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Our goal is to lead all children into a closer relationship with God You shall teach them diligently to your children. Deuteronomy 6:7

Parents! 👋🏼

Do your kids know that there’s no right way or wrong way to pray? Some kids get intimidated, but prayer doesn’t have to be complicated. It’s just us, talking to God… (Like we would a friend.)

Here is a great tool to use that has ideas to help develop the habit of prayer. Consider printing the calendar for your kids to post in their room or in the house somewhere! ❤️

Today, practice being last at everything you do.
Not late . . . just last.

• If a line forms to do something at your house, let others go ahead of you.
• When you and your sister arrive at the bathroom door at the same time, let her go first.
• When the brownies are cut at the dinner table, let everyone else pick first.

Put others first all day long.

At bedtime, read Philippians 2:3-8. Then spend some time praying and thanking God for the chance to lead with humility. Because that’s what you did when you put others first today! By valuing others more than yourself, you showed true humility, as Jesus Himself modeled for us.

We've been learning so much about humility. Here's an idea for your family! ...At dinner tonight, ask: "When you find yourself in the number one spot, how can you leverage it to make others feel important?"

Think about the person that you have the hardest time showing humility to? This week, find that person and apologize for the times that you’ve been too prideful to put them first. You may want to do it in person, or you may find it easier to send a text or email or write them a note. 💜

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Hey kids! Yesterday, we asked: "What keeps you from putting others first?"

Take some time to think about what we learned this week. Start here 👇🏽

Read Philippians 2:3-7a

In the re-write of Philippians 2:3-7a below, write in the words that have been substituted by a math symbol.

Don’t do anything only to get ahead. Don’t do it because you are proud. Instead, be humble. Value others > yourselves. 0 of you should look out just for your own good. Each of you should also look out for the good of others. As you deal with 1 another, you should think + act as Jesus did. In his very nature he was God. Jesus was = with God. But Jesus didn’t take advantage of that fact. Instead, he made himself 0.

You may not think of humility like a math equation, but it kind of is! It means making others > yourself. We have the best example in Jesus, who made himself 0 . . . nothing . . . even though He is = with God!

PLEASE SHARE 🙂 ...You may not be seeing our faces each week, but our KidsPointe team has been thinking about all of our kids and their families while we've been away.

Our aim is to always be growing and improving - finding better ways to reach your kid's hearts and show them the love of Jesus.

Moving forward, our aim is to be much more intentional about partnering with our parents so that combined, our influence - and yours - together, will make a greater impact on the faith of the kids we are privileged to minister to and build relationships with.

We'll be talking about this more, but to start, we'd like to ask you to use the link below to add yourself to our parent email list. We've got some amazing resources to send your way - and we promise to respect your "digital personal space" as well.

If you have any questions, please direct them to [email protected]. Thank you!

CrossPointe Church

Thank you so much for joining us this afternoon! The KidsPointe team misses you all so much and we want you to know that we are still here for you!

Be sure to like our page to get notified about events and to receive amazing resources we’ve got for you!

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Jesus showed an amazing example of humility when he died on the cross…for US! When He did that, He turned the world UPSIDE DOWN!

Humility is putting others first by giving up what you think you deserve. Our focus should be on others. When we give up what we deserve putting others first just comes naturally.

Join us for KidsPointe Online this Sunday and learn more about humility, and how we can put others first because Jesus put us first.

We are loving all of the sweet and creative messages we’re seeing from our KidsPointe Families! We would love to share yours here too! Send them to us any way you can! 🥰

We are loving all of the sweet and creative messages we’re seeing from our KidsPointe Families! We would love to share yours here too! Send them to us any way you can! 🥰

Happy Easter! It’s time to have a totally new experience with your peeps. Gather your family and get ready for an experience you’ll never forget! Comment below with the emoji that most sums up your Easter Jam Experience! #EasterJam2020 #kidspointeeaster

It's Saturday!!! Looking for ONE way to celebrate Easter tomorrow with your WHOLE family? That’s why we created Easter Jam. A fun and simple at-home experience big enough for your whole family.

You'll enjoy this digital experience including engaging games, uplifting music, creative storytelling, and follow up discussion questions every family member will enjoy - a family-centered celebration around the Easter story.

Join us online tomorrow at 1:00 p.m.

If you get tied up, you can also catch us on-demand later!

P.S. You’ll need just a few supplies, and they are all laying around your house. (Gather before starting the video) Here's the list:

2 Peeps (or large marshmallows)
Microwaveable plate
Marker or Sharpie (optional)

At least 10-20 pairs of socks
Laundry basket

#EasterJam2020 #KidsPointeEaster

Brittany Leger Franklin Tracy Pounders

Easter is almost here, and all you’ll need is the Internet! Download Easter Jam today—a done-for-you, at-home Easter experience for the whole family.

Join us at 1:00 on Easter Sunday! 👇🏼 👇🏼 👇🏼

If you get tied up, you can also catch us on-demand later!
#EasterJam2020 #KidsPointeEaster

Home - Storyline Online

Hey, parents! Are your kids bored? (...okay...So maybe that was rhetorical.) Anyway, check out The last story I listened to had me tickled!

This award winning children’s literacy website features beautifully produced videos of children’s books read aloud by famous actors.

Besides giving the kids something to do, reading aloud to children has been shown to improve reading, writing and communication skills, logical thinking and concentration, and general academic aptitude, as well as inspire a lifelong love of reading. The SAG-AFTRA Foundation’s Daytime Emmy nominated, Storyline Online, features celebrated actors including Viola Davis, Kristen Bell, Chris Pine, Lily Tomlin, Wanda Sykes, Kevin Costner, James Earl Jones, Betty White and more reading children’s books to inspire a love of reading in millions of ch...

Hey KidsPointe! Easter is on it’s way, and we’ve created a free experience for your whole family! You’ll need just a few supplies, and they are probably all laying around your house. Check out your Easter supply list!

See you at 1:00 on Easter Sunday! 👇🏼 👇🏼 👇🏼

If you get tied up, you can also catch us on-demand later!
#EasterJam2020 #KidsPointeEaster

You don’t have to skip an Easter experience with your family this year! Easter Jam is a digital experience including engaging games, uplifting music, creative storytelling, and follow up discussion questions every family member will enjoy. #EasterJam2020 #kidspointeeaster

You + Your Fam + Easter Jam = An at-home experience you will never forget. Make this Sunday with your kids awesome! #EasterJam2020 #kidspointeeastertoremember

Hey KidsPointe families! We miss you so much! ...We're busy working on something special for you this Easter Sunday.

Mark your calendars and join us online for EASTER JAM! (6 more days ☺️) It's an experience BIG enough for your whole family—yep, from preschool to high school, diapers to dirty socks. Easter Jam is an at-home Easter experience you will never forget.

See you then!

1:00 - Easter Sunday! 👇🏼 👇🏼 👇🏼

If you get tied up, you can also catch us on-demand later!
#EasterJam2020 #KidsPointeEaster

CrossPointe Church

Grab your kids and worship together with us today. We'll be streaming again at 11:00, 2:00, & 5:00. Can't wait to meet you there!

KidsPointe's At-Home Family Bible Study on Ephesians & God's Plan

Hey KidsPointe family!

Zoe wants to share a couple of things that she learned during our family’s Bible Study this week…

We want to hear from YOUR family, too! Share with us below - show us how your family is studying Ephesians and God’s Plan during your time together. …Pictures, videos, comments - send it all! 🙌🏼

If you have your RightNow Media account already, but haven’t started this series yet, you can find it at:

If you still need a RightNow Media account, send a message to [email protected]. We’d love to help you with that! ❤️

Hey parents!

If you're experiencing anything like we are at my house, things might be a bit exciting and also maybe nerve-racking...

Most of us have extra time on our hands, and we're dealing with some pretty crazy stuff that has us all feeling a little uncertain - and possibly uneasy, too.

In light of recent precautions surrounding the coronavirus we want to help you make the most of this time. Take a break from Disney+ or the video game console, and spend some time together as a family doing a short devotional.

We've got all the details worked out for you so this will be easy and enjoyable.

This thoughtful and funny, family video series on Ephesians gives us a timely message on God's plan - and our place in it.

The sessions are only 10 minutes long! (My family gave the series “two thumbs up!” We had thoughtful conversation and a lot of laughs a well. …We think you’ll like it, too.)

The series is through CrossPointe's RightNow Media account. If you didn't receive an email with the details, send a message to us at [email protected], and we'll get you set up!


Remember, God wants us as parents to be actively and consistently involved in the spiritual development of our kids. ️

“These commandments that I give you today are to be upon your hearts. Impress them on your children. Talk about them when you sit at home and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up.” -Deuteronomy 6:6-7 (NIV)

Let us know what you think! (Keep an eye on our social media pages for KidsPointe.) …and feel free to contact us with any questions. 🙂

Heather Cowie Brittany Leger
Franklin Tracy Pounders CrossPointe Church

Have an amazing Thanksgiving with awesome family and friends and we will See you Sunday!

The Temptation Jesus went through...

THE Lesson today
Bullies Gossip with Tricks

Memory Verse

I need to find a way to add this into our Bullies in the Bible series! 😜😂❤️

These Kids worship and the Heavens open up in the room every week! 🙌
The worship gets me fired up every Sunday! ❤️

This is only two minutes of why our children are so excited to come to KidsPointe every Sunday!

Today was an awesome lesson on how to protect ourselves when bully’s try and make us feel small and worthless!

Hit LIKE and leave a “Dance GIF” for these little worship WARRIORS! 🙌❤️🥰

It was another awesome day at CrossPointe Church!

Today our preschool kids learned about the story of when Solomon asked God for wisdom in 1 Kings 2 & 3.

We want kids to know that they can ask God for wisdom in all things.

Help your preschooler work to remember our key verse: “Trust in the Lord with all your heart.” (Proverbs 3:5)

Franklin Tracy Pounders

The Breastplate of Righteousness lesson this week is going to go over the story of Cain and Abel and show our kids the power of doing the right thing! ❤️

Building brain power and self confidence in your children is what we do! 🥰

I can’t stop thinking about our new pre-service video for our Armor series. Our little children are the seed we get to send out to represent us and the God we serve!

Such a blessing to be a parent to children that really take me through every kind of emotion there is... 😂😂😂

We Had so much fun Yesterday as we Reviewed through our Honor Series by playing Minute to Win it Games❤️

This week we start our Back to School series called “Gear UP” as we prepare our young people to go back to school ❤️


Can I get a GIF AMEN for the parents that are ready for their kids to get back in school!🙌😂😂😂

We are so excited for our new series in KidsPointe starting August 11th!

Our next series is going to be a 7 Week series focused on Gearing Up with the Armor of God so we are prepared for the world we face going back to school 💟



Week 3 anxiety & fear ISN’T WELCOME HERE

Week 4 We them WATER WALKERS

Week 5 Do YOU Believe?

Week 6 My Bible’s Loaded

Week 7 Series Review Celebration
❤️(Fancy way of saying games and activities) 😂

We are having our Series Review This week to Celebrate our last 6 weeks through our Honor Series.

So parents all you have to do is get as many little children here as you can each Sunday as we pack Learning into 65 Minutes of FUN at 8:30, 10:00, and 11:30 every Sunday @ CrossPointe Church

Gif how much you think your child needs to be here for this series... 😂

Cause we all need to laugh on a Wednesday! 💟✝️💟

We had SOOOOOO MUCH FUN today on our elementary side!
Today’s focus was about the role and reason to love one another as our self and the parable of “The Good Samaritan”
The kids were very receptive and explained in their own terms how it applied to their own lives.

Although... the worship with our children was off the CHAIN!!! ⛓

🤔😂they still say that right?

🥰🥰Listen as the Angels Sing! 🥰🥰

Looking forward to seeing all of our families and friends this Sunday!

Our Elementary side will talking about loving others! ❤️

I’m sure it’s much easier to talk about then do, but we have an amazing hour planned out for all your kids!

Have a great weekend and we will see you Sunday. 💟✝️💟

The 11:30 Memory Verse Line was huge yesterday!
Only one more week of this memory verse!

Definitely going to have to order some more prizes for these amazing kids!

This week we dig into why Jesus said to Love yOur Neighbor!

See you Sunday! 💟✝️💟

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KidsPointe's At-Home Family Bible Study on Ephesians & God's Plan





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