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I took a photo of the sanctuary with my phone this morning for the members who may be getting a little home sick. ☺
Teresa of Ávila says in her Way of Perfection, “when you do not receive communion and you do not attend Mass, you can make a spiritual communion, which is a most beneficial practice; by it the love of God will be greatly impressed on you.”
I love the new background THE CHURCH HAS LEFT THE BUILDING. What a statement -- and I can see Jesus making that bold statement with His death and resurrection! What a challenge to us in these days. I think it's a fair statement to say the church is a powerful vessel of God's grace and peace - how can we move forward in this mission with life as it is today?
A little self-quarantine humor:
A little Bible humor for the basketball fans. 😉
Don't forget that game night is tonight. We had a blast last time. Join us if you can.
Today’s Advent Word: Salvation We have salvation or are saved by our faith. Our faith that Jesus died on the cross for all our sins. By that faith, Jesus is in us and we are in Him. But how fully is He in you? Is He fully formed like a newborn or still forming? Chances are He’s still forming. That‘s what we call sanctification, casting off our sinful ways and making more room until He is perfectly formed in Us. That’s a lifelong task and joy to undertake. We repent our sins, worship together, pray, study God’s Word, share His gift of grace and salvation, lift up those in pain and need, and fellowship together to make Him more fully formed in us. That’s sanctification. It’s the job that comes with salvation. I’ve taken a few sick days and there may be a few more but that’s the job I want for me and for you.
Today's word for Advent: Deceive In 2 Thessalonians, "the man of lawlessness" is around us in many forms. Hollywood, advertisers, politicians, corporations, activists, and others who want you to believe things that go against the wisdom and truth of God's Word. We are bombarded with slick, deceptive claims that appeal to our baser nature--a torrential downpour that blinds us to what is most important. What is most important? Jesus Christ's two greatest commandments: to love God with all your heart and to love your neighbor as you love yourself. If you have that and the gift of grace which is already given to you, then you have all that you need to defend against deceivers.

We are a PC(USA) church. Join us for Sunday School (9:45am) Worship (11) and a meal (12:05) each Sunday. Nursery Care and Children's Church are available. AA meets on Saturday nights at 7pm. Watch the page for special activities and services.

Mission: Peace Church exists to provide opportunities for worship, spiritual growth, and Christian fellowship for the community. Our mission under the guidance of the Holy Spirit is to nurture people into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ through our belief and by sharing the love of Jesus Christ with all people. Romans 12:5 In Christ, we who are many form one body, and each member belongs to all the others.

[05/10/20]   It's the Fifth Sunday of Easter and we are gathering for worship on Zoom! We will start a time of fellowship and connection at 10:45 and worship will begin at 11:05.

If you need the information, send us a message!

Blessed Mother's Day to all! For some, this is a day of celebrating or facetiming. For some, this is a day of remembering and reflecting. For some, this is a day of longing or grieving. Some of us are doing all of those things today.

May you know God's joyful, mothering love for you and be at peace today.

Today is the National Day of Prayer.

At noon, or at a time that works best, pause to pray and make a joyful noise to the Lord!

The Worship Lab is at 1:00 today. We will begin that gathering with a time of prayer.

Happy Hour Fellowship is at 4:00. At that time, we will surely have some updates about some of our members who have been ill and will take time to pray together.

If you need information about how to join in these gatherings, send us a message!

Memorial for Us All - Lincoln Center at Home

Something that has been meaningful to me this morning is the video of The Lincoln Center's Memorial for Us All. On Sundays at 6:00 p.m., they will air a short concert that will include a list of names of those who have died from covid-19 (and anyone can submit a name).

People are dying, and it is good and healthy to make space to see their names and remember that each one was beloved by God, and to make space to grieve our loss.

The video from this past Sunday is on the site. Each Sunday evening, a new one will air. As members of Christ's body, we are called to mourn with those who are mourning (Romans 12:15). --Pastor Becky In the midst of an unprecedented pandemic, many rituals we hold dear are no longer possible. As we find our footing in this new terrain, faith leaders have enlisted New York City artists and Lincoln Center to offer a weekly Memorial for Us All. Music unlocks thoughts, feelings, and memories that uni...

[05/05/20]   When you talk to Brenda Britt, be sure to thank her. She helps lead Children’s Church each week on Tuesdays at 2!

Today we shared the story of David fighting Goliath.

Our Bible Study groups meet for Session #2 (Life of King David) tonight at 6 and tomorrow at 11. Today's selection to read is 1 Samuel 17:40-58.

Looking ahead, Thursday is the National Day of Prayer. We are invited by the North Carolina Council of Churches to make a joyful noise to the Lord on that day. At noon, ring a bell (any bell), play an instrument, sing out to God, and pause to pray, knowing that people around the nation and state are joining you.

Easter 4A Full Worship Service

Here is the recording of our worship service this morning!

Peace Presbyterian Church Rev. Becky Durham Online giving:

We are gathering for worship online this morning! The service begins at 11:05 a.m. (but people will begin gathering at 10:45). If you need the joining information, send us a message!

Tonight, the Capital Campaign Committee met with Olanda Carr of the Presbyterian Foundation. We learned a lot!

[05/01/20]   Today, we read 1 Samuel 16:14-23. What is significant about the work David is called to do? What else do you notice here?

14Now the spirit of the Lord departed from Saul, and an evil spirit from the Lord tormented him. 15And Saul’s servants said to him, “See now, an evil spirit from God is tormenting you. 16Let our lord now command the servants who attend you to look for someone who is skillful in playing the lyre; and when the evil spirit from God is upon you, he will play it, and you will feel better.” 17So Saul said to his servants, “Provide for me someone who can play well, and bring him to me.” 18One of the young men answered, “I have seen a son of Jesse the Bethlehemite who is skillful in playing, a man of valor, a warrior, prudent in speech, and a man of good presence; and the Lord is with him.” 19So Saul sent messengers to Jesse, and said, “Send me your son David who is with the sheep.” 20Jesse took a donkey loaded with bread, a skin of wine, and a kid, and sent them by his son David to Saul. 21And David came to Saul, and entered his service. Saul loved him greatly, and he became his armor-bearer. 22Saul sent to Jesse, saying, “Let David remain in my service, for he has found favor in my sight.” 23And whenever the evil spirit from God came upon Saul, David took the lyre and played it with his hand, and Saul would be relieved and feel better, and the evil spirit would depart from him.

Worship Laboratory

Today, we have two opportunities to gather online.

Our new worship laboratory opens at 1:00 p.m. visit this link for info:

And Happy Hour starts at 4:00, if you'd like to join us to check in and chat. Preparing worship for Sunday, May 10 Join URL: Meeting ID: 828-6746-8943 Goal of the Worship Laboratory Process: To include more than just the pastor in the formation of our upcoming worship services; to teach anyone who wants to learn about forming a worshi...

[04/30/20]   If you are following along with the readings for the Bible Study on 1 and 2 Samuel, today we read 1 Samuel 16:1-13.

In this passage, Samuel is sent by God to Jesse's home in Bethlehem to anoint one of his sons as king. The latter half of our passage has some irony and fun, as Jesse lines up his boys, starting with the biggest, strongest one. What do you see happening here?

6When they came, [Samuel] looked on Eliab and thought, “Surely the Lord’s anointed is now before the Lord.” 7But the Lord said to Samuel, “Do not look on his appearance or on the height of his stature, because I have rejected him; for the Lord does not see as mortals see; they look on the outward appearance, but the Lord looks on the heart.” 8Then Jesse called Abinadab, and made him pass before Samuel. He said, “Neither has the Lord chosen this one.” 9Then Jesse made Shammah pass by. And he said, “Neither has the Lord chosen this one.” 10Jesse made seven of his sons pass before Samuel, and Samuel said to Jesse, “The Lord has not chosen any of these.” 11Samuel said to Jesse, “Are all your sons here?” And he said, “There remains yet the youngest, but he is keeping the sheep.” And Samuel said to Jesse, “Send and bring him; for we will not sit down until he comes here.” 12He sent and brought him in. Now he was ruddy, and had beautiful eyes, and was handsome. The Lord said, “Rise and anoint him; for this is the one.” 13Then Samuel took the horn of oil, and anointed him in the presence of his brothers; and the spirit of the Lord came mightily upon David from that day forward. Samuel then set out and went to Ramah.

Pastor David Hansen

It’s not too late to join our online Bible Study on 1 and 2 Samuel and the life of King David. Choose when to join us—Monday’s at 6 or Tuesdays at 11—and send us a message to get the information (and links to the recording of the first lesson).

You might think that online Bible studies are not for you. You're wrong. Give me just a moment of your time, and I'll give you 5 reasons why online Bible studies are exactly what you need.

Before Children's Church started, Sophia read to me from her Lunchbox Book. This is about the exciting life of tortillas! Small group of children today, but a good time learning about King David and how Samuel went to his house and anointed him to be king. (The kids will learn about King David this Spring, too!)

Good morning!
Today we have...
The Life of David Bible Study at 11:00 a.m. and Children's Church at 2:00 p.m.
If you need the information to join either, send us a message!

[04/27/20]   The first session of the King David Bible Study starts soon! If you need the joining information, send us a message!

[04/27/20]   Tonight (or tomorrow morning), we begin our study of the history of Israel and the life of King David.

Our reading assignment for today is from 1 Samuel 14.
You need to read the whole thing for context, but here is a passage from it. What do you notice?

1 Samuel 14:36-46

36Then Saul said, “Let us go down after the Philistines by night and despoil them until the morning light; let us not leave one of them.” They said, “Do whatever seems good to you.” But the priest said, “Let us draw near to God here.” 37So Saul inquired of God, “Shall I go down after the Philistines? Will you give them into the hand of Israel?” But he did not answer him that day. 38Saul said, “Come here, all you leaders of the people; and let us find out how this sin has arisen today. 39For as the Lord lives who saves Israel, even if it is in my son Jonathan, he shall surely die!” But there was no one among all the people who answered him. 40He said to all Israel, “You shall be on one side, and I and my son Jonathan will be on the other side.” The people said to Saul, “Do what seems good to you.” 41Then Saul said, “O Lord God of Israel, why have you not answered your servant today? If this guilt is in me or in my son Jonathan, O Lord God of Israel, give Urim; but if this guilt is in your people Israel, give Thummim.” And Jonathan and Saul were indicated by the lot, but the people were cleared. 42Then Saul said, “Cast the lot between me and my son Jonathan.” And Jonathan was taken. 43Then Saul said to Jonathan, “Tell me what you have done.” Jonathan told him, “I tasted a little honey with the tip of the staff that was in my hand; here I am, I will die.” 44Saul said, “God do so to me and more also; you shall surely die, Jonathan!” 45Then the people said to Saul, “Shall Jonathan die, who has accomplished this great victory in Israel? Far from it! As the Lord lives, not one hair of his head shall fall to the ground; for he has worked with God today.” So the people ransomed Jonathan, and he did not die. 46Then Saul withdrew from pursuing the Philistines; and the Philistines went to their own place.

[04/26/20]   You can watch today's worship service by clicking on the link below. (Note: I paused it while we took prayer requests because I'd rather not have those be shared outside of the service. For a copy of our prayer list, just ask!)

Worship begins at 11:05 a.m. today (but people will begin to gather at 10:45). Please join us! If you are on our email list, you received an email yesterday morning with details. If you need the joining link, just send us a message before we begin!

[04/25/20]   The Saturday reading in preparation of our study on the life of King David is 1 Samuel 10-11.

Here is a passage from it. This takes place after Saul is anointed King of Israel. What do you see in this passage?
1 Samuel 10:17-27

17Samuel summoned the people to the Lord at Mizpah 18and said to them, “Thus says the Lord, the God of Israel, ‘I brought up Israel out of Egypt, and I rescued you from the hand of the Egyptians and from the hand of all the kingdoms that were oppressing you.’ 19But today you have rejected your God, who saves you from all your calamities and your distresses; and you have said, ‘No! but set a king over us.’ Now therefore present yourselves before the Lord by your tribes and by your clans.” 20Then Samuel brought all the tribes of Israel near, and the tribe of Benjamin was taken by lot. 21He brought the tribe of Benjamin near by its families, and the family of the Matrites was taken by lot. Finally he brought the family of the Matrites near man by man, and Saul the son of Kish was taken by lot. But when they sought him, he could not be found. 22So they inquired again of the Lord, “Did the man come here?” and the Lord said, “See, he has hidden himself among the baggage.” 23Then they ran and brought him from there. When he took his stand among the people, he was head and shoulders taller than any of them. 24Samuel said to all the people, “Do you see the one whom the Lord has chosen? There is no one like him among all the people.” And all the people shouted, “Long live the king!” 25Samuel told the people the rights and duties of the kingship; and he wrote them in a book and laid it up before the Lord. Then Samuel sent all the people back to their homes. 26Saul also went to his home at Gibeah, and with him went warriors whose hearts God had touched. 27But some worthless fellows said, “How can this man save us?” They despised him and brought him no present. But he held his peace.

[04/24/20]   Today's reading in preparation for our Bible Study on the life of King David is 1 Samuel 8-9.

Here is a passage from that reading. What stands out to you about it?
1 Samuel 8:4-22

4Then all the elders of Israel gathered together and came to Samuel at Ramah, 5and said to him, “You are old and your sons do not follow in your ways; appoint for us, then, a king to govern us, like other nations.” 6But the thing displeased Samuel when they said, “Give us a king to govern us.” Samuel prayed to the Lord, 7and the Lord said to Samuel, “Listen to the voice of the people in all that they say to you; for they have not rejected you, but they have rejected me from being king over them. 8Just as they have done to me, from the day I brought them up out of Egypt to this day, forsaking me and serving other gods, so also they are doing to you. 9Now then, listen to their voice; only—you shall solemnly warn them, and show them the ways of the king who shall reign over them.” 10So Samuel reported all the words of the Lord to the people who were asking him for a king. 11He said, “These will be the ways of the king who will reign over you: he will take your sons and appoint them to his chariots and to be his horsemen, and to run before his chariots; 12and he will appoint for himself commanders of thousands and commanders of fifties, and some to plow his ground and to reap his harvest, and to make his implements of war and the equipment of his chariots. 13He will take your daughters to be perfumers and cooks and bakers. 14He will take the best of your fields and vineyards and olive orchards and give them to his courtiers. 15He will take one-tenth of your grain and of your vineyards and give it to his officers and his courtiers. 16He will take your male and female slaves, and the best of your cattle and donkeys, and put them to his work. 17He will take one-tenth of your flocks, and you shall be his slaves. 18And in that day you will cry out because of your king, whom you have chosen for yourselves; but the Lord will not answer you in that day.” 19But the people refused to listen to the voice of Samuel; they said, “No! but we are determined to have a king over us, 20so that we also may be like other nations, and that our king may govern us and go out before us and fight our battles.” 21When Samuel had heard all the words of the people, he repeated them in the ears of the Lord. 22The Lord said to Samuel, “Listen to their voice and set a king over them.” Samuel then said to the people of Israel, “Each of you return home.”

[04/23/20]   In preparation to begin studying the history of Israel, the life of King David, and what we might learn from this man after God's own heart and ancestor of Jesus, we are reading daily from the Book of 1 Samuel.

Here is a passage from today's assigned reading (1 Samuel 6-7). What do you notice in this passage?

Want to join us in our study of the life of David? Sign up here or send us a message:

1 Samuel 6:3-12
3Then Samuel said to all the house of Israel, “If you are returning to the Lord with all your heart, then put away the foreign gods and the Astartes from among you. Direct your heart to the Lord, and serve him only, and he will deliver you out of the hand of the Philistines.” 4So Israel put away the Baals and the Astartes, and they served the Lord only. 5Then Samuel said, “Gather all Israel at Mizpah, and I will pray to the Lord for you.” 6So they gathered at Mizpah, and drew water and poured it out before the Lord. They fasted that day, and said, “We have sinned against the Lord.” And Samuel judged the people of Israel at Mizpah.

7When the Philistines heard that the people of Israel had gathered at Mizpah, the lords of the Philistines went up against Israel. And when the people of Israel heard of it they were afraid of the Philistines. 8The people of Israel said to Samuel, “Do not cease to cry out to the Lord our God for us, and pray that he may save us from the hand of the Philistines.” 9So Samuel took a sucking lamb and offered it as a whole burnt offering to the Lord; Samuel cried out to the Lord for Israel, and the Lord answered him. 10As Samuel was offering up the burnt offering, the Philistines drew near to attack Israel; but the Lord thundered with a mighty voice that day against the Philistines and threw them into confusion; and they were routed before Israel. 11And the men of Israel went out of Mizpah and pursued the Philistines, and struck them down as far as beyond Beth-car. 12Then Samuel took a stone and set it up between Mizpah and Jeshanah, and named it Ebenezer; for he said, “Thus far the Lord has helped us.”

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