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Your church this morning.
Our Happy Hour Fellowship starts at 4:00! Jason Durham will be with us to share a couple of photos and stories from his recent backpacking trip.
rearrange the letters: PRESBYTERIAN - best in prayer
I took a photo of the sanctuary with my phone this morning for the members who may be getting a little home sick. ☺
Teresa of Ávila says in her Way of Perfection, “when you do not receive communion and you do not attend Mass, you can make a spiritual communion, which is a most beneficial practice; by it the love of God will be greatly impressed on you.”
I love the new background THE CHURCH HAS LEFT THE BUILDING. What a statement -- and I can see Jesus making that bold statement with His death and resurrection! What a challenge to us in these days. I think it's a fair statement to say the church is a powerful vessel of God's grace and peace - how can we move forward in this mission with life as it is today?
A little self-quarantine humor:
A little Bible humor for the basketball fans. 😉
Don't forget that game night is tonight. We had a blast last time. Join us if you can.
Today’s Advent Word: Salvation We have salvation or are saved by our faith. Our faith that Jesus died on the cross for all our sins. By that faith, Jesus is in us and we are in Him. But how fully is He in you? Is He fully formed like a newborn or still forming? Chances are He’s still forming. That‘s what we call sanctification, casting off our sinful ways and making more room until He is perfectly formed in Us. That’s a lifelong task and joy to undertake. We repent our sins, worship together, pray, study God’s Word, share His gift of grace and salvation, lift up those in pain and need, and fellowship together to make Him more fully formed in us. That’s sanctification. It’s the job that comes with salvation. I’ve taken a few sick days and there may be a few more but that’s the job I want for me and for you.
Today's word for Advent: Deceive In 2 Thessalonians, "the man of lawlessness" is around us in many forms. Hollywood, advertisers, politicians, corporations, activists, and others who want you to believe things that go against the wisdom and truth of God's Word. We are bombarded with slick, deceptive claims that appeal to our baser nature--a torrential downpour that blinds us to what is most important. What is most important? Jesus Christ's two greatest commandments: to love God with all your heart and to love your neighbor as you love yourself. If you have that and the gift of grace which is already given to you, then you have all that you need to defend against deceivers.

We are a PC(USA) church. Join us for Sunday School (9:45am) Worship (11) and a meal (12:05) each Sunday. Nursery Care and Children's Church are available.

AA meets on Saturday nights at 7pm. Watch the page for special activities and services.

Mission: Peace Church exists to provide opportunities for worship, spiritual growth, and Christian fellowship for the community. Our mission under the guidance of the Holy Spirit is to nurture people into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ through our belief and by sharing the love of Jesus Christ with all people. Romans 12:5 In Christ, we who are many form one body, and each member belongs to all the others.

Operating as usual

Pastor Becky participated in Chill with the Chaplains at Methodist University this morning. She was able to speak to speak to several students and faculty and enjoy a strawberry lemonade slush. 🍓🍋

For World Communion Sunday, we are creating a map of places that are significant in our worshiping community.

To participate, you only need to send Pastor Becky a list of places that are significant and why. You might include the place you were born; where you went to college; places you were stationed during your service in the military; a place that stands out as significant for any reason.

To see the map we are creating together, click on the link below and click on the blue place markers to read why they were added.

Jason took this photo before the service yesterday morning.

Your church this morning.

Campus ministry in 2020....

This week is “Chill with the Chaplains” at Methodist University. Since MU is asking students/etc not to gather in groups, this means students will visit with each chaplain briefly outdoors.

Pastor Becky will invite students to share what calls them to worship (where do they see God or what inspires them to think about God?) and then will send them with skittles and a prayer exercise for later.

Full Worship Service 9/20/2020

We are still worshiping on Zoom at 11 on Sundays. (And that will continue, even as we are planning some in-person worship opportunities for October--stay tuned!)

Here is today's worship service video:

Peace Presbyterian Church Rev. Becky Durham

[09/16/20]   We anticipate having more gallons of milk to give away tomorrow. If you or a neighbor would like to come get one, please message us!

Full Worship Service September 13

Here is the recording of today's worship service. Worship with us!

Peace Presbyterian Church

Full Worship Service Sept 6

We know it's a holiday weekend and you may not have been able to join us for worship this morning! Good news! Online worship means videos to watch any time.

Peace Presbyterian Church

[09/03/20]   Some time today, we will receive 10 gallons of milk through our partnership with Cumberland Disaster Recovery Coalition. They will be refrigerated at the church. Someone will be at the church tomorrow from 9:00-1:00 for pick ups. Please send a message to let us know you would like to pick one up.

[09/02/20]   Bible Study starts at 6:00! It's not too late to join us. Send a message for the link!

Our first in person Bible Study since March was a success! Thanks to everyone who participated.

Pastor Becky did a test run on setting up for the Tuesday morning Bible Study! If you’ve signed up, bring a chair, wear a mask, and dress for the weather. 😀😷

Methodist University Chapel Service - Wednesday, August 26, 2020

It's easy to join the Methodist University Community for their weekly chapel services! Worship together here:

[08/25/20]   Next Tuesday/Wednesday, our five-week September Bible Study begins! You can participate
*outside at the church at 9:00 on Tuesdays or
*on Zoom at 6:00 on Wednesdays

Here's more information and the link to sign up:

The church isn't the building--it's the people! In that spirit, next week, we will celebrate Homecoming as Peace Presbyterian Church on Zoom. Plan now to join us!

[08/23/20]   The links for today's videos are in the comments below. Peace be with y'all!

[08/23/20]   We are gathering to worship this morning online! If you need the joining information, comment or send us a message!

University Chapel, Methodist University, August 19, 2020

Today’s MU chapel service:


Eighty school buses with wifi connectivity will be deployed this week around the community to support connectivity. Students will have access to the username and password to use the bus as a mobile hotspot. The range of connectivity for each bus is the size of a football field. Students in the selected communities should be able to stay in their homes and connect to buses in the communities below.

Buses will be at each location from 7:45-4:45, Monday through Friday

Login Information
The Wireless SSID is: CCSBus
The Password to connect is: ccsbus2020

Bus locations

Melvin Place
201-271 Rosehill Road, Fayetteville, 28301
(Adjacent to Acts Missionary Baptist Church)

Point Place
304-333 Chestnut Street, Fayetteville, 28301

Murchison Townhomes
201-366 Rosemary Street, Fayetteville, 28301
(Action Pathways Headstart Office on site)

Blueberry Place
150-197 North Street, Ext., Fayetteville, 28301
(Adjacent to New Life Covenant Fellowship Church and Holy Missionary Secure Holy Church of Church)

Holland Homes
3053 Enterprise Avenue, Fayetteville, 28306
(Action Pathways Headstart Office on site)

Lewis Heights
4992 Denada Court
Johnson Street, Fayetteville, 28303
(Adjacent to Mount Olive Missionary Baptist Church)

Stanton Arms (near The Fayetteville Observer offices)
Whitfield Street, Fayetteville, 28306
(Adjacent to Fayetteville Urban Ministry and across from Find-a-Friend Enrichment Center)

McNeill Apartments (near Douglas Byrd Schools)
Ireland Drive, Fayetteville, 28304
(Adjacent to Korean Presbyterian Church and Refuge Church

Cross Creek Point (formerly Grove View Terrace)
88 Grove View Terrace, Fayetteville, 28301

Eagle’s Nest Housing
2200 Indian Creek Road
Fayetteville, 28312

Elliott Circle Housing
1019 Elliott Circle
Fayetteville, 28301

United Management II Communities
Azalea Manor 230 Lincoln Drive, Fayetteville, 28301

Blanton Green I, II & III 1024 Lauren McNeill Loop, Fayetteville

Bunce Green 1430 Distinct Street, Fayetteville

Bunce Manor 3450 Denise Place, Fayetteville

Creek Path Place 3633 Creek Path Place, Fayetteville

Crosswinds Green 3415 Town Street, Hope Mills

Dogwood Manor 422 Alfred Street, Fayetteville

Eastside Green and 400 708 Duggins Way, Fayetteville

Golfview 4131 Fescue Court, Hope Mills

Hickory Ridge 1249 Beebe Estate, Fayetteville

Legion Crossing 3600 Ireland Drive, Fayetteville

Legion Manor 651 Seth Way, Hope Mills

Oak Run I 550 Campbell Avenue, Fayetteville

Oak Run II 575 Scarborough Street, Fayetteville

Rosehill Gardens 216 Tiffany Court, Fayetteville

Rosehill West 1945 James Hamner Way, Fayetteville

Southview Green 3143 Round Grove Place, Fayetteville

Southview Townhouses 4718 Dunrobin Drive, Hope Mills

Southview Villas 3315 Gibbon Drive, Hope Mills

Spring Lake Green 612 Wellingly Circle, Spring Lake

Sycamore Park 604 Volunteer Drive, Fayetteville

Tokay Green 1928 United Drive, Fayetteville

Cumberland County Fire Department Locations

Beaver Dam Fire Department 11042 NC HWY 210 S, Roseboro, 28382

Cotton Fire Department 4618 Calico Street, Hope Mills, 28348

Stedman Volunteer Fire Department 5318 Front Street, Stedman, 28391

Wade Community Fire Department 7130 Powell Street, Wade, 28395

Westarea Fire Department 4731 Main Street, Linden, 28356

Westarea Fire Department 8716 E. Reeves Bridge Road., Linden 28356

Westarea Fire Department 6989 Ramsey Street, Fayetteville, 28356

Stoney Point Fire Department – #19 2190 Lake Upchurch Road, Parkton,

Fayetteville Fire Station #9 5091 Santa Fe Drive, Fayetteville, 28303

Pearce’s Mill Fire Department 168 Dedication Drive, Fayetteville, 28306

Cumberland Road Fire Department 3543 Cumberland Road., Fayetteville, 28306

Turnbull Station #27 9236 Turnbull Road, Fayetteville, 28312

Godwin-Falcon Fire Department 7723 Godwin-Falcon Road, Falcon, 28342

Cumberland County Parks and Recreation Sites

Jessie Brayboy Park 1007 Fontana Street, Fayetteville, 28301

Gilmore Center 1600 Purdue Drive, Fayetteville, 28301

Freeman Park 192 Euclid Street, Stedman, 28391

Glen Reilly Park 739 Glen Reilly Drive, Fayetteville, 28314

Mabel Smith Park 1367 Shadbush Lane, Fayetteville, 28312

Mary McDonald Park 1530 Thelbert Drive, 28301

Mazarick Park 1400 Belvedere Avenue, Fayetteville, 28301

Myers Park 1018 Rochester Street, Fayetteville, 28301

North Street Park 201 Brinkley Street, Fayetteville, 28301

Seabrook Park 708 Langdon Street, Fayetteville, 28301

Tokay Park 328 Hamilton Street, Fayetteville, 28301

Windsor Terrace 1001 Hillsboro Street, Fayetteville, 28301

Wade Park 4060 Church Street, Wade, 28395

Humphries Park 6207 Brooks Street, Falcon, 28342

Cumberland County Library System Lot Locations

Headquarters Library 300 Maiden Lane, Fayetteville, 28301

Cliffdale Branch Library 6882 Cliffdale Road, Fayetteville, 28314

Hope Mills Branch Library 3411 Golfview Road, Hope Mills,

North Regional Library 855 McArthur Road, Fayetteville, 28311

Spring Lake Branch Library 101 Laketree Blvd, Spring Lake,

Other Area locations

Ms. Carolyn’s Child Care 2590 Cumberland Creek Dr, Fayetteville, 28306
Fayetteville Branch YMCA 2717 Fort Bragg Road, Fayetteville, 28303
Hope Mills Branch YMCA 3910 Ellison Street, Hope Mills, 28348
Cape Fear Village 2620 Cattail Circle, Fayetteville, 28312
Free Will Holy Mission Church 10268 Turnbull Road, Fayetteville, 28312
Evergreen Baptist Church 9626 NC-210, Autryville, 28318
Lewis Chapel Missionary Baptist 5422 Raeford Road, Fayetteville, 28304
Bethany Church of God 7350 Maxwell Road, Stedman, 28391

[08/15/20]   Tomorrow, we will pray for students, teachers, and school staff. We have 20 students and 7 teachers/staff on our list for tomorrow (and in our slideshow). We would love to pray for your family as a new school year begins. You still have time (until tonight) to send photos, names, grade/year/role information to text 910-292-9687 or email [email protected].

The slideshow will be shared during our worship service tomorrow on Zoom.

Back to School Graphics: Desktop Wallpapers.
In honor of school starting for many of our teachers, school staff, and students, we've created some digital wallpaper for your desktop! See our previous post for phone wallpapers.

You can save it by right clicking with your mouse or holding your finger down on the graphic you want with your phone.
(h/t to the Thursday Worship Lab participants for this great idea and to Rev. Meg Lindsay Dudley at Bluff Presbyterian Church for her encouragement and collaboration!)

Back to School Graphics: Phone Wallpapers.
In honor of school starting for many of our teachers, school staff, and students, we've created some digital wallpaper for your phone! See our next post for desktop/Chromebook wallpapers.
You can save it by right clicking with your mouse or holding your finger down on the graphic you want with your phone.
(h/t to the Thursday Worship Lab participants for this great idea and to Rev. Meg Lindsay Dudley at Bluff Presbyterian Church for her encouragement and collaboration!)

Methodist University Chapel Service - "Going Underground: Love God" 8/12/2020

Chapel at Methodist University is online today! Join MU students, faculty, and community at 11:00 this morning (or any time after) for worship.

"Going Underground: Love, Justice, Virtue, Truth"

We will pray for students and teachers this Sunday during our worship service. We need photos of students and teachers, any school or college, any year or grade! (Yes, your grandchildren or special family members are welcome!). Send photos, names, and grade/year to [email protected] or text them to 910-292-9687.

[08/09/20]   The earth may be literally shaking (5.1 in Sparta this a.m.), but we will worship together this morning! We start gathering at 10:45 and worship begins at 11:05. Would you like to join us? Comment or send us a message (we use Z00M, but no camera/microphone participation is required!).

Midday Prayer

Need some prayer and scripture (and fellowship and hope) in the middle of your day? Join us for midday prayer at noon. Midday Prayer From the Book of Common Worship (PCUSA) (Updated for August 5, 2020) Opening Sentences Our help is in the name of the Lord, Maker of heaven and earth. Those who trust in the Lord for help will find their strength renewed. They will rise on wings like eagles; they will run and not ...

Videos from Today's Worship Service

All the links and videos from today’s service are here:

Alan Jackson - I Love To Tell The Story (Live)

Tomorrow we will sing "I Love to Tell the Story." Here's Alan Jackson singing it tonight.

Alan Jackson – Official Video for “I Love To Tell The Story”, available now! Buy the full-length DVD/CD ‘Alan Jackson Precious Memories: Live at the Ryman Au...

CityAlight - Yet Not I But Through Christ In Me (Live)

Here's a song we will sing as we prepare for communion this coming Sunday. Remember to have your communion elements ready at home on Sunday morning!

"Yet Not I But Through Christ In Me"

"Yet Not I But Through Christ In Me" recorded live at St Paul's Castle Hill. Spotify: Apple Music: Words an...

[07/27/20]   Our New Music Monday song is "Revival's in the Air" sung by Dante Bowe.

We are grateful for our partnership with Cumberland Disaster Recovery Coalition! They have given us 500 reusable cotton masks to share with our church members and friends. If you would like some, please contact us at 910-488-3211 or send us a message. Thanks, CDRC!


We will consider Mary's song in Luke 1 tomorrow, and share a beautiful hymn and tune: "The Canticle of the Turning." (Our version might be a little more reflective/slow!)

[Official Video] Joy To The World – Pentatonix

This Sunday, we celebrate Christmas in July! Join us in singing joyfully!


Victor's Crown – Darlene Zschech (Official Live Video)

Tonight's music is Darlene Zschech singing "Victor's Crown."

👉Subscribe to the Our Youtube Channel: 🎼 For chords and song resources visit: ▶️http://sma...

Cindy Morgan- Praise The King

"Praise the King" by Cindy Morgan is tonight's song.

Album: The Loving Kind (Track 13) Released in 1998

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Videos (show all)

Alex and Sandra "The First Noel" Violin and Voice duet




3203 Ramsey St
Fayetteville, NC

Opening Hours

Tuesday 09:30 - 12:30
Wednesday 09:30 - 12:30
Thursday 09:30 - 12:30
Sunday 09:30 - 13:00
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The mission and ministry of Galatia Presbyterian Church is to emphasize the Love of God as revealed in Christ, through teaching, preaching, and meeting the needs of others, which defines us as God's People.

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Everything we do at any given moment can be a worshipful experience of loving God fully by loving our neighbors as ourselves.

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