyingboparish @cccsp_futa_official @ccc_lastboatofsalvation @celestialnews_cno @celestial_faces @cele_4_life_ @celestial_hymns @celestialchurchcanadahq @celestialchurchspiritualmateri @weintheccc @celestialpanorama @weintheccc @celestialchurchamazinggrace @ogo_cele @celestial_ent @officialomocele @celestialcorpers @celestialpanorama @covenantchoirkabaladoki @ccc_covenant_cathedral @celestialpanorama @ccccalvaryparish1 @cccjerusalem @ccc_igboliki @cccmalaysia @celestial_ent @ccc__kids @ccc_agidingbi_cathedral @ccc_covenant_cathedral @cccsp_mapoly_maustech @cccoluwaseyi_ijeshatedo_choir @cccwonderlandparish @ccchephzibah @ccc_somolu_cathedral @ccc_lastboatofsalvation @cccyedc @c.c.cchristambassador.parish @cccjesusislordcathedral @ccc_lep @ccc_ileri_oluwase_cathedral @ccccouncilparish1 #celestialfamily #omocele @celestial_ent #celestial_ent @celestialtelevisionnetwork

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🌈⛪️Luli Luli Luli 🕊 CCC Emmanuel Parish (Special District Headquarters) Mesquite Tx...Let’s celebrate together .. u re all cordially invited.. Stay blessed 🙏🏻🌈💒🙏🏻 #🎷🎺🎼@cccemmanuelparish 🎼🎹⛪️🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈 @cccemmanuelparish @alashesammyjerry @celestialambassadors @weintheccc @yemisiogunkanmi @alashesammyjerry @oseun523 @officialfolukeotoge @toyxoxo_ @avoseh_segun @ccccityofgodcathedral @ccccityofgodcathedral @cccoyingboparish @cccsp_futa_official @ccc_lastboatofsalvation @celestialnews_cno @celestial_faces @cele_4_life_ @celestial_hymns @celestialchurchcanadahq @celestialchurchspiritualmateri @weintheccc @celestialpanorama @weintheccc @celestialchurchamazinggrace @ogo_cele @celestial_ent @officialomocele @celestialcorpers @celestialpanorama @originalcelepikin @celestialambassadors @weintheccc @yemisiogunkanmi @alashesammyjerry @celestialpanorama @weintheccc @celestialchurchamazinggrace @ogo_cele @celestial_ent @officialomocele @celestialcorpers @celestialpanorama @originalcelepikin @celecelebs @9icedip @covenantchoirkabaladoki @ccc_covenant_cathedral @celestialpanorama @ccccalvaryparish1 @cccjerusalem @ccc_igboliki @cccmalaysia @celestial_ent @ccc__kids @ccc_agidingbi_cathedral @ccc_covenant_cathedral @cccsp_mapoly_maustech @cccoluwaseyi_ijeshatedo_choir @cccwonderlandparish @ccchephzibah @ccc_somolu_cathedral @ccc_lastboatofsalvation @cccyedc @c.c.cchristambassador.parish @cccjesusislordcathedral @ccc_lep @ccc_ileri_oluwase_cathedral @ccccouncilparish1 #celestialfamily #omocele @celestial_ent #celestial_ent @celestialtelevisionnetwork #celestialtelevisionnetwork

🌈⛪️Luli Luli Luli 🕊 CCC Emmanuel Parish (Special District Headquarters) Mesquite Tx...Seekers Service Sermon by Ven Sup Evang K.S Adeyinka JP MPIC 🙏🏻🌈💒🙏🏻 #🎷🎺🎼@cccemmanuelparish 🎼🎹⛪️🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈 @celestialambassadors @weintheccc @yemisiogunkanmi @alashesammyjerry @oseun523 @officialfolukeotoge @toyxoxo_ @ccccityofgodcathedral @ccccityofgodcathedral @cccoyingboparish @cccsp_futa_official @ccc_lastboatofsalvation @celestialnews_cno @celestial_faces @cele_4_life_ @celestial_hymns @celestialchurchcanadahq @celestialchurchspiritualmateri @weintheccc @celestialpanorama @celestialchurchamazinggrace @ogo_cele @celestial_ent @officialomocele @celestialcorpers @celestialpanorama @originalcelepikin @celestialambassadors @weintheccc @yemisiogunkanmi @alashesammyjerry @celestialpanorama @weintheccc @celestialchurchamazinggrace @ogo_cele @celestial_ent @officialomocele @celestialcorpers @celestialpanorama @originalcelepikin @celecelebs @9icedip @covenantchoirkabaladoki @ccc_covenant_cathedral @celestialpanorama @ccccalvaryparish1 @cccjerusalem @ccc_igboliki @cccmalaysia @celestial_ent @ccc__kids @ccc_agidingbi_cathedral @ccc_covenant_cathedral @cccsp_mapoly_maustech @cccoluwaseyi_ijeshatedo_choir @cccwonderlandparish @ccchephzibah @ccc_somolu_cathedral @ccc_lastboatofsalvation @cccyedc @c.c.cchristambassador.parish @cccjesusislordcathedral @ccc_lep @ccc_ileri_oluwase_cathedral @ccccouncilparish1 #celestialfamily #omocele @celestial_ent #celestial_ent @celestialtelevisionnetwork #celestialtelevisionnetwork

🌈⛪️Luli Luli Luli 🕊🕊🕊#Investiture Ceremony @cccemmanuelparish.. When d calling is Divine 🕊🧚‍♂️⛪️Congratulations Our Shepherd in charge (Grand Patron).. @cccemmanuelparish CCC Emmanuel Parish (Special District Headquarters) Mesquite Tx as Sup Evang Oladipo Oshin... More Anointing sir ... Amen 🧚‍♂️👑⛪️ 🙏🏻🌈💒🙏🏻 #🎷🎺🎼@cccemmanuelparish 🎼🎹⛪️🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈 @cccemmanuelparish @alashesammyjerry @celestialambassadors @weintheccc @yemisiogunkanmi @alashesammyjerry @oseun523 @officialfolukeotoge @toyxoxo_ @avoseh_segun @ccccityofgodcathedral @ccccityofgodcathedral @cccoyingboparish @cccsp_futa_official @ccc_lastboatofsalvation @celestialnews_cno @celestial_faces @cele_4_life_ @celestial_hymns @celestialchurchcanadahq @celestialchurchspiritualmateri @weintheccc @celestialpanorama @weintheccc @celestialchurchamazinggrace @ogo_cele @celestial_ent @officialomocele @celestialcorpers @celestialpanorama @originalcelepikin @celestialambassadors @weintheccc @yemisiogunkanmi @alashesammyjerry @celestialpanorama @weintheccc @celestialchurchamazinggrace @ogo_cele @celestial_ent @officialomocele @celestialcorpers @celestialpanorama @originalcelepikin @celecelebs @9icedip @covenantchoirkabaladoki @ccc_covenant_cathedral @celestialpanorama @ccccalvaryparish1 @cccjerusalem @ccc_igboliki @cccmalaysia @celestial_ent @ccc__kids @ccc_agidingbi_cathedral @ccc_covenant_cathedral @cccsp_mapoly_maustech @cccoluwaseyi_ijeshatedo_choir @cccwonderlandparish @ccchephzibah @ccc_somolu_cathedral @ccc_lastboatofsalvation @cccyedc @c.c.cchristambassador.parish @cccjesusislordcathedral @ccc_lep @ccc_ileri_oluwase_cathedral @ccccouncilparish1 #celestialfamily #omocele @celestial_ent #celestial_ent

True Word in Season


This was the first time O Christ O My King was rendered,it was a palm sunday in the year 1982.

Baba John Kindom( Papa's trumpeter : his voice in the background) was the first person to use his trumpet to lead the whole church as Papa instructed.

There are 5 things we must notice in this video

1. O Christ O my King was rendered after Yah rah Sarah
2. O Christ O my King was rendered while standing
3. No raising of hands
4. The reverence and submission showed while singing O Christ O my King
5. There are just 2 chairs in the inner altar (any teaching that is above this is not the truth of God as given to Celestial Church of Christ.

After O Christ O my King, Yah rahmah was rendered.

O Christ O my King is to be rendered in all our services in Celestial Church of Christ, Papa made a circular to this effect in the same year.

We are to stand while rendering it during our monthly Watchnight service and hourly worship.

Most of our fathers are in this video.

Lets watch and make necessary amends

May God bless us all.

True Word in Season



Palm Sunday is very important in the life of Celestial members,we ought to be prepared to meet the Lord with all our worries and problems. This video is a snippet of the sermon delivered by our Pastor Founder ( Papa Bilewu Samuel Joseph Oshoffa) on the 4th of April,1982 in which he said " If Jesus was fasting He would not be able to ride a colt".Invariably our fasting starts on the monday of the passion week and not on Palm Sunday as generally been said.

Let us watch and learn from our father.

Questions? Comment below.

Halleluyah!!! Today Been d 1st Sunday In d month of March 2019.. I Prophecy Divine Success into all u lay ur hands frm ds day henceforth in JESUS NAME🧚‍♂️Amen 🙏🏻 #🎷🎺🎼🎹⛪️🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈 #In the Presence of God , There is fullness of Joy... Come worship with us @cccemmanuelparish (mountain of signs & wonders) @alashesammyjerry @celestialambassadors @weintheccc @yemisiogunkanmi @alashesammyjerry @oseun523 @toyxoxo_ @officialfolukeotoge @toyxoxo_ @avoseh_segun @ccccityofgodcathedral @ccccityofgodcathedral @avoseh_segun @ccccityofgodcathedral @cccoyingboparish @cccsp_futa_official @ccc_lastboatofsalvation @celestialnews_cno @celestial_faces @cele_4_life_ @celestial_hymns @celestialchurchcanadahq @celestialchurchspiritualmateri @weintheccc @celestialpanorama @weintheccc @celestialchurchamazinggrace @ogo_cele @celestial_ent @officialomocele @celestialcorpers @celestialpanorama @originalcelepikin @celestialambassadors @weintheccc @yemisiogunkanmi @alashesammyjerry @oseun523 @toyxoxo_ @officialfolukeotoge @[email protected] @celestialambassadors @weintheccc @yemisiogunkanmi @alashesammyjerry @oseun523 @toyxoxo_ @officialfolukeotoge @toyxoxo_ @avoseh_segun @ccccityofgodcathedral @ccccityofgodcathedral @avoseh_segun @ccccityofgodcathedral @cccoyingboparish @cccsp_futa_official @ccc_lastboatofsalvation @celestialnews_cno @celestial_faces @cele_4_life_ @celestial_hymns @celestialchurchcanadahq @celestialchurchspiritualmateri @weintheccc @celestialpanorama @weintheccc @celestialchurchamazinggrace @ogo_cele @celestial_ent @officialomocele @celestialcorpers @celestialpanorama @originalcelepikin @celecelebs @9icedip @covenantchoirkabaladoki @ccc_covenant_cathedral @celestialpanorama @ccccalvaryparish1 @cccjerusalem @ccc_igboliki @cccmalaysia @celestial_ent @ccc__kids @ccc_agidingbi_cathedral @ccc_covenant_cathedral @cccsp_mapoly_maustech @cccoluwaseyi_ijeshatedo_choir @cccwonderlandparish @ccchephzibah @ccc_somolu_cathedral @ccc_lastboatofsalvation @cccyedc @c.c.cchristambassador.parish @ccccouncilparish1 #celestialfamily #omocele @celestial_ent #celestial_ent

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3909 Lawler Road,
Garland, TX

Opening Hours

Tuesday 10:00 - 13:00
Wednesday 18:00 - 20:00
Wednesday 09:00 - 10:00
Thursday 23:00 - 01:00
Friday 18:00 - 20:00
Sunday 09:00 - 14:00
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