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HUHYM is dedicated to Helping people all around the globe and we kindly thank you for your HELP!!!!

Baskets of Love is about Love! Love has an outcome! I love what I do!

Help Us Help You Ministries

As a wedding event planner, decorating is one of my

favorite hobbies!


Never Stop Praying Because Of Circumstances!

Come join us in prayer

Monday at 8 pm. Amen!

Dial: (712) 775-7031
Code: 549029683#

[12/09/16]   Hello Everyone!

Take Time To Remember!

Take Time To Thank God For Being God!

Remember His Birth!

Remember How Jesus Was Born To Die To

Save A Dying World, To Save You And Me!

Take Time To Remember His Love! Amen!

[11/09/16]   God we thank you, for it is already done in the Name of Jesus! Every need is met on today! You have blessed and Lord God you will bless again! Everything, we your people need, is in place for these signs, miracles, and wonders! Lord we have prayed and we will pray again until we see through the mirror of your eyes as change takes place in all the lives of your people. We repent before you Heavenly Father, of anything we've done in the land that has hindered your hands from moving miraculously in our lives. Save us Lord! Keep us saved! Keep us covered by the blood of Jesus! Now Lord, we expect forgiveness, trustworthiness, healing, increase, joy and exuberance to flow from within! Amen!

[09/30/16]   SHOOT TO LIVE!


[06/23/16]   Hidden Manna
Exodus 16
Manna (in the Bible) the substance miraculously supplied as food to the Israelites in the wilderness
An unexpected or gratuitous benefit.
"the cakes were manna from heaven"
(In Christian contexts) spiritual nourishment, especially the Eucharist.

God never hid anything from His people that would keep them from eating, feeling, looking and being special!
If you conceal from that which will cause me to be nourished, then you hinder the growth process!
Mal-nourished-not enough, overlook, mistreated!
God reveals His miraculous manna full of nutrients to all of His people and not just for some of them!
Is everyone getting fed? Or only the ones chosen to be fed? Do we need to stop being so overly concerned with how much natural foods people are eating when spiritually, fractions of the whole are starving!
Feeding God's people the Word!
And All of God's people shall say, "God Did It!"

[03/27/16]   Thank God for the word on today!

"Moving From Mortician to Missionary"
Luke 24:1-8
Why look for the living amongst the dead?
Then they remembered what Jesus said!
In three days!

My view!
Complete Resurrection! Complete Resilience!
Move forward together now!
People spend more time today at grave sights
than with people who are alive!
Conversations are seemingly more so on dead things and dead people more so than lively things!
He is no longer in the grave, He is Risen!
Stop looking to dead things! Rise up and live!
Go and tell somebody about Jesus!
Don't magnify your problems, as a mortician will do!
Magnify Jesus, to avail your mission in magnifying life!
L I V E!

[03/27/16]   Happy Resurrection Day!

[03/27/16]   SPEECHLESS!



G O D' S
F A V O R &
T R A N S F O R M A T I O N!!

[03/19/16]   Needing Answers To These Questions

How many books are in the Bible?

[03/17/16]   Prayer tonight!


It is not too late to Pray!

Dial: (712) 775-7031
Code: 549029683#

[03/15/16]   I Am Saying Thank You,

To Everyone Who Brightened My Day

With The Birthday Wishes,

Thoughts And their Genuine Love!

You Are All Such Great Troopers!

May The Lord Forever Bless You!

I Love You!

[03/09/16]   It's In The Anointing!

Why are you saying that someone else can say things in a better way?

When God has given you the anointing to speak, why don’t you trust him to give you the right words?”

We Love You!
We Want And Need You In Everything We Do!

Happy Valentine's Day Family And Friends!
May God Bless You With Enrichment On Today!


[02/09/16]   Happy Birthday to my son on today!

Kendrick McRae!


[02/06/16]   I'm Going To Put A Praise On It!

[02/05/16]   "Morning Group Therapy!"

God Is Group Therapy All By Himself!

You Are The Tulip God Is Unfolding!

His Purpose For Your Life Shall Be Fulfilled!

[02/04/16]   "Therapy From God"

God knows just what we need on today!

He knows just how to save us and to keep us saved!

[01/28/16]   Help Is On The Way! Amen!

[01/24/16]   Help Me Sing!!

Oh, How I Love Jesus!
Oh, How I Love Jesus!
Oh, How I Love Jesus!
Because He First Loved Me!

Oh, How Do You Feel On This Morning?
Oh, How Do You Feel On This Morning?
Oh, How Do You Feel On This Morning?
Because He First Loved You!

Oh, Do You Love Jesus On This Morning?
Oh, Do You Love Jesus On This Morning?
Oh, Do You Really Love Jesus, On This Morning?
Because He First Loved You!

Meditate On Him, Think On Him, and Bless Jesus!
On This Morning!

[01/12/16]   Good Morning My KING!

[01/01/16]   Happy New Year Everyone!

This is not a play on words. God truly wants you and I to be Happy! Truth is, He wants us to be more than Happy! He wants us to be full of JOY! His JOY! Experience Newness this year and the years to come in such awestruck ways we ourselves cannot imagine or contain. The Holy Ghost wants to take us in realms we've never encountered! As I write, I ask God to use these hands, use this heart, use my soul and the very essence of my mind. Teach me, lead me and guide me as I embark on Newness! Praise Him right now because I am! Shout Hallelujah! Acts 2:38 Acts 2:1-4 Acts 1:8 God's Plan of Salvation for you! This is your Year of Salvation! Receive ye the Holy Ghost this year! Be Baptized in Water in the Name Of Jesus Christ this year! There is only One Baptism and it is in the Name of Jesus! Amen!

[12/22/15]   Ever ponder on your dreams and what they mean!
Some dreams you don't want to know and could care less Some you know it was not true and did not add up Some dreams came to pass and were truth, with pain or healing Some dreams seems made up for you just couldn't put it together Well so much for the dreams!
One dream (vision) for sure is true, was spoken about, came to pass, is still fulfilling itself today, now and forever!
Jesus Birth, He came just like He said He would!
Jesus Death, Burial and Resurrection, it all happened!
Our Savior came and He changed the world!
What a Real Dream Come True!

[12/18/15]   Good Morning Everyone!

Let God have His perfect work on today!


[12/05/15]   HUHYM says

"Happy Birthday" to Antony McRae!

Timeline Photos

[12/04/15]   Sorry so late everyone!

Praying tonight at 8pm

[11/29/15]   "Faith In Action" Week

No more shackles

No more chains

I am free


Prayer Monday @ 8pm
Dial: (712) 775-7031
Code: 549029683#

If You Don't Love God, What's Wrong With You?

[11/15/15]   Thank You Lord!

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