Fort Bragg PWOC, Fort Bragg, NC Video January 13, 2020, 7:21pm

Videos by Fort Bragg PWOC in Fort Bragg. Fort Bragg Protestant Women of the Chapel (PWOC) Serving Christ, Reaching Women, Connecting Lives PWOC is God empowered, Christ centered and Spirit led; exists as an extension of Chapel; encourages women to grow spiritually within the body of Christ.

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PWOC 2.18.20

Why do you love PWOC?
"PWOC in the hallways" Why do you love PWOC?

Did you miss the announcement this morning about T-shirts and travel mug?! The Travel Mugs are a Pre-Order for $11, we must get at least 20 people to commit to ordering these. If interested, please contact Katherine Patterson at [email protected] or 910-729-4723. For t-shirts:


PWOC 2.11.2020

PWOC in the hallways
"PWOC in the hallways" Why do you love PWOC?

If you were home sick, you can still be part of our Tuesday morning! PWOC 2.4.2020.

Why do you love PWOC? What makes Fort Bragg Pwoc so special? Hear from one of our very own ladies, Dora Trammell, to see what she has to say about it!

PWOC bible study cancelled Tue Jan 21st Opportunity to support 3BDE Memorial Service in comments. To sign up to bring refreshments, click on this link:

More worship and message from our speaker, Diana.

Live from Division Memorial Chapel

Caroling at Womack
Video by a 6 year old. 🤦🏼‍♀️

Christmas Kindness Program

It's Program Day! Special Guest Speaker Aby Dolinger on Compassion

15 October PWOC
15 October PWOC

Megan Gramer's Live Broadcast

Megan Gramer's Live Broadcast

PWOC Fort Bragg, NC

17 Sep 2019 PWOC
17 Sep 2019 PWOC

Connection Cafe!
Join us this morning for Connection Cafe at 9 am!

Introduce Bible Studies

Megan Gramer's Live Broadcast

Background Check opportunity: Thur Aug 29 at Pope Chapel at 9am AND Sunday Sept 8 at All American Chapel 10-1 (drop in).

Our fun board got together this morning! A few members even went down the water slide!

Devotion - Jennifer Cook


Check out this message from Elisha Kennedy about our upcoming retreat April 5-7! Click the link to sign up! Pictures will be added in the comments.👇

Bible study descriptions

Race Training Day Information

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